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La Luz - Juanes 
Livin La Vida Loca - Ricky Martin 
Amor Prohibido - Selena 
Danza Kuduro - Don Omar
Bailando ft. Descemer Bueno, Gente De Zona - Enrique Iglesias
We Belong Together - Ritchie Valens
Suavemente - Elvis Crespo
Loco ft Romeo Santos - Enrique Iglesias
Gasolina - Daddy Yankee
El Perdon ft Enrique Iglesias - Nicky Jam
Zumba - Don Omar
Ai Se Eu Te Pego - Michel Telo
Loca ft El Cata - Shakira
Mi Verdad ft Shakira - Mana
No Me Compares - Alejandro Sanz
Tempo de Alegria - Ivete Sangalo
Dile al Amor - Aventura
Baila Esta Cumbia - Selena
Corazon Sin Cara - Prince Royce
Nada - Prince Royce
Fuiste Tu ft Gaby Moreno - Ricardo Arjona
Gordita ft Calle 13 - Shakira
Diz Pra Mim - Malta
Te Extrano - Xtreme
Hips Don’t Lie ft Wyclef Jean - Shakira
La Camisa Negra - Juanes
Cuando Me Enamoro ft Juan Luis Guerra - Enrique Iglesias
Show das Poderosas - Anitta
Obsesion - Aventura
La Bamba - Ritchie Valens
Te Esperando - Luan Santana
Guantanamera - Celia Cruz
Dos Locos - Monchy y Alexandra
Enamorate - Dvicio
La Diabla - Romeo Sanris
Tengo Un Amor ft RKM y Ken Y - Toby Love
Cuanto Duele - Carlos y Alejandra
Rechazame - Prince Royce
Beautiful Liar ft Shakira - Beyonce 
Promise ft Usher - Romeo Santos
Abusadora - Wisin y Yandel
Down - RKM y Ken Y
Equivocada - Thalia

Playlist " cuando me enamore "
  1. Close your eyes - Michel Buble⭐️⭐️⭐️
  2. One - Ed Sheeran
  3. Heart like yours - Willamette stones (movie if i stay)⭐️
  4. Stay with me - Sam Smith
  5. Marvin Gaye - Charlie Puth⭐️⭐️
  6. No way no - MAGIC!⭐️⭐️
  7. Save the last dance for me - Michael Buble⭐️
  8. Lost - Michael Buble⭐️⭐️
  9. Better than words - One direction
  10. Risk it all - The vamps⭐️
  11. Wrapped up - Olly murs
  12. Afire love - Ed sheeran⭐️
  13. Chocolate - The 1975
  14. Through the dark - One direction
  15. Half a heart - One direction
  16. You are the best thing ever - American idol cover⭐️
  17. The way you make me feel - Michael Jackson ⭐️
  18. High hopes - The vamps⭐️
  19. It’s Time - Imagine Drangons
  20. Pleas send me some to love - B. B. King
  21. Corazon sin cara - Prince Royce⭐️
  22. Something Stupid - Michel Buble
  23. Solita - Prince Royce⭐️
  24. Para tu amor - Juanes⭐️
  25. Who’s loving you - Jackson 5
  26. Wild heart - The vamps⭐️
  27. Cuando me enamoro - Enrique Iglesias

  28. Drag me down - One direction
  29. Pregunta lo que quieras sobre cualquier cancion, lo responderé con gusto. Tambien si quieres una ayuda o consejo no dudes.
Legend of Korra – Remembrances

Now, this is how you do a recap/clips episode! Take it to Mike, Bryan, and the wonderful animators over at Studio Mir to show the capability and prowess to even make a clips episode insightful and story-driven. The episode is split into three perspectives: Mako and Wu, Korra and Asami, and finally Bolin and Varrick.

We start with a great introduction by announcer, Shiro Shinobi recalling his own memorable past events such as the Equalist Revolution and Bolin’s brawl at the Nuktuk mover premiere.

  • I continue to enjoy how the series allow even the smaller characters to develop and have their defining moments.

The recap officially begins with Wu and Mako, who is teaching the dandy yet flimsy prince how to defend himself against potential attackers. In the midst of their sparring match, Grandma Yin and Tu enter the gym and inquire about why the flimsy prince is on the ground with Yin getting distraught and chastising her fire-bending grandson for injuring their royal guest. After Wu inquires about learning more about his bodyguard, Mako begins to recount about how meeting and dating Korra changed his life for the better as he learned how to fight for something that is beyond him or his interests. Interestingly enough, it is from Tu, Mako and Bolin’s cousin, that we get a very astute assessment about a past character quirk Mako carried within him, particularly when it came to the complex romantic-relationships he inadvertently developed between Korra and Asami.

“You know, it seems like you’re so afraid to disappoint anyone, that you end up disappointing everyone.”

  • For those of you that don’t know, that Tu is voiced by Greg Cipes who may know better as Beast Boy from Teen Titans and or Iron Fist in Ultimate Spider-Man. Like his other works, he did a great job here as well.

As his tale ends, Mako and Wu go back to sparring but after one hit from Mako, the sovereignty goes down yet again and yet again Mako gets a disapproving moment from his grandmother. 

The story then transitions to Asami and Korra, as the disheveled Avatar reflects with Asami, and later on Tenzin, on what Toph said in reference to her purpose and actually necessity in this new and every changing world; to her it seems every time she’s overcomes an adversary there is a new and seemingly more sinister obstacle of opposition awaiting to attack at her most venerable of moments. Even worse, each of these adversaries have had compelling valid points of why there were. In many ways, they were just good people, doing bad things, for good reasons; except for Unalaq, that guy was just the epitome of evil (keep in mind that I’m saying this knowing full well that he teamed up with the literal incarnation of chaos and darkness, Vaatu).

She also makes mention of how some of the more recent problems she has had to face have, indirectly, but nonetheless been created by her own actions:

  • Namely how after her battle with Unalaq and Vaatu, she decided to keep the spirit portals open, she accidently gave Zaheer the ability to air bend which allowed him to break the members of the Red Lotus out of jail and ultimately kill Earth Queen Hou-Ting and start a revolution of anarchy throughout the Earth Kingdom. Even after the Red Lotus’ downfall, the kingdom was still in turmoil which force Kuvira, the prodigious metal bender from Zaofu, to gradually turn into the villainess she is at the point in time.  
    • This is more of a meta-analysis but, can we just take a moment to appreciate how well-crafted and consistent this cartoon has been as a whole? I mean just look at how fluently the different arcs ebbs and flows with each other. The consistency is just remarkable.

However, as Asami and Tenzin point out vividly, that for every adversity and opponent that Korra has faced in her life as the Avatar, she has not only bested it but triumphant so well that she brought a positive and world changing to the entire globe; giving non-benders a say and power within the community, integrating the spirit world with the material world, and revitalizing the air-bending nation. For every indirect problem she has created she intentional constructed and executed thorough solutions one thousand fold; essentially, as she has matured and grown she has infinitely helped the world more than she will ever be able to hurt it.

Lastly, we conclude with Bolin and Varrick, as the two are just finishing up listening to a tale Baraz was telling. Soon after the genius, tycoon, rhetorician, philanthropist begins to weave a narrative that will act as the synopsis for his next mover, starring Nuktuk – I mean Bolin, who will be playing the role of “Bolin”. As he dives deeper into details, it is revealed that Zaheer will call Vaatu and put him on a conference call with Amon; unfortunately, to everyone’s displeasure, Unalaq is on the line as well.

  • It’s really alluring when people are able to tell a well-crafted self-aware story; I say this because I believe Mike and Bryan know that season two of Korra had the weakest reception with the fan base till about Beginnings where both the story and the appeal started to pick up and that’s why none of the other villians want to be associated with him. I think this is just their way at acknowledging their fan’s concerns as well as poking fun at themselves and their work.

Despite everyone else’s dismay to the unwanted fourth caller, they devise a plan to try and defeat the heroic and womanizing Bolin but through a series of events such as Bolin getting wisdom and guidance from the sagacious sage, who will be played by Varrick, assembling a team of air-benders and training them to their absolute highest potential and prowess, as well as getting a little help from the spirits, “Bolin” will triumphant and defeat the combined evil that is the newly assembled Fearsome Foursome (Varrick mentions that the name is a working title). Basically, this last third of the episode was Varrick scheming to make a profit off of the Nuktuk fanbase and the newly emerging Bolin fanbase by amalagating significant events from Bolin’s and Korra’s life into a movie. And, I must tell you, I can’t wait for it to come out in theaters XD

Like I said, I was really impressed by this episode because will it was essentially a series of clips, it still drove the plot forward as not only do we get some new comprehension about what the various team members are feeling at this moment we also see that while Mako, Korra, Asami, and Wu are hanging within and around Republic City, Bolin and Varrick are on their way there. Furthermore, when you take into consideration the limited parameters that the creators where given to work with but behind the scenes; they had their budget cut by this point as they were not going to fire a vast portion of their team. Even with all those discrepancies, they were able to make that still fits within the quality of what the fans have grown accustomed to.  Like Varrick states, “Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.”

It is because of his final, compelling statement and entertaining story that he gets MVP status this week. I think it should also be noted that the whole coursing of this recap episode, adding some new scenes in tangent with older scenes was influenced by the Samurai Champloo episode “The Disorder Diaries”.


  • Mako mentioning that “Wu down!” has become the prince’s catchphrase.
  • Zaheer calling and making jokes to Vaatu about being able to “catch him at home”.
  • Honestly, that last half of the episode is the right way to parody something. Teen Titans Go! could learn a thing or two from this episode (even though, I will admit the level of detail that they put into the Easter eggs scattered throughout the show is why I keep watching; their just that good!)
  • Bolin’s face being superimposed onto Korra’s spirit form body when Varrick was explaining the final climatic battle of his mover idea.
  • All the chibi avatars that were used this episode.
    • I’m going have to ask some of my drawing friends to make me some buttons of those if Mike and Bryan don’t start mass producing some immediately!! ^o^

While this was a recap episode, it was still entertaining to watch. I was a little surprised that only one episode came out this week because I was hearing mass rumors that there were going to do a four-part finale in the future to conclude the entire series, so I thought they were going to start with a two episode release schedule. As you can see, they didn’t and that’s okay because the slower they release the episodes, the more time we have to enjoy and reflect upon them. Until next week, we’ll just have to review the series as a whole up until this point…  “Incredible”, instantly comes to my mind.

Korrasami Wedding Day Headcanons

Korrasami Wedding Day

Asami may have been the first to say I love but Korra is the one that proposed, well the one that beat her to the punch. Korra proposed to Asami after their vacation in the spirit world when they got back to Republic City, after she could get her hands on the traditional materials, the blue and white stone Larimar and high quality fabric to make the choker that is the Water Tribe betrothal necklace. Asami was going to propose, and even had golden ring with a ruby at the center-front when Korra proposed , she just didn’t know where or when to ask Korra. Either way, the two lovers are overjoyed that they were thinking the same thing, accept each others proposals,, exchange gifts, and celebrate with a night on the town and later in the bedroom. After almost breaking the bed through their not so tender loving Korra insist on getting Asami a ring made of platinum and sapphire, and Asami insists on getting Korra a necklace made of gold and red jasper as its center piece.

Both Korra and Asami dress as brides from their respective homes. Korra’s bridal gown is predominantly white wit blue and purple accents and edges. Asami’s dress, while modern, is inspired by princess Ursa’s wedding dress, predominantly white with red, pink, and gold accents and edges.

The two love birds, or brides to be, decided to have their wedding ceremony where they met, in Republic City, and in the evening, for “romantic” reasons. They tried and wanted their ceremony to be a small and private event, just them, their loved ones, and friends at the Sato estate, but that proved to be impossible for a number of reasons. Their family and friends includes Tonraq, Senna, Mako, Bolin, Tenzin, Pema, Jinora, Ikki, Meelo, Rohan, Bumi, Kya, Katara, Lin Bei fong, Kai, Varrick, Zhu Li Moon, Sujin Bei Fong, Bataar, Bataar Jr., Huan, Wing & Wei, Opal, General Iroh, Lord Zuko, the former prince Wu, Jin, Chow, Tu, and the rest of Mako’s and Bolin’s extended family that had been living with Asami, as well as Desna and Eska (they are family, it was obligatory). This guest list contained at least 32 people, and every guest wanted to invite some else ( Zuko wanted his daughter, reigning Fire Lord Izumi, to attend the Avatar’s wedding,) and demanded that they be allowed to make a contribution to the wedding (Senna wanted to make Korra’s wedding dress, Zuko offered to commision Asami’s wedding dress, Wu and Su both offered to provide entertainment, Tenzin, Tonraq, Desna, and Eska offerd to provide food, and Lin offered to coordinate Security). Then the press caught wind of the wedding and ran with it, The Avatar Korra, a spiritual, military, historical, and social Icon, and Asami Sato, practical princess of Republic City, a genius on par with her father Hiroshi Sato, Varrick, and Bataar Jr., a commander of industry, two hero’s know through out the world, both women getting married to each other, this made headlines and the news paper companies a freaking mint. Lin had her hands full keeping the paparazzi under control and out of the ceremony and reception areas.

Deciding on the bridesmaids or matron’s of honor was difficult for Korra and Asami, but not for lack of volunteers. Pema, Jinora, Ikki, Zhu Li, Opal , and to everyone’s shock Eska volunteered. Korra decided on Jinora, and Asami took Opal as their respective bridesmaids. Ikki and a few young airbender or acolyte girls were the flower girls. Due to the fact that their were two brides the single isle and alter tradition was moddified to ave three paths to the alter Korra approached the alter from the left with her father Tonraq giving her away and Asami, came from the right with Tenzin giving her away. Bolin officate the wedding and vows. While the spirits were welcome, only a few attended, most importantly the dragon bird spirit that Korra helped during her first time in the spirit world, and the little spirit that helped Korra find Toph in the swamp.

Korra &  Tonraq                          Bolin & Alter                            Asami & Tenzin

       Audience                                                                Audience 

       Seats                                                                      Seats

Oddly enough, after the wedding ceremony, the two wives only take a week off for their honeymoon, taking a short, private cruise around the sea between the United republic and the Fire Nation, just the two of them on a private yacht. Korra was out of comission for three years and the world needs its Avatar, and Asami Sato is a leading captain of industry and a commander of great wealth, they both had a great deal of work to do. Being, married didn’t change much, it made them incredibly happy that their loved ones and friends showed their support, and they are glad that they didn’t have a swarm of obnoxious suitors anymore (apparently the paparazzi and tabloids helped out after all). The two had already been living together as Asami always had a home and money, and being the Avatar rarely brings substantial financial gains. Mako’s and Bolin’s extended family eventually, moved out, some returning to Ba Sing Se, but most remained in the United Republic of Nations, and more than a few became employess of Future Industries.

The ceremony was in the evening but the reception almost lasted until dawn, namely because the original 30+ guests invited more guests and brought a merriad of entertainers(Wu finally got to see the dancing earthbender pop out of bolders, thanks to Su). After “politely” chasing the guests away, Korra and Asami Met up in the bedroom, kissed, made love for the entire morning, and slept through the afternoon. When they woke in the evening, they had dinner, talked, laughed, kissed, and made love again on the dinner table after shooing away the servants.

A Very Happy Ending

Korrasami Forever

“continueremo  contare i tramonti che ci separano, continueremo a leggere “il piccolo principe” pensandoci. continueremo a maledire la distanza, ad aver voglia di vederci. mi hai tolto l’armatura, hai abbattuto i miei muri e m’hai ricordato cosa significasse vivere.”