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‘’Why not ship both?’’ 


Art graciously donated by @sir-scandalous(go follow him)

You all know the drill by now. When you have angst in the title you know you came to cry. But this crying involves SHANCE.



Dates: June 25th - July 2nd


  • Day One (25th): Garrsion/Voltron
  • Day Two (26th): Anger/Depression
  • Day Three (27th): Above/Below
  • Day Four (28th): Captivity/Gladiator Ring
  • Day Five (29th): Pride/Fear
  • Day Six (30th): Miscommunication/Secrets
  • Day Seven (1st): Space/Ocean
  • Day Eight (2nd) (BONUS): Free day/AU Day


  • Tag it as either #shangstweek or #shangstweek2017
  • Have Fun!; This is a Shipping Week after all
  • Don’t Be Rude; we’re all shance shippers here. Some more experienced than others, but that doesn’t mean you should put anyone down
  • TAG ALL NSFW; let’s be honest we’re all dirty kinksters deep down in some way, but some people are uncomfortable by it. Be sure to tag all nfsw properly so we can tag it ourselves
  • TAG TRIGGERS!!!; we want you guys to be able to express yourselves as much as possible, but things have happened to others we can’t control. IF you are making something that is a well known phobia, please tag as: tw: “phobic thing”. (ex. tw: noncon)
  • Help spread the news!; we want this to be as big as possible. Make sure other shance shippers hear about it!
  • Any art is Welcome!; Art, Fics, Cosplay, you name it! We’re not about artism mmkay

That’s everything, now  S  U  F  F  E  R     W  I  T  H     U  S


Whatever this relationship is, I support it with my whole heart and soul (and also cry a bit inside, because it’s so beautiful, you two are the sweetest). @thatsthat24


What is Otome? Otome is a Japanese romance genre which the main character, the heroine, has multiple love interests (usually male, sometimes female or other depending on the game). Video game Otome lets you romance your love interest, whereas anime adaptations usually leave the end pair up to interpretation or the “default” love interest.

Why an Otome Week? Because #GiveAlluraSomeLovin that’s why. Also she’s a young woman drifting through endless space with four incredibly gorgeous dudes and an extremely cute girl who are all single. It’s the quintessential Otome setting.

Why May 1? I am pagan with Germanic/Celtic influences and May 1 is good ol’ Beltane, the pagan holiday of making babies. It’s probably our most infamous one. Anyway, the long and short of it is that it’s a fertility holiday because spring and bunnies and brown chickens brown cows. I’m also convinced that Alteans were polytheistic to some degree, and Allura is usually pagan in my modern AUs.


  • May 1 - Princess
  • May 2 - Crush
  • May 3 - Competition
  • May 4 - Secret
  • May 5 - First
  • May 6 - Sweet
  • May 7 - Free Day
  • Bonus - Together

Rules and Guidelines

This isn’t just an Allura ship week so there are a few things you have to keep in mind.

  • This event is romantic and/or sexual in nature. How far you’d like to interpret that is entirely up to you. The Paladins must have romantic and/or sexual feelings for Allura. HOWEVER, comma, Allura does not have to reciprocate any of these feelings. One-sided shipping is more than welcome. Pining is a huge and delightful Otome trope.
  • MULTIPLE Allura ships. Remember Otome is multiple love interests, so your works must focus on at least two or more ships. You can incorporate these ships into a poly ship, a love triangle, or just a trail of broken hearts.
  • You may interpret these prompts into any scenario you wish. You also are not required to do all or any of the prompts if you don’t want to. They are just suggestions and nothing more. You don’t have to participate every day, either. Do whatever makes your creativity flow best. You may also combine prompts, too.
  • NSFW is allowed but please put such works under “Read Mores” and tagged properly. It will not be reblogged otherwise.
  • Make sure your first five tags in your posts are #alluraotomeweek so that I can track them.
  • Have fun! If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to ask me~!!! 

Be sure to check out the blog and read the About and Rules pages. I look forward to participating in this event with you! 

Okay so I guess the ship Tythan is getting popular right now and I think that’s great because I ship it myself but I saw a post about how “Tythan will probably be the new Septiplier” and it kind of pissed me off because like. When it comes to Septiplier the fans got way too crazy (no offense to them, I ship it too) and Mark and Jack got involved and it just kind of ruined the whole thing for everyone. But if we’re more careful this time, we can make sure that the same thing doesn’t happen to Tythan. I don’t know about Tyler since I’m not on Twitter or Instagram, but I know that Ethan has openly said that being shipped with his friends makes him uncomfortable and he has also said that he’s straight and we just really shouldn’t force it on either of them. Like, we can have as much fun with it as we want, but we shouldn’t put it on their main tags or anything like that, because they could see it and it could cause severe complications if they see too much. So please everyone, just be careful.

Sort of a Rant
  • Referring to my Overwatch post of the girl squad wearing Met Gala dresses, I really appreciate all the nice tags/comments said about it!!! But, there's just one thing I want people to understand. I reallyyy don't want to have to bring this up, but I just want clearance on the subject.
  • So, for those tagging about the shippings, correct me if I'm wrong, but, a few of you apparently think it's too heterosexual??...I just thought these shippings were cute : ^))?? And everyone of course is abide to their own opinions about shippings and what not...But, really?
  • A person tagged something about how the characters are all gays and lesbians and I should stop shipping them. Listen, not everyone agrees/thinks that way, so please don't tag that in my post. Also, I should feel free to ship who I want. Does sexuality have to be the subject matter of the post??
  • If it makes you feel any better I use to be a big fan of widowxtracer (which I have made a post of recently), but Tracer has a girlfriend now, which is perfectly fine with me! There's nothing wrong with people still shipping widowxtracer either way. I just don't really base shippings on only their race or sexuality. Then again, that's my opinion.
  • I acknowledge the kind reblogs having to do with the dresses, but please don't put tags that have to do with the sexuality of the characters and what/how I ship. If the tags were meant to be jokes, then I apologize again.
  • Thank you
IC/OOC Bylaws of Sunspire Port

What is Sunspire Port

Sunspire Port is a trade town on the southwest edges of Quel’thalas. It is made up of primarily low born elves seeking an escape from the judgement of Silvermoon’s aristocracy. Not governed by a single individual, the town is propelled forward through commerce both of legal and illegal varieties and those both citizen and guest adhere to a series of known, but not posted, governing codes.

Under a veil of authenticity, Sunspire Port is a well documented and licensed place of legal trade. These documents may be found in The Silvermoon Registry. However, the miniscule size of Sunspire Port and its povertous appearance makes it an undesirable place to the noble community of Silvermoon. At present, the port operates freely, without annexation or taxation.

Sunspire is not without its notable figureheads. While all captains, crew, proprietors, vendors, dockworkers, citizens and others share equal voice and share in the present and future of the Port town, the Trade Lord of Sunspire and its Purveyor are equally the face of the freeman’s port and the voice. Benefactors, Proprietors and Captains are all given quarter to Sunspire’s Council of Captains; their purpose is to cast vote when called upon, regarding port decisions placed before them by the Trade Lord and Purveyor.

What Sunspire Port is not

Sunspire Port is not an organization. It is not a paramilitary. It is not a single individual. Sunspire Port is a community of multiple guilds and characters from all castes. The only two characters that may ever speak on behalf of Sunspire Port is the Trade Lord and the Purveyor. What Sunspire Port will not do is go to war against an opposing captain on its own sand. It can not be paid to join sides of one captain against another. It can not be bought to fight the injustices of Silvermoon City. Sunspire Port is simply a location. It is not its own entity.

In-Game Location

Keel Harbor, Ruins of Gilneas is where you can visit to find people of the Port in-game. Due to phasing issues, you will need to spend 40minutes to complete the quest chain which starts with Sylvannas at the start of Silverpine Forest and continue until you complete the quest to resurrect Godfrey. Once you have turned in that final quest, you will be able to see all other characters occupying Sunspire at that time.

Governing Code of Sunspire Port

  • No selling, trading of slaves allowed on Sunspire territory.
  • Slave ships are not permitted within the bay.
  • Slavers are not permitted in Sunspire Port.
  • Gunports must be closed when entering the bay. Failure to comply will be seen as a sign of hostility and aggressive defense from the flanking turrets will engage without warning.
  • Captains and Crews of rivalry may not engage in acts of war against each other on or off Sunspire territory. Doing so will result in an eviction and Black Mark from the Port town of the Captain and Crew who fired the first shot.

(What this means: Rivalries are allowed, and often encouraged! However if one group is actively seeking the total elimination of another that is an Act of War and will lead to the above eviction. We are not denying the ideas that someone may get punched for gambling, or even shot if tempers flare, but actively looking to kill or destroy an entire group will not be tolerated)

  • Destruction of Port Property may be seen as acts of war. Punishments for said offenses will fall to the discretion of the Trade Lord & Purveyor and will be voted on by Leaders and Benefactors of the Port’s highest earners.
  • Captains and crew will be required to uphold their contract with Sunspire above all secondary contracts with other crews, organizations, or ports while on Sunspire property. Failure to try and secure Sunspire’s livelihood over rivalry or disagreement can result in fines and restitution paid to the Purveyor. Severe cases may earn a black mark or expulsion from the port.
  • The Trade Lord and the Purveyor are the only two who have the power to call the Captain’s Council together. However, if a captain or anyone invested in the port feel they have a point they wish to put forth to a vote, they must first present their argument to either the Trade Lord or Purveyor, and then once they have all discussed it a council meeting can be called.

How to become apart of Sunspire Port

Connecting your character, your guild or your whatever to Sunspire Port (Be it as allie or even foe) is very simple.

Allie:  For Captains of ships: all you have to do is sail into Sunspire Bay. You will be expected to pay a docking fee and if you do business of trade through the port, pay a 20% gratuity to the Port. Please be sure to tag your tumblr posts with @sunspireport so that we know to reblog and to keep us aware of what dealings are taking place. At any point, should you be uncertain if something is or isn’t acceptable in the port, please contact @rizzythemonk (Faerizian) or @kurel-andiel (Kurelnth) or @shaded-hawke (Mavas)

For Proprietors: To establish a business in Sunspire town, you will need to first arrange a meeting with the Purveyor, Mavas Hawke @shaded-hawke (Mavas). You must pitch your business idea and make a convincing proposal as to how the Port will benefit.

For Benefactors: Whether you are a noble or a non-noble, an admiral or a syndicate operator, if you are looking to establish joint trade with Sunspire Port and create an alliance with the town of Sunspire you will need to seek a meeting with its Trade Lord, Kurel An’Diel. @kurel-andiel (Kurelnth)

Foe: We welcome and encourage all variables of enemies to the story of Sunspire. Rivalry ports. Independent navies. Sin’dorei purests. Pirate fleets. We also welcome other propositions of calamity, such as plague or even demon invasions. But any and all of this does require permission first. If you wish to engage Sunspire directly in a story arc where you pit the town and the people loyal to it against you, you must first contact @kurel-andiel (Kurelnth) to discuss it.

The unauthorized sinking or destruction of a captain’s ship in Sunspire Bay is prohibited, unless you have received consent from the narrator of that specific ship.

You must follow and abide by the fact that Sunspire Port is protected by two lines of defense, before the people. Two ethereal turrets protect the bay and will engage any ship that approaches with gunports open or shows signs of direct hostility, before the vessel breaches cannon range. The town itself and dock is protected by a Titan Defense system that will activate either manually by the controller or automatically upon the first signs of an extreme threat. This defense system nullifies all magical effects while within the perimeters and will deflect out-side attacks while active.

Other contacts for Sunspire

Celestine Winters @wolf-queen

Aranya Ver’Sarn @aranyaphoenix

Velerodra Valesinger @velerodra

Demytrya Wintersong @roewyn

A Message to the Supergirl Fandom and just about ship wars in general

First off, Ship whoever you want. I don’t care. Say whatever you want about whatever characters you want if it makes you feel validated.

But please please remember that when you send hate messages to people and spam their tags and essentially force them to see how much your pretentious ass hates their favorite character, you’re putting a real human being beneath a fictional effing character, played by an actor, made up by a whole bunch of writers who don’t care about you at all. Lena Luthor, Mon-El, Kara Danvers, insert character name here… They aren’t real. They. Are. Fake. The person you just told to kill themselves because they prefer X over Y? They’re real. And you’re putting it in their tags and their inboxes. You clearly put it there to either get a reaction or to make them feel like crap, so don’t deny it, and don’t say (as some anti-karamels that I’ve seen have been) ‘it’s because they’re homophobes/racists/ so intolerant of XYZ!’

When you try to make someone feel like crap for having opinions opposing to yours, you’re the intolerant one.

They have an opinion. So do you. The end.

Fukigen na Mononokean Pixiv tags

Well, it’s a reeeeally small series so it’s not like it’s super difficult to find everything, but maybe some people will still appreciate it.


Fanfiction is the “Novels” tab in each tag at the top. May show up as “小説” if your language setting on the site is Japanese.

All the shipping tags that I specifically linked were the ones with more than one work.

The separate shipping tags in which a character “tops” doesn’t necessarily mean every single work is R-18 (although that is where you’ll find the R-18 too) - a lot of the time it’s the “atmosphere” with which the artist depicts the ship. You can probably get a good idea if you compare the two.

Generally with the exception of Ashiya and Abeno, the reverse of the other pairings are pretty nonexistent (usually one work or less) but if you’re still curious you can reverse the order of the names to check.

I think “Itsu” (from Itsuki of course) started being used for pairings with Abeno because the “AshiAbe” kanjis conflicted with a ship from another series, if I recall correctly. Or maybe that was their first names… Well either way, those are definitely the de facto tags now.

It’s ignored a lot (even by Japanese artists themselves) but it’s generally good etiquette to not tag the main series tag (first bullet point) if your art contains shipping and to only use the shipping tag (second bullet point), so don’t put both. Something to keep in mind if you upload to pixiv.

Anything I missed…?

there is a difference between people who dislike a certain ship or character and antis

people who dislike a ship:

  • might make some posts about how they dislike a ship
    • might even make some very angry posts about it
  • may not follow people who do ship it or blacklist it so they don’t have to see the content
  • ignore and avoid ship related content
  • put their own anti-ship content in the appropriate tag
  • and (most importantly) their complaints focus on either the ship itself or shitty things that its fandom has done (e.g. harassing people who ship other things, harassing actors or creators, etc) rather than on the idea that shipping the thing makes one inherently evil


  • make posts about how much they dislike the ship which imply that the people who ship it are somehow evil for doing it
  • makes posts which directly state that those shippers are evil
  • equate shipping to actual real life actions (e.g. shipping two characters with an age gap is the same thing as actually being a pedophile!!1!)
  • actively seek out ship-related content in order to harass and demean the shipper
  • cannot stay in their own lane if their life depended on it

one of these things is acceptable. one of them is not.


Ruby is delicate.
Yoshiko is not.
And yet Ruby loves her anyway.

Ao3: (x)  FFnet: (x)

A/N: Apparently I love YohaRuby so much to suddenly wake up at 4am and write a messy drabble thingy and then post it for the world to see




Delicate isn’t the word that Yoshiko would use to describe herself.

She’s not necessarily made of sharp edges either. No, she would describe herself as someone made of rough unsure jagged pieces held together with a lot of grandiose pride. She was loud, out-there, and admittedly strange at times but unafraid to express that she wouldn’t simply settle for plain or ordinary.

(Or maybe it was less the fact that she wouldn’t settle and more that she was afraid of facing the possibility that was all she could be.)

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anonymous asked:

I saw you put the half way house fic under the tag of Steve&Loki 5ever. Just trying to make sure your implication is clear

I did do that. 

No promises! I can’t say a definite either way. I don’t want to force anything and as is obvious it’s sure as hell not going to be a thing anytime soon. And may not be a thing in terms of a ship at all. 

Sometimes I just tag things focused on the two of them interacting at all with my ship tag, mostly for my own organizational purposes. 

So don’t consider that tag a spoiler. But I mean, also, you do know who I am. 

hello fellow shippers!

so I had a lot of fun answering (entirely) shallura askbox prompts a couple nights ago and was thinking of making it a weekly thing, like Saturday Night Shallura Hour or sth!  Myself, or me and a few others, all team up and people fill our askboxes with shallura prompts!  Then we spend the rest of the night answering as many as we can, with the remainder either carried over or spread out throughout the week depending on how we feel.

I’m really new to this ship and the whole fandom tbh so idk what people would be into, but I know there’s been Discourse and I’d like to spread some positive vibes!  I’d like to see how much interest there is, so feel free to drop me a line!

OK so i fixed Nita’s outfit to be slightly closer to the book and finished up Kit! idk why theyre in space it just seemed to fit  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Im thinking of either selling this as a print at octocon, or splitting them up into bookmarks to sell as a set, i’m not sure yet

I was tagged by the insanely cool @ihasfandom

rules: tag some people you wanna get to know !!

relationship: single 

favourite colour: (Having to put the ‘U’s in by yourself cause america sucks) Grey 

lip or chap stick: Chap stick? idk i don’t use either

last song: Currently listening to You Will Be Found

last movie: The Rocky Horror Picture Show I think

3 fictional characters: Heather Mcnamara (Heathers movie), Christine Canigula (Be More Chill Musical) and Ameterasu (The Wicked and The Divine comic)

top 3 ships: Mcnamaywer (Macaronnie), Boyf Riends, Cheronica

books I’m reading: Son Of A Witch

I Tag: @connor-finished-the-milk @gravity-will-fall @verifiedspheniscidae @i-amusemyself @myspiritanimalisawaffle and whoever else wants to do it

Mobile Rules Page


Please read our guidelines thoroughly, and we promise to have your requests out as soon as possible! However, please keep in mind we are all in school, and therefore have very busy lives, so please be patient!


***You can request more than once after your request has been answered but PLEASE PLEASE request for different groups! You ARE allowed to request different kinds of ships for the same groups, though!

YOU MUST TELL US WHICH ADMIN YOU WANT TO DO YOUR REQUEST PLEASE (either write our admin names or put our emojis on your request)

- Admins PeachJin, MochaChim, and VanillaKookie

~ Admin PeachJin 🍑

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  • what i do:
    - Reactions: OPEN
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    - The Boys As…: OPEN
    - Drabbles: OPEN
  • groups i write for: BTS, EXO, Got7, Astro, NCT, iKON, Monsta X, Seventeen

~ Admin VanillaKookie 🍪

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    - Ships (selca, written, collage): OPEN>br>- “Dating ____ Would Include”: OPEN
  • groups i write for: see my rules page

  • my rules page

Rules: Tag 9 people you want to get to know better

Tagged by: @heroesfly

Relationship Status: tfw no gf

Favorite Color: pink and pastels 

Lipstick or Chapstick: chapstick for these dry lips

Last song you listened to: WE SHOULD HANG OUT by con bro chill

Last movie you’ve watched: oh god… uhh… gotg2? i think

Top three characters: like, in general? my beautiful boy ike, kirishima is definitely up there, and i’ll just put the nail in my own coffin and say bakugou to round out this list

Top three ships: nasty stink boys (krbk), ike/ranulf, aaaaaaand either gaara/rock lee, zoro/nami, or jojo/caesar, they’re all at the same level on my list of favorite fictional date people

Books and manga you are currently reading: bnha and i’ve been reading the eye of the world series off and on for like…. a year… but i haven’t gotten very far

Top five musicals: les mis, mamma mia, rodgers and hammerstein’s cinderella, grease, every barbie musical

Youtube Wonderland - Masterpost

“The world was dark, a seemingly mysterious enigma that shrouded you with uneasiness. Yet, you know this place - there was this underlying tone of familiarity. You sigh, taking it all in, the wondrous sights, the mystique setting…

You belong here.

Welcome to Wonderland.”

This is the masterpost for @destiplier and I’s brand new au! In this, you, the traveler, are sent to a mysterious place filled with characters that look a lot like the youtubers you watch on your computer. 

You hear from multiple characters that the Card Suitors, who took over from the unheard Heir, are terrorizing the whole area and putting everyone in fear. As you meet everyone, you ask how to get home. 

What is home?

Can you put a stop to the Card Suitors? Or will you find an underlying dark tone that makes your skin crawl?

Curiouser and curiouser….

Right now, this is an open universe, excerpting the characters and their roles. If you have anything to contribute, feel free to message Ash (destiplier) or I with your ideas! This is a dark, fun au that we’re excited to discover and unravel.

There are a few basic guidelines, so here they are:

-This, all in all, has no slash or shipping content. That doesn’t mean however, that we will stop you from doing so. Just refrain from putting it in the main tags of the youtubers. 

-If you make fanart of this au, credit to either of us would be amazing and very professional of you. We worked hard on this and we want credit where it’s due.

-This is a dark au. It’s gory as hell, it’s terrifying, and it’s not sunshine and rainbows. If you draw a gory scene, please put the appropriate tags so anyone with a weak stomach or is easily grossed out can blacklist that art. 

That’s about it. Anything else that I or Ash feel like we need to add will be added later on.

 We both hope that everyone has fun with this. Write, draw, mix, create. The possibilities are endless. 

Wonderland cast:

Pewdiepie as the White Rabbit

Danny Sexbang as the Mad Hatter

Egoraptor as the March Hare

Barry Kramer as the Doormouse

Rubberninja as the Cheshire Cat

Cryotic as the Caterpillar

Muskyerm and LordMinion777 as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum

Mortem3r as Gryphon

Commanderholly as the Pigeon

Wiishu as the Knave of Hearts

Markiplier as the King

Matt Watson (kidswithproblems) as the Queen

Jacksepticeye as the Ace

Ryan Magee (kidswithproblems) as the Jack

Other characters will be added as we continue the story.

Character designs are mainly posted on Ash’s tumblr (destiplier). They’re very talented and I’m glad Ash is helping me with these designs! Love to them <3

Pewdiepie (hasn’t officially been drawn):

White Rabbit ears, with a white buttondown and red vest. In the middle of his chest, is a pocketwatch that beats to some sort of sick heartbeat. His pants are gray, and he wears tall black boots and has a bunny tail. Also wears a gray cape. Seems to look hungover constantly. 

Danny Sexbang (character design on Ash’s blog): 

A navy blue coat that has really long coat tails that touch the ground, tight striped blue and white leggings with black dress shoes. Also a giant blue top hat on his head that’s usually decorated with the joker card. He also wears dark lipstick and his nails are painted dark.

Egoraptor (character design on Ash’s blog):

a button down and a vest under it, with striped pants similar to Dan’s but looser. Usually just wears socks. Has brown rabbit ears. Always seems to be jittery and shaky…

Barry Kramer (character design here):

Barry has a white shirt and black pants under a rich red/orange silk coat, with a belt keeping the coat together. He wears buckled boots and has a thing fencing sword attached to his back. Squeaks when angry or surprised. Also has brown mouse ears and a tail. Quite small as well.

Rubberninja (character design here):

He wears a sleek dark navy grey crop top that stops just before his belly button and the same color tights; he also wears a mask with cat ears on it that cover everything except his lower jaw and mouth. He has fingerless gloves on each hand and ballet flats on his feet. Also has a tail that seems to have a mind of its own. His mouth also has a scar on each side of his mouth: the scar on the left side is turned upward in a smile, and the right one is turned downward in a frown.

Cryaotic (hasn’t officially been drawn yet):

A being that’s a mixture of the monster of many faces from Avatar: The last Air Bender and no face from Spirited Away, it’s a dark, bug like manifestation with the blank Cry mask on. His mouth never moves when he speaks either. Always seems to know what’s going to happen next. 

Muskyerm and Lordminion777 (not officially been drawn yet):

Two very different people that seem to be connected by a very bloody, very messy sewing accident. Bob is wearing a black button down and white pants; Wade is wearing a white button down and black pants. Both have a blood red bowtie on. 

Mortem3r (not officially been drawn yet):

Part eagle, part lion. Has the back legs of a lion, the front of an eagle, wings of an eagle. Yet, instead of an eagle’s face, Suzy’s face is there. Always seems to have a permanent ring of red around her mouth, and it’s not just her lipstick. 

Commander Holly (not officially been drawn yet):

A small pink haired human with a blue bonnet, a light blue dress, and pigeon wings. Swears on her life you’re a serpent person.

Wiishu (not officially been drawn yet): 

Has black armor up to her face, which is in a ponytail. She wears a heart eye patch that covers a scar that runs down her face. Literally Undyne. (Ash and I had a whole discussion about how Undyne was based off this specific character) 

Markiplier, Matt, Jacksepticeye, Ryan (all found together on Ash’s blog):

Mark wears an open red trenchcoat and wields an axe that has a heart on the handle, and also wears dark pants and black woodsman boots. 

Matt wears a sort of blue catsuit that goes up to his neck with a diamond on his right breast, and carries around poison knives that are in the form of diamonds.

Sean wears a green samurai style robe with slippers; his hairs in a ponytail, and he bears a katana that has a spade engraved on it.

Ryan wears a dark orange muscle shirt and dark leggings with a lighter orange hooded cape, and he wears brass knuckles that have clubs on the knuckles.

Edit: Ash and I will be tracking the tag YTWonderland!au so if you want us to see anything, feel free to tag it!

@z-ayauitl replied to your postI love that you like almost all my salty posts :’)…

The only thing keeping me here is my undying love for shiro honestly �� never experienced the 2013 shitshow of attack on titan… but if it was like this… MAN Y'ALL PUT UP WITH A LOT OF SHIT, ship wars are the most unnesesary wars I SWEAR

You’re a saint! Shiro deserves it though <3.

I wasn’t here that early either but I’ve heard enough horror stories about it! I remember once I did that thing to see the tags in the past and I checked the ereri tag at some point in 2014. That was an experience I truly regret.

To be honest even if the snk fandom is smaller now I feel like it’s way more peaceful like this. I follow almost 500 blogs and I never see hate on my dash, and rarely on the tags. It still happens sometimes, of course… but much less frequently.

Also I multiship and people know my top favorites are ereri and eremika and I honestly never get any hate messages or anything (don’t start now pls) and I know there were ugly ship wars between those two fandoms in the past. Idk, I just feel like people is more respectful now. Or maybe I’m just very lucky and someone else is getting all the hate, but I doubt it haha.