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Another college assignment/animation practice!

Enemies to Lovers

Request:  Hi! Can you do like an enemies to lovers with reader x Eric coulter please! Can you make the reader kinda hyper and sassy please? Thank you so much!

Pairing: Eric Coulter x reader

Warnings: none

Words: 700

 Even though you just had a short glance of him before you jumped into the moving train, you knew exactly who he was. He looked different of course, way more muscles, the black clothes, the tattoos, but you could still make him out easily.

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Due to the overwhelming frustration of RPG accounts taking up the entire Harry Potter RP tag ( and seemingly massive amounts of inactive blogs I keep following ) I am making a masterlist of all currently active blogs in the fandom.

  • List is a WIP; will add characters from book canon, movie canon, multimuse, Fantastic Beasts, any era, and original characters as they reblog this post.
  • Blogs will be removed after 3 weeks of inactivity. (you can be re-added if you reblog again though.)
  • Please reblog with the name of your character that you roleplay in the tags. If you are an original character or multimuse please state this as well.
  • Please message me if you have any questions or concerns!

King trumpet mushroom (Pleurotus eryngii)

Pencil sketch to lineart to full colour, personal illustration of a king trumpet mushroom, also called the king oyster mushroom or pleurote du panicaut in French (though, once again, please don’t use the illustration as reference if you go foraging!) .
Inked with a pen,scanned then cleaned and coloured with Photoshop.

© Marie Ducom, 2017