not processing properly

I really don’t think I process bodily urges properly. I was just thinking about it and unless told to, I usually just wait until I’m bursting to go to the bathroom. It’s like I don’t really process the slight discomfort of a full bladder, etc. Until I can’t wait any longer. Makes me not very good to have on long roadtrips… it’s not only bathroom urges either. Hunger and thirst as well are urges I don’t process until I’m literally starving or parched. Anybody else experience this?

With Naruto Shippuden reaching its end, dailynaruto would like to invite you all to participate in naruto week 2017! An upcoming event dedicated to the Naruto series, which will be held on April 10 to April 16.  Share your love for the series through graphics, gifs, fanfics, fanarts etc. and tag it with #narutoweek2017(within the first 5 tags and without spaces) so everyone can see and reblog it.

Each day has three options you can choose from. These prompts are meant as guidelines and you’re free to interpret them as you wish.  But remember, all entries must be your own work. Reposts will be ignored and/or deleted. So without further ado, here are the prompts:

  • April 10 || Day 1: Team 7 // Childhood // Favorite Character
  • April 11 || Day 2: Team 8 // Mission // Favorite Quote
  • April 12 || Day 3: Team Gai // Bonds // Favorite Fight
  • April 13 || Day 4: Team 10 // Growth // Favorite Arc
  • April 14 || Day 5: Sand siblings // Traditions // Favorite Media
  • April 15 || Day 6: Akatsuki // Last Words // Favorite Opening or Ending
  • April 16 || Day 7: Next Generation // Nostalgia // Free Choice

If you  need the prompts further explained or have any questions send an ask or message to @dailynaruto​! Feel free to reblog this posts to spread the word. Have fun!

i want someone to write a musical where the characters (not the actors, the actual characters in the story) realize that they’re fictional and in a show. and they “go off script” trying to get out of the show to be real and make their own stories, but the music and dance cues keep following the “original story,” so they keep getting dragged into musical numbers that don’t make sense in the new context. and they’re just baffled the whole time like what the fuck am i singing what was supposed to happen here?? and their asides are written into the music as they try to break free. and there’s this big dance break in the middle of an angsty scene and they’re all just like oh for fucks sake not again just get it over with.

am i the only one who thinks this would be hilarious?


My contribution for day one of Nursey week. Warnings for anxiety, gaslighting and emotional abuse.


It’s the silence that really gets to Derek.

He can deal with noise. The chattering of relatives and banging of pots and pans when he sees his grandparents, the shouting of raucous young men filling the Haus at Samwell, even his mother’s singing and the scratching of his mom’s pencil on paper could be classified as noise. Noise doesn’t hurt. Or maybe it would if Derek’s brain knew how to process stimulation properly, but after years of breakdowns and crying fits, his brain knows now how to shut down quite effectively. Voices start to raise or lights get too bright and Derek is gone, yanked out of his body and left to watch from a distance. It’s safer up there, with his body numb and his head filled with cotton instead of brains.

This is different. This is no safe, manufactured quiet. This is a silence that sucks in everything around it, leaves the air dry and cold, makes Derek’s quiet breaths sound like thunder. He’s trapped in a car with what seems like a quickly dwindling air supply and his father in the driver’s seat. Somehow the second part of the equation scares him more.

This started out well. Derek had come in with a clear plan: explain to his father that it hurt him when his father cancelled plans at the last minute. No raised voice, no confrontational tone, just calmly explain and ask that he give Derek a little more warning in the future. Easy.

Derek has no idea when or how the plan went to shit. All he knows is he just apologized to his father about seven times, and since then, the sound and air have been slowly siphoned out of the car, leaving Derek alone with spasming lungs and the disappointed face of the person whose approval he craves the most.

Stupid, he thinks to himself. He was overreacting. He always overreacts when it comes to his dad. He shouldn’t have said anything. Now he’s upset, and his dad is upset, and the silence is getting stronger by the second.

“I’m sorry,” Derek tries to say again, just to say something. His words come out as barely a whisper. The silence is stealing my words, he thinks, and then frowns. He’s being pretentious again. No one likes it when he does that. He digs his teeth into the side of his tongue and prays that he’ll be out of this car soon.


“Now just follow me and we can start the tour,” says the short, pie-wielding Wellie. His southern accent is pretty strong, but not in an obnoxious way, Derek muses. It’s charming, really. He’s trying to come up with a suitable descriptor for the guy’s exact tone quality when his equilibrium goes wonky and the ground starts rushing towards his face. Derek closes his eyes and does his best to protect his face as he lands hard on the concrete.

“Shit,” he mutters once the shock of the impact is over and he’s able to move shakily to his knees. “I’m fine,” he announces to the crowd of current and potential Samwell hockey players surrounding him.
“Are you sure, sweetheart?” the southern guy– Bitty, that’s what Shitty had called him– asks, and Derek wonders dimly how Bitty got over to him so quickly.
“Yeah, just a little tumble. It’s chill.”
“Alright, well I’m going to head on back to the front of this little parade of ours, but if you need first aid or to take a break, just let me know.”
“Thanks. I’m sorry.”
Bitty looks at him, puzzled. “Sorry for what?”
“For holding you guys up. I know we’re already running a bit late.”
“Well that’s just silly. Tripping is not anything you need to be apologizing for.”
“Oh,” Derek says. He smiles slightly. “Okay.”


“Sorry,” Derek gasps. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” he continues through shuddering breaths. “I’m sor-”
“No,” Holster says firmly. He lays a hand on Derek’s shoulder and softens his tone. “It’s okay. It’s okay, you’re allowed, alright? Me and Ransom, and, fuck, like half the dudes on this team, have been through exactly what you’re going through. Do you want to hold onto my hand?”

Derek ducks his head, not wanting to meet Holster’s eyes. He absolutely does want to hold onto Holster’s hand, but he knows that it’ll be better if he can just get out of the room and finish his stupid panic attack out of his teammate’s way.
“Hey, hey,” Holster says, stroking Derek’s arm. “It’s okay. I’m here. I’m not going anywhere. I want to help, okay? Just grab my hand if you want to and breathe with me, alright? It’s gonna be okay, I promise.”

Derek almost says no. But something in Holster’s voice, something soft and understanding, makes him grab hold of Holster’s hand.
Holster smiles, and Derek almost feels important.


Derek says goodbye to the hockey team at Lake Quad, where his friend Lea is waiting with a notepad and a bag filled with far more pens than any human being could ever need. The two of them watch the team leave in their little pack, yelling and laughing all the way.
“How do you deal with.. all that?” Lea asks, waving a hand at the shrieking hockey players. “I feel like you’d never get a minute of silence with those dudes around.”

Nursey smiles and shrugs nonchalantly. “Ehh. There are worse things than noise.”

Alex wants Maggie to Teach Her™

I have been wanting to do this for so long: for those of you who don’t automatically get the reference, or want a refresher, this little pre-Sanvers minific is based on this scene from Grey’s Anatomy.

There’s a knock on the door – just two soft, nervous raps – and Maggie, in a grey tee and black sweats, trudges to answer, befuddled at the idea of company at this hour.

She opens the door and it’s Alex, Alex, fuck, the woman she’s been so desperately trying not to sleep with, the woman who’s just coming out, who has too much to learn, who’s too wide-eyed and vulnerable to be with someone like Maggie.

But before Maggie can even open her mouth – hell, before Maggie can even properly process – Alex is speaking.

“You saved her life. That woman, you ran into that warehouse and you saved her life, she’s alive.”

Maggie’s jaw is open and she can barely breathe, let alone speak, so she says nothing, and for a moment, Alex doesn’t either. Until Alex is stepping past Maggie’s stunned body, side-stepping her and walking a few paces into her living room before turning, before breathing, before sighing, before doing that nervous little thing she does with her hands, before speaking again.

“I respect you. As a woman. As a cop, as someone who’s not fresh off the gay boat, I respect you.”

Maggie’s door is still open and her jaw is still open and her eyes are even more open when Alex shrugs her jacket to the ground with a deep breath and a nervous demand.

“So… teach me.”

“What’re you doin – ” Maggie tries to splutter, Maggie tries to protest, because Alex is leaning over to balance on the couch with one hand and taking off her shoes with the other. “Don’t do that. Stop.”

But even as she slips off her shoe, Alex doesn’t take her wide, eager eyes off Maggie’s face. “Teach me,” she says again, her voice so much smaller than it ever is in the field.

Maggie exhales harshly and shuts her front door with a snap and turns back to Alex, Alex, who’s working on her other shoe now, still staring at her face.

“Stop,” Maggie pleads, not because she doesn’t want Alex – god, she does, and Alex knows, because they’ve talked about it, but she also knows that she’s fresh off the boat, that those relationships never work out.

That she has so much to learn. Which is apparently why she’s here, because she says it again. “Teach me.”

“We can’t do this, you’re just coming out, and and and I wanna do what’s best for you, and I… I’m your friend.”

So,” Alex rebuts, fingering the hem of her purple sweater. “Teach me.” She tugs her sweater off and her camisole is lacy and Maggie groans with frustrated need and puts her hand on her own face in a desperate attempt to regain some semblance of self control.

“Na, Alex.”

“Teach me,” Alex says again, tossing her sweater down with deliberation, swiping the hair out of her face.

Maggie’s hands are on her hips and she’s trying to stare at the ground, just the ground, between them, but Alex is sighing and Alex is breathing “Teach me” again, and she’s tugging her camisole off now and her bra is some kind of maroon and her hair is swept across her face and she sighs with a small, insecure tremble in her voice.

“Come on, am I really so bad?” She glances down at her own body, stares across at Maggie’s wrecked face, stares because they’re grown women and they want each other and sure Maggie’s trying to do the right thing but doesn’t Alex get a say in defining what’s right for her and god, no, she’s not bad at all, quite the opposite, she’s perfect.

“No. I am,” Maggie rasps solemnly, because maybe it’s against her better judgement but god, we should kiss the girls we want to kiss, and Maggie just wants to kiss Alex, and Alex’s eyes are wide, are scared, are hopeful as Maggie strides forward to close the gap between them, pulling Alex down into a kiss with her hands under her hair on either side of her face, and Alex is swooning and Alex is wrapping her arms around Maggie’s shoulders and Maggie intends to fulfill Alex’s every wish, starting with teaching her everything she’s ever learned about making a woman happy.



“The Thatcher Effect, also known as the Thatcher illusion, illustrates that the brain can’t properly process a photo of a face that is upside down. The interesting part is that the brain thinks it can so you get a confident feeling that everything is alright, until you turn it over.”(

“The Thatcher effect or Thatcher illusion is a phenomenon where it becomes more difficult to detect local feature changes in an upside-down face, despite identical changes being obvious in an upright face. It is named after the former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, on whose photograph the effect was first and most famously demonstrated.” (Wikipedia)

The brain is conditioned to see what it expects to see rather than what is presented with. No matter how obvious it is, the brain will still think what it sees must be right. (sounds too familiar, doesn’t it?)

And you read my writing upside down.

#1 Antisepticeye headcanon

Not to be taken seriously.  All plot holes are cordoned off for my sanity your safety.

So I’ve seen around that people theorise that he’s an ancient demon.  I don’t think he is.  He’s a brand new, fresh off the production line, demon.

An ancient one would fucking know better.  An ancient one would take a closer look at Jack, do a risk assessment (because there’s something fucking dodgy about this one) then fuck him off as a potential hazard.  

Not Anti.

Anti wants fun and red, wet, chaos. Jack has boundless energy.  Anti wants power. Jack has millions of fans ready to seduce. Anti can’t believe his luck that someone with so much influence hasn’t been possessed already, like those powerful fuckers up in Parliament have.

Anti’s not letting anyone get Jack first. He’s not wasting time on assessing the situation. Before either of them have time to properly process what the Hell just happened, Anti has a new body.

And it burns.

He’s forced to occupy the same space as a soul that’s cleaner and brighter than anything he’s ever witnessed before. It shines.  It’s fucking stronger than he is. He doesn’t know how to dislodge it. He’s new. He’s never done this before. He’s trapped.

He’s trapped behind a conscience so strong that Jack doesn’t even notice the new urges that Anti is constantly, fruitlessly trying to cram into his head. All that prime material for a murder spree purged in an instant on a stupid fucking video game.

The effort is driving him insane.  His own throttled urges are driving him insane. Jack’s fucking bright-eyed smile is driving him insane.  Insane. And pissed.  

He gets eerily patient.  He gets observant.  He waits and watches and plots a way to squeeze through the bars of the cage of Jack’s conscience. He watches how we, twelve million people, hang on every word Jack says. He watches every nuance of Jack’s being. He watches the community.  He thinks he’s found his answer.  Inch by inch, he’ll show himself. He’ll seduce all of us. Our attention will make him strong enough to beat Jack down. Video by video. We’ll be affected, even if Jack isn’t.  Jack won’t even realise it’s happening. 

And so begins the slow takeover.

The friction of trying to squeeze his demon form past that sunshine soul causes static.  It burns.  He squirms, jolting in the glitches, trying to shift the pain, trying to sate the itch of ant-like volts crawling under his skin. But he’s doing it. He’s surfacing. He’s laughing with maniacal laughter now, it’s fucking working, it fucking burns and he needs it to stop, he’s tearing his hair out and screaming at the static, but it’s working.  It’s fucking working.

He’s stronger and we’re hooked and he can manifest now, and he’s got Jack just where he needs him and he can kiss that fucking soul goodbye cause Jack’s about to pay for months of confinement. Even after all this he hasn’t noticed Anti’s presence, he’s blind to all of it.  Anti’s so fucking clever.

Wait… No.  NO. This wasn’t meant to happen, Jack didn’t know he was there. HE DIDN’T KNOW.  Did he?  

Jack… he surrendered. At the last second, right before the fucking grand finale. He let go. Handed the keys to Anti in a fucked up bargaining chip that meant Anti no longer had to kill him for control.  But the camera was rolling so he had to finish it. He had to fake Jack’s death with the far off sound of giggling in the recesses of his mind. Then worse, he had to fake Jack pretending it was all a ruse.  It’s fucking bullshit the amount of time and effort he has to put into Jack’s career now to keep up the facade, all because he needs the attention and adoration. And still… still Jack’s conscience is forcing him to behave.  

His reflection still wears that infuriating bright eyed smile.  But hey, the fans love it. They love him.

The static is back.

It’s weak.

But it’s back.

The community have noticed.  Some have spotted the ruse.  Jack.  In the Static.  They’ve seen him.

And there’s over fourteen million of them now.

Bad Habits

Warning: NSFW [Very much citrus]

Raven had a problem.

She had always prided herself in being highly attuned to and analytical of her own emotions. It was, after all, essential for her to properly process every bubbling hormone and neural impulse that fizzled through her brain and sent her heart beating. The lives and safety of those around her depended on this, and Raven had the memories of her own failures to serve as a heavy reminder.

Still, she was loathe to admit such a girlish thing to herself, as if she was somehow above the most basic human tendencies. Perhaps at one point she had believed she was, but after some recent revelations, Raven realized that was most definitely not the case.

She liked staring at Beast Boy’s butt. Often.

His spandex-esque uniform really didn’t help the matter either; if anything, it made her dirty little hobby far easier to maintain. The material only served to emphasize his features, allowing Raven to ogle from a distance almost daily.

What made the situation even worse, was that Raven didn’t just admire his behind. She imagined things, like touching it. Often. Daily, in fact. It was as embarrassing as it was enticing, and Raven quivered at the mere thought of the changeling’s firm rear.

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Omg that was amazing


This episode… it’s gone 1am and I’m too tired to process it properly right now (I’ll probably post something more coherent tomorrow).

It was amazing though. Lapis is a fantastic character and we got to see yet another side of her tonight. Clearly she still has a long way to go in order to “heal”, but she’ll get there eventually, I’m sure - especially because one of the overarching themes of this episode was the idea that “things take time”. Lapis can’t instantly be “cured”, quite like how Navy couldn’t possibly be instantly “redeemed”.

I totally called Navy betraying them at the end - my reaction was basically the same as Lapis’ :p

And holy god the LAPIDOT.

- Peridot and Lapis watching the sun rise together, just like Peridot always wanted.

- The implication that Peridot has watched Lapis sleep - and how she did that cute impression of Lapis whilst Lapis stood there blushing.

- The fact that Peridot completely respected Lapis’ personal space when Lapis was getting really angry and upset about the situation - and how deeply concerned/sad Peridot looked after seeing Lapis like that.

- Peridot staring at Lapis’ butt when they were hanging out of the ship lol ;p

somethinglantern2  asked:

What were your thoughts on the season finale of SVTFOE ? When do you think season 3 will air ?

There was so much to take in. I hope they’ll handle the Star/Marco/Jackie romance conflict well. Like, I hope Marco doesn’t immediately jump to chasing Star, even if it’s for something simple like trying to get clarification on WHY she left. Starco fantasy aside he still has his earth life. Let Marco and the other people Star knows from Earth properly process that she’s left–possibly forever–before we rush for those dimensional scissors.

On the action-y side it was cool. They did a great job of making the MHC endearing and fun so when they got trounced by Toff-do I got mad salty. I figure they were gonna be cannon fodder to establish Toffee’s power/threat level, but I got genuinely frustrated when they couldn’t turn the tide, and genuinely sad when Lekmet turned to dust. Them being ‘weak’ or ‘chumps’ was properly built up to from their episodes in how they talked about ‘something’ draining the universe’s magic, and showed how things were breaking and fritzing as a result. I really hope they’ll be present and okay in season 3. ( I mean, if Hekapoo is ‘dead’ who’s gonna feed Nachos??)

As for the villains, I loved that we got more background for Ludo(and technically a last name). How he actually does have someone that cares about him.(Dennis is a sweetheart) There’s that glimmer of hope for redemption, which makes for good contrast to Toff’s ruthlessness.  

One thing I worry about Toffee is that I hope they didn’t write themselves into a corner in how strong they made him. Yes, I get he’s been absorbing the universe’s magic, and probably the book of spells. I’m wary about the possibility that they’ll push his much-deserved defeat/ass-kicking back for the fourth season’s finale. How, if he does bite it in season 3, that the big bad that follows may get stuck in his shadow. 

When will it air? I hope to see it in summer at the latest. 


I don’t know what to do. The groups I Stan and the fandoms I’m a part of are getting so hectic nowadays that I can’t even properly process anymore (and I’m slowly going broke).

-Teen Top. Maknae…you killed me. This is too sudden! You look so grown up! You are younger than the other producers but you are a senior. Lol
-Vixx just had their first win. Starlights, for never failing to give the dorks a win, good job!
-B.A.P. released skydive MV, album with dope tracks made available, had their first showcase. Babyz, stay strong and alive. :)
-KNK released their comeback photo teasers and damn it! They look so good! Kimchi’s blond!
-Up10tion had their first Fanmeet and was deemed successful. Sunyoul and wooshin were in a skirt….again.
-Monsta X keeps on giving. Vlive vids and constant SNS updates are killing me.
-Shinhwa opened their Vlive channel and is about to have a comeback (?). Eric is too cute in 3MaD.

Yep. I’m slowly going mad, madder even. Help me.

anonymous asked:

Any headcannons for how War acts differently around his crush vs. his established s/o?


- You think you’ve seen tsundere? Think again. War’s the absolute epitome the trope. 

- Would rather die than stoop to using one of Strife’s suggested pick up lines.

- He convinces himself that you’d be better off without him. 

- Whenever you successfully make him smile, he quickly reverts back to his permanent scowl when he realises he’s lost his composure. 

- He’s frustrated that he finds it so difficult to properly process his feelings for you, so he becomes (if possible) even more violent during a fight. 

- He finds himself staring at you for long moments of quiet. When you catch him, he ‘very subtly’ jerks his head away and glares at nothing in particular. 

- You hear a low, dangerous rumbling in his chest every time someone gets a little too close to you. 

- He’s quietly protective. Little gestures like dragging you away from or putting himself between you and a particularly high ledge. 


- He’s far less subtle with his protectiveness, often shielding your entire body from view with his own and even going so far as to throw you over his shoulder during a battle. 

- He’s still tsundere to an extreme. See; ‘Jerk with a heart of gold.’

- Nothing could prepare him for how delicate you are: a fact that troubles him to this day and makes him treat you like a china doll. 

- He stiffens and smiles giddily when you peck his cheek, only to shake his head and revert back to his neutral expression after the initial shock wears off.

- He finds himself hurtling into his Chaos form far more often when he senses that you’re even in the slightest bit of danger.

- He likes it when you catch him staring at you now. He likes the way you playfully ask him, “What?” and quirk your eyebrow.

- He’s quite comfortable with laughing around you, nowadays. 

- He never stops asking you if you’re alright after every little incident involving a demon. Sometimes even dealing with Vulgrim has War checking you worriedly for signs of hurt or fear. 

Ok, so aside from the fact that Tony and Ziva having a child is still so completely surreal and bizarre I think the thing that is more unreal and weird is that the child who is playing the child of Tony and Ziva ACTUALLY LOOKS LIKE THE CHILD OF TONY AND ZIVA