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I LOVE that you talk about Phil as his own person and that you bring attention to 'philphobia'! I see in your posts so many of my own thoughts that I've been too afraid/uncomfortable to address, and it makes me happy(? more like satisfied?) that someone is saying it so publicly. It's a disheartening reality some parts of the phandom and it's important to mention it, so thank you <3

I admire Phil so much, and for so many reasons. These are just a few:

  1. He seems like such a genuinely nice, warm, caring, thoughtful person.
  2. He seems so generous, such as when he invited Dan onstage at the BONCAs to share his accolades.
  3. He never brags about his accomplishments, even if maybe sometimes he should! He’s accomplished a lot worth bragging about!
  4. He seems like a really good friend, not only to Dan but to loads of other people, most of which we never see except in occasional little glimpses like his recent collab with Shawna. This is one of the reasons I wish he did more collabs with other YouTubers, because a lot of them seem very fond of him, but we don’t get to see it much.
  5. He seems to really try to keep a positive attitude. Sometimes in life that’s hard, like when he got sick on tour, but he seems to always really try to find a way to still be happy and to make others happy, too. He still went out on that stage every night and did his best to make that once-in-a-lifetime experience something every audience member would always remember with joy.
  6. His love for animals is adorable, but also ethically meaningful. I love that he said in his last live show that while on the tour in Florida he was really worried that they were invading the personal space of the baby alligators. Phil really thinks and cares about the well-being of other creatures, both humans and non-humans. He shows so much respect for the natural world, people and animals and plants and all!
  7. He seems like a very ambitiously creative thinker who believes he can make things happen, and that’s clearly been the case since childhood, since we’ve seen clips of the movie he made when he was a kid. Most kids wouldn’t have had the drive and perseverence to create such a large project, but kid!Phil did. Just imagine what he still has ahead of him!
  8. He seems to laugh a lot, and to quite easily laugh at himself. It requires a real belief in yourself, a sense of security and respect for yourself, to be able to laugh so easily when you realize you’ve done something stupid. I’ve always admired that about him, that he doesn’t edit out the moments when he’s filming and says something dumb … instead, he usually emphasizes it in his videos, knowing that millions of people will see it! That’s a sign of incredible comfort with himself, a level of comfort most people never achieve.
  9. He’s incredibly beautiful from a purely visually aesthetic standpoint, but doesn’t seem to think about that much. It’s rare that we see a photo of him—like the ladybug selfie—where he seems to be emphasizing his own physical beauty. I worry sometimes that this comes from a lack of recognition of his own physical attractiveness, but then pics like the ladybug selfie make me doubt that it’s ignorance, because nobody could look at that photo without thinking, “That is an incredibly beautiful man” … not even Phil, I hope.
  10. He doesn’t let society’s expectations limit him, and it seems like he never really has. He’s always seemed open and accepting (and even proud) of the ways in which he is unique, different, and even “weird.” He doesn’t let anyone’s expectations of what a 30-year-old man “should” be like determine his behavior or his attitudes. He watches anime and steals cereal and dresses up in silly wigs and giggles and doesn’t let anybody tell him that he needs to “grow up.” There are a million different ways to be a “grown-up,” and I love that Phil defines it for himself instead of letting anyone else define it for him.

Phil is not half of Dan-and-Phil.  He is his own person, and I love that person for all the things that make him who he is, even the things he doesn’t let us see, because he has a right to privacy. Whatever parts of himself he chooses not to share, those parts of him still contribute to the whole Phil, and that person is someone I admire and respect.

Post-It Notes, ch9

on Ao3

ch1 | ch2 | ch3 | ch4 | ch5 | ch6 | ch7 | ch8 | ch9 

IT’S BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! honestly posting this is making me super nervous because it’s been such a long wait? which im very sorry about? so i owe yall a really good chapter in return for u guys being so lovely and patient <333 

thank you to @sadrien and @reyxa for being the best cheerleaders ever, love you guys <3 also HUGE shoutout to sadrien for beta-ing (ish??) for me. god bless i lov u 

as always, comments and reblogs are very much appreciated!!! (please reblog omg i want 2 know what u guys think!!!) 


Adrien is drowning. The harsh blue of the memory of her eyes pull him in deeper and deeper, and Adrien doesn’t know if he wants to stay above water anymore. He now knows for sure that the post-it notes had been Marinette, but he still almost can’t believe it. It feels like a dream that is too good to be true, but Adrien hasn’t woken up yet.

Adrien is so in love. And he is so fucked.

Adrien sinks into his chair as he spins in it absentmindedly. The words “I love you” scrawl their way across his vision again and again and again. He hugs the note to his chest.

“I love you,” he murmurs, swooning a little as he says it.

“Aw, Adri-chou! I didn’t know you felt that way about me!” Plagg coos as he zips into view.

Adrien rolls his eyes. “Plagg, you know I hate it when Chloé calls me that.”

“Adri-fromage, is that fucking better?”

“I hate you.”

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Malec + Prompt #180! ("You know my name?") :D

Here we go :D

The follow up to this drabble can be found here.

“You know my name?”

When Magnus posted his first movie critic on youtube, he had no idea it would become viral. He knew it was funny and witty, thanks to his friends’ commentaries – though mostly Cat’s and Tessa’s since Ragnor and Raphael sucked and had no taste whatsoever -, but it was a surprise when his youtube channel went from a few hundred followers to four thousand in a matter of two weeks.

And from there, things just kept growing. It didn’t take long for Magnus to start being invited for premiers once he was regularly posting a movie review per week. Big named sponsors followed suit and his account hit a million followers in less than a year. Magnus found himself writing reviews as well as performing them to the camera and doing a few guest participations on other youtube channels as well. Soon, everyone in the entertainment business knew who Magnus Bane was.

Along with the blockbusters movie reviews, though, Magnus also took the time to make videos talking about some other less known indie movies. Those were actually his favorites, even if they didn’t attract as many viewers as the superheroes and Oscar nominees did. Still, there was something especial in them and Magnus took pride in shinning some much-deserved light on the talented actress Maia Roberts or praise screenwriter Meliorn, as eccentric as he was, just to name a few.

Magnus had named this section of the channel The Downworld. He would become obsessed with the work of some unknown artist and do his best to help them get their big breakout moment. His latest obsession was the mysterious Art Director A. Light, whose vision was so extraordinarily distinct, Magnus could spot it every single movie without even knowing the man was in the production team.

Now, Magnus would love to have him for an interview. Only, nobody actually knew who the guy was or how to get to him. It seemed he liked playing hard to get.

Luckily, Magnus loved a challenge.

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hiya~ just passing by and thinking about reaper76 (no reader insert) and their pretended marriage au 😏 whatcha' thinking 'bout that love? p.s. just wanted to tell you that your writing always bring smile on my face, the way you have with words captivated me from your first posts and i don't think i will ever forget your style (just really love your humour the jokes in it work every time) (although i find your blog only when you started writing overwatch fics i wish i found you sooner)

(my jokes work, thank god. You have no idea how long I’ve been chewing on that one, waiting for someone to tell me if my attempts at humour land. This really made my day <3

Also Fake Marriage, yes pleas.
Because just, hnnngh. Gabe more or less reluctantly teaming up with Overwatch after it turns out he’s been set up/lots of misunderstandings/shenanigans. But he and Jack have been drifting apart for so long and even though both technically know they’ve been played out against each other, knowing it and acting accordingly are two very different things. 
They fight, they argue, they can’t stand being in the same room and it’s worse because both remember they used to be inseparable.

So, shit happens and they have to pretend to love each other. They have to dig deep under all the baggage to find that affection they used to hold for each other, and what’s scary is that it’s easy.
The first morning Gabriel shovels six spoon fulls of sugar into his coffee cup, hesitates, then just upends the whole damn sugar bowl into his coffee, Jack doesn’t have a problem hugging him from behind and kissing him good morning.
And when Jack loses horribly at some video game because he’s too busy admiring the scenery (”look at those trees, Gabe, they’re all handcrafted. Every one of them. Look at the trees.” “Will you please look at the giant venomous spider instead?”) Gabriel laughs like he hasn’t in ages.

I will go down with that trope tbh, and because I have no restraint, I wrote just under 2k words which may or may not be the beginning of a multichapter fic I’ll be putting on AO3.

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since ive been complaining about shit already tonight i might aswell just mention random crap that i’ve been thinking about, but ill spare your dash, feel free to read me rambling about absolutely random shit if you want

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Obsessive - Part 10

The Reader spends the day at the clubhouse and has a talk with Chibs.

(This will be multi parts so check back for my next installment. As always, if you want to be notified of my updates just let me know and I will message you when I post new chapters)

**Disclaimer: I do not suffer from OCD so I cannot begin to imagine what it is like. Any and everything that I am writing is what I’ve learned from people I know and the internet as well as asking advice from friends who know more about it than me. If anything is wrong or inaccurate of someone with OCD, please excuse my ignorance, as I said I am asking questions to help with the descriptions but I’m sure I will get something wrong eventually.

Juice Ortiz x Reader

(GIF isn’t mine)


You took the liberty of looking over the books for TM on your own that day because Bobby called and told you he had other things to take care of. Your OCD ramped up pretty bad when you were at the clubhouse, you noticed, and you were frustratedly checking and re-checking your numbers to make sure they were right. You knew it was going to take you awhile to get this all done by yourself, but you buried yourself in your work, trying to keep your mind off the cute tattooed guy you hadn’t stopped thinking about since he installed your cameras.

Juice arrived at your apartment and sweeped it, making sure nobody was inside and placing your photo frames and other objects he noticed out of place back where they belonged so you weren’t on edge when you came home. Obviously someone had been inside this morning and he was aggravated at the idea that it was more than likely the same prick on your security cameras. He made a mental note to sit down with you and show you the videos finally, maybe you would recognize something about the person and be able to identify him. In the meantime he switched out the locks, which took all of about 10 minutes and then locked the door from the inside using both the deadbolt and the doorknob lock. Satisfied with his work, he went to his bag, pulling out his own laptop and starting a hack on the cameras placed around the apartment property as well as a couple traffic cams nearby, hoping that once he had cracked in, he might catch a glimpse of this guys face. He set his system up to start randomizing passcodes and let it go, setting the computer down and rechecking the door to be sure it was locked. He looked at the time, it was already almost 10 and he really needed to get some rest, so he settled for a quick shower before pulling on some gym shorts and retiring to your bedroom. You had given him the go ahead to sleep in there after all, and a bed was a bed, which was much better than a couch and he knew he needed to be comfortable if he was going to get any rest at all. He settled under your fluffy white comforter and closed his eyes, drifting to sleep after just minutes.

For lunch Chibs had gone out to get the two of you burgers from the diner in town, and pick up the mail for the garage. You had asked him to also check your mail while he was out and he of course, said he would. Chibs had always been a mixture of brotherly and fatherly depending on the situation, and today he was being brotherly, which you loved because it meant he would do things for you that you were too lazy to do yourself.

When Chibs walked back in from his errands, he handed you a small envelope with your address on it, along with some junk mail you tossed on sight. He sat your bag of food down on the bar and lowered himself down on a stool to sit with you in the clubhouse and eat. You folded the lone envelope that didn’t appear to be junk, and stuffed it in your back pocket before opening the greasy brown bag and digging out its contents, licking your lips as your mouth watered. Unfortunately for you, brotherly Chibs was also quite the gossip.

“How’s things goin’ with Juice and you?” he asked, taking a bite of his burger nonchalantly as if this wasn’t a heavily loaded question he had just asked. He knew how you felt about Juice, and unbeknownst to you, he knew that Juice had recently developed a thing for you as well. Although he had no intention to let Juice’s secret slip, he did enjoy how flustered you got when anyone mentioned the Puerto Rican biker. He figured it would be a good way to gather intel on your crush to report back to Juice if he should ever ask. He liked the way the two of you looked together and despite Clay’s wishes, he knew you’d end up with one of the Sons in the end. He only hoped it would be Juice instead of one of the prospects; at least he knew Juice could be trusted. 

You hesitated before you answered, deciding to take the nonchalant route as well, pretending he was just referring to him babysitting you.
“Its okay. We stayed up late playing video games last night,” you gave a small chuckle, remembering how many times your player died because you were so terrible at the game compared to others. 

Chibs was really into the brotherly role today, and he wasn’t going to let your dismissal over the real meaning of his question fall by the wayside.

Picking up a napkin and wiping his mouth and beard, he shook his head, chewing and then swallowing a couple fries, “Not wha’ I meant, love,” he looked at you and gave you a shit-eating grin.

You rolled your eyes, huffing and pretending you were bothered by his prying, as if there was anything to hide. At this point and time, your relationship with Juice was nothing more than a couple of coworkers where one’s father was the other one’s boss.

“There’s nothing else to tell Chibs. You’d probably know already if there was.”
He raised an eyebrow at you and scoffed, “Juicey boy ain’t gonna tell me anythin’ tha’ goes on with’ ye, love. He ain’t gonna tell anyone because your da’ has marked you off limits,” he smiled, knowing Clay’s domination over your life aggravated you at times..

Your mouth dropped open for a moment, thinking back to Gemma’s words earlier, ‘I’m so happy you found someone in the club!’ she had said. Obviously Clay did not mimic those same emotions when it came to you and SAMCRO.

“I’m not a piece of property he can’t just do that.” you replied feistily, taking a harsh bite of your food and furrowing your brow, “I never get to meet anyone outside of the club because of him, now all of you are off limits too. Bullshit.” You growled and Chibs chuckled at your sudden anger.

“Aye, but he did. Tol’ Juice again as soon as he put ‘im on yer detail so tha’ he doesn’t act on his feelins,” his eyes crinkled at the sides as he smiled, his lips pressed together as he did.

You paused, taking in the information Chibs had just let slip, more than likely by accident.

“Why would my dad feel the need to reinforce that with Juice?”

Chibs choked at little while his smile faded, backpedaling as he spoke, “Ah he jus’ knows like tha’ rest of us tha’ ye like Juice so he wanted ta be sure Juice wouldn’ do anythin’ abou’ it…y-ye know… take advantage of ye…. if ye tol’ him,” he reasoned and you narrowed your eyes at him. 

Chibs suddenly looked at his watch, ‘remembering’ he had somewhere to be and excused himself.  

You decided to let it rest. If Juice liked you, all the time you were about to be spending together would definitely flush out a confession, and boy did you hope that happened. You could handle your father, and you’d be damned if you were gonna sit around and be lonely your whole life because he scared away anyone that wasn’t patched, and then put orders in place to keep even the patched guys away from you.

Dear Michael Alig

“Prisoner #97A6595 aka Michael Alig is officially released from prison today. In honor of that occasion, I thought I’d jot down a few thoughts about life in the new millennia to pass along to him.

Dear Michael,

It’s a very different world you’re re-entering into. So much has changed in the 17 years since you last walked among us. For instance: We have talking pictures now! And cronuts!

Boys are cuter in the 21st century. And dicks are bigger. These are facts. If you don’t believe me, spend an hour on Tumblr. Another odd thing: EVERYBODY has killer style now. Kids in Peoria are as fabulous as the kids in Williamsburg. It’s all rather dizzying, and kind of depressing. When everybody is fabulous, nobody is.

OMG. Burger King changed their french fries and the world has never been the same.

Cabs take credit cards now.

We don’t use the “t” word anymore. (It’s “trans” now) And don’t even joke about it. The PC police will GET YOU. Also: “cisgender” is a thing now. Sprinkle it liberally into conversations to give yourself a bit of gravitas.

Viral videos, blogs, GIFs, memes – there’s a whole world waiting for you online. But the internet is a scary place. Things get weird fast. I suggest dipping your feet in slowly. Gently. Here are a few fun, soothing videos to get you going: David After Dentist, The Prancercize Lady, Charlie Bit Me, Sweet Brown, Two Girls One Cup…

Technology develops at light speed now, you don’t want to get left behind. You NEED a smart phone, a computer, a DVR, and a tablet. There are no two ways around this. And be sure to keep up on all the latest upgrades and gadgets. You don’t want to be like me. I still have an iphone 4. Its calculator is an abacus. My Grindr only has Pilgrims in my area who want to hook up. It’s OLD.

Things we don’t need any more: Phone books, dictionaries, maps, and encyclopedias. They’re all in your phone. IT’S CRAZY.
Things it takes awhile to get used to not needing anymore: Photographs, books, and newspapers. You’ll fight this, but eventually you’ll succumb. It’s a paperless world now. Adapt or die.

You aren’t going to believe this one: Clubs play top 40 now. Rihanna, Britney, Katy Perry. That’s it. It’s very sad. The scene has changed. Clubs aren’t the subversive pleasure palaces of yore. Now, it’s just a thousand shrieking girls taking selfies and dancing to “Wake Me Up” by Aviccii.

95% of your time in any given club will be spent having your picture taken. Seriously. It’s. All. You. Do. Picture after picture after picture.
Smile. Snap.
Smile. Snap.
Until you want to snap someones head off.

Speaking of clubs: You’ve become a bit of a legend since you went in (YOU’RE WELCOME) and you WILL stop the room the first few times you go out. It’s an odd sensation, but even odder is when it doesn’t happen. See, you’re old now, and although many of this generation were raised on Party Monster , sometimes you’ll find yourself in a room where everybody is completely CLUELESS. They’ve never seen the Geraldos or Phil Donahues or Jenny Joneses. They’ve never heard of Angel. They don’t know or care who Julie Jewels was. They don’t even know who Andy Warhol was. A 21-year-old at WOW had never heard of Moby. MOBY. It’s weird. The generation that has the greatest access to knowledge in the history of mankind is the one that cares the least about it. So there will be places where you go where NOBODY WILL RECOGNIZE YOU and NOBODY WILL CARE. And because you are no longer a cute little twink, 20-somethings will LOOK RIGHT THROUGH YOU. Or worse: SNEER at the old man. Joy Behar once said that after 35 nobody looks at you on the beach anymore, no matter how good you look. It’s true. And it’s true everywhere. My point: Enjoy the times people recognize you, because not being recognized when your old SUUUUUUUCKS.

What else… what else….

Something happened to the Twin Towers. They aren’t there any more. Ask around for the story.

If you need a conversation opener, try “gluten.” It’s all anyone talks about anymore. Say you’re thinking of going gluten-free, and see how people light up.

Obama wants us to cough into our elbows now, instead of our balled-up fists.

You’re going to need to download the following apps ASAP: Grindr, Scruff, Jack’D, Uber, Snapchat, Vine, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, spotify, Wikipedia, Moviephone, IMDB, HuluPlus, Fruit Ninja, and Angry Birds (dated, yes, but you need to catch up)…

A crash course on social media platforms:
Facebook is where you find people you went to high school with who now own pretend farms.
Instagram is all the people you avoid at parties posting pictures of their breakfast.
Twitter is just people you don’t know making pithy comments about serious subjects they know nothing about.
Pinterest is where morbidly obese cat ladies pin pictures of what Katniss would wear.
Tumblr is micro-blogging + gay porn for tweens.
And Vine is always just sx seconds of extreme torture.

Haterz gonna hate, of course, but the worst of the worst are YouTube commenters and Redditors. You have been warned.

Stay away from Beliebers, Little Monsters, and Directioners. They make holocaust deniers seem well-reasoned. And they will cut a bitch if you cross them.

Breaking Bad. You need to Netflix that shit NOW. (Also on your to-do list: Get Netflix.)

Movies. I was thinking of starting a #MoviesMichaelNeedstoSee on Twitter, because I can’t possibly list 18 years worth of important, life-altering movies off the top of my head, but here’s where to start:Donnie Darko, Bully, Gummo, Mysterious Skin, Blair Witch, Election, Jaw Breaker, Y Tu Mama Tambien, Apt Pupil, Hedwig, Spring Breakers, Funny Games, Happiness, The Rules of Attraction, American Psycho, Boys Don’t Cry, Velvet Goldmine, Fight Club, Bad Santa, Scream, The Ice Storm, Boogie Nights, Igby Goes Down, Rushmore, Die Mommy Die, Last Days of Disco, AI, Lost Highway, 28 Days Later, Pan’s Labyrinth, District 9, Capturing the Friedmans… and on.

Funny side note: Drug dealers almost always have Party Monster on. Or Kill Bill Volume 2. Literally WITHOUT FAIL. Every drug dealer’s apartment you will ever go to (and I’m not advising you to got to any… but) there they are. There YOU are. On a loop.

Drugs. Omg, there are so many new drugs that I’m advising you not to do. You can’t, of course, because you’re on A SPIRITUALLY ENLIGHTENED PATH now – planting trees in Angel’s name and building homes for orphans and whatnot. The last thing we need is for you to chew off some hobo’s face while high on bath salts. But there’s a WORLD of new synthetic drugs you should AT LEAST be aware of: K2, Salvio, Meow Meow…
OH. There is ONE drug that you really OUGHT TO TRY. You’ll just love it, I know it.
It’s called krocodil.
Really, Michael, I’m just going to get a tiny, little gram of krokodil as a getting out present…. Thank me later.

Well. That should get you started.

All my best wishes for you’re newly rehabilitated life. Enjoy the new millennia, it’s been waiting for you”


-James St james


Well, here is what actually went down! It’s going to be a long post but everything here is 100% accurate from my point of view and it’ll detail everything from start-to-finish. The post is cut into sections so you can read what part you’re interested in.


I always planned to compete on SMTM since I first watched the show (SMTM3) – just the idea of rappers having their own show was new & fresh, the first of its kind. However, the fact that it was obviously for Koreans or those that knew Korean (shout out to Toy) made me not go until I found out that they were doing LA auditions for everyone. Mnet promoted the audition as an “open casting call for rappers,” which made me believe that they were looking to branch out to rappers of other races as well.

So I bought my ticket, and traveled from Toronto to LA where I met a few Koreans at the hotel I stayed at. One of them ended up becoming a friend of mine who I still talk to – more on him later! He passed round 1!


We were asked to arrive by 9AM, which most of us did, but we didn’t start auditions until like 3PM. This really helped us socialize with the other rappers that also came to audition. I spent most of my time with JooNann (my friend from earlier), Flowsik, TinaMina, Lafic (who is also from Toronto), Kash, and etc. 

In the words of Flowsik, “LA auditions are very chill. In Korea everyone competes and the [atmosphere] is too serious.” (Quote is probably not 100% accurate, it’s just what I remember).

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#8 (Imagine) -WDYM

#8 from my au list ; What do you mean? Of course I’m upset you practically are having sex with another girl in front of me!



REQUESTS ARE ALWAYS OPEN BABES (be sure to message me a #!!!)


Originally posted by playtiwe

I crossed my arms as the site in front of me unfolded .

Justin , my boyfriend of two years , and Xenia Deli , literally the most beautiful girl , were making out , right in front of me .

Justin was currently filming his What Do You Mean video , and he had invited me to the set , and of course I accepted because I love watching his videos .

But I would have never came if he told me this was gonna go down .

Hes knows im very jealous , and I know this is “fake” and all , but I don’t want to see another girl all over him .

I watched in annoyance as he laid her down on the bed before kissing her , his hand running up her thigh .

“Switch scenes” Someone called , and they got up. I rolled my eyes as Justin removed his shirt before kneeling on the bed , Xenia in front of him .

I looked away as she kissed up his chest , before attaching her lips back to his . I cant .

“Alright, good shot guys , take 5” The director said , and Xenia got up , a slight flush on her cheeks as she fanned herself .

I bit my lip , not being able to watch anymore of her puppy eyes gazing at Justin lustfully.

I turned around and walked out of the building and towards my car , wanting to get out of there as soon as possible before Justin caught me .

But of course , nothing ever goes my way

“Y/N!” I hear Justin call , and I curse under my breath , continuing to walk .

“Hey , babe” Justin says as he caught up , grabbing my arm .

I pulled it away and crossed them , trying to contain the fury building inside of me .

“Hey , where are you going?”He asks , out of breath .

He looked unbelievably sexy standing in front of me , shirtless.

But then I noticed his slightly swollen pink lips and messy hair , and I scoffed at him .

“Im going home Justin” I snap , and he furrows his eyebrows .

“I thought you wanted to come to the set?” He asks , scratching his head .

“Yeah , I did . But do you really think I can stand in there and watch another woman , who is beautiful might I add , practically have sex with you?” I seethe .

“Y/N…” Justin groans , and I roll my eyes .

“I know what youre going to say Justin” I cut

“Its all pretend , it doesn’t mean anything , blah blah blah”  I say , mimicking his voice .

“But it means something to me . Im not going back in there , so ill just see you later” I finish , turning back around to get into my car .

As I opened it , Justin closed it again .

“Y/N , im sorry youre upset . I wasn’t thinking and I was being insensitive ..” He says , grabbing my chin and forcing me to look at him .

“But trust me when I tell you , this doesn’t mean anything . Its only for the video and that’s it” He says , and I sigh , looking down .

“How would you feel if you saw me doing what you two were doing in there with another guy?” I ask , and his jaw clenches .

“Whatever just went through your brain” I say when he doesn’t respond “Is exactly what im feeling times 10” I continue

“So think about that before you pull this stunt again” I say , getting inside of my car and pulling off .


It was about ten at night and I still haven’t talked to Justin, but at this point I didn’t care . I was still mad at him for his stunt earlier today and I didn’t want him near me .

As I was getting ready for bed , there was a knock on the door and I walked towards the door to open it .

I crossed my arms when I saw Justin standing there , smiling sheepishly at me  with flowers in his hand .

“Apology flowers?” He says , a slight grin on his face and I rolled my eyes .

“Im glad you think this is a joke” I say , grabbing the flowers from his hand and turning around, walking away.

“Wait Y/N” Justin says , following me into the kitchen as I grabbed a vase from the cabinet and started to fill it with water .

“Im sorry” He says as I stand there mute , filling up the vase.

“Babe” He urges ,wrapping his arms around me from behind , before kissing behind my ear , making my skin ignite .

I quickly moved away from him . “You don’t get to do that” I say sharply , to which he gave me a serious look.

“Are you serious right now? Y/N I already apologized” He exasperates and I shrug my shoulders.

“An apology doesn’t solve everything Justin? What I saw today really hurt? I felt cheated on” I say honestly , trying to keep my emotions at bay.

“Its for the video” He says and I snap .

“I don’t care! Because youre my boyfriend and whether its for some video or it doesn’t mean anything youre still my boyfriend and no girlfriend wants to see their boyfriend making out with another girl!” I shout , breathing deeply.

“Not to mention you picked a girl that’s ten times more prettier than any freaking average girl including myself” I add , looking away from him .

“Don’t say that” He says but I ignore him , Im too heated .

“Do you know how it feels watching a girl whos prettier than me , kiss you and touch you that way?” I ask , pacing back and forth.

“Touch you , the way I do?” I continue , stopping in front of him .

“Nobody should be allowed to do this” I put my hand on his chest , before dragging it down , my nails slightly scraping over his t-shirt

“But me. So of course im upset that you are practically having sex with a girl for a video” I finish , looking up at him .

Before I can even blink his hands are at the sides of my face and his lips are on mine , the soft , plump lips I love .

I open my mouth to deepen the kiss  our tongues battling eachother before he grabs my waist , lifting me up onto the counter .

“Im yours” He whispers between kisses , making my heart melt .

“Nobody elses , just yours. You don’t ever have to worry about someone taking me from you . Because I already have the most beautiful , smart ,caring , and sexy woman out .” He finishes, and i smile slightly .

“Im really sorry I did that video , I don’t want you upset with me” He mumbles , and I nod , deciding to just let it go .

“Okay , but if you do something like that again im not having sex with you for a month” I threaten , and his eyes widen , making me giggle.


Hello A.R.M.Y! So, yay!, our boys will have a comeback in February (i’m really impatient and ready to die!). Anyway! I saw a post on Facebook about the, maybe, date of their comeback and then I decided to search more and found some interesting things, I’m here to share my opinion so share yours with me too :D

• First (like you probably saw everywhere haha) the date! According to the MV we can see at 3:12 Jimin and Suga facing each other and also a small placard “chatroom 2,3”.

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My Epic #Prince Appreciation Post ❤️❤️❤️

Starting this off properly, Happy 56th Birthday to #Prince Rogers Nelson! Prince is the very inspiration behind every song I sing/write and he’s also responsible for much of the music I love. My obsession began during my childhood. I came out the same year as Sign ‘O’ The Times, so my parents definitely surrounded me with Prince. Everything about his artistry, his insane level of beauty and just his intense love of music fascinates me. I look at Prince as the definition of what I want to be as an artist. He’s so driven and his talent is comparable to none. There is no other artist like him in the world. On all days, and especially today, I can be heard (literally, at times) singing his praises. While I’m positive he has never seen any of my endless admiration posts, I continue because I love it. A day will not pass that I don’t thank God for Prince. Now I’m going to try to tell you why I love him so much. Do note that the songs in this post appear in alphabetical order. I could not type all of this and decide to rank it. (Just know, overall, “ADORE” is the greatest.)

1.       ADORE (Sign ‘O’ The Times, 1987) – What can be said about “ADORE” that hasn’t already been said? Hell, what can I say about ‘SOTT’ that hasn’t been said? “ADORE” is my all-time favorite song by Prince, and almost in life. (There’s a tie between this and “Love Ballad” by L.T.D.) Falling in love has never sounded so cool, yet strangely beautiful. It’s so refreshing to hear a love song that contains honest emotion, and no cliché lines. Prince manages to completely capture what I feel is how true love is supposed to be written. It’s selfless, it’s all consuming and it’s even funny. Nothing ranks higher in my book. I “ADORE” him for it. And I am still mad that he doesn’t even perform this during Sign ‘O’ The Times. That is a travesty.

2.       Alphabet St. (Lovesexy, 1988) – If Prince wasn’t so anti YouTube this would definitely be a separate video appreciation post. (His hair was LAID!) “Alphabet St.” is a really fun song to sing. The way Prince experiments with his voice and different sounds to record are never a bad thing. There’s actually rapping on this track that I don’t mind. As Prince fans, there are those questionable rap verses that either make us laugh or roll our eyes.

3.       Anna Stesia (Lovesexy, 1988) – I love when Prince talks about God in song. I think it’s some of his best work, and I think it’s just a creative way to be spiritual and secular. “Anna Stesia” is probably one of the sexiest songs I’ve ever heard about God.  Will I probably be going to hell for saying that? Eh, there’s a possibility. But it’s not a false statement. Prince makes praise sound hot. And I’m all too excited to hear the word from that perfect man’s mouth. Not only is this a well written song, the music is amazing. It’s one of those songs I could listen to throughout the day and not even care how many times it plays.

4.       Beautiful, Loved & Blessed ft. Tamar (3121, 2006) – Ha, I included another song about God. “Beautiful, Loved & Blessed” is another go-to feel good song for me. More than anything, I feel that music has the power to make you believe in something. Music is already closer to my religion than anything else in this world. I know that my faith in God doesn’t have to exist apart from my love of music, and I love that the music doesn’t get too preachy. This one also features one of many protégés, Tamar. I really dug their chemistry on songs. 3121 was an album meant to tour with, in my opinion. Prince, my love, get your ass back in the states and bring it to DC!

5.       The Beautiful Ones (Purple Rain, 1984) – I don’t know if I love this song so much because I love Purple Rain the film, or if I love it because of its brilliance. Nobody likes not being enough. Less than that, nobody likes to lose. Couple that with being completely smitten, and the other person still being apprehensive. We can’t all be Prince and have our revelations for the world to see, but we have our own bouts with it. The music is perfect for the lyrics, but of course I love the lyrics a little more. Plus, how can you not love this song’s climax? It’s everything.

6.       Billy Jack Bitch (The Gold Experience, 1995) – It’s widely speculated that Prince is an intense lover. Well on this one, he kinda confirms it, lol. Prince scorned is some of the best shit ever really. This one is not only funky, but it’s a song that I LOVE hearing. He holds nothing back. Nothing upsets me quite like people who just can’t be honest. Those people have to be cracked open just for them to tell you what they truly think or feel. And that’s a pain in my ass, bruh. Say what you mean or keep it to yourself. (By the way, did he not kill the AMA’s in 1995 with the “Purple Medley” dance routine?)

7.       Colonized Mind (LOtUSFLOW3R, 2009) – Introspective music is a big plus in my book. Prince is analyzing society as he sees it on this one. I’m mad, though. Prince was not nominated for a Grammy with this particular song. He was actually nominated for “Dreamer” from the same album. Not that it didn’t rock, but when you think of what deserved the nomination, c’mon son. “Colonized Mind” had that on lock. In my opinion, it would have secured the win for him. It’s a beautiful song, as well. His voice on this one really does it for me towards the end. Check it out if you haven’t heard it.

8.       Come (Come, 1994) – Who doesn’t love an 11 minute masterpiece about oral sex? Oh, perhaps that’s an overshare. Hell, I love this song. Come has some of the rawest instrumentation I’ve ever enjoyed. This one is a masterpiece as far as production is concerned. The lyrics are the lyrics. That’s not a bad or good thing. Sometimes this one comes on and I’m not exactly in the proper setting for it to be played. I just kinda let it rock and hope no one pays attention to what’s being said or done, lol.

9.       Controversy (Controversy, 1981) – Isn’t it funny that this record was recorded over 30 years ago and people still ask the same basic ass questions that Prince addressed? Be easy, folks. Your curiosities should be satisfied. Prince isn’t ever one to back down from a challenge, and he surely isn’t going to slow down because he’s ruffling feathers. If you have any other questions, reference the music. Otherwise, I suggest you mind your business!

10.   D.M.S.R. (1999, 1982) – “Dance, Music, Sex, Romance” aka four things that I love when done right. Prince kept it entertaining in the 80s. My man would say the most outlandish things on a song, and have us singing along with him. This is a song where you have to sing it loud if you sing it at all. I love when he’s doing the call and response portion, lol.

11.   The Dance (3121, 2006) – Prince in love is interesting, but Prince frustrated by love is a completely different monster. “The Dance” is this slow, somewhat somber, cat and mouse song. It expresses the difficulty in putting yourself out there, and only being met part of the way. What’s crazy, he admits to being further invested than his partner, but sometimes we fall victim to our own convictions. We commit to things that we should really walk away from, because we’re too caught up. It’s not supposed to be like that, but we find ourselves in that trap at some point or another.

12.   Darling Nikki (Purple Rain, 1984) – Another one of those, “if it plays in public, I just face forward and act like I’m focused on something” jams. Nikki was a super freak, though. Invited him to the crib, made him sign a waiver, and then they got busy. Wow, Nikki wasn’t fuckin’ around either. Then she smooth rolled out and left her number for him to call. Nikki is one of the baddest female characters written by Prince.

13.   Diamonds and Pearls with Rosie Gaines (Diamonds and Pearls, 1991) – God, this song is beautiful. The video is amazing too. “Diamonds and Pearls”, for the music alone, is one of the all-time greatest Prince songs.  I know people who don’t really dig New Power Generation like that, but listen to the difference in the production for songs he performed with this band. It sounds fuller. And Rosie Gaines will always be one of my favorite vocalists. I get chills whenever I hear this song. It’s crazy how I still feel so strongly about it. Earlier today I watched the video, and I got really emotional out of nowhere. Lyrically, it’s perfection. People don’t give it enough credit, in my eyes.

14.   Erotic City (B-side to “Let’s Go Crazy”, 1984) – The “funk” or “fuck” argument is the one of the main reasons I can’t stop loving this song. When I worked for a music retailer, I played a lot of Prince. One of my many rivals walked in and said, “You can’t play this in here. He says ‘fuck’.” I was playing naïve. I did my best “Noooo. He’s saying funk.” Those were some funny times. Having to explain what Prince isn’t saying so you get to keep partying is always hilarious. Plus, it does jam.

15.   Forever In My Life (Sign ‘O’ The Times, 1987) – If you’ve done your research, you know Sign ‘O’ The Times is my favorite album by Prince. “Forever In My Life” is so simple and another honestly written love song. It’s nothing over the top, but just coming to a point where you feel good saying you need someone and you see them in your future. Love it.

16.   Fury (3121, 2006) – This is a modern Prince jam that I love. “Fury” is some more of that big, funky, scorned music. Resentment is what it is. As intense as love can be, finding out that the feeling isn’t reciprocated, or not as freely given, is enough to make somebody not like your ass. And when you feel slighted you don’t take it in stride. You need a way to get it off your chest. Unleashing that fury isn’t always the best way, but it gets the job done.

17.   Gett Off (Diamonds and Pearls, 1991) – Purple people are freaks, but we’re proud to be freaks. “Gett Off” is the shit. From the moment you hear the beginning, you know it’s about to get real. Prince hits the nail on the head with this. “How can I put this in a way so as not to offend or unnerve”. Keep your prudish ways away from this man because they do not stand a chance. I don’t even mind Prince rapping on this one. It kinda makes the song.

18.   The Greatest Romance Ever Sold (Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic, 1999) – I’m just a sucker for a beautiful love song. Originality in songs about love is not a problem for Prince. Cliché writing makes me want to punch people in the face. Because if you’re not going to express your true feelings in a way that is unique to the love you’re in, why bother writing at all? The way he writes about love has me yearning to feel it for myself. I know that’s a little weird, but it’s true. I either want to write love songs because of the brilliance of his love songs, or I want the love he’s describing so wonderfully.

19.   I Can’t Make U Love Me (Emancipation, 1996) – I love Prince covers. (That’s not to be confused with me loving songs by Prince covered by other artists. They can stop.) Prince changed the soundscape of this song. He turned it into this sexy slow jam. It’s less sad than I normally hear it. Still the sentiment isn’t lost. You want to be wanted, and when that person doesn’t want you like you want them, a piece of them seems better than none. Again, we’re not taught love as a formula or something that has a certain outcome. We’re learning it as we go.  All we can do is offer the most honest interpretation of love we know. Sometimes it pays off and sometimes… Well, it doesn’t.

20.   I Could Never Take The Place of Your Man (Sign ‘O’ The Times, 1987) – There’s that album I can’t stay away from again, lol. Prince tells a story about a heartbroken girl, looking to forget about the hurt with him. Now Prince surprised me with his decision not to indulge, but I understand. She’s looking to replace that man, and Prince isn’t really trying to fill that spot. Going back to the concert film, Prince was adorable performing this one.

21.   I Hate U (The Gold Experience, 1995) – Why am I attracted to music like this? I’m emotional as hell in terms of the music I enjoy. If I can’t play a song that perfectly describes my mood, it hasn’t been written. This is the greatest piece of Prince scorned. The Gold Experience has some gems. “I Hate U” is the finished product of “Why U Wanna Treat Me So Bad” if you ask me. Taking my love for you for granted will definitely lead to me hating you. Ignoring how I feel about you and purposely trying to hurt me will also make me hate you. She stepped out on him, and he was PISSED! And it only hurt so much because he really loved her. Of course this is just how I interpret these lyrics. Not saying this is gospel.

22.   I Wanna Be Your Lover (Prince, 1979) – Again, if this were a video appreciation post, HIS HAIR WAS LAID! This is a just a cute number stating that he wants to be it for you. Who doesn’t want to hear that? He’s volunteering to be everything. Now if Prince ever wanted to extend that offer my way, I wouldn’t hesitate to say yaaaaaaassssssss. Because I already love him, it would be easier than breathing.

23.   I’m Yours (For You, 1978) – Finally, some debut album Prince. The guitar solo on this joint is INSANE! Testing out his skills as an engineer, you hear Prince doing quite a number on this track. Prince goes from 0 to 60 in record timing on some songs. He’s never really tentative about love. It’s either this immediate life changing thing, or it’s heartbreaking and devastating. The good thing is, you always get something dope out of it.

24.   If I Was Your Girlfriend (Sign ‘O’ the Times, 1987) – Camille was out there killing it. This is another great love song. You want to be this in love. I’m an intense person; this type of love wouldn’t bother me. I’m probably not always going to be up for this, but I will find it extremely endearing.  Friendship can only strengthen any love you feel. The best part of this song is how desperately he wants her to confide in him the way she does her girlfriends. And the end is especially entertaining. If at all possible, avoid listening to the short version of this song. Always play the album version.

25.   Joy In Repetition (Graffiti Bridge, 1990) – I was singing this one last week. Lawd, the beauty of this one is unreal. Graffiti Bridge as a film is not my favorite thing, but the soundtrack is epic. “Joy In Repetition” is such a good groove. I love the way it’s paced. The buildup is smooth. Prince allows this story to unfold very well. I’m in love with the way he sings this song. ”Up on the mic repeating two words, over and over again…” I feel this song on me as it plays. Incredible track.

26.   Just As Long As We’re Together (For You, 1978) – This is my favorite song on For You. He’s such a love-struck dork on it. And it’s really sweet. I sing this one and I automatically start grinning like a fool. You can’t play this song and not fall in love with it. He’s so giving on this one too. If you’re like me, you just love how it plays because it’s such a fun record.

27.   Letitgo (Come, 1992) – Funk is in full effect. All I’m going to say about this: YOU CAN’T TELL ME HE DOESN’T KILL THIS. Prince hits the nail on the head with this one. Not only is this a cold groove, but it stands out as the only record that sounds like this on Come. It’s hard hitting, funky, and full of energy. People sleep on this album, but he took some risks that really worked in his favor on here.

28.   Love (3121, 2006) – Majority of these songs are either love songs, or they’re just discussing love. Love is another modern era Prince jam. It’s about trying to make peace in a relationship where one party is a little less willing to compromise. You can’t set ridiculous terms and expect someone not to object to more than a few of them. In order to love, you have to be willing to give. If it’s just a bunch of arguments and pointless sacrifices, you’re better off alone.

29.   Love Sign ft. Nona Gaye (1-800 New Funk, 1994) – Prince was stone cold pimpin’ in this stage. (By the way, shout outs to Ice Cube for directing this music video.) Nona Gaye is assisting on this one. Prince has a very simple message, make some love and let your problems fall. I support this just because I’m not a person who gets all into fights and needless conflict. The most confrontation you get from me is a debate. And even then, it’s probably not that serious. Make love, y’all.

30.   The Marrying Kind (Musicology, 2004) – This joint is MEAN! It’s also short. Prince is just out there scooping up chicks fresh off their breakups. And he’s doing it masterfully too. He told baby girl that he warned her man that she was worth marrying. Now, that’s an easy way to look good in her eyes, but I’m still judging my baby for that move. She is fragile, and he’s out there putting the moves on her. I dig it because it jams so hard, though.

31.   A Million Days (Musicology, 2004) – Loneliness in Prince’s music is explored in ways you wouldn’t believe. For someone who has had his share of women, you see how that isn’t exactly the most rewarding feat in the long run. Not being able to tell the only person you want to talk to how you feel sucks. Hell, not seeing that person, knowing whether they’re alright or just knowing they still care enough to come around is some crushing shit to experience. And that’s not to say that they don’t have their reasons, but it still doesn’t make it hurt less.

32.   The Most Beautiful Girl In The World (The Gold Experience, 1995) – Prince in love is everything. He’s pretty much always everything if you ask me. But this one is really sweet. And have you seen the video? Oh my God, it’s so beautiful. I know, when would you see the video, but if you can find it, sit down and watch it. I love music videos and this one if definitely worth the watch.

33.   My Name is Prince (O(+>, 1994) – “In the beginning, God made the sea, but on the 7th day, he made ME”. No lies were told. I’m not okay with Prince rapping all the time. But I am here for Prince’s love of Prince. Hell, I share that love, lol. This song is HILARIOUS! And even the video cracks me up. Prince was out there getting down. NPG was out there acting a fool too. I can dig it, though.

34.   New Power Generation (Graffiti Bridge, 1990) – Bruh, this song goes hard. I know I talk about everything like that’s my jam, but trust me. THIS IS MY JAM! As soon as this song starts on my iPod, I get my life. Yet another time where I must point out his hair being laid. God, Prince has some incredible hair. I’d hate it if I didn’t absolutely love it. I didn’t even mind him having a beard. So you know it’s real. You gotta get up and shake something when this comes on. And there’s a good message in here too.

35.   New Power Soul (New Power Soul, 1998) – Mid-tempo groove. I’m here for it. Why wouldn’t I love a song where you get to chant “get freaky”? Played this one a couple of days ago. Talk about getting my life. I know people were passing me like, “what the hell is she listening to?” That’s most days, though. I get really involved when I’m listening to my iPod. So when you add Prince to the mix, it’s a wrap.

36.   Nothing Compares 2 U with Rosie Gaines (The Hits + B-Sides, 1993) – Been a minute since I discussed a ballad. Prince and Rosie Gaines perform this live at an after show. That has to be incredible rewarding and very intimate to witness. I love this version of this song. Their chemistry on anything is unreal, but on this song, I believe this love story. I’m so grateful that this is the only version my mom played. Sinead is cool, but Prince is King. His version always wins. No competition.

37.   Old Friends 4 Sale (The Vault: Old Friends 4 Sale, 1999) – Last year Questlove made me so jealous when he said Prince performed this joint with a full horn section. I nearly shit myself just from scrolling my timeline. Prince does jazz. And he handles it with such skill. I actually love this one because it’s a little dark. It’s my “leave me alone, I’m brooding” song. There’s a pain to his voice that you never really hear on his other songs about loneliness. There’s something weird about how much I identify with this song. But I really love it.

38.   The One (New Power Soul, 1998) – The fact that this song still puts me in a trance is everything. I first heard this song as a cashier in a music store. My manager was nearly as obsessed with Prince as I am. So he had a leg up on me with the age difference and better access to music. I wasn’t hip to this album. But I soon learned. He wrote this for his then wife, but we don’t talk about that. Prince can write the hell out of a love song. I just need to keep bringing that fact up.

39.   Pop Life (Around The World In A Day, 1985) – “What’s the matter with your life?” Prince, you got a minute? Because there’s a lot wrong at the moment. On a serious note, Prince just has a quirky way of making something relatable into something you can jam to. The extended mix to this one, though. When he asks, “What the matter with your sex? Is 15 minutes your best?” Bruh, I died! He was out here giving no type of fucks.

40.   Private Joy (Controversy, 1981) – What do you think this song is about? I’m only asking because I really love it, but I know it’s not just about getting a kick out of something that no one knows about.  It’s an adorable tune, though. I love the way he laid this one down. You just have to love a man who knows how to have fun recording. Music is the sexiest thing ever, so when you combine his handsome ass and all of that talent, sheesh. He’s a walking orgasm.

41.   Purple Rain (Purple Rain, 1984) – “Purple Rain” doesn’t make this list just for being “Purple Rain”. I really do love this song. Recently it’s made me tear up whenever I watch the film. I just like the fact that the song is so emotional for Prince. Last year some awesome person put the footage of the first time he played it at First Avenue, and I watched it like my life depended on it. I got chills. It’s even cooler knowing just how much of the recorded version contains elements from that performance. I felt like everything else in the world was of no consequence, because I just watched history.

42.   Right Back Here In My Arms (Emancipation, 1996) – Emancipation was epic. They were all over Prince when he did that run. Hell, I was all over Prince during that run. Loved his goatee something fierce. Whoo lawd. He was fine. Anyway, “Right Back Here In My Arms” is one of those grooves that I put on when I’m feeling nostalgic. Again, Prince makes epic songs about loneliness. Perhaps I am confessing something with how much I enjoy songs about loneliness. I don’t even mind the rapping on this one.

43.   She’s Always In My Hair (B-Side to “Raspberry Beret”, 1985) – Can you blame anyone for always being in Prince’s hair? Oh my God, his mane is gorgeous. It frames such a beautiful face. Who wouldn’t want to be in his hair? What I love about this one is how hard he jams. That unconditional level of love someone expresses for their significant other is what I love. Everything about them does it for you. No matter whether they’re up or down, having you in their corner is enough to keep them going.

44.   Shhh (The Gold Experience, 1995) – Tevin Campbell’s version ain’t got shit on the man’s. It’s bigger, it’s badder and it’s sexier. The entire tone is set after he does that killer opener. Those drums bring it to life. Plus he has this guitar solo on it. My God. I am more in love with him with every guitar solo. Sometimes I just crank the volume on this one just to get lost in the music. By the way, Prince had his best engineering phase in the 90s. There is no debating this with me. Listen to how tight these mixes were. Give the man his props.

45.   Shoo-Bed-Ooh (New Power Soul, 1998) – Prince offers this cautionary tale to women who might be entirely too giving of themselves to the underserving. I only wish more people jammed these records from him too. Ultimately, it’s a groove, but it’s just kicking some game to people who need to learn it. Hell, I’m glad I know it by heart. Preventing myself from learning another hard lesson in the future. Thanks, P!

46.   Sign ‘O’ The Times (Sign ‘O’ The Times, 1987) – Do you want to know my favorite part of this song? “Sign of the times, mess with your mind, hurry before it’s too late. Let’s fall in love, get married, have a baby. We’ll call him Nate— If it’s a boy.” I have loved that part since I was a child. Prince was clearly trolling, but I don’t mind. He’s my heart. I’ll let him troll.

47.   Slave (Emancipation, 1996) – “Everybody keeps trying to break my heart, everybody except for me.” Prince wrote the angst filled soundtrack to my 20s. Now I was nowhere near 20 when this came out, but this was epic foreshadowing. Yaaaasssss, tell my life, boo. Seriously, though, Prince pretty much had enough of people trying him. Warner Bros. was trippin’. Media kept trying it. “Slave” always gets airtime with me.

48.   Slow Love (Sign ‘O’ The Times, 1987) – Man, I dig this one. The way he performed it during the concert film was EVERYTHING! Pretty conservative of him too. He didn’t get raw on it at all. It’s beautiful, though. My baby was over there crooning. I was here for it too. Yes I was.

49.   Somebody’s Somebody (Emancipation, 1996) – Oh, my love. This song right here is probably my favorite out of all three discs of Emancipation. It’s another groove about loneliness. Although Prince is insanely popular and in love at the time this is released, it’s still my jam. (Sidenote: The Love Symbol jacket with the Gemini sign on the arm [worn in the video] is BAD ASS! I want that coat so damn bad.) My love for this song is a combination of my being antisocial and entirely over being told I shouldn’t be single by random men, yet not being worth the effort to date. What is that shit? You just want to belong to someone. It wouldn’t be the worst thing that’s happened to me.

50.   Somewhere Here On Earth (Planet Earth, 2007) – His fashion in this video, lawd. This is my little secret admirer jam. So when I get to that point where I’m just longing for no damn reason, I remind myself that that someone is somewhere on this planet. Call it corny, whatever. And that someone most of the time is Prince, lol. I love him and that is not a secret. Why do you think I openly refer to him as my baby?

51.   Starfish and Coffee (Sign ‘O’ The Times, 1987) – This song is the absolute cutest. You can really tell he enjoyed himself writing this one when you listen to it. Funny story, I was actually being interviewed for a job, and the man considering me for the position was a HUGE Prince fan. In the middle of the interview he definitely asked me had I heard this song. Now not only is it one of my favorite songs ever, I’m always reminded of that job interview. (By the way, I did get the job. Prince fans rock.)

52.   Strange Relationship (Sign ‘O’ The Times, 1987) – I’m going to take time to really discuss my love of this song. No anecdote will accompany this one, but listen to me when I tell you, it is my SHIT. “Strange Relationship” is kinda petty, but I 100% identify with those emotions. You’re so in love with someone, that despite that love, you cannot stand seeing them too happy about something, but would never want to see them too down. You don’t treat them like crap on purpose, yet you know how to push their buttons. It’s not abusing their love for you; it’s kinda just reminding yourself that you always have them, even where you’re at your worst or being the worst. It would be horrible to face life without them, yet you know how to get rid of them when you need time alone. The title fits. Strange relationship indeed.

53.   Strollin’ (Diamonds and Pearls, (1991) – I like when Prince makes cute songs about nothing in particular because it gives me a reason to be inexplicably happy. There’s no better way for me to explain “Strollin’”. It’s honestly an insanely cute song about absolutely nothing. They’re just enjoying good weather by taking a drive. Kinda like the “Take Me With You” of Diamonds and Pearls. I love it.

54.   (There’ll Never B) Another Like Me (MPLSound, 2009) – Do I care that this is super self-indulgent and narcissistic? Nope. He’s 100% correct. There will never be another like him. Prince is one of a kind. I am always quick to say there will never be another one. People imitate and do what they feel is their best impression, but they can’t even come close. Plus, it’s a groove. I get my life to this one as well.

55.   Thieves In The Temple (Graffiti Bridge, 1990) – Bruh, “Thieves In The Temple” has been my shit since Sega Genesis was poppin’. (My parents honestly played a lot of Prince when I was a child. It’s really the foundation of my completely healthy obsession with him.) This jam is real. You hear the anger at the betrayal. Prince was not here for that shit. Yung, you know when I actually realized he wasn’t wearing pants during the dance sequence in this video? I was super late. That was like 5 years ago, lol. I didn’t even care, though. This is Prince, we’re talking about. We’ve all seen his ass before.

56.   Thunder (Diamonds and Pearls, 1991) – Prince makes sexy gospel. I’m okay with going to hell for saying this. Trust me, I’ve come to terms with my deviant ways. But the fact still remains; this man has some sexy songs about God. This one is epic too. Way to open Diamonds and Pearls in incredible fashion. Album openers are really tough for some people. But since the Nude Tour accompanied this run, he needed something he could take on the road. Boy did he deliver. He sang the hell out of this. I love it,

57.   Uptown (Dirty Mind, 1980) – Baby girl tried it. My baby was minding his business when this woman stopped him. He thought this was about to turn into some action, then she went reaching and questioning about his sexuality. Prince being the bad ass motherfucker he is, set her straight real quick. He even took pity on the child for being confined to the ideals set by society. Life lessons got delivered on that track. None of that speculative shit really matters. Just live a good life and don’t worry about those things.

58.   Wasted Kisses (New Power Soul, 1998) – I call this a hindsight jam. One of my biggest pet peeves is knowing I wasted time caring about people who ultimately weren’t worth it. I figured that shit out too late, but at least I have an appropriate soundtrack whenever it happens again. Except that shit ain’t happening again on my watch. Fuck that, lol.

59.   We Can Funk with George Clinton (Graffiti Bridge, 1990) – Prince said he could rewrite the Kama Sutra “in half as many words”. Not only does that pique my curiosity, it has me volunteering for the shit. The things this man does with his voice. I don’t care what anyone says, that man turns those screams all the way out. I’m completely in love with his voice no matter what he does with it.

60.   When Doves Cry (Purple Rain, 1984) – It’s here for the epic video and because it’s the jam. Even though there’s no performance of it in Purple Rain, you don’t forget its place in that film. There’s no way you can tell me it’s not one of the biggest songs of the 80s. Hell, Purple Rain was one of the biggest events of the 80s. For anyone who thinks Prince happened under a rock, think again. Prince rivaled the sun as the brightest star during his Purple Reign. Recognize, fool.

61.   When You Were Mine (Prince, 1979) – A regret jam. Prince has a lot of feelings, clearly. My boo wasn’t winning at love in a lot of his early works. People were either using him or weren’t fully appreciating him. He clearly needed to pick better company. She was doing him dirty too. And he stayed down. Probably staring at her with adorable puppy eyes. It’s okay, boo. You don’t need her. I’m here for you. Oops. Sorry, I got caught up.

62.   The Word (3121, 2006) – One more sexy gospel song. I swear to you, it is. I don’t know what it is about this one. I just want to get closer to God when I hear it. That’s not a metaphor, but I’ve heard it used as one. Don’t ask where. There are people who—never mind. You heard nothing. But I really do dig it. Definitely used to play this on Sunday mornings when I was heading to work. Because someone had to pray for the fools I would encounter.

63.   17 Days (B-Side to “When Doves Cry”, 1984) – Last but not least, yet another jam about loneliness. I can’t stress how much I love these songs. Perhaps because I’m a loner, so I really shouldn’t be bothered by loneliness. Yet there are times when you aren’t choosing to be alone, it’s just that the people you want to be around, don’t care to come around. So you learn to deal. Eventually you want them around less. And you learn to enjoy your own company. It’s how I got over missing folks.

Well that took way longer than expected. Damn, the entire day passed while I typed this thing up. Sheesh! Take that, 25 songs. I gave you 63 this time around. This is the last time too. I’ll repost this bitch annually. Prince really does mean quite a lot to me. I honestly cannot express it in a way better than gushing. He’s exceptional. I know that I will never love an artist more. Thank you for enduring the length of this post. Let me know if you have any favorite songs I didn’t mention. I’ll be sure to check them out. I’m going to continue watching Vh1Soul because this Prince Soul Story is giving me life.

Peace, Hip Hop & Purple Rain

Fitzsimmons in 3x07 analysis [3/3]

(part 1) (part 2)

6. The Sunrise scene

Ahhh the sunrise scene where we all saw the light slowly getting stronger :)

First, Jemma smiles brightly when she hears him. Jemma smiles brightly whenever Fitz is near in this episode. 

Second,  Fitz knows how important sunrise is for Jemma. He heard her recording, the one where she complained that there was no sun. How comes he’s up so early? (unless he was up all night working on her phone).

Jemma also smiles and steals a glance at him after Fitz finishes her sentence. Because finishing sentences is Fitzsimmonsing 101 and it makes her happy that they are more and more in sync.

The first thing Fitz says is “I can’t make any promises”. Which ties with the last episode, which how he doesn’t want to disappoint her or give her false hope. But it’s still “business first” for him. He is more cautious with her, not sure were he stands in her post planet world, even though he knows now where he was standing in her pre-planet world.

Look at Simmons reaction when Fitz tells her that he saw the video. She takes a deep breath, looks at him anxiously, waiting for his reaction. Because she gave him her phone not only for him to see two moons. She know what video was there. She knows what she said. And now he knows.

I’ve already written a meta about the significance of the cottage (here) so I won’t repeat ;) But how they both smile when talking about this dream!

The deep breath Fitz got after this was saying much about his confusion. Part of him is delighted but the other one is doubtful. At the same time, Jemma takes a tiny little step closer to him (literally). Fitz is always is giving Jemma a way out and that’s exactly what he does next. Always doubting the deeper meaning that may be in her words. Always letting her know that it’s her choice and it’s okay to say “no”and he understands and she doesn’t owe him anything. But while Fitz is giving her a way out, Jemma is clearly anxious, waiting for his reaction, because it’s his turn to make a move.

And for the first time ever Jemma doesn’t let him back down, she rush to deny it and shoot all the exits. She knows exactly what she said and she mean it.

Both this scene and the recording were not long, but we got some pretty strong facts there. Each of them reinforced immediately. Jemma was talking about the date and then about her dream house, but so as nobody would think that it’s just a dream about the house, she adds “a place where you and me could…”. Then again we have the whole Scotland thing (x) and then, so as nobody would think that Jemma was only thinking about a cottage as a place for two day weekend/short holiday, we get Fitz saying “I didn’t know you wanted to settle down”. She doesn’t deny it, doesn’t deny that it was a lifelong future plan, not just a weekend. Look at Jemma’s little smile when he’s saying this sentence. Then Fitz tries to downplay her confession, give her a way out, say “you were tired, didn’t know what you were saying” (she did say she has troubles focusing) and she denies it immediately. Really it feels almost like the writers wrote this with “let’s crush every theory the nonshippers could come up with to make it anything less than it is”.

Here’s where it gets tricky. Fitz doesn’t look happy, not really. Jemma waits for his reactions but he doesn’t do anything. He’s just looking at her with this not so pleased look, the one full of emotion but not he doesn’t make a move. He looks almost like he’s about to cry.

“What do you think we should do about it?”

Again, Jemma is the one to push forward, to fight for their relationship, to not give up Which is a huge progress. But Fitz’s face is full of pain, he sighs, and shakes his head. This is not a time for rushing forward.

I think Jemma was not expecting Fitz’s answer, him telling her to wait, no rush. I think part of her was scared of his answer (rejection) and another part was impatient to hear him said what they could do, push things forward. There’s this one second of disappointment on her face, but then she smiles, agreeing to take things slow and careful to make it right and not destroy anything. 

Now Jemma is sure about her feelings and Fitz knows them too, but both have no idea what to do about them. For the first time they are honest.

Fitz is still upset. Her confession is a huge step, but there were also things halting them, Will is still out there and his relationship with Jemma is unsolved. While the shipper in me would want them to just finally go for it and start kissing, the more rational part of me must admit that this is a wise choice. The situation Fitzsimmons are in is not solved. There are problems, there are questions. There’s Will to be saved. This is not a moment to start a relationship because that would be a very very rocky start. It would be hard even without all this mess, to switch after all this years to make it work, to figure it all out, but with this unresolved complications? That’s not a solid foundation. Sure, it would be great for a few minutes but the whole situation, Jemma’s PTSD (or lack of it…), working on the portal, solving planet’s mystery, saving Will and figuring out what to do with him, that would put a lot of pressure on their relationship, mix into everything. And this one confession is not enough, not yet.

It’s still not time to just jump into conclusions. There’s still Will. Things are still complicated. But at least they both know their feelings now. They communicate better and they both fight for their relationship. Now they are not afraid to talk, Fitz asks and says what he thinks, Jemma doesn’t try to deflect and stay silent, she tries her hardest to show him at every step.

So I’m glad they decided to wait and take it slow. First prepare and clean the ground before starting building. Because that’s the best way if they want things to last. And they certainly want to, there’s a cottage in Scotland waiting for them after all.

The Pooh Report

I didn’t ignore the Pooh messages in my box…

Ok I kind of did but not because I was ignoring you guys or being ungrateful for the concern in any way. 
I just wanted to wait until I had something happy or something amazing to report back…
I didn’t want to write up a depressing post and cry about how difficult it is and how I desperately want things to get better. I mean other than me being whiny - that approach accomplishes nothing else but me bringing everyone else along for the pity party nobody wants to go to.

The thing is, while as you see - we aren’t exactly having fun here and we are both feeling completely miserable and cranky…the last few weeks have also been beautiful and heartwarming but in a completely weird, surprising way.

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Fic: The United States of Irreversible Oblivion, pt 2

Previous parts here.

It’s hard to keep track of time, as one fallow, frozen field after another rolls past the bus window, but it feels like hours before they come to a stop. The drive probably wasn’t long enough to have left their quadrant, but it’s further than Sansa’s been since the fuel crisis, when their access to foreign oil and the Alaskan pipeline was severed. This kind of travel is only available to government employees and military convoys. Shame she couldn’t enjoy the luxury of it.

They traveled south. Thick grey clouds block the sun from view and Sansa’s sense of direction has never been great, but the air isn’t as cold, when Sansa steps down onto the pockmarked pavement. They might have gained a few degrees, but it’s still cold enough that she misses Jon’s military issue black sweater. Even if it didn’t smell like him anymore, it was the only piece of him she had.

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