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Whatever this relationship is, I support it with my whole heart and soul (and also cry a bit inside, because it’s so beautiful, you two are the sweetest). @thatsthat24

Hello everyone! It has come to our attention that a Lance Week has already been organized. However, the Lance Week that is being run is banning any and all ship content, as well as nsfw content. This blog DOES NOT exist to compete with the other Lance Week blog, but to simply accept any and all content that will be created during Lance Week!

We will be reblogging content that is in either the #vldlanceweek, #lanceweek or #lanceweek2016 tags.

We will keep the prompts the same as the original Lance Week blog as of right now since surely they put a great deal of effort into organizing this event. If people request this blog to make separate prompts then we will do so. The prompts made by lanceweek are as followed: 

  • Day 1: Inner Space* / Outer Space
  • Day 2: Home / Family
  • Day 3: Free Day 
  • Day 4 (New Years Eve): Holidays / Fresh Starts
  • Day 5: Victory / Confidence
  • Day 6: Crossover / AU
  • Day 7: Safety / Healing

We also ask for anything NSFW to be tagged as such. We will accept it though. As said before we will be accepting everything. If anyone has worries or concerns about things that make them uncomfortable we can assure you everything will be tagged correctly.

We ask that no one send hate to this blog. As stated before this blog does not exist to compete with the other lance week blog, it exists to accept all the content including content that blog has banned. We will block anyone who sends any hate our way. This week should be about positivity for Lance. We believe a character week should be about expression and love towards that character and nothing should be banned.

Lets make Lance Week a great experience for ALL in the fandom!

*Note: Inner Space is sometimes used as a term for the ocean 

Fic Writer Appreciation

Hello everyone! A very happy new year to you all! Let’s make it a goal this year to give fic writers the admiration they deserve. 

Eventually this blog will be multi-fandom, but so I don’t overwhelm myself right off the bat, I wanted to start off with just the Fairy Tail fandom. (But I will accept anyone who wants to join even if it isn’t from this fandom)

To put this in simple terms, you can either send in an ask saying something kind about your favorite writer(s) OR you can tag/PM me in your fics to be reblogged here. The goal of the blog is to be a place where fic writers can get recognized (especially those who don’t write for popular ships and go almost completely unnoticed.) 

More info can be found on the About page, and I recommend reading it before sending/tagging anything in. Let me know if there are any questions

Please reblog to help spread the word! And maybe even tag some writers that might be interested? 

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Omegle isn’t letting people connect via common interest. Not sure if this is something that will be fixed soon or not. Either way, kinda impossible to rp when can’t use interests tags. Looking for a replacement site, at least for the time being. Does anyone have a recommendation?

The one I’m currently trying is Shamchat. You can put tags, but you have to choose a character before. Which makes it a bit hard when you want to rp a ship or a topic, rather than a specific character. Still… better than nothing, I guess.

OK so i fixed Nita’s outfit to be slightly closer to the book and finished up Kit! idk why theyre in space it just seemed to fit  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Im thinking of either selling this as a print at octocon, or splitting them up into bookmarks to sell as a set, i’m not sure yet


“ All anti-feminists are either men or just brainwashed housewife religious feminists!”
Well this female non-religious anti-feminist has something to say. I left the feminism and sjw movement not because someone brainwashed me but because you destroyed any sort of love I had for people. I wanted to not spread hate, but you kept telling me too. 

 You told me to hate artists because they didn’t draw to the ships you liked or because they were “ fatshaming” but I really liked the style and respected the time put into the art.

 You told me to hate men because they are all rapists, but my friends were men and I never heard a bad thing about women come out of their mouth.

You told me to demand trigger warnings for needless things because everyone’s by something offended but, I wanted to enjoy free speech and wanted to listen to my favorite creators without fear of them getting held back by ‘triggers’.

You wanted me to do so much that I didn’t want to do, and if I refused I was wrong, I was hated, I was “scum”. I deserved death, I was ugly. You used every single harsh tactic you could to keep me in this grip. But I realized that your views doesn’t dictate me. 


A bunch of doodles kinda based off an AU me and my friend came up with where Bill was shrunk down and drained off all of his power. Now the Pines family forces him to work at the Mystery Shack. When he acts like a prick they either tie him up outside on a leash or put him in a playpen which Mabel proudly dubbed “Gay baby jail.”

Voltron fandom: Guide to staying in your lane

So I’ve noticed a lot of antis complaining about how they don’t tag their hate but still get negative responses from shippers, and I respect the need to rant about a ship you don’t like (plus want to keep the hate out of the tag as much as antis want to stay out), so here are some tips: 


For example: You don’t like Shidge. You want to rant about it to other people who don’t like Shidge, but don’t want it showing up on the pairing tag. That’s fine. We don’t want your hate showing up in the tag either. 

Two ways to go about this, either you 

  • Put your hate under a read more (and put a warning that there is ship hate written beneath)
  • Do not use key words in your post, not even in part, especially not in the tags. If you tag “anti-shidge” it will still show up in the tag. Instead, use Sh//dge or Sh**dge or whatever else, make sure the full word isn’t formed in any way. You can even come up with a mock name, like Shudge or something, if you really want it to be uniform. I don’t care, so long as the word “Shidge” does not show up in any part of said post. 

You could also discuss your hate privately with other users, through messaging or asks. Though if that ask is published, same rules still apply. 

If you don’t want to be flagged, blocked, or even reported depending on the content of your post, just stay in your lane, don’t invade the tags, 

As for shippers, if hate shows up in the tag, you can block, flag, or both. 

You can choose to block the user if you deem them hostile or offensive enough. 

Now if the user resorts to threats, or says something in the post which violates Tumblr’s community guidelines (including but not limited to threats, as well as the distribution of private information, and yes, even bullying), take a screenshot and then report that user. It’s lucky when such behavior shows up in a search in a public post rather than as an anon message, because while you can block an anon it’s more difficult to report malicious behavior without knowing the username. 

Be responsible, be respectful, and if you are neither of these things, be ready to be sanctioned, flagged as a toxic user within the fandom, and if you’re particularly harmful or violent, banned from tumblr entirely. 

Can I just say something?

Hinata is not the only character to have risked her life for Naruto. I repeat, HINATA IS NOT THE ONLY CHARACTER TO HAVE RISKED HER LIFE FOR NARUTO. You know what, I think the ship is cute tbh (manga wise I mean). But Hinata is not special/unique in the sense of her risking her life for him. She is not the first character to have done it either. Remember in the FIRST episode/chapter, when Iruka put his life on the line for Naruto? THE FIRST EPISODE/CHAPTER.

Remember in the land of waves arc, that moment when Sasuke’s body “moved on its own” and he jumped in front of Naruto, taking Haku’s attack, sacrificing himself to protect him? 

Remember when Sakura risked her life for Naruto, running towards the kyubi?

There. I have shown you three instances in which someone has risked their life for Naruto, before Hinata. 

Also, in part 1, Naruto risks his life for Sakura, against Gaara. 

(her finding out:)

I’m just saying, if your going by the logic of Hinata risking her life for Naruto as an argument for NH, then by that logic SN and NS and Iruka x Naruto  should also be canon. Like of course you can enjoy, embrace, and reference Hinata doing it, but don’t act like she’s the only or the first character to do so. 

The entire Hanzo tag is just gross McHanzo and I want to scream for fuck’s sake I hate this ship I really do. Like could the fucking shippers just tag the ship and not the characters so I can browse in peace because news flash not everyone ships McHanzo and not everyone wants to see it in every damn tag.

Edit: It’s nothing but McHanzo and Shimadacest and let me just say I’d rather put acid in my eyes than see either of these two things.

anonymous asked:

Love the logic of these nasty Soriel shippers. "Don't put your hate in the tag & stop shaming us!" Yet I have seen hate & shaming towards Asgoriel in the main tag from Soriel shippers. Or when Asgoriel art is shown, they'll be passive-aggressive saying stuff like "cute art even though I don't ship it." Maybe practice what you preach? If you don't like it, don't do it to others.

That is exactly my point. I don’t even hate Sans as a character either. He is one of my favorites. Why people continue to hate on Goatdad, I have no idea.

anonymous asked:

FLima discourse aside, I don't see anything wrong with supercorp being popular (I'm actually not a fan of either ships) I feel like we're kind of stuck in how showrunners feel about LGBT relationships: that one is enough. Nothing wrong with having two wlw ships (even if one isn't canon) Some connect with supercorp better for reasons and I can see the strong chemistry tho I don't like it too. And Some people are upset that the non canon one is more popular but I don't think it has to be that way

For real like ppl can ship more than ship at once. Maybe just don’t put Sanvers in the tags of a Supercorp fic when it’s only a side pairing.

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Okay multiple questions! 1) For the silver hair ask a long time ago, is edible/cooking cocunut oil ok? I cant find anything else. And number 2) Do you happen to know a place in the EU that sells manga online to a somewhat cheap price in english? With either free or cheap shipping. I want the Natsume Yuujunchou mangas on my shelf>-<

heyhihello my dear there is no difference between cooking coconut oil and the kind you put in your hair (well okay there is. the cooking one is usually more gentle because you’re putting it INTO your body so more care is put into making it, while the one for your hair is made without that in mind ((SO DONT EVER EAT COCONUT OIL THATS MADE FOR YOUR HAIR DARLINGS JUST A WARNING)))

Also! NATSUME YUUJINCHOU IS SUUUUUCH A GOOD ANIME/MANGA OMFG. But, I’m so sorry! I don’t know any! ;A; I know amazon usually has good stuff but shipping is usually suuuuper high (though i believe changing it from .com to is cheaper? or .de for like…germany i believe. my point being changing it to a european amazon domain <3) 


Book Depository is a good website as well but i dont think they have Natsume Yuujunchou ^^;;; 


the possibility that jikook could be dating makes me so happy. like, i feel stupid thinking that this ship could be romantic but idk it just seems so real bc there’s a lot of implied gestures that scream that they’re either dating or have deep feelings for each other.  it’s literally suffocating how much they adore each other. it’s like each small gesture they do towards each other has a big impact on the ppl around them, including them. and to see this friendship blossom into something more is just truly breathtaking.

When you’re talking bad about a ship you dislike on your private post, remember to put punctuation marks or symbols between the letters of the ship name so it won’t show up on the ship tag search results.

Also, don’t put full ship names in the post tags either. They still show up in the search.

People who go through the ship tags come for specific ship contents. They don’t want to see you complaining about the ships or making fun of them. No matter how much you complain about how other people’s tastes don’t cater to yours (and therefore ‘bad’), no one’s gonna have a moment of epiphany and stop enjoying whatever they’re enjoying.

Common courtesy for other users, please.

Friendly reminder

If you’re new to Tumblr, and if you’re talking about a “anti pairing”, please either put “//” or “.” between the ship name, like for example or Jer//za since we are not obligated to read your anti-comments about our favourite pairing in the Jerza tag. Jerza tag or Jellal x Erza tag should be a safe place for mutual fans to gush off our love. We are in no obligation to read your anti-post on the ship we love that you don’t. To be fair, it’s annoying, think how you would feel if that is directed to the Grayza tag. I have came across 2 on my end where they are both Grayza fans… -.-  

Ship what you like, but please stay out of our tags, your hate is not appreciated (whether it’s on a pairing or character). 

Hey guys, I’m in desperate need of anime blogs to follow

So this is my new anime blog, and I’d really like to follow some other anime blogs! So if you post/reblog any of the following, I will most definitely check you out, and possibly follow you. Also, if you have any recommendations, then you can either put them in the tags, or message me :) It would be much appreciated! You don’t have to be a shipping blog, but I just thought I would include my ships down below so I can just avoid any ship haters.

  • Attack on Titan / Shingeki no Kyojin [I ship Ereri]
  • Black Butler / Kuroshitsuji [I ship Sebaciel]
  • Seraph of the End / Owari no Seraph [I ship Mikayuu/Yuumika]
  • Free! [I’m here for all ships.]
  • Kaichou wa Maid-sama
  • Brothers Conflict
  • Diabolik Lovers
  • Blue Exorcist
  • Fruits Basket
  • Ouran High School Host Club
  • Vampire Knight
  • Sekaiichi Hastukoi

I was tagged by @xshipper

I have more than 5 but by the rules I will name my very top 5. Within these top 5 I have real life couple ship and fiction couple ship. Some couple I ship both on and off screen and when it’s a well known real life ship as well I would put them as one ship so I can fit in my other ships on this post. BTW, the top 5 ships I picked are all on-going ships either on or off screen, therefore many other of my ships in the past are not on this list.

Also I don’t know how to gif so I will post pics instead.

#1. JOSHIFER (Josh Hutcherson & Jennifer Lawrence)/EVERLARK (Katniss Everdeen & Peeta Mellark)

#2.  GILLOVNY (Gillian Anderson & David Duchovny)/MSR (Fox Mulder & Dana Scully)

#3. SHERIARTY (Sherlock Holmes & Jamie Moriarty) - my ultimate nemesis couple from Elementary

A side note: I immediately fall madly in love with Natalie Dormer after I watched her as the female version of Sherlock’s nemesis Moriarty and was so blown away by this new twist of this classic tale and their twisted obsession with one another and how they can only find true love and any sense of feeling with each other! 

#4. WonderBat (Wonder Woman & Batman)/BRUNA (Bruce Wayne & Diana Prince)

#5 CASKETT (Richard Castle & Katherine Beckett Castle. a.k.a Mrs Castle)

I tag @hgamesfan, @hiccupbuddies, @lawrencehutchersonthings.

Disclaimer: all pics are not mine.