not pleased with the gif though

I tried to do this and it felt as though I was facing my death. Please take a moment to appreciate how much skill, upper body strength, footwork, bravery, and confidence this move requires. I mean their entire bodies are straight, they have to twist on their feet, fall effortlessly forward without flinching, and then catch themselves too. 

)-[===> : Enter Name

Your name is JEFF the KILLER. Of course that’s not your actual name, that would be JEFFERY WOODS.

You are a WORLD RENOWNED MURDER, most famous for your catch phrase GO TO SLEEP. You live in an ABANDONED WAREHOUSE, where you MURDER THE INNOCENT. As advised by STRANGELY LOUD VOICES IN YOUR HEAD.


You may or may not work for a tall well dressed fellow who lives in the woods close by, but it’s in your contract not to say. So shush.

You have quite the large collection of KNIVES and like to keep them tidy in a pile elsewhere, not near your sleeping mat. Rolling over onto a pile of sharp objects in the middle of the night does not sound pleasing to you. 

Though you keep your collection elsewhere, you like to keep your favorite close bye, for it has been your partner in crime the longest.

But that’s a story for another day.

You do not own a computer for computers are completely TRACEABLE BY POLICE, but you do have a PHONE possessing DARK MAGIC that allows only the supernatural (and you) to view its contents.

You use this phone to contact your BEST GHOST FRIEND via an app ironically named BLOOD BUDDIES.

Your BB handle was originally bloodyBadass

But your BEST GHOST FRIEND is a REALLY GREAT HACKER and also a really huge ASSHOLE. Which is never a good combination.

So now your BB handle is paleAnus

And honestly, you don’t have the motivation or know how to change it back.

paleAnus: you talk with very little enthusiasm unless iTS ABOUT!!! THE!!! THRILL!!! OF!!! THE!!! HUNT!!! 

paleAnus: you also like to laugh at things that arnt funny 

paleAnus: hahAHA :]

All in all your a pretty terrifying guy.


What are you going to do?

)-[===> : ????

Enemies to Lovers

Request:  Hi! Can you do like an enemies to lovers with reader x Eric coulter please! Can you make the reader kinda hyper and sassy please? Thank you so much!

Pairing: Eric Coulter x reader

Warnings: none

Words: 700

 Even though you just had a short glance of him before you jumped into the moving train, you knew exactly who he was. He looked different of course, way more muscles, the black clothes, the tattoos, but you could still make him out easily.

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As we mentioned last week, we have decided to transform this blog into a permanent fixture for loving the heroine of Rogue One: Jyn Erso.

So, it is with great pride and anticipation that we present to you the new @jynappreciationsquad! This blog will be dedicated to creating a positive space for Jyn as well as producing original content so there will always be new love for Jyn.

In order to get this blog going, we are looking for a few members to help make original content: gifs, edits, fics, meta, fanart, fanmixes, etc.! We welcome all the ways you can show your love for this awesome character. As long as you’re active in the fandom, we’d love to have you. We’re aiming to have members post original content at least once a week. Members will be on a rotating schedule so at most you’d be asked to create something once every month and a half or so, although more is always welcome!

To be considered for membership, please reblog this post and submit the following information before midnight PST, June 28th:

  • Your username
  • The type of content you’d create
  • A link to your previous fanwork
  • How active you think you’d be 
  • As a bonus, feel free to tell us how much you love Jyn. Feel free to add any other information you want to share!

We’ll be announcing members soon after the deadline and launching the blog officially on July 1st. All official information will come out then! We’re still getting the blog up and running, so please pardon our dust ;)

We will also be reblogging all positive Jyn Erso content from non-members. If you don’t want to join as an official member but have content for us to check out, we will be tracking #jynappreciationsquad. 

Please note that content featuring Jyn’s relationships (platonic, familial, romantic, etc.) is welcome, though Jyn should still be the primary focus of the content. 

Thanks for all the love so far, and stay tuned for more updates! 

hey guys! we thought it’d be time to announce this year’s peyton appreciation week. gifsets/graphics/metas (really anything is allowed) will be posted from july 10th - july 16th. you can post it later though, the more the merrier. 

please tag your work with #psawyeraw17 in the first five tags, so we can reblog it!

these are the topics for each day:

  • day one: highschool peyton or adult peyton
  • day two: favorite relationship (brotp/otp)
  • day three: peyton’s love for art or music
  • day four: favorite outfits and/or hairstyles
  • day five: peyton sawyer + a quote/lyric/poem
  • day six:  favorite quotes from or about peyton
  • day seven: free choice

do you have any questions? if yes, ask us. if not, please reblog to spread the word! :)

Okay I just want to discuss something real quick. The band in the gif your are looking at right now is called Too Many Zooz, a group that started in the NYC subway system and still plays there sometimes but also plays at other venues now. And their bari sax player is one of the biggest badasses this world has ever seen First, he does some real kick ass dance moves all while playing. Do you realize how heavy that thing is? Bari saxes ain’t light children. Imagine how in shape he must be not only to dance with that but also consistently blow enough air (since they have a lot of tubing they need a lot of air just to get through) Also this whole time he keeps his lips just right. Doing all sorts of hella crazy moves can make keeping your lips on the mouthpiece in the proper way tricky. But no, this guy is flawless. Oh, one more thing. He uses a neck strap instead of a harness. You non sax players may or may not know, but neck straps are normally needed for proper support, but you normally wear a harness if you play bari so the weight goes to your back instead. Not this guy. I play alto, something significantly lighter, and I can still sometimes get neck aches from it. This BAMF doesn’t even flinch Leo P from Too Many Zooz everyone.


↳ maja salvador aka literal sunshine ( as ivy aguas in abs-cbn’s wildflower )