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When Brooklyn Nine-Nine Does The Thing™ (aka the best 7 minutes of your day)


S O U L  E A T E R  N O T ! ( SoMa ) | COLOR EDITS

my biases in sen! are the main cast (mostly maka and soul, and i added a bit of mastar there for the crowd, and i love the colors so y not man)

please ask permission before using!

Silence. Complete, brutal silence. Words left unspoken surround you. Choices. All the choices you ever made come out, flashing before your eyes like a lighting descending from the skies. Your demons seize the moment and come out. They dance and yell. Circling all around you. Vultures. Wolves, looking for the kill. Longing for the feast to come. Your thoughts evade your mind and get around your neck, strangling you. Breathe - you can’t breathe. But you are breathing. And, with every breath, you are fighting. With every breath you take, you get one step closer to your goal. And, by breathing, you make them disappear. You control them. You have the leash. And, by any means, you did the impossible. You survived. You are breathing, despite everything you’ve been through. And I am proud.
—  vladt72

ONCE UPON A TIME : the reboot
by drew and menelaos

season 6, episode 4 : Skin Deep

present : Regina has an epiphany and comes to Henry with the idea of finding the author of the book to write a new ending to her story. Mary Margaret leads them to the library, where they find Ruby’s friends Gabriel and Robbie Barbot-Beaumont, two young men who were separated by Regina’s curse but have managed to find each other once again. Meanwhile, Emma debates contacting Ryan, and Matthew finds himself on a series of blind dates with Cynthia’s friends - Nick, Raymond, Willie - each of which ends horribly. As Sydney and Mr. Gold try to work together to form a plan of revenge on Regina, it becomes very clear that they have different styles – Sydney is brash and makes decisions based on his gut, whereas Gold is far more calculated. Nevertheless, as a sign of goodwill, Gold presents Sydney with the lamp he once occupied – he does not reveal, however, that he also possesses the other two lamps.

past : Hundreds of years ago, before Rumpelstiltskin, before Zoso, the Servant is a cunning former fairy named Agatha. This woman falls in love with Prince Adam of the kingdom of Farrador, and after he spurns her advances several times, Agatha demands he take her as his wife or else she will kill his parents, the king and queen of Farrador. When Adam refuses once again, Agatha makes good on her promise and, in addition, transforms the prince into a hideous Beast. She enchants his castle and the people within it to spend eternity as animate objects – clocks, candlesticks, teapots, featherdusters, and other such household items. But the spell has a condition: Adam must fall in love with someone and earn their love in return despite his hideous outward appearance. If he does, the spell will be broken. Agatha disappears, never to be seen again.

‘once upon a time’ stars : Charlize Theron as the Evil Queen/Regina Mills, Emily Rose as Emma Swan, Jaimie Alexander as Snow White/Mary Margaret Blanchard, Henry Cavill as Prince Charming/David Nolan, Raphael Sbarge as Jiminy Cricket/Dr. Archie Hopper, Cate Blanchett as the Blue Fairy/Evelyn Oxford, Naveen Andrews as Jafar/the Magic Mirror/Sydney Glass, Daniel Gillies as Peter Pan/Dr. Matthew Llewelyn, Meghan Ory as Red Riding Hood/Ruby Connor, Sonequa Martin-Green as Cynthia Fogg, CJ Adams as Henry Mills, and Robert Carlyle as Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold

recurring stars this season include : Aishwarya Rai as Scheherazade, Max Irons as Beau/Gabriel Barbot-Beaumont, Oscar Isaac as Prince Adam/Robbie Barbot-Beaumont

guest stars include : Daniel Dae Kim as the Tin Woodman/Nick Montgomery, Ewan McGregor as the Scarecrow/Raymond Stone, Ian McKellen as the Cowardly Lion/Willie Wallace, Lea Seydoux as Agatha

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Can you do a Kyungsoo's tummy spam because it's so beautiful. ♡

Absolutely ❤ 

For all people who love Kyungsoo for who he is and who support his beautiful tummy ❤

And the most recent one ^^


“At 10:45 the first limo pulled up, and it carried Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford. The kids went crazy…The stars – Hamill, Fisher, Ford, Billy Dee Williams, David Prowse, Peter Mayhew, Kenny Baker, and Frank Oz – were led upstairs for what is called ‘photo opportunity’ and ‘press opportunity,’ one of the all-time snorers.
Ford (tight): I’m no good at press.
Fisher (loose): Do it like Magic Johnson do it. ‘Hi Mom. Hi Dad. I’m just proud to help the team.’”

The Empire Strikes Back premiere at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C., via The Washington Post, May 1980

BTS Reaction to you dancing sexy

Requested by this loved one: @awesomekpopangel

Hey I love your blog😄😄can you do a bts reaction to their gf dancing to umbrella by rihanna (sexy dance) in water for a performance😁😁😄😄thank you keep up the good work I really love it


Jin would be SO proud of you! He would make sure to be the loudest backstage, cheering on his baby.

“My jagi is so talented!”

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Rap Monster:

He would be so happy for you, getting to dance on a stage. You would shine so bright in his eyes, and that dance surely didn’t hurt his eyes one bit.

I feel like he would get a little jealous over all those men, looking at his jagi, but he would be by you a 100%!

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He would annoy the fuck out of the others, talking non stop about how amazing you are, and how talented you are.


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I feel like Suga would really enjoy the performance, but still be quite satisfied when you would step off the scene or dance another dance. He wouldn’t be too comfortable with all those guys looking at you.

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He would look so much up to you.

The fans cheering and you dancing for your life, he would feel SO fucking proud and happy for you. He would feel a little tingly when you grinded or when the water splashed in your face, giving him a few naughty thoughts..

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He would literally dance quietly in the side, falling into the dance headspace. He would feel a little awkward when the dance got a little too much, but he wouldn’t complain, never.

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• my beloved goddess

nonnie requested: Pls will u do something for savitar!barry x reader? Hes kinda sexy despite being called pizza face by cisco. Anyway something with reader is the only person this version of barry care about cuz reader stand by his side while everyone turn away from him in d future. Make it angst pls. Thanks.

A/N: Ah I laughed when Cisco called him, ‘pizza face’ and other things like I’m so proud of my son giving sass. This obviously contains a bit of spoilers from the finale episode of The Flash so be warned if you haven’t watched. I thought it was going to be all good despite one of my faves dying in the place for Iris and then Barry leaving. Damn it Grant, you ripped my heart out with feels. Ships are closed for the time being and as always requests are open unless stated otherwise by me!

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                             Relationship(s): Savitar/Reader, Barry Allen/Iris West, Barry Allen & Reader (unrequited love)

“Y/N. .Y/N, I need my goddess to wake from her beauty sleep.” That oddly familiar voice ringing through your ears as you slowly blinked from your slumber. Your E/C eyes blinked more to adjust from the dark surroundings as you looked around to the source of the voice until they met Barry’s- no that didn’t look like Barry. Least the one who knew, the left side of his face looked burned with as his grin only seemed to grow bigger at the sight of you awake. “Good morning Y/N. My, my I could never forget how beautiful you are. What’s the matter Y/N? You don’t recognize the man who calls you his equal, but yet it hasn’t happened yet. Heh, guess I could use you against Barry. Won’t that be fun my goddess hm?”

You squint in disbelief as you tried crawling backwards but bumped into something as you looked to see what it was. Your eyes widen in fear, this was Savitar—the time remnant of Barry as depicted from the armor you bumped into. You remember the speedster telling you to be careful out there after you left S.T.A.R labs earlier that day to get a break from all the mess since it you’ve gotten so stressed. “G-Goddess? I’m sorry S-Savitar but I don’t b-belong to anyone, I have no idea what y-you speak of. I-I though you ha-ated everyone since t-they turned their b-back on you.” You studdered through your words as the time remnant only kept his sadist grin as he crouched down to you where you were on the ground.

“Oh I do hate everyone Y/N but not you, my sweet Y/N. You see while everyone else turned their back on me, you didn’t. You stayed and refused to leave my side no matter how much they called me, a monster. A monster Y/N and have the nerve to call you one too! But no you stayed and before we both fell in love with each other, I let you be my goddess. I intend on that still happening but first we need to get rid of this Barry Allen. Join me Y/N, join me and I will give anything you could ever wished for. All you need to do is accept.” Savitar offers his pale hand to you, “We can rule side by side and have to world begging for mercy on their knees. Including the ones who hurt and bullied you for being different.” He chuckles darkly while waiting for you to accept as you looked at the male beside you.

For long as you remembered you were bullied for being, well being you. You didn’t care about the feminine things like makeup and dressing up for boys. You were mocked and laughed at because you loved science and mathematics, even having the stereotypical nerd look with thick glasses, braces, and bad acne. However you blossomed into a beautiful women today, still wearing glasses although sometimes using contacts and no more metal on your teeth with acne cleared up. All those memories came back to you when Savitar spoke as your fists clenched, no you were to be nice and submissive right? No you were tired of being considered weak as you looked back up to the time remnant before clasping your hand with his, after all you could have anything right? “I accept your offer Savitar as long as you stay true to your word.” You say as he pulled you and him up on your feet as he looked at your hand before you.

“Oh don’t worry Y/N, I fully intend on keeping it as long as you help me get Barry Allen.”

                   [ time skip; WARNING SPOILERS UP AHEAD ]

“Y/N please come back, he’s messing with your mind!” The scarlet speedster yelled out as you were by Savitar without his armor that Barry had vibrated and broke. Needless to say, Team Flash was a bit shocked to see you beside the other. You looked different from the last time they saw you, from wearing dark F/C clothing as you grinned that could match Savitar’s. “Y/N please. Don’t do this to yourself!”

You shook your head, “No I made up my mind Flash. I’m tired of feeling like I’m supposed to be weak and feel worthless, do you have any idea how many people hurt me? Do you know how many I cried myself to sleep?” You lashed back as you leaned your head on Savitar’s shoulders. “I’m happy being Savitar’s goddess. After all he says he’d given me anything as long as I help stop you besides you all turned your back on him and me.” You say with a snarl as everyone looked shocked from what you were saying as you kept your gaze at Barry.

“Awe see? That’s my girl, she’s not as cute and innocent as you thought huh?” Savitar says as he pressed a kiss on your forehead. “I like this version of her.”

Barry was furious as went to attack on Savitar from you as the time remnant hit the ground hard from his blow. “You tried to use her against us, it’s not going to work Savitar. Give it up because you are no god.” He says as Savitar laughed before receiving another blow from Barry, the other slumping onto the ground before looking at you before you pushed the red clad hero aside for Savitar. Barry went to check on the others, hopefully maybe they could talk sense into you.

“No, no, no. Savitar come on, wake up for me.” You say as you bend down to check on him and stroke his face before his eyes snapped open. It made you give a sudden jump of surprise. He looked at you smiled before giving you a small kiss and saying he’ll be back. You watched as what happened next would be the last you’d see of Savitar.

The time remnant counterpart went to take an attack on his present self before a loud bang from a gun rang throughout. Savitar took a step backwards before collapsing as your eyes followed Barry’s, it was Iris. She had shot the one you fell in love with as you quickly ran to Savitar but it was too late as you began to shatter from existence. It was the Barry that loved you because you could never have the Barry who was engaged to Iris.

“Y/N!” You heard someone cry out but ignored it as all the love of your heart was now gone just like Savitar was.

“I’m Mary Poppins y'all!”

Woohoo it’s finally done!! After days of work I finally finished my portrait of yondu!! I’ve been super obsessed with guardians of the galaxy 2 since I saw it heckkkkkk!! I wanna do one of these portraits of starlord and then maybe gamora? I doubt I’ll have the time but I’d love to try! In the mean time, have these!! I’m pretty proud of them!!


Now that awards days are finished, it has been announced that my class of 22 seniors, the scholars I have been working with all year towards getting ready for and into college (who are in our AVID program students from rougher home lives / backgrounds / who the administration and other teachers don’t expect to graduate without a lot of guidance and assistance) have all been accepted to a 4 year university and, collectively, have been offered over 1.6 million dollars in scholarships and grants.

I could not possible be more proud of my kids!!! We lost one along the way this year, but at least we ended it on a high note.


Y'all hit 172 reblogs!!! I’m so proud of y'all 👻👻

I have stashed in near one of the trees in this pic.


Text me once you got it!!!

Going home commando now hehe

Much loves,

Jay 💋

Forgot to post my outfit from yesterday!! I love this dress. I’m not wearing makeup because I was totally crying at graduation (OMG so proud! And also gonna miss him!). For all the feels that the day put me through, physical discomfort was not one of them…and neither was self-consciousness about my appearance.

12/10 would recommend. Pretty sure it was $30 at Target.

“[Humans] always get so frantic in the heat of the moment. Heh, like it’s gonna do them any good. Buuuut, pathetic as it may be, and they sure are… I sure prefer to side with the underdog.”

FUCK YEAH! I CALLED IT! Not on this liveblog, but on one Ask reply and on the Discord. BUT I CALLED IT!

For the whole Promised Day, Greedling hasn’t done a thing. As things went on, process of elimination paired Wrath and Greedling to fight against each other. I mean… I guess I shouldn’t be too proud of calling it because of how obvious this was.

All that’s left is for Lan Fan and Fu to show up and help. Because if there’s anyone that can deal with Wrath’s bullshit, it’s Goddamn Ninjas™. I don’t like Greedling’s odds alone, but all three of them? That I like.

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To the one anon asking about why authors delete their works, personally for me the ones I've deleted I wasn't proud of. They were my earliest works and in my opinion my worse writing pieces. Sometimes I rewrite them others I let them be but that's why I delete mine. If I do at all!

I agree with this!

I personally would never completely delete my blog and all of my works (though I understand why some people do that) but I definitely have deleted quite a few fics because some of my really old ones are just horribly written and cringy and I just didn’t want them up anymore.

- Tori

Thank God for people like Bzeek!

The following is a post submitted by my mom. <3


My biological daughter turned 37 today and is an only child. She is my world and I love her unconditonally. Like most mother/ daughter relationships, we’ve had our share of tantrums, glares, etc. which would make you think it was more of a “love/hate” relationship. When she became a single foster parent back in 2014 I was happy for her, but nervous as to how she would manage being a hardworking professional and a one income family. She has made me exceedingly proud, beyond words. Her first son, you all now know as James, who passed away almost one year ago at 22 months old. I never knew it was possible to love anyone more than your own child, but brother was I ever wrong, again. I was his “Grammy” and he was “MY boy”. We shared an incredible bond. One which I thought would never be equaled. Good old mom was wrong once again. Ray has been in our lives for 9 incredible months now and he, too, is a tremendous joy. While he’s not James (and we’re careful not to compare the two boys), Ray is proof that even while maneuvering through a deep depression and what seems like an endless greiving period, life goes on and it’s okay to smile, live, laugh and love again. This article about Bzeek opened my 65 year old eyes even wider to the remarkable,selfless love available out in this vast world of ours and my prayer is that more people like Bzeek become caregivers for foster children. If I could I would thank him personally for all of the love and sacrifices he’s made throughout this entire process. He’s a “saint” in my eyes. My daughter and Ray live almost 200 miles from me, but I try to visit for a few days, once every other month or so. I know I’m “old” and I guess “old” in my thought processes that housework should be a priority no matter what! You know “cleanliness is next to Godlimess”. That attitude drives my daughter BONKERS, but it’s ingrained in me and I’m working on shaking it, really, I am. Ray is always clean, well dressed and cared for - a happy boy to say the least. The dishes will get done and the vacuum run as time allows. When I visit, I pitch in as much as I’m physically able to, but that’s becoming less and less as time marches on. To all of you foster parents out there, including my daughter, thank you for doing what you do so very, very well….love a child who otherwise may not have known what love was. An extra special thank you to Bzeek! And once agin, “Happy Birthday Sweetie Pie - keep up the amazing work. You are a wonderful MOM and I love you!” Mom

My dearest ones

During this trial of hate and anger, I am absolutely floored and humbled at all of your love and expressions of wanting to “keep” me.

I cannot tell you how honored I am to be apart of this family. You are all so very precious to me (besides a few anons I’m tempted to send my sister after) and I cherish each and every one of you.

I am sorry, I will have to answer the lovely asks you have left me when I return. *smirks* I’m looking forward to that, believe me….

Please be kind to yourselves and one another. Dampen down the hate. We are one. We are strong. We are family. And I am so proud of the way you have all rallied around each other.

Farewell for now,


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SO I HEARD ABOUT THE SHITZU QUEST. I AM A PROUD OWNER OF ONE (the lil one's name is sparky, yes that's the actual name) AND I HAVE TO WARN YOU ABOUT THE FUR. WHEN THEIR FUR (shitzus) GETS LONG OR WHATEVER, FUR IS LITERALLY E V E R Y W H E R E. ITS NOT EVEN. JUST LITTLE PATCHES OF FUR. BE CAREFUL. but that's all really, just brush em up and stuff and they good. they aren't really THAT fiesty usually, they are very kind and just, chill?? I hope you get your lil shitzu buddy! :D

thank u for advice !! my uncle has one old, rly chill shitzu (she looks depressed) and the puppy one is super energetic and feisty! theyre both so adorable