not quite as exciting now that its in nyc but still delicious

Holy hell, this weather. It is SOOOOO cold right now in Toronto. So cold, in fact, on my walk to and from work today (which is only a few minutes) I had to take my poor lonely thumb out of its mitten nook and wrap it into a fist with my other fingers to prevent it from falling off. Jeesh. And…. more snow is predicted this week - aye yai yai - it’s only November!


Work is fairly slow right now as we hit a huge deadline last week and are between projects at the moment, so I headed online today and… booked another trip to NYC for my 30th! Oh happy day! As I was staring at prices and thinking I wouldn’t be able to go because prices were too high, I realized that maybe, just maybe I had enough points to get me there. And lo and behold I was right.  So for 10,500 points (and $120 in taxes) I am heading to NYC Dec 5 - 9th! Yay!


Tonight, for the first time ever, I painted two finger nails sparkly.

I’ve seen this trend all over the place and given it quite the side eye, but caved, and now sort of like it. (Fact: I still remember seeing skinny jeans for the first time and thinking oh hell noooo.) Also, I still really like my new watch, but I’m still checking the time on my iPhone, which sort of defeats the purchase of my pretty watch. You see, apparently people check their smartphones 150+ times a day, and a ton of those times is checking the time and then getting sucked into the black hole of the phone, thus I wanted a watch to start weening myself off my awful habit. Anywho, long story short, it’s not really working as I always forget I have this lovely watch on, and then check the digital time, and then am suddenly playing Candy Crush. 


I had therapy again tonight. And? And it is awesome. It’s been about two months now and I think it has drastically helped. I give a significant less number of fucks for dumb things these days, and at the moment am working on stopping “shape shaming” along with ensuring I eat normally (3 meals and two snacks each day). ALSO, because this needs to be noted, I gave her my scale today. I KNOW! Looook… there it is on my desk (photo below) waiting to be hand delivered in the evening (along with my homework - recording my food/feelings/emotions). 

She will be weighing me once a week, and straight up it feels weird (but good!) not having a scale in my house right now.

What else? I bought this scarf last week. Finnnnallly. Finally I will own my own “blanket scarf,” which I’ve admired from afar for oh-so-very long.  I can’t wait for it to arrive, and will report back whether it’s as fabulous as the Internet has made it out to be. 

I am embarrassed to say that 90% of your Netflix recommendations the other night I had already watched. (Note to self: leave the house more). But I do have TWO new TV shows for you: 1. The Affair (it only has five episodes out (Showtime), but is excellent so far).  2. Manhatten Love Story (if you’re a romantic like me, you’ll like it. Plus it has that cute girl from ANTM in it).  Other than that, Tuesday’s TV is pretty awesome: Mindy Project (always an A+), New Girl (which sort of is the worst - ugh, give the characters proper story lines please!, but I still watch it), and The Bachelor Canada - which yes, is as awful as you can imagine. Think The Bachelor minus the budget. Good times!  Anywho, tonight the bachelor chose the winner his love, and I actually yelled at my TV when he did. Because ugggghhh. The other girl was so much better. 

I keep telling myself I’m not going to spend money, but then LOL, enter credit card deets, close my eyes, and PURCHASE. I bought tickets to the Nutracker National Ballet today (soooo bloody excited!) for my mom’s birthday present.  But little does my dad know, he’s going to split it with me. 


I had a delicious breakfast this morning, and if you’re looking for a super duper easy breakfast: 2 eggs, ½ an avocado, and some cherry tomatoes - sooooo yummy. And it really really fills me up. 

I wiped my mac computre today.  My 2009 very old and slow mac. I HIGHLY recommend it, because the thing appears to be brand spankin’ new. I had no idea it had this sort of speed in it.  I also really think Dropbox is one of the best products out there. So, so, so fantastic. And on that note, do you guys back up your Dropbox accounts? Because if Dropbox goes under I will literally lose all my files/documents/photos/life. HMMMMM. 


And with that, I bid you a farewell until next time, and wish ye a happy (warm) Tuesday evening. Solid chat Internet, solid chat.