not professional but whatever i like this photo

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How do you take such beautiful photos? Can you give me advice on taking clear, bright, and aesthetically pleasing photos? Thank you :)

hi, sorry for the late reply! i was hesitant about answering this because i’m 100% sure there will be people arguing that i’m encouraging an unrealistic studyblr aesthetic but whatever. yolo

long post ahead!!

the first step is most important: natural light!! unless you have, like, professional photography lights ready to go, then your photos will look best with natural light. take a photo near a window but not directly in front of it so the shadows aren’t too harsh

also, i use an iphone 6 for my photos, but you can use whatever you have

and, now, a messy collection of steps that i got too carried away with:

and now for some disclaimers:

  • the quality of your studies is in no way determined by how pretty of a photo you can take
  • the studyblr aesthetic is cool and can be super motivational but you shouldn’t feel compelled to ///give in/// to it
  • a studyblr isn’t about the photos. it’s about an enthusiasm for learning and a passion for education!
  • but nice photos are still nice to look at, and i personally think they make studying more appealing to me, so,

there you go! the entire process from desk to dashboard. i hope it helped!

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Hey :) love love love your blog! I was wondering about the graphics you mentioned.. I would love it if you did a whole post on how to make them, I'm so lost in that area haha.. thanks a million

oh man oh man oh man okay. first, thank you so much for the compliment, it means so much to me that you like my blog, thank you bby <3 and okayyy let’s do this. oh boy. alright anon, i’m not a professional or all that good by any means and there are other amazing graphists that make amazing graphics but i got you, so welcome to-

let’s begin:

okay i use photoshop to edit my graphics but you don’t need to ok??


  • so when you make a graphic, you need to specify your image size.
  • tumblr photos (like the one i have above) has a horizontal length of 500 pixels 
  • so your image should be 500 x a number. the one i have above is 500 x 200 pixels. you can make it 500 x 300, 500 x 700, whatever your heart desires.
  • facebook timeline covers are 815 x 315 pixels, instagram photos are 500 x 500 (but they’ve changed so you can have any size)


  • so anon! i’m assuming you want to make graphics like the ones i’ve made before, right? (bc i dabble in lots of different graphic editing there’s a lot more different types of graphics but i think the one we want rn is like the one above)
  • so you should just start with a solid colored background
    • usually, light, pastel colors look the best. 
    • when you go dark, unless you go navy blue dark or some variant of gray or black, the background usually looks hard to look at and is less pleasing to the eye.
  • so yeah! solid, light colored backgrounds work just fine.
  • but you can hit that up with some Patterns
    • yah so you can add patterns to your background if you wanna spice things up a bit ey (waggles eyebrows)
    • either go black, white, lgiht gray or go home when you do patterns. don’t try and mix up colors for patterns for backgrounds 
      • unless you’re super super sure that your pattern will look ok
    • you can make horizontal lines, vertical lines, diagonal lines, crossed, etc. for your patterns and add them to your background!
    • do not make the patterns too bold or complicated or put too much, because the patterns on your background should be subtle. 
    • so yup, you can do things like i did in the header for this post! gray diagonal dotted lines. 

Text / Fonts

  • so next step is fonts or your text or whatever it is that you want to say in your graphic
  • typography and text is a whole thing in itself and you could write like, two hundred posts about it and not be done, but i’ll try my best to pass on a quick tuto for this
  • so first choose a text color that compliments your background. here this usually involves color coordination, but you can go by a few rules
    • and you can make cool text effects. for example make a few copies of your text and change the color just a shade lighter or change the color just a tad and kinda move the texts behind each other so they diagonally overlap to get a hella cool bg.
    • if you have a light / pastel bg
      • you can either do colors that are right next to what your bg color is (pink and white and orange, red and purple, remember the rainbow: ROY G BIV)
      • go with white. white is always an option. always looks hella good.
      • you can go opposite the color of your bg, so pink and blue, purple and yellow, etc.)
    • if you have a white bg:
      • you can work with any color, really, and it’ll look really nice!
      • go gray or black to get a more clean and crisp look.
        • special tip: to make your text pop but not look tacky, don’t go complete black. go very dark gray or just gray and the color makes a world of difference!
      • if you’re going to work with multiple colors, just remember to follow the color rules and u know what if u don’t know the color rules or just are too lazy just eyeball it
      • (no that’s not what i do with every. single. graphic i make hahaahaa h  aa (laughs nervously))
    • if you have a darker bg:
      • once again use white as ur text color
      • or just super light colors like sakura-color pink or something
  • then you’re going to choose a font
    • fonts are so darned complicated ugh ugh ug H
    • but okay. you can go on google and look up font tutorials to really get into the whole font thing but here’s a super basic rundown on fonts
    • use the basic, common fonts (but not comic sans please or i will poke you in the eyeball om g). here are the basics I use
      • vijaya, times new roman, arial (u can go all caps and get a super aesthetic thing)
    • use uniform, clean fonts (idk what to call these, i should know but wtv)
      • slim joe, big john, basic title font, brain flower, bebas, znikomit
      • whaTEVER idk these are the ones i can think of off the top of my head ok
    • use cool handwritten fonts
      • selima, levibrush, peach sundress, satisfaction
      • you can look on creativemarket in fonts to find more free pretty handwritten fonts
    • use weird but amazing fonts
      • fyi: never go overboard with the more complicated fonts never ever bc it only makes your graphic look yucky 
      • wolf in the city, men in black, franks, easy going stroke, a series of unfortunate events, romangridcaps
    • once again, there are rules to making different fonts and different styles go together, but once again, i say just eyeball it if it gets too complicated. 
    • i usually just slap a handwritten or cool font and add a preinstalled normal font to go w/ it in a smaller sized font

Shapes and Other Things 

  • you can then add different things and shapes to add extra dazzle to your edit
  • just add stuff
  • i don’t really know what to say for these shapes bc um honestly i don’t have a guide for doing this. i usually just randomly do whatever looks good to me.
  • squares, circles, and triangles are super cool though. you can experiment and play around and see what looks good to you.
  • also look on google for images that end with .png because those will have transparent bgs and are easy to use as shapes and stuff

Color Schemes / Palettes

  • i am way too lazy to explain all the color things but in general
    • go either similar or go opposite
    • light shades or colors go with light shades (pastel yellow with pstel orange) or color or light shades go with dark shades (dark dark gray with pastel pink)
    • colors go with colors right next to them on the spectrum (orange and yellow, purple and red, blue and green) or else opposite (red or orange with blue, purple and yellow)
    • and of course, white, gray, or black go with anything!
    • to look for nice color palettes to choose colors that go well together

umm so i don’t know what else to put on here. i’ll add stuff if i remember though. this was a super basic rundown on making a graphic, so sorry about not being able to answer your question more thoroughly, anon!!! 

but please, message me again if you have a more specific question like how i made my header for this post or how i made my minimalist edit, my ‘drink water’ edit, or my iphone wallpapers because i can answer your question if i know what type of graphic you want!!!

happy editing!! xoxo


more of my stuff: 

I have a lot of questions about the facebook live and I am going to take this opportunity to express why I actually am quite pleased with it and the direction this may be taking us.

I know this is likely a minority opinion, but I have absolutely no issue with a professional collaboration between Darren and Lea. 

Fact, Darren has 1.6 Million IG Follows. Lea has 4.5 Million.  

Fact, Darren has 1.9 Million Twitter Followers. Lea has 4.7 Million

Me, I like that promotion. That is nearly 3 million people that would not otherwise be exposed to Darren and his music who may now take a peak. And if they like what they hear, just may buy his EP.  

And let’s face it, like her or not. Lea is a beautiful, talented woman who works her ass off to maintain her image and has an excellent work ethic.  For PR purposes, she is a perfect person to get some promotion. And they are equally using each other.

And what I really liked. They aren’t even pretending this is anything but PR. Lea said last night that this was the first time she had ever been to Darren’s house. Granted, we all know that isn’t his house, but the average person watching that Facebook Live doesn’t have a clue. If they wanted to pretend they were Besties and have been hanging out constantly for the past two years, that comment would not have been made. It was quite clear that these two really had not seen each other outside of their dinner with Chord the night before (I love how much they mentioned that dinner and made it seem like it was just the three of them reminiscing about Glee) and of course the Comic Con which was not mentioned but there are photos and video.

On a professional level, Darren has nothing to loose and everything to gain. I am confident that whatever they post today on YouTube will be posted by multiple news sites. And they will mention Lea’s album. And they will mention Darren’s album. Not so sure how that is a bad thing.

But I see this beyond a professional level as well. I feel as though we are heading in the direction of a renewed “friendship” between the two.  And that friendship provides a distraction as we near the end of the PR relationship from hell.  It is very clear to all of us, I think, that we are headed to the end of this horrific nightmare of a chapter in Darren’s life. And that is a very good thing. What I don’t think has been decided, though others will disagree, is exactly how this ends. Staged Break up?  Reveal of her as a beard?  The whole truth? No one knows. And if I were a betting person, I would say negotiations are still very much ongoing to exactly how this completely unhealthy relationship ends. What I have noticed?  The way in which the bearding has been happening lately has massively shifted. They have removed her from virtually all of his professional outings and have contained it to isolated “private but not really private events” that are broadcast all over social media. It seems to me this will continue until the finale is decided.

And Lea is the perfect distraction while all of the behind the scenes negotiations take place.  And further, she is the perfect distraction once it is clear that Mia is no longer the official plus 1.

So as Darren’s new PR friend, she is a person to go to events and parties with. But even better. She is a person that is connected to Chris.  I cannot say this enough. This is so critical right now.  Remember, as I pointed out yesterday, Lea hasn’t just been interacting with Darren lately. She and Chris have also been interacting on social media as well. To overlook this is a massive mistake. So I view this as an excellent bridge to opportunities for these two extraordinary men to been seen in public together again.  And that is crucial. Because again, you and I, we know. We are ready for them to come running out of the closet and broadcast to the world that they are in love and have been for six years. Everyone else? They don’t have a clue. And there is nothing wrong with a little preparation and groundwork.

I won’t lie, I was quite concerned that they were setting us up for Lea as the new beard. And I think I have made my opinion on that quite clear.  A new beard is pointless and will have little to no gain as barely anyone who actually pays attention believes the straight narrative.  But I no longer feel that is the direction- if that was the push, they would not have had their happy PR dinner with the fourth wheel with nothing to contribute and they would not have done the live stream from the PR house (I really cannot for the life of me figure out why they did it from the storage room. Big mistake, but I digress).  So as a PR friend?  I see nothing but positives for Darren. And more importantly, I think it could play a huge role it the eventual truth (or partial truth).

I also would not be surprised at all of we see them onscreen together in a Murphy production soon, whether she is cast in a small role on ACS, they both drop by AHS, or Glee 2.0.

Just Relax||Part 2

Kim Junmyeon x Reader

Genre: Not Certain

Word Count:4,567

Warnings:Therapist!Junmyeon, Sexual Content, Swearing, Psychological/Therapeutic Terms (That’s all I got for now)

A/N:I’m tired. But enjoy. Gotta love psychology.

This photo does not belong to me. Credit to owner:)

Chapter 1

You finally woke up. And it all felt like a dream. As you sat in bed, your mind kept wandering towards the meeting. Meeting, appointment, whatever it was,it still felt unreal. A handsome face, a nice restaurant, pretty much describes a good date. A wonderful date in fact. But it wasn’t date. It was a meeting. One where it was all professional up until before you left. “I look forward to seeing you again Y/N.” God, why couldn’t you get that phrase out of your head? Of course because of his beautiful voice. It enchanted you.

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After seeing the pictures from today I think I'd only ever pay to meet Lili or Cole. Camila and KJ seem a bit stiff and boring :/ I'd want my picture to be goofy!

i see what you’re saying. cole in particular really throws himself into these photos, but you also have to remember that he’s been doing this his entire life. even when he was in college and trying to stay out of the spotlight, paparazzi still took photos of him walking down the street and fans asked him to take selfies with them at restaurants. this is all brand new for lili, cami, and kj. lili seems to be a bit better at pushing herself out of her comfort zone, but you can tell she’s feeling awkward in some of the photos. what is coming across as boredom could be them actually not knowing what to do to, like– is it okay to touch the fans like this? do they want to be touched in certain ways? they’re taking dozens of photos at a time and maybe think the fans would rather have a professional picture of them rather than one of them making a silly face. there’s a lot of factors that i think play into it 

but it’s your money, so you should pick whoever you want for whatever reason you want. if i were to ever go to one of these cons, i’d pick lili and cole as well. if i can’t afford to meet everybody, then i’m going to choose the actors that play my favorite characters 

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hey can u tell us abt the m&g? im going too n i wanna know what it's like

ok so!!! m&g was rly rly fun!

i was at the house of blues so idk what the set up will be like at ur venue but they had us all in line and the boys were where the photo was going to happen

danny told us we could do whatever we wanted in the photo as long as it wasnt creepy, and have things signed, but no lyrics!

danny was really nice too!!! he was a lad

you’re supposed to hand the guys ur phone with the camera open when you walk in if u want selfies and then hugs + talking/giving gifts (i gave them bracelets!)

then they take the professional photo and one of the boys takes ur selfies, and then more hugs and you go so the next person can say hi

it was fairly quick, but i liked the set up (it eased my anxiety in that they werent distracted etc and were v interested and excited to see me?? hdhfhggdh)

be sure to have an idea about what you wanna say, i’d suggest!!!

but ya!! it was cool and i know it’s different than the old m&g but it was a cool experience!!!!

Flappy Bird in Paris

A/N: *ducks away from fruit being thrown* Hi lovelies!! So sorry this took forever! Trying really hard to squeeze in some writing whenever I get the chance. I hope you like this little one-shot, I thought it was such an adorable idea :) ( And the anon who asked for flappy bird, here you go ;))

AND OH MY GOSH. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HAS READ “DYLAN’S BEST FRIEND” IT HAS OFFICIALLY RECEIVED OVER 100 NOTES!! I can’t even process this. You guys are awesome and I love you all. 

Enjoy!! x

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JERRY:  So what do you want for breakfast?
JASON:  Ham.  Eggs.  Whatever.
JERRY:  “Ham eggs whatever?”  
JASON:  Yeah. What about it?
JERRY:  Jason, this is New York City.  Manhattan.  We could go anywhere and eat anything and you want “ham eggs whatever”?
JASON:  I’m not a food snob, Jerry!
JERRY:  Not with that red jacket you’re not.
JASON:  I’m hungry, okay?  Let’s go to a diner.  How about Tom’s?
JERRY:  Tom’s?  (Dismissive.)  Too obvious.
JASON:  Jerry, I’m hungry.
JERRY:  Yeah, I know.  Ham eggs whatever.
JASON:  Yes.  Ham.  Eggs.  Whatever.  Stuff my mouth.  Need to stuff.  My Mouth.
JERRY (surrender mode):  Oh okay, fine.  Tom’s it is.
JASON:  Oh good.  Their orange juice is fresh squeezed, you know.
JERRY:  No, George.  No one is actually doing that.  No one is actually in the kitchen inside Tom’s in Manhattan freshly squeezing oranges for you.
JASON:  Did you just call me “George”?  (Flustered.)   And… and… you’re a professional buzzkill, you know that?
JERRY:  Are you really going to wear that?
JASON:  What?
JERRY:  The puffy red jacket… the loose-fitting jeans… You look like you’re dressed in a 90’s sitcom.
JASON:  I’m comfortable.
JERRY:  All right, Mr. ham eggs whatever.  Where do you want to go afterward?
JASON:  I need a lift to the airport.

(Photo of Jason Alexander and Jerry Seinfeld walking by – or going to? – Tom’s Restaurant, which stood in for “Monk’s” in the hit show Seinfeld, in Manhattan on Monday by Ali Phil / Twitter via Mashable)

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h ow do you make your selfies look like theyre professionally done im???

well first off i use a good quality camera, mine is a canon rebel t3i, and i always make sure i have good lighting as well. i prefer natural light because it looks nicer. but i do edit my pics as well. i use a filter i made myself. here’s what it looks like before and after:

basically i just brighten and adjust the colours a little. sometimes i’ll touch up my makeup or whatever (you can see in this one i covered my lips a bit). just that makes the photo a lot better. but yeah, that’s basically how i do it!

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Molly, I need some advice or kind guidance. With the whole Tom and Elizabeth thing coming to light, I'm just feeling a little broken? Like my safe place to go and daydream seems broken and taken away from me. Like, it's now poisoned by my own feelings about myself. How in all the stories I read or AU's that I come up with, I think that'll never happen to me. It bothers me that if I ever met Tom, I wouldn't even get a second glance? Like, It shouldn't bother me but it does.

One, daydreams shouldn’t make you sad. Two, the rumor and supposed pictures of Tom dating Elizabeth make his possible relationship with you no less likely of happening than before. Like, seriously. Fangirling is an act of fantasy. Reader insert stories are an act of fantasy. They’re professionals and actors and busy and aren’t going to bang some random chick that they met trying on a suit or on a photo op or whatever. Tom does Shakespeare, not porn.

So. If your happiness is tied up in the thought that maybe, someday, you and Tom are going to meet and have a happy relationship, you have a problem because you can’t make your happiness dependent on someone else. That’s not healthy and it’s not good for you. You need to figure out how to be happy with Tom being nothing more than a masturbatory illusion or daydream to while away a few spare moments during the day.

Tom and Elizabeth (whether or not that is real) should have no effect on your daydreams because they are just as likely of coming real now as they were two weeks ago: not at all. They are daydreams. That’s it.

You’re not going to date Tom Hiddleston. I mean, really. I understand that you’re sad, because I had the same reaction when Benedict Cumberbatch got engaged, because even though I am exultantly happy in my own marriage and I knew Benedict and I were never going to meet and fall in love, there was that tiny little part of my brain wearing a tin-foil hat and rocking back in forth in the darkest corner of the closet muttering, “It could have been me, it could have been meeeeeee.” That was the moment I knew I needed to step back a bit. I had a similar reaction to all the stage door photos of Richard when he was doing The Crucible. I stepped back. I reinvested that energy in myself and in my marriage and in my son. 

So let’s be real. There is one Tom Hiddleston and 45 million screaming fangirls (number pulled out of my butt) and with those odds, it isn’t going to happen. 

But do you know what could happen? Meeting someone awesome in your town. If you feel like you’re not going to merit a second glance from a celebrity that you think isn’t going to be interested in you, you’re also saying to yourself, “I’m not worthy of romantic attention.” That’s what makes me sad. That’s what I think is important in your message. 

You need to learn to love yourself. You need to believe in yourself. And you need to do it for you, not for a guy. Guys come and go, but you’re stuck with yourself for your whole life, so it makes sense to love you. Do you have a vision in your head of the person you want to be? Good! If not, figure that out. Write it down. Make a vision board or use Pinterest to give yourself some inspiration. And then work on closing the distance between where you are and who you want to be. Pick one small thing you want to change and work on it until you have it down as a habit. Do you want to be a yogi? Set your alarm twenty minutes earlier each morning and do your yoga workout first thing until you stop grumbling and get to the point where you can’t imagine starting the day without a sun salutation. And when that is part of who you are, move on to the next step. Be the person that reads all the Pulitzer prize winning novels or bakes her own bread or always has painted toenails. I don’t care what it is, but you do. You know who are you now, and you have a vision of who you want to be in the future. Well, little caterpillar, it’s time to get to work. It’s hard and it can be dark at times, but if you want to be a butterfly, you have to spin your cocoon. You need to learn to put fangirling in a safe place in your life; a place where Tom is an inspiration to live your life to the fullest and go after your own goals and achieve your destiny, and not use him as a distraction from the things in your life that make you unhappy and that you don’t want to work on.

Tumblr has changed my life. Literally. I’ve unlearned so much problematic shit in the last three years and I’ve learned so many new things. I’m less judgmental. I’m more loving and kind. I love myself more. I love my body more. Richard and Tom were huge parts of that. Richard made me realize how much I loved writing and how far away I was from where I wanted to be skillwise. Tom gave me the courage to actually write and put it out there and learn from others and go after a dream. Tom should inspire you; not depress you.

So please; don’t worry about a possible relationship of a celebrity. Don’t worry at all. This is such a great moment for you because you’ve verbalized that your safe space has been taken away and broken, and that you feel poisoned by your own feelings about yourself. You have identified the problem, and that is always the first step to fixing it. That’s where you should focus. You’ve been kicked out of the nest, little bird. Now’s your time to learn how to fly.  

It’s pretty disgusting when people run scams about being a missing person to gain popularity online. You know what I’m talking about.

“Here’s my friend [insert multiple tasteless selfies of a pretty girl (or in today’s case: professional modelling photos???)]. She’s been missing since [whenever]. Last seen wearing [whatever]. This is her tumblr, Instagram, twitter, [any form of social media she could possibly gain followers on]. Send her messages to let her know we love her and want her to come home.”

Missing person posts are not something to joke about. I realise signal boosts could benefit a real situation like that, but do not coincidentally create a brand new tumblr today and then ask a “well-recognised” blogger (trust me, I cringed referring to myself as such) to promote your post. I was not born yesterday.

Prompt: AU - High School: Sakura sees a picture of her in Sasuke’s locker 

this was needed after that last chapter. so needed. unedited for now. enjoy!

The picture was starting to yellow.

The corners were no longer as sharp. The colors had dulled. The caption had faded. Various creases spread across the photo from all the times he folded it into his pocket, creating white veins that travelled from person to person, face to face, connecting all of them, except for one.

They all took the photo right after winning the National Martial Arts Championship—Kakashi, proudly holding the trophy that simultaneously covered his face; Sakura, all smiles as usual; him and Naruto, glaring. Sasuke rolled his eyes. He couldn’t remember why they were so angry at each other, but it probably had to do with something Naruto said moments before. That was usually the case.

They didn’t even realize the photographer was affiliated with the local newspaper, giving them little warning except for a hasty “Say Cheese!” But lo and behold, there they were, their photo printed on the front page of the following Sunday paper.  Sasuke didn’t even bother reading the article, but he didn’t bother throwing it out either, cutting out the picture and placing it over an empty frame next to the others that featured the most important people in his life—all of whom were either dead or missing.

He fell into trouble not long afterward—with the law, with his family—until he made the executive decision to simply leave town, to start fresh, to start over. However, his old team didn’t seem to agree with his decision, inevitably leading to the fallouts between him and both Naruto and Kakashi and a conversation left unresolved with Sakura.  

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somethingcleverandunique  asked:

So I don't mean to open a can of worms - but what are your thoughts on plus sized riders? Is there a point when someone shouldn't be riding? Should people be allowed to comment on weight? What about judges, especially if they know how toxic the culture is... just some thoughts :)

I think that people should find a horse that is physically capable of doing what they ask of them. May it be jumping, eventing, etc and carrying the weight of its rider while staying pain free. The issue is the same whether it’s a plus sized rider on a horse with previous back issues or one that isn’t fit enough to carry the weight or a slender rider on a small pony or unfit horse. The exact weight of the rider isn’t the issue, it’s how the horse is able to carry the rider and stay sound. Seat comes into play for this too. A tiny rider with a bad seat that jack hammers the horse’s back is far more likely to cause lameness than a quiet plus sized rider.

I think the only people who should be able to comment on weight would be ones working with the horse personally. If the horse is struggling physically or is coming up lame, it should be looked into and if it is decided by a professional that it is the rider who caused this, then it’s the rider’s job to fix it and do what’s best for the horse(selling the horse, working on their seat etc). This goes for any rider of any weight.

It isn’t anyone’s business to comment on weight if their knowledge is only from the outside. It isn’t anyone’s business to be snarky about weight. Leave it to the professionals. I have yet to hear of a plus sized rider who would continue to ride their horse knowing that it’s harming the horse for whatever reason.

People just like to toss around blame even if they have no reason to. You can’t judge a horse’s capacity to carry a certain weight and stay sound just by looking at a photo. Everyone carries weight differently, everyone rides differently. It’s a grossly inaccurate way to judge people.

With regards to judges at shows, I think the better rider should always win, regardless of weight. Obviously in classes like equitation, there are biases which sucks but it should be made more fair so that the better rider wins. Not who’s the thinnest.

anonymous asked:

i really do hope you answer this. okay i really want to know how you first started, if you didnt receive free clothes how did you start your blog, what outfit did you do? did you start with tumblr first? how did you start gettin followers? did you hashtag? please just give some details on how you started! xx luv uu

OK SO. I started my Instagram and before I knew it I had about 10k followers and I was like woah yer this is cool and one day a little boutique commented on my photo asking if I wanted some free goodies and all I had to do was take some photos in them? I was like WTF. I didn’t even know there was such thing. I agreed and after that it just started blowing up. I never used hashtags. I had tumblr before Instagram and started tumblr and posting photos when I was like 12 or 13? I’m not too sure. I got so many offers from different businesses and I decided the right thing to do was to create a blog and make it more professional and fun. I’m not quite sure what outfits I did. I just did whatever I was feeling at the time and people seemed to like it. At first i didn’t really do outfits. I would get a piece of clothing and actually style a little lame shoot in my backyard or room or something HAAHaha. My style has matured so much and I have definitely upgraded with everything x