not pictured: signed poster

“Harry! Can we get a picture?” Harry turned at the sound of his name being called out, a smile immediately gracing his features before he was giving the group of fans a quick nod. He had just finished dinner and was waiting for his ride, so taking a couple pictures and signing some posters wouldn’t hurt during the wait. Although he wasn’t a fan of the term ‘famous’, he would never admit to the fact that he actually quite liked it when everyone paid attention to him. He loved watching fans’ eyes light up when they see him walk out from somewhere, he loved how excited they get when he’d give them a little wave or a simple ‘hello!’ - He loved it all! And-

“Oi, you better not abandon me while I’m wearing these heels! I can barely walk in these stupid things…” You cursed to yourself, placing your hand on the bellboys’ shoulder so that you wouldn’t fall over. (You thanked the bellboy afterward, obviously. You weren’t a monster.) You let out a sigh of relief once you managed to pull your stilettos off, tucking the shoes underneath your arms before padding towards Harry. 

“Y/N! Can I get a selfie??” 

“Y/N, love your dress!” Your lips tugged up in a wide grin at the enthusiastic greetings from the fans: What could you say? They loved you! “You seriously need to share a brow tutorial.” 

“Unfortunately I don’t do my own makeup! If I tried filling in my brows they’d look like two furry caterpillars.” You joked, quickly signing your name on a fan’s hand. “By the way, your highlighter is popping.”

“It’s from Colourpop!” 

“Thank goodness for affordable makeup, am I right?” 

“Y/N, can we get a picture too??” 

“Of course!” You laughed lightly, handing your purse and your heels over to Harry with a teasing smile. He told you one time how it kind of bothered him that the fans seemed to like you more than him, and whenever the opportunity appeared you’d take full advantage of it. “You’ll hold my things for me while I snap a couple pictures with the fans, won’t you?” You asked sweetly, Harry’s brows knitting together in frustration before he grabbed your things from your grip. 

“You’re a brat, you know that?” Harry snorted, rolling his eyes lightly. You planted a kiss on his cheek before patting his face gently. 

“No need to be rude just because your fans love me more than you.” You shrugged, quickly moving into position for the photo. 

“Oh, Harry!” Harry perked up when one of the fans called for him, the smile returning to his face. “Can you take the picture for us?” 

Yep. You were definitely everyone’s favorite. 


gif isn’t mine!

Jack during his last Samwell hockey fan appreciation night. The entire team sits at foldout tables in the atrium of Faber, and the boys sign jerseys and posters and take pictures with fans. And then the Samwell Daily shows up and Jack gives his standard annual sound bite: “Events like these are a great way to give back to the fans. And it’s fun to see everyone come out before the season starts. It’s really motivating.”

(I did this today during a small 1-day convention we had for class. Nothing makes me happier than getting commissioned to draw Check, Please!)


Canning Station Progress - 

1. Some GTW retail shelves to hold all the preserves

2. Canning Skill Books

3. Canning Skill Icon and Custom Buff

What is left - 

1. Recolours for the Canning Station

2. Some more custom moodlets ( I think I already have some 10-12 moodlets but lets see…)

3. Some signs, posters for Canning Business

4. More Testing 

5. Take Pictures!

So yeah…I am mostly done with the major stuff yay!

Airport Moments - Harry Styles Imagine

a.n. | here’s a short concept piece i just thought of. hope you enjoy, soz for any grammar errors, i did not proofread!

“When everyone else is around, I’ve only got eyes for you.”


You and Harry were landing in London after a long flight from NYC. You were both heading back home after being stuck in New York a few days due to the snow storm. It had been a couple of exhausting and fun days, but you were most looking forward to relaxing a bit and getting back to your usual routines.

Once you exited the plane and headed off to find your driver, you and Harry saw a small group of fans there to greet him. You were walking hand in hand outside the terminal and paps were snapping pics from a distance. Harry holds on to your hand tighter and you try to hide your face behind his shoulder because let’s be honest, after a long flight, neither of you are looking your best.

“Do you mind stopping for a minute?” Harry asks you as you’re heading closer to the fans.

“Of course not,” you smile back at him.

You think best to stay back and let the fans have a moment with Harry but when you try to let go of his hand, he doesn’t let you. Instead he pulls you closer as he walks towards the fans.

“Stay close, love.” He says before he turns to greet them.

A few ‘hellos’ and 'how are you’ are exchanged, Harry signs a few posters and takes pictures with them as they endlessly thank him for taking the time to greet them. You couldn’t help but stare at him in awe of how gracious and kind he is to everyone he meets. Harry makes everyone, even the smallest interaction, feel like the most special moment in the world. And in that instance you couldn’t help but feel so lucky that he’s allowed you to share this with him. This was one of those moments that make you realize why he is so so special and why you fell in love with him in the first place.

After Harry is all done signing and taking pictures, he takes hold of your hand and bids them farewell. You both head towards the exit and get into the car to head home.


The following day, you’re scrolling through Twitter and you see all the pictures from the airport. There’s pictures of Harry, more than you can count, of him looking handsome as ever. And that’s caught your attention. It’s of you looking earnestly at Harry as he interacts with the fans. It was just one picture and you were barely in the frame but there you were. And the fan account that’s posted the picture wrote below a caption that reads, “get you a girl that looks at you the way Y/N looks at Harry.” It made you smile stupidly at the computer and you decide to like the tweet.

Harry comes over and looks at the screen, “What’ve yeh got there, love?”

“Oh nothing…just looking at pictures of you,” you shrugged and that made him laugh a bit.

“Why, so? Yeh got me right 'ere!” He protests and you smile at him.

“Look there’s this one of us from the airport yesterday.” You hand him your phone and he examines the photo.

“Aw, it looks like yeh actually like me!” He jokes and you grab your phone back.

“Oh, there’s an understatement!”


Sooo, I met Alexa Bliss….. And it was amazing!! (Even though I have a “Im trying not to cry” face in the first picture 😂) Alexa is my favorite woman in WWE today, and all I wanted out of axxess was to meet her….. The process was truly such a chaotic journey! Let me explain…. My mom and I, and some friends we made while we were waiting to get in, all got into her line and woaaaahh it was SOOOO long…. So, Alexa was only signing for 2 hours, from 1 to 3 pm….. and once we got through the line to GET INTO THE BUILDING, it was already 1:30…… Sooo, I’m standing there hoping that Alexa will have time to sign something for me, because literally at 3:00 SHARP, they cut them off and make them leave and quit signing things….. Anyways, 3:00 came and I was like THREE PEOPLE AWAY FROM MEETING HER…… And boom. Nia Jax came to take over for Alexa. And Alexa got up to leave, and I just started crying. Like…. It takes two hours to get through a line so I knew that I wouldn’t have time to get through anyone else’s line before the session ended at 5 (Even though I did get to meet Alicia Fox afterwards, since her line wasn’t too bad!) But I was just so overwhelmed I couldn’t help but cry…. Alexa went to leave and told the guy that was next in line that she’d sign something for him real quick…. Like security was seriously only going to let her sign for that guy…. But then Nia Jax, the one who was about to start her session, apparently saw me crying and told Alexa…. and Nia allowed me to come up and meet Alexa even though Alexa’s time was up. She delayed her signing just so I could meet my idol…. Anyways, Im still in shock so Im still crying and I go up to Alexa Bliss and she immediately hugs me and says “Why are you crying?” and I said “I was so scared I wasn’t going to meet you” And she said “I’ll stick around for you!” and she signed my poster and took a few pictures with me…. I just kept saying “Thank you soooo much”….. She gave me another hug. I was the last one to get an autograph from her, so we walked off stage together…. And people were calling her name and she was waving to people and everything…. and she was about to leave when she came back over to me, hugged me again, and even though people were calling out her name, she called out to me “Bye, Hannah! Nice to meet you!” She could have just left! So many other superstars wouldn’t even talk to the fans after their time was over….. But due to Nia, not only did I get to meet my idol…. But I have such a profound respect for both Lexi and Nia now…. Even more so than I already did. I’m soooo glad to know that these women are truly role models, as not only are they talented, but they have hearts of gold!

(Oh BTW both Lexi and Nia are absolutely GORGEOUS in person! I know how intimidating Nia may seem on TV, but wow, she is so stunning!)

Anyways, after I took a few minutes to breathe and collect myself after meeting Alexa, I decided to go back to Nia Jax (I didn’t get in line, it was WAY too long to make it through) but I did stand beside the railing. I asked the security guard if he would please let Nia know how thankful I was for what she did, and he got someone to tell her…. I thought she was just going to wave to me or say “You’re welcome!” but Nia went above and beyond…. Nia stopped in the middle of her session to have me come over to the stage and hug her! She talked to me for a minute, and I got emotional again. I cannot even count how many times I said “thank you so much” to her. She was such a sweetheart! Lexi was too! Unfortunately, I didnt get to take a picture with Nia, as I felt so bad about holding up the line! 🙈 I’m so proud to call these women my inspirations!

Madohomu is Canon!

Ok Guys, listen up!

This ship is canon

Madohomu is canon. It’s the only ship in PMMM that has the most potential, a complete background, it has a perfect and strong basis. Moreover. The “What” and ‘When” of the Madohomu moments have perfectly explained, “Why” and How”.

Everyone needs to know that if you are going to give a what and when, be sure to give a why and how. Please be perfectly clear that “what” and “when” are born from “why” and “how”. There can’t be a “what” and “when”, without a “why” and “how”. But also know this, some “why” and “how” are also born from “what” and “when”. But these “what” and”when” are also born from other “why” and “how”. Just because sometimes we don’t know the “why” and “how”, it doesn’t change the fact that the result, “what” and “when” were not born from them.


What: A baby was born.

When: On X day, at X hours, in X year.

Why: A man and a woman fell in love, or any other VALID REASON.

How: By the process of reproduction in humans.

Please be sure to give why and how when we are discussing what right and what’s wrong. Give sources and links.

Now, onto the main topic. Why is Madohomu canon? One of the members whispered that the feeling they have for their lover is Love. Let me make it perfectly clear that there was never any obsession to begin with, and still isn’t.

In the Anime, it was only about keeping and fulfilling her promise to Madoka of the third timeline.

In the Rebellion, it was about coming to terms with her true feelings of love.

Proof for why the feelings are not obsession was said by Nagisa Momoe herself during the dethronement scene.

In the manga, she explicitly asked “is it obsession?”

This was said by Nagisa.

So there you go, it’s plain Love, love has many faces, shrieking “obsession” in the face of love doesn’t mean that’s the kind of love it is. Obsession of any and every kind, NOT PRESENT FROM THE BEGINNING. This “Love” is the purest form of love. Do you want to know why?

Because in the ending, madoka is with her family

And Homura is all alone,

This is why I call this ending a sign of true love. The truest form of love is not to get in bed with the person you love, it’s the moment when you are simply content with the fact that they are happy and secure, as well as even breathing.

There are many canon reasons for the dethronement part, not just AI YO.

Here they are.

There are many canon reasons for why the Love Homura has for Madoka is anything but Sexual, or non consensual.

Here they are.

I also have explained why it isn’t abusive or unhealthy up there.

There are pictures and sources present about Urobuchi signing Homu posters with “Homura is the best girl”. “Homura did was nothing wrong” was what he signed as well. Now we don’t know whether it was asked or he did it himself, that is up to you. 

Also, people say the relationship is going to be unhealthy and abusive. 

Shut up. 

Once again, where is your “why” and “how”? 

The only evidence that Magica Quartet slapped in our faces to imagine the post rebellion world is by giving us official art of the post rebellion world.

Here it fucking is.


Hope to redeem your best friend or never giving up until getting your best friend back, is included in that. Please don’t forget that Madokami will keep trying, because this story is basically about “HOPE”. 

The only character to have whispered “It’s Love” is Homura.

The MadoHomu ships is already half way to island Canon. We just need to hear Madoka Kaname’s answer.

Her voice actor herself said about Madoka’s probable answer in the future regarding Homura’s feelings for her. It was ”No matter what form you take, Homura-chan is Homura-chan. Falling in love wirh someone is wonderful, so don’t call yourself the devil. I love you”.

Here is the original page.

Homura hates herself :( , that’s why the clara dolls are present. 

But just because she hates herself, doesn’t mean she’s not happy.

Urubouchi stated in an interview that the ending of Rebellion was atleast Happy for Homura. He said “atleast”. “Atleast” means that more than Homura, there are others who are happy as well. The others?

But Homura is also happy. Like I stated, she’s happy that the person she loves is finally living a normal life she wanted. Yes, Madoka did want to live with her family, she never wanted to leave them, it was the circumstances, because of which she had to put her personal wishes aside, Otherwise, she would’ve never left her family and friends. 

In this scene

(My God, just look at all the love!)

The things that Madoka said were all true! Please read Shinbou’s interviews as well, one of the translated one states that these were the true feelings of Madoka. This is one of the reasons for the dethronement part. I have given the link above.

So yeah, this pairing is canon. It’s awesome, 

it’s touching, 

it’s unique, 

it’s sad,

it’s beautiful, 

it’s tragic, 

and it’s love in it’s purest form. 

Where you’re ready to shoulder any burden, 

any sin, 

anything, just for the person you love 

and make sure they’re happy, no matter whether it KILLS YOU 

in the process.

But who cares right? 

Since the one you love is happy and secure, that calls for some celebration right? Come on guys get up!

And let’s not forget to invite the one who has been screwing with you since the beginning!

Let’s party!

Can y’all do me a HUGE favor?

I have a friend named Sydney and her mom’s birthday is this weekend. She wants to do something huge for her mom and she remembers that when she was younger she used to say to her mom “I love you a zillion times around the world” so she had the idea to get people all around the world to write on a paper “Mom, Sydney loves you all the way to ______” and collect them all in a big video for her mom.

So what I’m asking, is for people to submit pictures of a poster or sign or even a small slip of paper that say 


Sydney loves you all the way to _______”

In the blank you’d put where you’re from, country wise. You can add city if you’d like but it’s not necessary. If you live in the states you can add what state you’re in. Here’s kind of an example of what it should look like

It’d be preferred if the picture is taken outside to kind of put emphasis on the location part. You don’t have to be in the picture either, you can if you’d like but it’s not necessary. You can either reblog this post and add you picture to the post, send it to my submit box or post it and tag me in it (@bluemcclain)

Even if you don’t plan to send in a picture please reblog this to get the word out? We need as many as we can get before her mom’s birthday. Thank you!

Jesus Christ, That’s a Pretty Face

Summary: Phil is a famous indie-rock singer who never shows his face on stage and Dan is a massive fan who unknowingly meets his favorite artist at the library.
Word Count: 5538
Warnings: none except for cussing
A/N: Hello lovelies! I woke up to the wonderful news that gay marriage has been legalized in all fifty states! I’m seriously gonna cry i swear. Anyways, here’s a little thing I wrote that I’m quite proud of so I hope you guys like it as well! Special thanks to my beta, whalefairyfandom12 who helped me develop the plot and kept telling me that I was doing great. Ilysm (’:
Jesus Christ - Brand New


“THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR COMING OUT TO SEE ME TONIGHT, LONDON!” Phil screamed into the microphone, his ears nearly bursting with the chanting of the crowd before him: thousands of listeners (he refused to call them his fans) cheering for him and the rest of his indie rock band, Runaway Sky. The fact that this many people came to see them always made a warm feeling erupt in his chest.

See, Phil wasn’t the typical famous person that most people looked up to. He saw himself as an average guy who just happened to have a nice voice. He didn’t have beautiful hair like David Beckham or rock hard abs like Chris Evans. He was just Phil, a twenty-two year old with a black fringe who had a liking for skinny jeans and always wore a mask on stage.

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anonymous asked:

jerejean going to a p!atd concert (sometime after Jean has sort of gotten used to crowds and trusts Jeremy enough) and Jeremy can't see shit bc hes standing with Jean and that means they're further back and there are so many tall people in front of him so he jumps on jeans back

currently listening to p!atd (a.k.a. my fave rock band) and this just happens to be in my inbox so LET’S GO!!!!!!!!!

  • it just so happens that p!atd is jeremy knox’s Favorite Band Ever
  • and it just so happens that jeremy knox is jean moreau’s Favorite Person Ever
  • jean buys VIP tickets for the two of them as a birthday gift
  • (which, sadly, effectively beats out kevin day’s procured front row seats at the next pro exy game happening in argentina, between the greenridge tigers and the blacktail jaguars)
  • jeremy happily goes “How the fuck did you know, Jean–”
  • “Well, if you were less subtle with the number of posters you have up in your room, the times you blasted Pretty Odd songs in the shower, and how you freaked out to Neil over the phone over them having a concert here, then I might not have noticed, Jere’.”
  • (andrew goes: “Yeah, Neil woke me up. I remember it perfectly well. and dan sniggers)
  • jeremy scoffs, rolls his eyes, and walks over to kiss jean. then, jeremy hugs him, whispering “Thank you, thank you, thank you” over and over again
  • jean could practically feel jeremy’s happiness wash over him, and it’s the best feeling in the world
  • fast forward to the day of the concert - jeremy is in his p!atd shirt and jean has his phone ready with all the song lyrics of the setlist
  • (jeremy doesn’t need the lyrics because he memorizes every song forwards and backwards)
  • they are 4 songs into the concert and, even though they’re in the VIP section, there are still a lot of tall people in front of the two of them
  • suddenly brendon urie decides on a bit of a surprise throwback with Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off 
  • jeremy freaks out because honestly damn, this song
  • jean notices jeremy trying his best to tiptoe and decides that this has gone on long enough
  • he can’t have his boyfriend struggling to enjoy his favorite band like this
  • so he bends over and shouts, “Get on my back!” and before jeremy could protest, he adds, “Quick!” 
  • jeremy gets on jean’s back and jean stands up just in time for jeremy to shout, “LET’S GET THESE TEEN HEARTS BEATING FASTER, FASTER!” in time with brendon and the crowd
  • jean waits for the whole song to end before letting jeremy off his back
  • jeremy breathes a quick, “Thanks,” before going back to the concert
  • the crowd in front of them subsides a little, and they’re now able to fully enjoy the music
  • during Northern Downpour jeremy puts his arm around jean’s shoulder and rocks them both side to side
  • at the end of the concert they get to meet p!atd and jeremy brings out every piece of merch he owns for them to sign - albums, posters, pictures, shirts, etc.
  • (he holds up the line and people are giving him death glares but jean flips them all off)
  • afterwards, they get to take pictures with them because apparently brendon urie is a lowkey exy fan who recognized them
  • (”Who’s that striker again? Ah. Neil Josten? Yeah. He’s badass. I like him.”)
  • jean and jeremy go home and jean sees jeremy with the biggest smile on his face
  • “Best night ever.” jean smiles and replies, “Happy damn birthday, idiot.”
  • (bonus: later that night, on instagram, jeremy posts an after-concert picture of him and jean, with jean happily holding up the tickets and jeremy kissing the top of his head. he tags jean and p!atd in the picture, and the caption is: “A moment I’ll always remember, and a night I’ll never forget.

From Arisha’s Twitter 01 June 2017


I signed this extra large poster of the picture taken when Aqours had a photoshoot for the recent magazine “Weekly Young Jump”. It can be won by a lottery drawing ^ ^

During the signing of the posters, I intentionally took a picture holding the poster, which did not have anything written on it. I am keeping it a secret.

I want it tooーー ー! 

Bad Dream (pt 2)

Pairing: Seth Rollins x Reader (and some Roman Reigns x Reader)

Word Count: 5580

A/N: I had some requests to finish Bad Dream, so here it is! SMUT is in here, so don’t read this at work. :-) I merged two prompts that I got for this as a recommendation on how to finish it. Enjoy!

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For Trade/Sale. If you are interested in anything, send me an ask!

Picture 1

35MM signed poster by Lindsay Mendez, Jay Armstrong Johnson, Ben Crawford, Betsy Wolfe, Ryan Scott Oliver and others

35MM Ballad of Sara Berry sheet music signed by Ryan Scott Oliver

Mary Poppins cast signed playbill

Peter & the Starcatcher cast signed playbill

Mamma Mia Playbill signed by Laurie Veldheer and others from the cast

Once Cast Signed Playbill, by most of OBC including Cristin Milioti & Steve Kazee

Godspell playbill signed by Lindsay Mendez, Anna Maria Perez de Tagle, and Morgan James

Picture 2

Newsies u/s slips

Cast sheet from Opening Night

Cast Sheet from May 24th 2014 Evening- Jp as Iain, Jack as Clay, Julian as Aaron, Jeremy Greenbaum as Davey w/ bio and headshot

Cailtyn as Julie

Julian as Ryan Steele

Hogan Fulton as Romeo (headshot & bio)

Michael McArthur as Corey Hammerston (Papermill)

Ryan Breslin as Davey

Fatica as Breslin

Caitlyn as Laurie

Fatica as Tommy

Julian as Faist

Laurie as Katherine

Jack as Evan

Fatica as Faist

Jack as Garett

JP as Buttons (headshot & bio)

Picture 3

How to Succeed in Business Opening Night place mat

Next to Normal magnet signed by Alice Ripley

Bonnie & Clyde keychain

Sister Act keychain

Kinky Boots note pad made out of understudy slips and signed posters

Rocky cup

Annie Get Your Gun note pad block

Wicked Happy Holidays Wizard photo

Picture 4

Hairspray playbill signed by Kate Loprest and Dwayne Cooper

Jekyll & Hyde playbill signed by Robert Cuccioli, Luba Mason, and Christiane Noll

Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time Playbill Signed by Alex Sharp and Jocelyn Bioh

Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike Playbill SIgned by Kristine Nielsen, Sigourney Weaver, David Hyde Pierce, Billy Magnussen, and Shalita Grant

Heathers Playbill signed by Barrett Wilbert Weed, Ryan McCartan, Evan Todd, Michelle Duffy, Dan Domenech, Molly Hager, Jon Eidson, Katie Ladner, Rachel Flynn, Aj Meier, Dustin Sullivan, Jessica Keenan Wynn, and Anthony Crivelli

Picture 5

T-shirts for sale. All shirts have been worn and wash and may have shrunk because of such. All shirts are $10 plus $3 shipping to the US, BUY more and the shipping can come down
- American Idiot Red Size Medium 
- Oklahoma Tank Top ( I’m just a girl who cain’t say no) Size small
- Broadway Cares size 2XL
-Playbill Size XL
- Shrek the Musical logo Size 2XL
-Spring Awakening logo shirt Size XL
-American Idiot Black Size 2XL
-Tarzan Size 2XL
- Spring Awakening Artwork Size XL
Rent No day But today long sleeve shirt Size XL
Little Mermaid Ursula Ladies Babydoll shirt Size Large
Wicked Logo Size XL
Hair Summer of Love shirt. size XL
Lysistrata Jones sSize 2XL
Drowsy Chaperone Size XL
Broadway Cares Size 2XL
Shrek Pinocchio Real Live Boy size 2XL
Hairspray logo Size XL
Rent off Broadway shirt size 2XL ( fits like XL)
In the Heights size 2xl

Picture 7

Picture 8

Newsies Playbill from night before closing Saturday August 23rd. Playbill signed by Aaron Albano, Brendan Stimson, Michael Fatica, Capathia Jenkins, Evan Kasprzak, Guiseppe Bausilio, and 2 others.


Picture 9

Hedwig and the Angry Inch signed by Lena Hall

Cabaret signed by Emma Stone and Leeds Hill

Ghost Non Equity Tour Signed playbill

Book of Mormon signed by Ben Platt and others

American idiot Tour Signed Playbill

Picture 10

Heathers playbill signed by Jessica Keenan Wynn, David Thomas Brown, Evan Todd, Dan Domenech, Elle McLemore, Katie Ladner, Kristolyn Lloyd, Molly Hager, Anthony Crivelli, Rachel Flynn

Heathers understudy sip signed by Charissa Hogeland