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Frantic shipping and 38 please? :D

38: A kiss because they’re running out of time

Since Rainbow Team Rocket will probably appear next arc and every evil villain is from world where they won, Ruby and Sapphire had to lose in some world :3c

Also I’m sorry if this is somewhat inaccurate, I haven’t read the end of rs in a long time

Ruby’s whole body felt numb, he didn’t even notice that he fell to his knees. After all their hard work, all the sacrifices, all the inner conflict Ruby overcame, they still failed at the end.

All because Archie and Maxie somehow ended up switching the orbs they possessed which caused Groundon and Kyogre to shape their appearance and obtain even more power. 

The world around them is disappearing. The harsh rain and waves washing everything away and shaking earth and intense sun whipping all traces of civilization away. 

“Ughhh…” Ruby turned to see Sapphire, with scars and burns covering her body. Ruby still couldn’t feel his body but before he knew it, he was running over to her.

“Sapphire!” Ruby knelled down beside her as Sapphire looked up at him.

“Ruby…” she spoke is a raspy tired voice, “we failed.”

A pause.


“I’m sorry.”

“I am too.”

Just as he realized he fell in love with this extraordinaire girl and discovered she’s the important person from all those years ago, the world decides to end.

Ruby shook his head.

It won’t end like this.

“Sapphire.” Ruby spoke is a hard voice.

Sapphire has hardly ever heard Ruby use that tone so she looks up at her crush, not expecting him to place his lips on hers.

Ruby didn’t feel the earth below them fall apart, nor did he feel the waves that swept them away.

But at least in his finals moments he felt soft lips on his and true happiness.