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Some kuroshitsuji bits
  • <p> <b>Claudia Phantomhive:</b> born year 1830, current age if alive would be 59<p/><b>Vincent Phantomhive:</b> born year 1851, current age if alive would be 38<p/><b>Frances Phantomhive-Midford:</b> born year 1853, current age is 36<p/><b>Alexis Leon Midford:</b> born year 1852, current age is 37<p/><b>Ciel Phantomhive:</b> born year 1875, current age is 13<p/><b>Elizabeth Ethel Cordelia Midford:</b> born year 1874, current age is 14<p/><b>Edward Midford:</b> born year 1872, current age is 17<p/><b>Prince Soma Asman Kadar:</b> born year 1872, current age is 17<p/><b>Sieglinde Sullivan:</b> born latter 1878, current age is 11<p/><b>Sebastian Michaelis:</b> error 404, age not found<p/><b>Bonus bit:</b> the current arc is at the year 1889, around November. So in a few months Ciel will turn 14!!<p/></p>
Kuroshitsuji character ratings:
  • Finny: an angel. Has only good intentions. Pure of heart. Actual ray of sunshine. 10/10
  • Prince Soma: a best friend. A good kid. Tries his best. Filled with love. 10/10
  • Ciel: Kind of a shitlet. Too emo. Pretentious. Unironically listens to evanescence. Still a son, gets a 10/10 but probably doesn't deserve it.
  • Lau: Always high. Secretly sad. Probably suffering. His jokes are the worst. Gets a 10/10 in spite of that.
  • Lizzy: a goddess. Tries hard. Has a lot of love. Deserves the best. Also cute. 10/10.
  • Sieglinde: 3 ounces of whoop ass. Wild af. Also precious. V funny and adorable. 10/10.
  • Grell: Nice hair. Nice clothes. Nice heart. A queen. Could kick my ass. 10/10.
  • Edward: thinks he isn't soft. He's soft. Very awkward. Tries too hard. Wins fights by crying. 10/10.
  • Diedrich: gets a 10/10 just because of how long he's had to put up with the Phantomhives and their bs.

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, New York, July 31, 1924

What this article fails to mention is that Lois Sturt supposedly had a passenger in the car when she was pulled over - the Prince of Wales, future King Edward VIII.

The lower image, from the Springfield Missouri Republican, August 31, 1924, shows the future king playing “Chasing Clues” and slumming with a Tallulah Bankhead.