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Whatever this relationship is, I support it with my whole heart and soul (and also cry a bit inside, because it’s so beautiful, you two are the sweetest). @thatsthat24

When you’re talking bad about a ship you dislike on your private post, remember to put punctuation marks or symbols between the letters of the ship name so it won’t show up on the ship tag search results.

Also, don’t put full ship names in the post tags either. They still show up in the search.

People who go through the ship tags come for specific ship contents. They don’t want to see you complaining about the ships or making fun of them. No matter how much you complain about how other people’s tastes don’t cater to yours (and therefore ‘bad’), no one’s gonna have a moment of epiphany and stop enjoying whatever they’re enjoying.

Common courtesy for other users, please.

I love that a lot of people have put aside their otps for #GiveDeadpoolABoyfriend. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that in fandom, ever. Like, I’ve seen people saying that they hate cable and cablepool, but are willing to put that aside for either the good of the story or for representation.

Homophobic fans have been saying that this tag was made because yaoi fangirls just want their ships. If that’s true, then why are the tweets and posts mostly about representation and keeping to canon and very few that mention ships in a “give me this or I won’t watch” way?

The why is that that’s not what this is about. It’s not about ships, it’s not about the fetishizing of mlm, it’s about the representation that we need and deserve.

I’m not ready for the new episode I’m gonna throw up.

But hey, regardless of whatever happens can we all just… I won’t say be calm about it, cause I likely won’t be either, but like… let’s not brag about who was right? Let’s not throw it in people’s faces what ships may or may not happen? Let’s not tag our hate of a character so when people who like them go to look things up they feel like shit? Put your comments under cuts, especially if you know you’ll be making people feel bad if they see it? Be considerate and decent people? We’re all big kids now, right? Mostly?

Just…. enjoy the Beacon Ball in the canon show and in the fandom, but don’t be an ass about it.

famous!y/n blurb night!!

hello!! so Madi (@thehalcyonclub, formerly known as tragicash) and I are very excited to host a famous!y/n blurb night Saturday, January 9 at 7pm EST/ 4 pm PST! you can send in blurbs through our ask boxes, submit blurbs, request blurbs, or tag us in them (either using the @ feature or putting our urls in the tags)!

some AUs you can use if you want some inspiration:

  • your fans ship you two together
  • he’s super famous and says in an interview that you’re his celebrity crush
  • you’re a well known movie director but got hired to direct one of his music videos
  • he’s photographed by paparazzi reading the book you wrote
  • attending award shows together
  • him trying to surprise you on your movie set but the fans spoiled it on social media
  • fake dating for publicity
  • you’re in an up-and-coming band and get a deal to be the opening act
  • writing an album about him after you breakup and being super successful
    • you win a grammy for it but he’s the one announcing the award
  • you’re both up for the same award and the media is going crazy about your “feud”

we hope that everyone is as excited as we are and that a lot of people share their incredible writing! :) 

Hey guys, I’m in desperate need of anime blogs to follow

So this is my new anime blog, and I’d really like to follow some other anime blogs! So if you post/reblog any of the following, I will most definitely check you out, and possibly follow you. Also, if you have any recommendations, then you can either put them in the tags, or message me :) It would be much appreciated! You don’t have to be a shipping blog, but I just thought I would include my ships down below so I can just avoid any ship haters.

  • Attack on Titan / Shingeki no Kyojin [I ship Ereri]
  • Black Butler / Kuroshitsuji [I ship Sebaciel]
  • Seraph of the End / Owari no Seraph [I ship Mikayuu/Yuumika]
  • Free! [I’m here for all ships.]
  • Kaichou wa Maid-sama
  • Brothers Conflict
  • Diabolik Lovers
  • Blue Exorcist
  • Fruits Basket
  • Ouran High School Host Club
  • Vampire Knight
  • Sekaiichi Hastukoi

finally,,,,with the airing of season 3 i can post my rarepair,, enabled by @candy-harlot

ship: tsukishima kei x ushijima wakatoshi

rating: explicit 

words: 4200

chapters: 1/1

tags: dom/sub undertones, light bondage, domestic af, post-canon

Tsukishima knows he’s not exactly a walk in the park to get along with either. He gets fed up over fake politeness and angry over taxes and hates ordering pizza on the phone.

He’s a brat, per say.

Tsukishima has dated other people. Used other people, but Ushijima is the only one who has put up with his whiny ass for so many years.

Ushijima just gets him.

Like today, for example. Ushijima is being especially patient, and Tsukishima just wants to rip out his hair and scream.

read here lol

Why the other OUAT ships concern me.

Firstly, let me be clear by saying that this is not meant as hate towards the other Emma/Regina centered ships of OUAT that are not Swan Queen. I will not tag them, and while your blog is your own, I encourage you not to tag them either, should this even be reblogged. This post is merely meant to put into words how I, and maybe others, feel about them, and maybe to shed some light for those who just “can’t believe we don’t see it.”

I see it. I see all of them. Why? Because the writers are forcing me to see them. That’s the biggest issue for me, along with others which I will break down by ship.

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Post-Finale Fic Recommendation Therapy

With the heartbreaking, soul-crushing, life-altering season finale looming ahead of us, the members of the completely unofficial SPN support group decided that an act of positivity would provide us all with a therapeutic release from the oppression of our immensely out of control feelings.

We propose that everyone take some time over the next few days and put together a list of your favorite SPN fanfics and post to the ‘ficrectherapy’ tag.

Be sure to categorize your recs in some way, either by ship or by genre. You can include a summary of each fic, or even a little note about why you love it so much.

The goal here is to provide everyone with a little bit of relief by sharing stories and opening up dialogues about our favorite fics. Liveblogging and discussion are encouraged!

It is going to be a long hellatus, but hopefully the community can band together to get us all through it in as relatively few pieces as possible!


Evans Brothers Week 2016 will take place this year on May 29th-June 4th which means there’s only a month left. 

Here are this years prompts:

  • May 29th: High School AU or Canonverse Childhood
  • May 30th: Roommates AU or Canonverse Reunion
  • May 31st: Fairy Tale AU or Canonverse Separation
  • June 1st: Road Trip AU or Canonverse Bonding
  • June 2nd: Harry Potter AU or Canonverse Phone Call/Letter
  • June 3rd: Band AU or Canonverse Duet
  • June 4th: Superhero AU or Canonverse Family Drama

For this year, participants are allowed to create content for either an Alternate Universe or Canonverse prompt. There are no restrictions except that what you create must focus on the Evans brothers. You may include ships in it as long as it doesn’t overshadow the brothers since this event is for them. The purpose of this event is to put out more content for the Evans brothers.

Also, for this event we will be following ‘evans bros week 2016′ and ‘se evansbros’ so be sure to include those tags in your posts. Thank you, and remember to have fun!

@people putting hate and spamming the pewey tag

Is it really worth it? Is the cathartic of ruining somebody’s experience for a few seconds before they block you worth the effort? Worth the consequence?

Probably a few weeks from now you’ll regret doing what you did. But it’s too late, you’ve already alienated lots of people, and you can’t even apologize because they won’t see it.

Then again, if you were spamming and spreading hate in the tag, you probably can’t see this post either because I already blocked you.

Attention TVD Family...

I guess most of you by now have heard about the tragic accident of TVD crewmember Sarah Jones. In case you haven’t, you can read the article here [x]

@/ITrendTVD ( tvdtrends on tumblr) is organizing a trend to remember her. The trend is ’The TVD Family Celebrates Sarah Jones’ tomorrow (Feb. 26th) at 4pm EST, 9pm UK, 1pm PST time.

IMPORTANT: Even if you don’t want to help, she kindly requests to not plan any other ship related trends at that time. It’s not the usual trending time either, so I think we can all put our ships on hold for one short hour in order to do this trend. 

I think we should try to do this one thing as a family for once, please reblog and spread the word! 

I’m tagging all big ships because I think this concerns EVERYONE. 


a network for fans of the teen wolf pairing stiles / malia 

(since we’ll all need support through out season 5 tbh)

to apply:

pros of joining:

  • new mutuals/friends who also ship stalia
  • hate free 
  • reblogs on selfies / edits / gifs / fics you put in the tags
  • blog chat!! we can all be stalia garbage together!!

we’re looking for:

  • a tagging system
  • clean and easy to navigate theme
  • friendly people
  • blogs that post teen wolf / stalia

if you’re accepted:

  • track the tag (with spaces) #stalia shippers net 
  • introduce yourself in the blog chat
  • add the network page to your theme somewhere
  • hopefully stay active in the tag/chat

deadline is around july 10th

if you have any questions you message either of the admins x x

I was tagged by @inacatastrophicmind !!! :D

rules: tag nine followers you want to get to know better!

  • relationship status: Single
  • lipstick or chapstick: Lucas’ Papaw Ointment
  • last song i listened to: uhhhhhh… Either Paramore - Still Into You or Pokemon - Gotta Catch ‘Em All
  • last movie i watched: Stranger than fiction
  • favorite color: Blue
  • top 3 favorite shows: Supernatural, Scrubs, Game of Thrones
  • top 5 favorite characters: Castiel, Dean Winchester, Rowena, Bobby Singer, Sam Winchester
  • top 5 favorite ships: Destiel, Cockles, Dean and Cas, Deancas, Casdean - I’m gonna leave what Mara had here cause this is what I was gonna put down anyway :D

I’m tagging @flydestiel, @deansanchor, @ultravioletcas, @novaks and @princesscas (you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to of course)

anonymous asked:

Hakumor fans like me? When did I throw shade on alimor? I honestly haven't seen the hate you mention. The only one creating tension is you, who put drama in the hakumor tag. Can you remove it from the tag?It's a small ship and we don't need this post

You clearly expressed salt on my previous post that was about Alimor by saying it should be remove from the tag when my message was to respect what is canon and both ships. This wasn’t even a hate post and you made it seem like I was throwing hate on Hakumor. It was a neutral post. And I did specify on the hate/shade being subtle. Either, way it was negative.

You were the one making quite the fuss over one post out of thousands under one tag. I wasn’t trying to stir up any drama, but rather throw out a neutral post since most were either hate toward the ship that threatens their ship or trying to justify a ship by throwing out silly reasons that doesn’t put anything forth towards potential romance.