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Dumbledore should have never put Snape as a teacher. If you actually think about it, it is weird for him to get approved by the parents who knew what he was. Imagine your child being thought by a former Nazi. And to have the students complain about him and the parents never saying anything about what he is doing to their child. It just seems weird for a school system to allow such a bully, and to not have a system where they can throw him out.

Foreign language songs on my phone: Masterpost

A list of songs in languages other than English that I have on my phone.

Languages included in this list: Sami, Romanian, Croatian, Serbian, Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Polish, Italian, Armenian, Arabic, French, Portuguese, Albanian, Spanish, Korean, Hindi, Greek, Turkish and Norwegian.

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hiya here’s my submission for @mmsummerzine‘s contest!! i love food so i tried to incorporate it with everyone \o/

there’s like one day left if anyone wants to join