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do you write tom riddle fics...?

that’s great! this is your time for shameless self-promotion. the only requirement is that the fic must include tom riddle as a central character. all ships, gen fics, and multiship fics are welcome.

put them in the tags or reblog. if you’re shy, you can privately link them to me either here or through my main account. everybody’s welcome to submit! i just wanted to give writers a chance to rec their own work without feeling self-conscious because it’s hard to find all of you, you know?

‘’Why not ship both?’’ 


Art graciously donated by @sir-scandalous(go follow him)

You all know the drill by now. When you have angst in the title you know you came to cry. But this crying involves SHANCE.



Dates: June 25th - July 2nd


  • Day One (25th): Garrsion/Voltron
  • Day Two (26th): Anger/Depression
  • Day Three (27th): Above/Below
  • Day Four (28th): Captivity/Gladiator Ring
  • Day Five (29th): Pride/Fear
  • Day Six (30th): Miscommunication/Secrets
  • Day Seven (1st): Space/Ocean
  • Day Eight (2nd) (BONUS): Free day/AU Day


  • Tag it as either #shangstweek or #shangstweek2017
  • Have Fun!; This is a Shipping Week after all
  • Don’t Be Rude; we’re all shance shippers here. Some more experienced than others, but that doesn’t mean you should put anyone down
  • TAG ALL NSFW; let’s be honest we’re all dirty kinksters deep down in some way, but some people are uncomfortable by it. Be sure to tag all nfsw properly so we can tag it ourselves
  • TAG TRIGGERS!!!; we want you guys to be able to express yourselves as much as possible, but things have happened to others we can’t control. IF you are making something that is a well known phobia, please tag as: tw: “phobic thing”. (ex. tw: noncon)
  • Help spread the news!; we want this to be as big as possible. Make sure other shance shippers hear about it!
  • Any art is Welcome!; Art, Fics, Cosplay, you name it! We’re not about artism mmkay

That’s everything, now  S  U  F  F  E  R     W  I  T  H     U  S

anonymous asked:

do you have any marvel fics that you'd recommend i'm kind of running out of fics to read, thanks :)

 YAY fic recs are so fun to make honestly thank you! also, i’m pretty much stevetony and specifically tony stark trash so these fics are either superfamily tony stark centric or stevetony. Some are gonna be tumblr format and others are on AO3, if the author is physically linked through a tag that means it’s tumblr format.

For the Tony Centric fics, I’ve put the ship (If it has one) in the summary section, but if it’s in the tony centric area the ship isn’t reeeally that explicit, like it’s either implied, hardly mentioned, or not the main theme of the fic.

for fics that are tumblr posts and don’t have a title I’ve put my favorite line (or just a line that pretty much describes the fic) as the title. 

Platonic Superfamily fics

You’re Supposed to Be Better Than Me” || by @itsallavengers

“It was just a party,” Peter mumbled, “it’s not like you can talk. Everyone knows what you were like. So why the fuck are y-”

“Because you’re supposed to be better than me!” 

Dating 101 as Described by Tony Stark || by @itsallavengers

“I got a date!” Peter finally got a word in, saying the words a little loudly and then immediately pulling his head up, trying to hear if Aunt May had been woken up from it. The walls were fairly thin, after all.

“I got a date,” he whispered again, when he was sure his Aunt hadn’t been disturbed, “but… I don’t know anything about dating, and I’ve been sat here trying to think about how to go about it for about seven hours now and-”

“I’m sorry,” Tony said, sounding irritated, “are you saying that you called me, at 2 in the morning, to ask me how to take someone on a date?”

Suck It, Howard Stark” || by @orbingarrow

“No, you don’t have to do that, Dr. Stark.  It’s– I know you’re busy,” Peter says.  "It’s not really that important.“

Tony knows a lie when he hears one.  Peter’s lying his ass off.

“Yeah, I am busy,” Tony agrees.  "Which is why you should use this time wisely and fess up quickly.  What’s the help?“

Friends Protect Each Other || by @transpeter

Flash swears at Ned, but Ned just punches Flash and tells him in a really low voice to “leave Peter alone” and that…. just shakes Peter. Nobody besides his aunt and uncle have called him Peter yet, everyone else deadnames him. It’s almost surreal to be hearing somebody else call him Peter, especially someone he’s never really spoken to.

Just a Spiderman Sickfic || by @toosicktoocare

When Ned fails to get Peter to rest, he goes to the one person he knows will get Peter to listen: Tony Stark.

Stevetony Fics

Touch || by @cptxrogers

Once the team succeeds in bringing Tony back from the magical dimension he’s been trapped in, Steve can’t stop touching him. He doesn’t even notice he’s doing it at first, the way he places a friendly hand on Tony’s shoulder when they’re going through a briefing, or how he’ll bump their elbows together when they’re walking the corridors of the tower.

I’m Hot Like the Prodigal Son || by @ironmanned

*over a grocery store PA*
will the owner of the jet black maserati please fuck me

Taking Matters Into One’s Own Hands || by @cptxrogers

Steve just really loves jerking off.

For the “kink: masturbation” square on my stony bingo card.

You Are Precious, Tony, Hush.” || @itsallavengers

steve always sleeps on the side of the bed facing the door “bECAUSE YOU ARE PRECIOUS TONY HUSH” okay but one if one night while they were asleep baddies did break in to try and snatch tony but were met with 240 pounds of kickass 

The Jar || by Sineala

The Avengers are ridiculously competitive people, and what starts out as a silly late-night team discussion quickly becomes a contest: their names. Not the code names – the nicknames. Who can go the longest without using them? They pledge to spend a week not nicknaming each other, and they’ll pay up every time they mess up. This hits Tony the hardest, and not just financially. Tony’s got a lot of nicknames for everyone, but most of all for Steve – and when Tony can’t use the names he’s already got, the names he uses reveal feelings he had no idea he had.

Love the Sin, Love the Sinner || by silkspectred

It keeps happening. Not often, just once or twice a month, but it keeps happening. Always in the same way: it’s unplanned, sudden, unexpected, Steve is surprised and eager, his dick goes from zero to one hundred in two seconds, Tony’s touch is electric, everything he does drives Steve crazy, but he never lets Steve kiss him, he very rarely looks Steve in the eye, he never talks, never makes a sound when he comes, never mentions it later.

Tony Centric

He Was Home.” || by @rowantreewrites (insp. original post by @kayvsworld

Every time Tony Stark smiles, a star is formed to make the night sky brighter.

And the Stars are Too Much || by @magpiewords

“Oh no.” Tony managed to mumble before everything seemed to fade away. Like his body went offline, he couldn’t move, couldn’t look away. He knew the stars weren’t getting closer, knew the wide expanse of space wasn’t somehow closing in on him. No matter how much he knew, logical was useless against this.


Hide a Heart of War || by RayShippouUchiha

“You’ve got war in your heart boy,” Howard sneers, “don’t ever try and pretend to be anything but what you are.”

Tony feels the familiar burn of a flower mark being etched into his skin but he doesn’t look, doesn’t try and check to see what it is. Instead he keeps his eyes on Howard and his hands cupped around his bleeding mouth and nose.


[sidenote: if anyone knows of any more tony stark centric fics that either don’t have ships or the ship isn’t a main element of the fic, PLEEEASE let me know dude those fics are SUCH GOOD SHIT honestly they’re my favorites. like even if u write them, they could be 100 word long ficlets tAG ME IN THAT SHIT]

Hey everyone, just wanted to direct attention to #actuallyjonsa, a tag that @direwolfpupy and I started talking about earlier. The jonsa and jon x sansa tags are great, but sometimes you just want a nice, happy and safe place. Free of the hate and the anger that comes in from time to time.  So that’s what this tag will be! 

A tag to talk about all the Jon/Sansa things you love.  

Things like: 

  • Headcanons, and jokes
  • Fanfic
  • Fanart
  • Edits 

Things not to put in the tag:

  • Any negativity
  • Spoilers and leaks
  • Character hate towards to Jon and/or Sansa
  • No hate or discussion of other ships that involve either of them. (Absolutely NOTHING nautical.)
  • Bashing of GRRM, show creators/writers, other actors (and characters) on the show.

You don’t have to use the tag. But we’d love it if you joined us. This pairing has some of the funniest, and talented people loving it, and we would love to keep on loving it.

Tries to avoid the plain old do a character a day thing but fails, horribly. 

Hello everyone and welcome to mcsm-inktober 2017! 

I've chucked together a couple of prompts to help inspire you during mcsm-inktober! I will also be reblogging the art that has  #mcsm-inktober or #mcsm inkober in the tags. 

If you cant part participate, please show your love and support for the artists by reblogging or liking their art!

It all starts at the beginning of October and I can’t wait to see all of your art! 


  1. Either put #mcsm-inktober or #mcsm inkober into your tags.  We would also like it if you say the day that you did the artwork for as well. Make sure these two tags are within the first five tags of your post so we can see it and reblog it.
  2. Be nice! Don't try to be mean to other people, everyone is just here to have a good time.
  3. Keep this art SFW/kid-friendly, but if you want to put something like blood in it, tag it. 
  4. Ship art is completely okay!
  5. Have fun!

Any other questions will be in our FAQ page or if you have any questions, please p.m. us or send in an ask, we will be happy to help! 

                                                                             Good luck~ from mcsm-inktober

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500 Follower Giveaway!!

First of all I can’t believe I already have 500 followers on here? Like that’s crazy! Thank you all so much ^_^

Now the rules:

Winner of this giveaway will receive either a portrait drawing of their favorite choices character or mc from any book, or a couple drawing of any two characters. Check out my art tag here.

  • 1 winner will be randomly selected
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Giveaway will end Sep 14th!!

APH Teenage Girl Trio

“I seriously think that Himaruya should write a sketch with Liechtenstein, Taiwan, and Seychelles hanging together. Seriously, they’d like, be so much fun to write with their personalities clashing.

Like Liechtenstein being the mature level headed mom friend that usually keeps the calm.  She’s definitely the logical one of the group, like a total skeptic to paranormal stuff.

Taiwan is the girliest and fashionable one in the group. She’d be like, the leader. Her friends would hold her back if she lost her temper and is very vivid and vocal about her opinions.

Seychelles is the sporty girl that can be lazy when not motivated and can eat anything. She’d also be a hopeless romantic that would fall in easily.

There are so many fun shenanigans that you can put them in and have fun misadventures. I’m sad that no one cares about them unless if there are ships involved. I mean a platonic friendship isn’t good enough either?”

Kirishima Week starts tomorrow!

We’ll be beginning the day when it hits Touka’s Birthday at Midnight Japan time (GMT+9). Can’t wait to see your work!

Please take the time to read the following rules and guidelines before contributing work to the week to make sure it runs smoothly for everyone:

  1. use the hashtag #kirishimaweek in the FIRST 5 TAGS
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  3. NSFW content needs to go under a read more and we will be using the tag #nsfw for such posts
  4. please put which day your work is for either in the post caption or the tags- etc. for touka day, the caption “day 1; touka day” or the tag “#touka day’ or "day 1”- just something to make our work easier!
  5. we’ll be accepting any form of fan content- fanart, fanfiction, edits, meta, etc.
  6. all ships are welcome as long as they include one of the kirishima fam- they will be tagged appropriately so you may blacklist as you see fit!
  7. no character or ship hate will be tolerated- this is a week for celebrating favourite characters so be nice kids
  8. last of all, we don’t want to censor any content but please try to be respectful with your posts- we reserve the right to make an executive decision not to reblog content that could be considered harmful or offensive
  9. last of all HAVE FUN- this is an order ;D

I’m opening commissions! 

Other info

  • Alternate style only available for bust.
  • €5 per Character added. 
  • I will draw any fandom or OC as long as I’m given reference pictures.  
  • Things I won’t draw include; complicated Armour, mechs, furry (animal traits like ears/tails is okay tho), nsfw, romantic drawings of things I don’t ship  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.
  • Payment is only accepted through paypal invoices.
  • contact me through tumblr messenger on either this account or @toffeearts .
  •  You can also contact me by email me through the address (put commission as subject)
  • I dont really do detailed backgrounds but we can discuss it :).
  • as always feel free to contact me with questions!!

Even if you can’t afford to commission me reblogging this post really helps!! thank you <3.

i’m back & i’m better!

hello my lovely baby beans!! i’m finally feeling good again, back on my feet & hopefully gonna be less busy this week!

i’m going to have part two of lonely up by next sunday, & sunshine boy either sunday or monday! & as a reward to all of you for putting up with my sickly, bummy butt, imma be doin’ ships!!! the rules for ships are as follows:

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- put a short description of you in my ask! specify if you’d like a holland boys+harrison ship or a marvel character ship! also please put sexual orientation!

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thank you all for putting up with me & caring about me, i love you all so much!

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Barry Allen Deserves Better Than Iris West

I would like to start this off by saying this has nothing to do with Iris’s race or Candice Patton. I don’t know Candice Patton, so I have no real opinion on her. I think she’s a very beautiful woman and she seems nice from her interviews, but other than that, I’ve never met her, so I really don’t know what she’s like. For the record, I don’t really like Iris in the comics either where she is a white woman, so it’s actually how the character always seems to be written and not anything to do with an actress portraying her and it certainly has nothing to do with her skin. Judging someone based off their skin, whether it’s in a positive or negative way is stupid and bigoted and I don’t tolerate it. I only like someone if I think they’re a good person, just like I only dislike someone if I think they’re a bad person. I’ve tried really hard to like Iris and WestAllen, but guess what? I am done. I have been bullied by WestAllen shippers for being a multi shipper, making me question why I ship the pairing at all, and guess what? WestAllen is no longer one of my multiple ships and Iris West is no longer a character I will pretend to like. Who she is as a person is just awful. 

Also, I want to make it clear that I put this in the anti tag, so no one better come along and stupidly accuse me of using their tag, because I didn’t. If you see this post when looking up Iris or WestAllen, it’s probably because of tumblr’s crappy tagging system. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked up anti westallen or anti iris west and have gotten stuff that’s positive about her and the ship. So, why don’t all of you stay out of the anti tag?

So, onto why Iris West is not deserving of Barry Allen. If you’re an Iris West or WestAllen fan, I really don’t recommend reading anymore and if you show up with your comments attacking me for my opinion, I will either ignore you or report you depending on how offensive you are, (because some of you can get REALLY offensive. I’ve had WestAllen shippers come at me with foul language, false accusations, telling me or my family to go die, etc. And they did this without me even saying something negative about their precious Iris. It was just because I made a Snowbarry post since I multi ship and Snowbarry is one of my ships. And as usual, they accused me of putting it in their stupid tag when I didn’t).

Barry Allen deserves far better than Iris West. Honestly, in season one, she had a boyfriend, yet chose to lead Barry on and try to sabotage his relationship with Linda several times in order to keep him as her safety net, her next best thing. She told Linda about his feelings for her, she crashed their date, and flat out told Barry she wasn’t the right one for him. Iris didn’t do this because she wanted Barry to be available so she could be with him, she did it so he’d be available to be her safety net. If Eddie’s love fell through, Barry would always be there to pick Iris West back up and that’s exactly what she wanted. Sure, she cared about him, as he was her best friend, but she treated him rather poorly. She was shallow and selfish and didn’t deserve him in any way. She also wigged out when she found out he was the Flash, but Barry has a right to his personal, private life. Honestly, Iris has kept secrets too. She kept her relationship with Eddie a secret, she kept Joe’s son a secret from him, and she helped keep Barry’s identity as the Flash a secret from Wally, so Iris wigging out because Joe and Barry kept it secret from her when she was constantly putting herself in danger and they were worried about her putting herself in even more, makes her a hypocrite. I also hated it when she just automatically assumed that the only reason Barry went to CCPN was to check on her, when really he had a lunch date with Linda. I was so happy when she looked upset about that, because she honestly deserved it. As if his life revolves around her. She needed to stop assuming things. She also needed to stay out of his love life. He was supportive of her and Eddie, yet she was a bitch about him and Linda. The only time Barry ever tried to pursue her when she was with Eddie was after she confessed to having feelings for him and kissed him in another timeline. And who wouldn’t try to get someone they were in love with most of their life to maybe be with them if they knew that a part of them really did love them that way? Barry had a conversation about it with Iris and she shot him down despite everything she did to his own relationship even after he told her he didn’t have feelings for her anymore. What makes what Barry and Iris did different is he just went and talked to her. He didn’t go sabotaging her and Eddie’s dates nor did he say anything to Eddie about it. And when she shot him down and he realized he was wrong, he went back to always been supportive, something Iris never did for him and Linda. Barry even got on Joe’s case for not giving Eddie his blessing when he wanted to marry Iris. And honestly, I don’t know why Iris told Eddie about that conversation she had with Barry and then expected everything to be cool between the two of them. Was she really surprised Eddie went after Barry? She basically sicced her cop boyfriend on her best friend who he has to work with. Thank God for Caitlin and her lightning psychosis. 

Then on to season two. The only reason Iris decides to get with Barry is because they’re married in the future and they’re married on Earth two. It’s not because she’s actually in love with him, it’s because she wants some fairy tale ending and a bunch of destiny crap rather than forging her own destiny. She is in love with the idea of Barry, not actually with him. This is further proved at the end of season three when the reason she is so upset that Barry is going into the speed force is because ‘they were supposed to have their happen ending’ and ‘she’s ready to be Iris West-Allen’. I also hated it in season two when she is prompting him to start a relationship with her despite the fact that he is in no way ready and his father just died. If it wasn’t for her doing that, maybe Barry wouldn’t have felt the need to create Flashpoint. After all, remember when he said, “If I’m ever going to be worth anything to you, I need to fix what’s wrong with me”? Flashpoint was for Iris. Iris is the reason he took all of that hate in season three.

And then we got season three. I was liking her in season three and enjoying their pairing, until 3x15. I don’t care why Iris called off the engagement, as she has a right to do that if she thinks getting married is a bad idea, but she was a vindictive bitch about it. Barry is lying in pain after Savitar shattered his clavicle and threw him off a building, in STAR Labs, and he is so happy to see her when he wakes up. Until he sees that she just had to put the hand that used to have a ring on it on him and then walk away. Iris deliberately stayed in the room until he woke up, showed off her ring-less fingers, and then left him lying there. What. A. Bitch. She couldn’t have waited until later to tell him she’d called off the engagement? This is a man she supposedly loves, yet she seems to enjoy hurting him.

Then we’ve got 3x16. Barry asks Iris if he lost her or not and rather than give him an answer, Ms. Bitch decides to walk away without a word. That’s not healthy. Relationships rely on communication and she should have given him an answer. But she didn’t, because she is an immature, unstable human being. And then when he is about to go into the speed force to rescue HER douchebag of a brother, she hesitates to tell him she loves him. What the hell? Even if she isn’t in love with him anymore for whatever dumb reason, she has still loved him as her best friend since they were ten. Thing is, what Barry did didn’t warrant hate. Sure, his proposal did come from a place of fear, but that fear came from a place of love. She overreacted and behaved poorly afterward. Anyone who is stable can recognize that. If Barry had died in the speed force, these moments between them: her just walking away from him and her hesitation and lackluster ‘I love you’ you could tell she said out of a sense of duty rather than actual love, would have been the last moments she ever had with him, and it would have served her right.

And the last complaint I have about WestAllen being toxic is Iris’s video message. When Barry left her to go into the speed force, he told her how much he loved her, but that she needed to keep living her life, keep loving… he made it clear just how much he wanted her to be happy. When Barry went back in time and got a video message from Eddie to give to Iris to help her move on, the message was of Eddie telling her how much he loved her and that the one thing he really wanted for her was for her to be happy. But what did Iris do when leaving a message for Barry? She recites wedding vows. No wonder emo Barry never got over her. She twisted the knife that was already dug in by her death and now he can’t get it out. It would have been hard enough for him to move on from her at all, but she really ensured that he never would by reciting wedding vows rather than telling him that she just wanted him to be happy and keep living his life without her, something any good person would want for the one they love.

I have come to the conclusion that I only ship WA because it makes Barry happy and I care about his character. For a while I was just like I can take or leave Iris. I like her but I don’t love her, but after all these things I’ve realized with how she is emotionally abusive toward this man, I think she can go to hell. It sucks, because in the first episode, I was ready to ship them. I liked how Iris was like ‘nope’ to detective pretty boy; it was funny. And I loved it when she saw him coming out of his coma and leapt into his arms, hugging. I was like “yeah, I’m going to ship this!” And then it all went down hill from there and I am out of chances for Iris. I would prefer Barry with many other women: Caitlin, Patty, Linda, hell even Felicity, which is hard for me to say considering how much I ship Olicity. I wouldn’t mind it if they brought in another love interest for him. Perhaps Meena Dhawan, a speedster and former scientist for STAR Labs, who is also a woman of color, so if we brought in Meena and had Barry date her, no one could falsely accuse, (or at least usually falsely accuse. I know there are some bigoted idiots out there and I don’t tolerate any of them, but WestAllen shippers don’t realize that they’re a minority and that even some black people have told me they don’t like Iris or ship WestAllen), the writers or anyone who preferred that pairing to WestAllen of being racists. And Meena and Barry were a rather cute ship in the comics while they lasted, so I’d be all for seeing Meena come into the Flash show and date Barry.

Also, as an added note, I would love to say how the die hard WestAllen shippers have come after me despite the fact that this is in the anti tag, calling me racist, even though I’ve made it clear how that has nothing to do with what I’m saying and that I’m not bigoted at all. That argument has gotten pathetic and laughable. If I was bigoted, would Lincoln have been my favorite character on the 100 and Linctavia been my OTP? If I was bigoted, would I love Bonnie on the Vampire Diaries and ship Bonenzo as hard as I do? If I was bigoted, would I have had a major crush on a black boy in my freshman year of high school and my first boyfriend been Mexican? If I was bigoted, would a black woman be my female lead in one of the books I’m writing?  And one WestAllen shipper tried to accuse me of being misogynistic. Um, I’m a woman and a feminist. That means I believe in the equality of the genders. It does not mean I have to like every single woman on the planet or hate men. I want to judge people based on their actions, not their race, sexuality, gender, etc. Just who they are as a person, and I don’t see Iris West as a likable individual. It has nothing to do with her skin or her gender. Though, I’m willing to bet that if the roles were reversed, if she was a white man and still did the emotionally abusive things she does to Barry, everyone would hate her and call her sexist. Aren’t double standards just amazing?

What is Gladnis Week?

Gladnis Week is all about creating and sharing fics, fanart, gifsets, etc. celebrating the Gladiolus Amicitia/Ignis Scientia ship. Gladnis Week takes place from December 4th, 2017 through December 10th, 2017.

Submitting Prompts: 
Prompt submissions will take place well ahead of time, and we will shortly make a separate post explaining how to submit prompt suggestions in more detail. When the deadline for prompt suggestions have passed, we’ll put them to a vote. 

How to participate: 
When the week officially starts, you can either tag your fan works with @gladnisweek, or you can submit your work to the blog itself! 

If you miss a day…

Don’t worry! You don’t have to participate in every single day. It’s okay to run a little late, as well. Just make sure to tag your work as @gladnisweek when you do post it! 

What counts as fan content:

You can post fic, art, cosplay, photos, gifsets, anything! If it’s a new work celebrating Gladnis and it follows one of the prompts for that day, you’re good to go. We will have a free day as well for any new works that don’t follow any of that week’s prompts.

Mature content:

YES, you can write and/or draw porn. Smut and mature content is certainly allowed. Please make sure you tag appropriately, though, so that people who aren’t looking for NSFW works are forewarned. If it’s a NSFW image just please put it under a cut.

Background ships:

Background ships are allowed, but please make sure that the works you submit are primarily Gladio/Ignis-centric!

No ship bashing:

Don’t bash other ships. If you are found bashing other ships/ship weeks or harassing other shippers, you’ll be banned faster than Gladio can whip off his shirt (and that’s fast!). This week is all about sharing the love for this ship, not tearing down others. 

Most important rule:

Have fun!

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t be shy! Our ask box is open.

Who are we?


Currently Gladnis Week is being run solely by @crossedquills . Your friendly neighborhood fic writer.

Sort of a Rant
  • Referring to my Overwatch post of the girl squad wearing Met Gala dresses, I really appreciate all the nice tags/comments said about it!!! But, there's just one thing I want people to understand. I reallyyy don't want to have to bring this up, but I just want clearance on the subject.
  • So, for those tagging about the shippings, correct me if I'm wrong, but, a few of you apparently think it's too heterosexual??...I just thought these shippings were cute : ^))?? And everyone of course is abide to their own opinions about shippings and what not...But, really?
  • A person tagged something about how the characters are all gays and lesbians and I should stop shipping them. Listen, not everyone agrees/thinks that way, so please don't tag that in my post. Also, I should feel free to ship who I want. Does sexuality have to be the subject matter of the post??
  • If it makes you feel any better I use to be a big fan of widowxtracer (which I have made a post of recently), but Tracer has a girlfriend now, which is perfectly fine with me! There's nothing wrong with people still shipping widowxtracer either way. I just don't really base shippings on only their race or sexuality. Then again, that's my opinion.
  • I acknowledge the kind reblogs having to do with the dresses, but please don't put tags that have to do with the sexuality of the characters and what/how I ship. If the tags were meant to be jokes, then I apologize again.
  • Thank you
Fukigen na Mononokean Pixiv tags

Well, it’s a reeeeally small series so it’s not like it’s super difficult to find everything, but maybe some people will still appreciate it.


Fanfiction is the “Novels” tab in each tag at the top. May show up as “小説” if your language setting on the site is Japanese.

All the shipping tags that I specifically linked were the ones with more than one work.

The separate shipping tags in which a character “tops” doesn’t necessarily mean every single work is R-18 (although that is where you’ll find the R-18 too) - a lot of the time it’s the “atmosphere” with which the artist depicts the ship. You can probably get a good idea if you compare the two.

Generally with the exception of Ashiya and Abeno, the reverse of the other pairings are pretty nonexistent (usually one work or less) but if you’re still curious you can reverse the order of the names to check.

I think “Itsu” (from Itsuki of course) started being used for pairings with Abeno because the “AshiAbe” kanjis conflicted with a ship from another series, if I recall correctly. Or maybe that was their first names… Well either way, those are definitely the de facto tags now.

It’s ignored a lot (even by Japanese artists themselves) but it’s generally good etiquette to not tag the main series tag (first bullet point) if your art contains shipping and to only use the shipping tag (second bullet point), so don’t put both. Something to keep in mind if you upload to pixiv.

Anything I missed…?

If anyone wants to know why I have such issues with the Jyn stanning crowd of the Rebelcaptain ship - and quite frankly Jyn stans full stop - it is




Oh and to everyone who reblogged that last “joke” post, finding it funny? Racist jokes doesn’t stop being racist just because they make you laugh, it just makes you okay with the racist part.

how many times must i say this? stop the “klance vs laith” shit right now. don’t let this shit divide us. we are one no matter which name you prefer. drop the bullshit and just use both to avoid fights. also just keep in mind that klance WAS first and *IS* well known and well established already. there’s nothing you can do to change that. the tumblr rating thing for ships uses “klance.” just be happy it still relates to keith x lance no matter what name you use. yes, i know lauren is a voltron higher up, but you guys need to understand that it is too late to change the name since the internet knows it as “klance.” that is why this fighting amongst ourselves is useless. just use both and let things go. one side isn’t better than the other. just use both to please everyone. hell, if you want to remain truly neutral, dont even use either, just putting these tags “lance x keith, keith x lance, lance and keith, keith and lance, space ranger partners,” should be enough.

don’t divide yourselves. that is not what this ship needs. 

likeanywhereyouvebeen  asked:

kindly keep your fauxmance bullshit off my dash

My “fauxmance bullshit” is only on your dash if you follow me. (Or other Kaylor / Gaylor blogs.) And if you do, you’ll know I go to great lengths to be considerate of shippers, actually. Even though I don’t believe in H*ylor, Hiddlestunt, or Toe, I still stay out of their official tags, and even obscure their ship names in posts that might otherwise get caught in the tag by the Tumblr algorithm. So there is frankly no way I put anything on your dash. Either you’re hate-stalking my blog, or someone you follow has different opinions to you. Neither justifies you coming into my inbox like this. (Especially if, as I suspect, you meant to send this on anon.)

Kindly get over yourself, and go hiss hiss somewhere else.

750 Follower Appreciation & Tumblr Awards

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Alright guys!! It’s here but for real this time!

Thanks to all of you who’ve decided over the past few months to follow me! It means a lot, especially because everyone is so helpful and kind!

So in thanks I’ve decided to host another


(Well technically I’m holding two, one VISUAL and one for WRITING)

I’ve updated the schedule for this. Instead of the original plan of holding it this week it will be held the week after the next (from June 26th to June 30th) to give everyone plenty of time to prepare. I also added more details and descriptions to some of the tasks to help you out!! :)


  • You must be following this recycling bin (some people say trash can but come on guys you gotta have more self esteem than that). And I will check whether you are following me or not.
  • You must reblog. Likes do not count. I will check, yet again.
  • You have to tag EACH entry with the appropriate Blog Contest classification and the appropriate task number (SEE ‘TAGGING’ BELOW)
  • *If you do not tag properly* and your tag doesn’t show up in the tagged page that entry will not be graded. (Just so ya know that means that the 2 required tags will have to be the FIRST ones you tag the post with, bc after 5 tags they don’t show up)
  • I am choosing winners *ONLY* based on THESE edits/fanfics/etc. NOT based on previous content or anything else on the blog.
  • Because of this^, I am going to let the last RQ blog contest winners @lilyharvord and @evangeliensamos and all of the runner-ups to compete.
  • There will be one WRITTEN winner and one VISUAL winner. There will be one runner up for each category as well.
  • Entries must be submitted on time, on the day they are meant to be posted. Please schedule/queue them to post between 6am-11pm Eastern US Time (the New York time zone).

**You can only enter ONE of the competitions. You have to choose between either the VISUAL or the WRITTEN competition and put your choice in the tags**


  • Winners will receive: a request for an edit/moodboard/aesthetic, a request for a fanfic/head canon, and either a URL graphic or URL change of choice (I put the urls to choose from under Keep Reading)
  • Runner-ups will receive: a request for a head canon and either a URL graphic or URL change of choice (I put the urls to choose from under Keep Reading)


    ➫ Monday, the 26th: Task 1 = Ship Day  Create a 4x2 moodboard for a rq ship (common, uncommon, whatever). For inspo check out this amazing blog.
   ➫ Tuesday, the 27th: Task 2 = Diversity Day  Create a 3x3 aesthetic for a single poc and/or lgbtq+ character. For inspo check out some of mine.
   ➫ Wednesday, the 28th: Task 3 = Historical Day  Create an edit for any historical figure that we know from the RQ verse (characters only mentioned). These can include Caesar Calore, the tactician that united Norta, Juliana, his daughter, Barr Rambler, one of the first recorded Silvers, Garion Savannah, Tiberias the 3rd, King Onekad Cygnet and more. For ideas look here, or on pages 171-175 (amongst others) in King’s Cage.
   ➫ Thursday, the 29th: Task 4 = Text Day  Create an edit for an interesting/exciting/funny scene or quote from any of the rq books/novellas. I made one a while back, too, check that one out here.
   ➫ Friday, the 30th: Task 5 = Creativity Day  INVENT a silver ability AND a house to go a long with it!! Create a 4 image/gif edit. Describe the ability in 3 sentences and the house (colors, etc) in another 2.


   ➫ Monday, the 26th: Task 1 = Next Generation Tuesday  Write a glance into the future for a child of any rq ship *in the red queen world, not an au* Number of words: 600-850. Ex. Marecal’s daughter, could include appearance descriptions, ability, personality, and please write a little story! :)
   ➫ Wednesday, the 28th: Task 2 = FLUFF Thursday  Write the most adorable thing that you can for a red queen ship. Can have angst but make it cute too. I’d prefer if it was a ship that’s different from the one you used in Next Generation Wednesday. 750-900 words.
   ➫ Friday, the 30th: Task 3 = Creativity Saturday  INVENT a silver ability AND a house to go along with it. Advertise the ability in a concise and persuasive paragraph (4-6 sentences). Ex. ‘Are you tired of _______? Well then ________!’ That part should be a bit satirical of those really bad commercials XD. THEN, make a long head canon of interesting things to use the ability for, more details about the house, and INVENT a character with that ability in that house and tell me about him/her and tell me how he/she uses that ability.


For those entering the VISUAL rq blog contest you must tag all entries with #visual rq blog contest

For those entering the WRITTEN rq blog contest you must tag all entries with #written rq blog contest

Each ENTRY has to be tagged as well, like so (I’m leaving extra spaces to separate each tag):

#visual task 1 rq   #visual task 2 rq   #visual task 3 rq   #visual task 4 rq   #visual task 5 rq

#written task 1 rq   #written task 2 rq   #written task 3 rq


L E T   T H E   G A M E S   B E G I N ! !

Good luck to all of you, I can’t wait to see what you create!

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look under here for the URLs you can win! (I really love some of these!)

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