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Pokedex Holders Bio: Blue The Evolver

  • Pokemon: All trainers must be at least 10 to train Pokemon. If a child under 10 "owns" a Pokemon, it is only permitted if it is registered as a "family pet". They, however, are permitted to accompany older trainers on their journeys, but they may not participate in battles, the league, or any other form of Pokemon Contest.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh: Who cares what age kids playing the game are. Everyone in this world is going to summon Satan one day or another, let's go ahead and start them off early.
More headcanons

-Team Skull grunts gesture to one another without saying anything in order to communicate with each other and keep non-members confused as to what they’re doing.

-Guzma only deigns to get involved if the grunts mess up whatever they are doing so badly that he needs to smooth it over in order to keep up the team’s supposed intimidation factor (or magically show up if Kukui is around-i.e Malie Garden).

-Plumeria keeps her room clean and tidy in case one of the grunts needs to have a quiet space to be alone for a time.

-Guzma will blast loud music in his room when he doesn’t want to be bothered, which means Plumeria is the default person for a Team Skull grunt to go to if they need to report something (unless it is something Guzma specifically wants to be told about- then the grunt would have to yell over the music (if playing) after bursting into Guzma’s room.

-If a Team Skull grunt starts trouble and suddenly there’s talk of a punishment, no one can figure out which grunt started the trouble in the first place because they all dress the same.

-Guzma will beat anyone who talks shit about bug-type Pokemon, and doesn’t care one way or another if it was just meant to be a joke.