not pokestuck

You’ve been challenged by Archeologist Aradia!!!

A little something I’ve been wanting to draw for awhile. I think Aradia would love to be a Pokemon trainer; particularly that of ghost and fairy types!!!

And hey!!! If you’re interested of an art piece similar to this one (a trainer and six Pokemon of your choice), then I’m commissioning them for $50! My email is if you’re interested, and my inbox and chatbox is always open!!

your name is JOHN EGBERT and youve told your JACKASS BOYFRIEND, DAVE STRIDER that that’s not even a pokemon, it’s a FUCKING HEN like a thousand fucking times. despite the hen, DAVE remains UNDEFEATED. you hope to change that.

a little pokestuck haha. dave’s a gym leader in this, but he doesnt even use legit pokemon. no one knows how he wins. he’s also bfs/rivals with john, who is a massive nonbeliever and keeps telling dave to get real pokemon. he’s just mad that his gyrados keeps getting KOed by the chicken tbh