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My wonderful fellow space nerds, I’ve been pretty busy on Redbubble and I had quite some fun coming up with new things. Of course, most of them are space related because spaaaaaaaaaaaaace!

Anyway, here are some of the new designs :)

NASA Insignia with the Helix Nebula

Space Queen: Meatball Style 

Space: Meatball Style with the ‘Thor’s Helmet’ Nebula 

USS Voyager  #01   #02   #03 


i got really carried away but I LOVE WINGS!!!! I love birbs and wings and i don’t know why i don’t make more characters with wings. 

Fanart of avian Keith and Shiro from @fishwrites’s Watercast fic! Outfits based on @marchingspace’s design with my own twist! I love designing fantasy outfits with functionality for weird anatomy i also love halter tops with a firey passion.

i’d like to take this moment to say that harpy eagles are my favorite species of eagle. o<-< They’re so cute and silly looking with their poofy crests but so badass. 



THE UNCLES or could also be the newly-wed couple’s exes-turned-friends.

I just had to make this separate post.


mystic messenger characters + symbols // insp.

  • Viktor: Yurio's at that very special age where he's only got one thing on his mind.
  • Yuuri: Boys?
  • Viktor: Homicide.
The Signs As Places In Europe

Aries - Barcelona, Spain

Taurus - Paris, France

Gemini - Berlin, Germany

Cancer - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Leo - Prague, Czech Republic

Virgo - Budapest, Hungary

Libra - London, England, United Kingdom

Scorpio - Stockholm, Sweden

Sagittarius - Bruges, Belgium

Capricorn - Lisbon, Portugal

Aquarius - Venice, Italy

Pisces - Crete, Greece