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18th Birthday/Ethan Dolan Smut

Most of these are taken from my Wattpad account! (Twtrash01)

Send me requests for the following Fandoms: Teenwolf, Vampire Diaries, Dolantwins, OUAT(Peter Pan, Robbie Kay, Supernatural, Suicide Squad, The 100. Basically I’ll write for any fandom. I’ll write non-smut as well. Be specific in what you want!

Request:  Could you write an imagine where it’s Ethan’s 18th birthday, so he has his first time with the reader who is a couple of years older than him? 😍 If you can, maybe you could make way separate imagine with a similar plot for Grayson too? Just because they’re both perf & it would be cool to see the differences … 😂 Thank you in advance, angel 🙂💘


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raela-hanabi  asked:

What are your theories regarding Nagi, like I heard a few out there but what are yours?

lays down on the ground

Nagi’s mystery is actually built very similar to Yamato’s imo!  There have been lots of hints dropped here and there, just like lots of stuff about Yamato have been sprinkled throughout the story.  But Nagi appears to be a lot more straightforward, so it’s difficult to really doubt him.  He’s also a massive otaku with a very bombastic personality, so it’s just as easy to brush aside some of the other things he’s said (meanwhile, Yamato appears very closed off and feels a lot more shady, so it’s a lot easier to cast active doubt on the things he does or says).

So uh, let’s get into Nagi theories

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Me and Acacia's Story

Before I say anything, I would like to say that if you don’t believe me, that’s fine. I’ve had countless people tell me to stop lying, to kill myself, to talk it out with Acacia…

I hope you guys’ll be different. I’m crossing my fingers.


So back when Acacia lived in Utah, we were best friends. In the last stages of middle school,  we were like sisters, doing everything together. There was even a time when I was a tumblr girl, too, but not that famous. Why? Because Acacia would constantly refuse to take any photos with me, and would shamelessly promote other hot boys’ tumblrs rather than mine. She would even send Anonymous hate on my ask, which I was completely clueless about it. I figured out that it was her when she started adding a few of our inside jokes as to which we didn’t tell anyone else except each other. This all happened in 7th grade, but I guess Acacia wasn’t that famous either. The fame all started in 8th grade, haha.

The fact that Acacia sent me hate didn’t mean much, because she said she just wanted to see ‘my reaction’ and to see if I was 'strong enough to keep going’, since I had family problems (depression). I’m better now, though c: Anyway, we still hung out, but Acacia started talking to new people online and in school. I could never go to her house without her constantly contacting someone named Chris and Andrew, which I still don’t know much about. She wouldn’t give me any info on them, and I’ve only peeked at her screen to know that. I felt like she was neglecting me and forgetting about me.

Then, that’s when Acacia started to go downhill. First, she blocked me on all social medias, in which I made new ones to see what she was up to, and why she blocked me. Of course, there was a reason. She hid her accounts from me because she was:

  • Taking raunchy pictures of herself pushing up her boobs, and sending them to attractive boys
  • Talking in a rather dirty way to complete strangers
  • Posting weird, depressing posts when CLEARLY she wasn’t depressed
  • Making fun of girls that were associated with the boys she liked
  • Catfished, which means that she thought she was talking to this real mighty person, when someone else was behind the screen pretending to be someone he isn’t
  • Posted very raunchy gifs
  • Wearing heavy heavy makeup, and posting pictures and videos of herself listening to obscene rap music
  • Taking disgusting pictures with thongs in her mouth, sticking her butt out, etc.

One day, I asked to come over, since it was during break and I had nothing else to do. My parents were out drinking, and my sister was just far out, not daring to do anything with me. You could say my family disowned me, but I still lived with them. Acacia’s family was the only thing I had. Acacia then replied quite rudely, stating that she had some tumblr boys coming over to take a video with her. Apparently they lived 45-60 minutes away, and Acacia was willing to meet them. I honestly begged and that’s when Acacia’s mother, Melissa, decided to let me stay over. She knew what I was going through, and was kind enough to lend me a hand. 

Melissa and Rich, her father, left, and Acacia’s siblings were all going with them. Acacia was the only one left, and the boys who were coming were non existent to her parents. She let me stay in Maleia’s room, her little sisters, and I honestly spent the rest of the day there doing nothing and scrolling through my phone. I occasionally went outside the room to take bathroom breaks or to grab something from the fridge, but I did do my observation.

There were two boys, and I don’t know their names. I don’t think you guys either, since they were just random boys. I know, Acacia spoke to random boys she didn’t know. I guess that was okay by her parents. Acacia didn’t do too much with the boys, she just took videos with her. Once they left, she looked me straight in the eye and said these words exactly. I don’t lie. “I hope you don’t take this seriously, but you are the worst thing I’ve seen in my life. Those boys said you’re a bad influence on me. You won’t be hearing much from me anymore.” The boys that were there were clearly not for her, and I’m pretty sure one had a tattoo, piercings, and blue/orange hair. That’s not what Acacia would say. And after that, Acacia became even more disturbing and crazy, and I’m positive those boys manipulated her. I think tumblr did this to her. I think society did this to her. 

Yeah, and that’s it. After that situation she left Utah and went to California for her dad’s job once again, and left me. I’m better now, I don’t have family problems and am at a foster home where people care about me a lot. Acacia still seems to show her dark side at times, but honestly, I think she’s just brainwashed but what society thinks she should do. She’s still that funny girl, you can tell. Sure, she hangs out with the wrong people. But I think half the haters don’t know who she is. I simply have different opinions on her because I think I’m the only few people who actually know her.

The point of this post was to show people how Acacia became so upside-downy. In other words, if you were lazy to read that, Acacia became a so-called 'slut’ because of the wrong people she hung out with. She had many feuds with people and made up with them, causing them to send a strong bad influence into her brain. And I was there to witness it.

I’m not sending out any more information about myself other than that I am 16 years old, and currently do not have any connections with Acacia or her family anymore. It’s just not right. And for those who think that Acacia just let me go and that I’m under reacting, I did in fact cry and try to contact her, only to find out that she changed her phone number AND changed her tumblr urls, and moved away, all to which I was unaware of. 

If you have any questions, ask me. I don’t think I opened my ask box yet, but I think I’ll try. I’m not too good at these things. For those who will send me hate, remember that I don’t give a damn anymore, this has happened too goddamn much and I’m not going to let it trigger me again from doing bad things. I don’t want to damage my own life let alone anonymous strangers do it for me.

'Time of Your Life'

requested by anonymous

summary: Ashton couldn’t decide who would be his best man, so Luke, Calum and Michael worked together to produce the best speech of the whole wedding

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Clocks Never Lie (Luke Imagine)

A/N: Hey guys, I know its been a hot minute since we posted anything but we are choosing a new writer next week and with that will come lots of new writing! I also start break for a few days so I will be posting the next one of the pregnancy series! Enjoy this in the meantime, its kinda long! Lemme know if you would like there to be a Part 2! :) - Danielle xoxo

You had been waiting for this day forever. Every day you had looked at your clock, the bracelet on your left wrist that would only come off once you found him, and the numbers got smaller every day. The closer and closer you got, the more nervous it made you. It was already enough pressure having to find the person that you were destined to be with, but you didn’t know who they were going to be or how you were going to meet or where. The only part the bracelet would tell you was when you would meet them. Everyone had one, your parents told you about the day they found each other and their clocks had run out. They were married less then a month later, and had you and your siblings a few years later. That’s also what you found kind of weird about it. People accepted it if you got married right away because you knew that it was the person you were supposed to be with. There wasn’t really any fighting it, and from what you were told, you just got a feeling and as your clock would run out, the bracelet would come off. There was absolutely no trying to figure out who your soulmate was, or how you would meet them, or anything like that. 

Every so often you looked down at it, slowly watching the time drift by. You had less then 24-hours until your clock ran out, and you were freaking out. You were going to a signing of some band a friend of yours liked the next day, so you thought that it would be some boy you happened to meet at the signing. You didn’t really know the band it was for, you didn’t care for or like them that much. You posted a picture of it to twitter, waiting for a couple of your friends to respond freaking out with you. What you got, was the exact opposite reaction. Turns out, none of them were very happy with you because none of their clocks were even close to running out. You were the only one who’s clock had as little time as it did. It was understandable, you were only 18 years old and still had a lot of your life left to live. You were young, with so much time yet. You didn’t know why your clock had as little time as it did, but it had always been that way. It was always smaller then those of your friends and people you knew. However you didn’t care what other people thought about it, you were excited to meet the person you were going to spend the rest of your life with.

When you got out of the shower you decided to call your friend to finalize plans for the next day. “So what time are you picking me up?” You dreaded the answer to this question because you knew it was going to be some absurd super early time in the morning. “Early. Be ready to go around seven, the signing starts at one so that should be plenty of time for us to be at the front.” You groaned, but agreed anyway. She had been begging you for weeks to go with her, trying to convince you that you would fall in love with them just like she did. When you hung up, you crawled into bed, setting an alarm for bright and early the next morning. Your dreams were swarmed with the mystery boy you were going to meet the next day. It was almost eating you alive that you had to just sit and wait, like there was nothing you could do to possibly make the time go just a little bit faster. Before you knew it, your friend was honking her life away sitting in your driveway to get your attention. It was far too early to be awake in your opinion, but you had already agreed to go with her so there was no backing out of it now.

“Good morning sunshine!” Y/F/N chirped when you climbed in the car. You groaned, she was way too peppy this early in the morning. Then you saw the Starbucks sitting in the center console, which would explain her alertness. “Your favorite is in the cup closest to you. You’re welcome.” She told you, and you smiled, you knew you were friends with her for a reason. She was playing the band in the car, 5 Seconds of Summer they were called apparently. You didn’t want to mention anything about your clock countdown, so you tried to hide your wrist as best you could. Despite your efforts, Y/F/N still noticed the numbers ticking away on your wrist. “Have you looked at your clock?! How the hell is yours so low?” You just shrugged because you honestly had no idea, it was nothing you could control, you didn’t really know how the whole idea worked anyway. All you knew is what you had been told by your parents. The rest of the car ride was filled with Y/F/N telling you just about every fact about the band that she could remember off the top of her head, which was surprisingly a lot. You weren’t the first people in line, but there weren’t many people ahead of you, which was good.

Hours passed in line, and all you could do was look at your wrist clock. It had less then an hour left on it, and the signing was starting soon. Y/F/N and several other girls were sitting in a group talking together. There were pictures of you all over the internet somehow, you heard someone say that the store had posted a picture of the first group of girls who had been waiting in line for hours to see the band. Finally, when it was time for the signing to start, you and your friend both bought CD’s to have them signed. Your clock continued to get lower 00:00:15:02  read your clock, which meant you had about fifteen minutes before you were going to meet your soulmate. You knew it was supposed to be forever with this person, that you were meant to be with them for a reason, but you still couldn’t help but feel like it was too much pressure. You hadn’t really dated anyone before, so your first serious relationship was hopefully going to begin in roughly 15 minutes. Talk about too much pressure on someone, you thought. You watched your friend jump up and down with excitement, she was only a few minutes away from meeting her favorite band. You were excited too, you were getting into them and hoped they would be nice guys. 

“Next in line please!” The security guard motioned to you and Y/F/N, and you looked down at your clock one more time. 30 seconds.  That’s when it hit you. It was one of the members of the band, and your friend was going to kill you. This was her favorite band, you felt like you were almost taking something away from her. You were supposed to be with one of them, you - “Hi, I’m Luke Hemmings, and I see your clock just ran out.” You looked up to see a tall blonde boy with a huge quiff sitting in front of you, your CD in his hand. You looked at his wrist clock as well, and just like yours it read 00:00:00:00. “So did yours… Holy shit.” You were in shock, as you and Luke were now holding up the line. Your friend looked at you, and had a mixed look of anger, shock, and joy on her face. “Excuse me, can we stop the signing for a few minutes? I need to talk to this girl.” The security guard nodded, making an announcement that the boys were taking a short break and the signing would resume soon. 

“It cant be you.. It cant be! I don’t even know you… I just started liking your band I-“ You started spewing out sentences a mile a minute before Luke could even get a word in. “Calm down! What’s your name first of all? I’m Luke, Luke Hemmings.” You took a deep breath, knowing that there wasn’t anything you could do for now. “I’m Y/N Y/L/N, its nice to meet you Luke.” “You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen…” He looked like he wanted to kiss you, and you weren’t really sure what you wanted to do. You wanted to kiss him back, but at the same time you wanted to run miles away. It was all happening so fast, and if things went how they did for everyone else, the two of you would be married in less then a month. When you didn’t respond again, he took to talking for you. “Look Y/N, I know this happened really fast. But I’ve been looking at my clock for months, thinking about who it could be and now I finally know that it’s you. I know you’re the person I’m meant to be with. Will you go on a date with me? At least exchange numbers with me, so we can talk after this signing?” Since words obviously weren’t going to work for you, you nodded, giving him your phone and you took his. After you got your phone back you resumed your spot in line with your friend, hugging Luke before he sat back down. The rest of the boys signed your CD, and you patiently waited at the end for your friend to finish.

You tried to think of something to say to your friend until it ended up being her to be the one to break the silence. “You know Y/N.. I’m not mad. I’m a little upset, but I’m more happy for you. You found your soulmate and ITS LUKE HEMMINGS! How insane is that?” It relieved you to know that she no longer wanted to stab you because of the fact that your soulmate was Luke Hemmings, but you weren’t even sure that you wanted it to be Luke. You didn’t really know him, how were you supposed to trust that he was going to be the one you were going to spend the rest of your life with? “I can’t believe its him.. What in the world am I supposed to do?” “You’re going to get to know him, and then you’re going to tell your parents, and then you’re going to start planning a wedding!” She was right, thats how things worked in the society you lived in, but were you ready for it? You were still waiting with your friend by the end of the line, as security had motioned for you to stand there. You guessed Luke had told them and the boys what was going on, which was why you were still waiting there.

You also thought that the least you could do was text your parents and tell them what happened. They knew it was coming, it had happened to them after all. Sure enough, the response you got back was an excited one and they were more then happy to meet him as soon as they could. It took another hour or so for the signing to finish, and once it was done you were taken with the boys to a back room which you assumed was their green room. Luke motioned for you to follow him separately, and Y/F/N followed the rest of the boys. Luke took you to another room with some couches, and a table with a bunch of snacks on it. You grabbed a bottle of water, and sat down on the couch. He sat down next to you, careful not to get too close to make you uncomfortable. “I can tell you’re not used to this yet, and I won’t push you Y/N, I promise. Just know that we are meant to be together, and I will fight for you. No matter what it takes, I will fight for you.” 

You looked up from your bottle of water, and saw in his eyes that he really did mean it. When you looked in those huge blue eyes of his, you knew that you actually had nothing to worry about. Everything your parents had told you and the stories you had heard were true, the bracelets didn’t lie. One look was all it took for you, and you knew you were his and that he was yours. “You don’t have to fight Luke.” “What?” “I said, you don’t have to fight. I’m right here, and I’m not going anywhere. I just think the fact that it actually ran out right as I met you scared me a little is all, I didn’t think I was ready. Now that I’m looking at you though… I know the clocks are right.” He wrapped you up in his arms, and you just knew you were meant to be there, you fit there like the missing piece of a puzzle. That was where you remained for awhile, until a security guard came to get you to say that you were going to meet Luke’s mum Liz. Luke led you hand in hand into another room, where Y/F/N, the rest of the boys, your parents (you guessed Y/F/N had contacted them, typical of her), and Liz were standing there waiting for you. “Everyone, this is Y/N, the girl I’m going to spend the rest of my life with. Y/N meet everyone.” Luke looked down and smiled at you, those were the words that would begin the rest of your life, with Luke at your side. The next thing you knew, you were being engulfed in a group hug by the band and hugging your future mother in law. Luke won over your parents just by saying his name. They were right all along: the clocks never lied.

(written by Danielle)

officialcatheronie  asked:

Oh! Can you do an au for bellarke based on The Proposal where Clarke is Margaret and Bellamy is Andrew and Everything is perfect? I watched that movie last night and kept thinking how perfect it would be if you wrote one and then I saw your post about holiday requests. You're truly a gift to this ship tbh. I hella appreciate you

“I knew it!” Octavia says.

Bellamy manages to open one eye, but just barely. It’s been a long day, and he finally has a moment away from his fiancee, and all he wants to do is not move or think or interact with the world.

Fuck, his life has gotten weird.

“Knew what?” he asks.

“All that complaining about your boss. As soon as I saw a picture of her, I knew it was a cover for how much you liked her.”

He really, really wants to deny it. Because he does hate Clarke. He does. She’s a rich know-it-all who just got her job because of her dad.

Or, okay. She’s a smart, capable woman who could have gotten her job on her own merits. She didn’t, but it’s not actually her fault that she has family connections, and she’s doing her best to deserve what she gets.

It’s not like he’s really in love with her or anything, but–she’s not as bad as he thought at first. Still, he hates having to act like his sister is right, like all his hatred for Clarke has been a cover for his desire to make out with her. Just because she’s not awful, it doesn’t mean he was in denial about her. He can think she’s okay as a person without actually liking her.

But they’re getting married and he has to be convincing about it, so he just closes his eyes again and flips his sister off. “Shut up, O.”

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