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Thank you everyone who bought my overwatch charms, it was fun and a good learning experience! I’ve finally shipped out every order and everyone should have received an email about their order! If you received your order I’d love it if you either tagged me here or mention me @ coupdeboo ON TWITTER! OR IF YOU DON’T WANNA TAKE A PIC you can just reply below saying you got it or something :D but honestly its just a small request to see that it got to you guys safety <33

As for any extras I have, I will be putting them online for sale in the upcoming weeks but I want to take a little break from all the orders, not to mention, I’m working on a part 2 of OW charms with all new designs and characters :>

Final note I’m gonna be cleaning up my blog by removing the old updates since they’re no longer needed.

Again thank you everyone for your support <333 You guys have been so patient and kind!!! Seriously your words mean the world to me ;w;

OK so i fixed Nita’s outfit to be slightly closer to the book and finished up Kit! idk why theyre in space it just seemed to fit  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Im thinking of either selling this as a print at octocon, or splitting them up into bookmarks to sell as a set, i’m not sure yet

Starco: a pretty nice ship

Now let me clear something before I start this, I’m not a shipper of any kind, I’ll go into more detail, but for now, just remember I’m not a person who usually ships two characters ( trust me though this post is really going to make me sound like a shipper especially towards the end, this post is either going to be liked or people are going to hate me for this to have a valid criticism of me being a dumb shipper with a dumb face  )

Ok, so why Starco? out of every ship why did I want to focus on these two characters, when I could do an old school ship or a different ship that isn’t Star like Steven and Connie (if that’s a ship?), and are you obsess with Star? 

Well my dear reader, yeah I’m obsess with Star and maybe I’ll look into another ship like Steven and Connie? (is that a ship?) another day, but honestly the reason I wanted to talk about this ship is because, well to put it frankly I don’t ship much and yet this is one of the only ships I might actually like, now don’t get upset reader I’m not saying I hate ships or anything, but for me it’s difficult to like any ships speaking mainly for me of course.

look at all this starco cuteness come on something this sweet can’t be hated right? right?? well let’s move on shall we

i’ll get back to Starco, but let me explain why I’m not the usual type to like ships, as a kid I’ve never thought much about love or relationships which is fine you know, you’re a kid once, you’re bound to not know as much and do something stupid, I remember being scared of the Grinch for almost two years, (yes the live action Grinch movie, the Jim Carrey one) I was literally four, and no one read me the book so I assumed that the big green guy was a monster that ate kids, through cereal boxes. Yeah as much as I want to relive my memories of being terrified of the Grinch let me move on. ( be on the look out for the reason I was scared of the Grinch in my future post, Grinch: that green bastard) So yeah as I got older and learn more about the internet, trust me though I didn’t learn about the internet until like 2013 so i was freaking late, and I found out about the number one important things for cartoon shows… Fandoms, you know it’s true without us Star wouldn’t have gotten season 3 already, but along with Fandoms, I found out about shipping, ah the term we’re looking for, so my first thoughts were just “ok,” I didn’t have much for shipping i just knew it was there and existed, I wasn’t a shipper until, my unfortunate past

(Oh boy we get to learn about starthebutterfly’s past and see the things they liked before, hey wait this isn’t a starco picture!)

you really wouldn’t wanna see my past reader, but yet I gotta talk about this, now I didn’t knew Tumblr existed until maybe 2014 or 2015? So how did I join a fandom, Twitter of course and the fandom I was most associated with was Phineas and Ferb, from what I’ve heard the fandom here was much different than the twitter one, honestly i knew a group of fans and they were good people, I still follow them even though now I’m not a fan of the show anymore, and why? that’s because of this ship, Phinabella is the main reason I quit the Phineas and Ferb fandom, it still bothers me to talk about this, but long story short, I was a small shipper for these two, and no not in any way like “oh they should kiss or something” more or less I just wanted to see Phineas figure out, or just notice that Isabella likes him, you know? just by the end of the series, Phineas knows that Isabella likes him, or Isabella just tells him (without their memories getting erased again!) trust me watching the later episodes you well get mad on how they make Phineas “dumb,” it just gets kinda sad, especially for Isabella, I could go on an entire rant on how much this ship just ruined the show for me, but maybe another time, so I was bitter towards ships and thought ships were just dumb romantic things that were forced upon, until I saw something that changed it, (yes it was Starco)

(Yes finally another Starco picture!) 

yes reader and this picture is by @firesuperstar go follow this talented girl and send her lots of love, she’s the best, trust me you want more Star stuff follow her lovely blog also thanks @firesuperstar allowing me to use your beautiful art

I joined Tumblr around July of 2015, by then I was a huge Star fan and even before I joined Tumblr I knew about this ship, my opinions on it wasn’t as harsh though, for one reason being that I saw the show before it aired on Disney XD, yeah through the power of the internet, (don’t worry I did watch the first episode when it premiered I support my shows) I saw the intro and later the first episode, even from the YouTube comments I saw people shipping Marco and Star and honestly I didn’t get mad, I was interested in watching the show and when I did boy I freaking loved the first episode, and I saw already why people shipped Star and Marco and a part of me, actually did the same thing.

It’s funny because, I didn’t intend to ship these two at all, I still don’t really, but I would be lying if I didn’t notice how cute these two are especially with the new episodes  having these two be so adorable together, literally in the past three episodes, Star said she didn’t care about being locked up as long as she saw Marco again, Marco wanting to show Star something amazing because of all the amazing things Star has shown him, and them becoming parents like come on, these two were buff parents last episode, and I think it works really well because these two have the best chemistry on the show, even in the first episode, you notice how these two are from two different worlds and they become friends just like that, sure they had to fight monsters, but still they worked together and kick the monsters back to Mewni

Thanks again @firesuperstar, sorry i couldn’t separate these two drawings they’re just so perfect together *cough* like Starco *cough*

In the end, this post isn’t about me saying Starco is the best ship, I didn’t even focus on the ship much itself, but it’s my opinion on why I kinda like this ship the most, I can’t really say I like any other ship like this because, frankly this ship works really well, Marco is totally the down to earth guy and Star is literally name after a flaming ball of gas so of course she’s going to be full of a sun’s energy, (yeah say suns and stars are different, they’re not but correct if I am wrong because I could be) they balance each other out so well and it’s precious, I’ll always have some problems with certain ships, not every ship is good (Phinabella), but then you find ships like these that make you kinda appreciate what the creators wanted to do with these characters, I kinda did wish the creators did focus on the other characters like Jackie or Janna, because I want they’re characters to be shown off and also maybe why Marco likes Jackie, whether or not Janna does have a crush on Marco, or just seeing Jackie outside of her being a “skater girl #1″, just for people that might disagree with this ship or just want a different ship, because I see the argument with them staying just friends because I kinda would like that, but at the same time, I wouldn’t mind Starco being canon. Being a person that doesn’t ship a whole lot, I think Starco is a great ship, another person can probably do more justice in the matter of why the ship works and why you should love it, but as i mention, this wasn’t me saying why Starco is the best, this is just me talking about my views of shipping and how Starco changed my views, whatever ship you like the most I hope you share them here or send me an ask I would love to see the different ones, anyway I hope everyone enjoyed this thank you for reading 

And really again a huge thanks for @firesuperstar for letting me use her work, she really didn’t have too, and I appreciate it a lot, follow her blog and send her some support

  • every month, i’ll select a character and a theme.
  • everyone interested will create a graphic based around that character/ship.
  • you will (hopefully) have fun and we will fill up the hp edit tag with incredible stuff.


  • we will only start if we get at least 10 ppl who confirm to join in for a first round, otherwise it would make no sense to put work in this blog.
  • so if you are interested and like the idea pls leave us a message in our inbox.


  • the first month’s theme would be something simple where everyone can chose a character of their own choice.
  • no ship is banned or unwelcome. we will have rounds with either free ships or certain ones.
5 ships from 5 different fandoms

I was tagged by @smiledesu​! Kisses for you, m’dear.

  1. Voltron: Legendary Defender: Takashi Shirogane/Princess Allura. They’re the OTP of the moment from my current obsession, I had to put them first. If you’d told me two months ago a het ship (even though I don’t believe either of them are straight) would be my current OTP, I’d have laughed in your face. But anyway… I adore their aesthetic, how they look together, but also how they work together, how they lead together. They have so much respect for each other, they’re clearly equals, but they’re also two broken people who happened to come together in the vastness of space. Also, she’s like ten times as strong as him and that is very hot.
  2. Haikyuu!!: Sawamura Daichi/Sugawara Koushi. I guess I have a thing for healthy, stable couples with vaguely parental dynamics, lol. My volleyball boys. They don’t really get as much screentime as the other ships (and good luck finding any doujinshi, there’s, like, three, jfc) but I don’t know, I’ve latched onto them. I like their contrast, I like how they support each other. I feel like they’re the kind of couple that meets in high school and just stays together for the rest of their lives.
  3. Free!: Sousuke Yamazaki/Rin Matsuoka. Ridiculous angsty swim bros. I really love their dynamic. I just want them to be happy together. The ending of Eternal Summer is so unsatisfying, especially for Sousuke (he just… walks off. Alone. Wtf, Rin?). The way Sousuke looks at Rin and the way Rin cries over Sousuke’s injury just… *clenches fist and sheds single tear*
  4. Dragon Age: Garrett Hawke/Fenris. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. What’s not to love about them, come the fuck on. I adore their in-game progression and how they interact and just… ahhhhh. I especially love friendmancing Fenris with a silly mage!Hawke, just because I love Fenris acknowledging that Hawke may have magic, but he’d never hurt him. I also love the size difference. (^་།^)
  5. Star Wars: Kylo Ren/General Armitage Hux. I’m not the biggest Star Wars fan out there, but I am a fan, and these two… Idk. I thought I’d go more for Stormpilot, but I really didn’t. My evil space bastards who totally hate each other but are also hot for each other and have itchy feelings they don’t want. Also, give me all the Ben Solo/Hux AUs RIGHT NOW.

Looking through this it’s blatantly obvious to piece together what I look for aesthetically in a ship. There’s a lot of skintone contrast, silver hair/dark hair and size difference. Huehuehue.

I must now tag people!

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People just cant hold THE URGE to ship a man and a woman, huh? Put a white male and a female together in a movie and people will DIE for their relationship if it fits their Halsey aesthetic. Like there aren't enough good people to Ship Harley with (hell, even ship Joker with other people) or other w/m relationships EVERYWHERE, but nooo lets ship Harley with her ABUSER because he's white, hot and a male. Amazing.

i know!!! and if you go in the ao3 suicide squad tag, the majority of it is either harley/joker, or female self insert/joker. absolutely gross.

i could understand shipping harleyjoker as a way to cope with your own abuse, but i cannot fathom why anyone would want to place her in that relationship, except because of Hot White Male Syndrome.


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Pairings!! Give us a pic/fic/whatever of your fav pairing~
All pairing types welcome, just be sure to tag it with the ship name (if it has one) so I can tag it correctly. ALSO oc/canon or oc/oc is welcome. Rare times I shall bend the rule for an oc having to be with a canon character. They don’t have to if they are paired with another oc <3

You have two weeks to make something/s! Don’t forget to tell me about your work so I can love it and share <3 Either @ this blog or put the name in the tag. If I haven’t reblogged it within a day or two please message me~


Need some character refs? Go here! All seasons, all characters~

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Are they really tagging it with lizzington?? Am I dreaming? Who runs this account? Is it wishful thinking, or fan service, or what? I can't trust anything regarding this show anymore...

Yes, they used the ship tag, (twice already if I’m not mistaken) and while it is always a sight for sore shipper eyes, I wouldn’t put too much stock into anything you see on “official” social media, especially not their tagging system. I, for one, am rolling with extremely cautious optimism here, anon, mixed with (now tamed) excitement after watching the preview.

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I feel like most people who don't ship phan also don't mind either way if they're friends or dating. What annoys me is when you can't enjoy content without the ship being shoved down your throat by other fans. I think it's healthy to have a variety of ships in a fandom otherwise you get that kind of behavior. Like the spn fandom has a number of ships & Ive seen blogs put their ships in the description along with tags so people can still follow them but block the tag

Yeah literally all of this