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Farewell Posts

I’ve read a few farewell posts when I was actually looking for other things (like my post being hijacked) so I’m commenting.

Here’s part of one by the whisperer:

Here is another ode to the love and light of the Tinhats.  This woman admitted that she went overboard when she tweeted a bunch of cockroach pictures to Sam last year which caused him to block her.  She joined in on Twitter with Julia, Lauren and Jess in mocking Sam when the ship took on water.  She has been a vocal critic of Shatner, which is her right, but as I’ve stated in previous posts, identifying Extreme Shippers for your followers who aren’t in the OL fandom as mostly women over 50 is not misogynistic.  It’s a statistic.

In the red box near the top, she states that these highly educated and accomplished women are being marginalized for what they think.  No, it’s not what they think, it’s what they do!  All shippers do not do bad things on SM so my remarks are only addressed to Extreme or Tinhat shippers who are on SM and actively participate. It’s the trolling of MacKenzie on IG which as anyone can tell from the troll comments, these women are either SC shippers or obsessed with Sam.  Many of them hold Cait up as a symbol of the perfect woman for Sam so there you go - shipper trolls.

These same “marginalized” women have attacked Sam and Cait publicly on Twitter and on Tumblr.  They’ve been especially horrible to Sam by tagging his employer, Starz and Sony, Lionsgate, Cait, Jennifer Allen his publicist and anyone else they can think of with their perceived grievances.  That is why people like Shatner get on their SM accounts and call them out.  If you are respectful and you have never participated in one of these gang tweet fests then why would you think Shatner or anyone else is speaking about you?

Bringing BG into this (lower red box) doesn’t accomplish anything.  Sam and Outlander have no control over her.  Many non-Shippers dislike BG intensely because she is a bully, too. She has said disparaging things on her SM about older people in general, not just about OL fans.  She yells at everyone. I despise her.

As a reminder, BG is not the only one who has mocked MPC or the looks of some of Sam’s fans.  I remember major shipper blogs doing the same thing. They also mocked fans who attended the Starfury Con when pics were posted last September on IG. There was a lot of mocking of the prom pics. Extreme Shippers need to leave MPC alone.  It is OFF LIMITS! It is a charity-based organization and that money funds clinical trials!  Don’t use it as a weapon against Sam or his fans.  Sam cannot control who signs up for it and Sam doesn’t care if they are shippers or not.

I know you want to say goodbye to the lovely people you’ve been commiserating with for the past 2-3 years but your farewell posts just reinforce the fact the there is a high level of delusion and selective memory within your group.  You’ve been a demanding, petulant and negative influence on Outlander. You have refused to believe what Sam and Cait have said in interviews and conjured conspiracy theories to justify your ship. You are being marginalized because the rest of us are sick of the antics.  Sick of the roller-coaster.  Sick of the abuse of Sam and now Cait. Sick of the abuse of the production staff when they don’t reinforce shipper theories. Sick of the verbal abuse of Mackenzie and the trolling of her IG account. 

If you had never organized campaigns to malign Sam and had never mocked Mackenzie publicly on your blogs and never created mocking sock puppet IG accounts I might feel more charity toward your group.  But many of the lovely, kind, intelligent and accomplished members of your group either create these accounts, comment on the posts or follow the trolls.

I wish the shippers who never participated in any of the above acts well and I hope they can still enjoy the gift that is Sam and Cait as Jamie and Claire on Outlander because I do.

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Claduaia picture THIS: theres a cockroachs on the floor, and you scream. it tursn around and its got a MASSIVE dick. it smiles and gives you a thumbs up before turning back around and scurrying across the flloor


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Wouldn't it be awesome if Sam takes his new "gives no fucks" attitude to a new level and blocks all the assholes who are hating him in the comments section of his retweet of Mac's charity tweet? Not just mutes, BLOCKS. You know, the way he did when the crazy nun tweeted him pictures of cockroaches? Mwahahahahahaha.

That would be a huge F-you. I don’t see it happening.

Alice 🐇


I said something to shynii about Neville Longbottom/Percy Weasley smut, and she said something [admittedly less nonsensical] about Marauders and then suddenly there was a Jeanmarco Marauders AU.

And then we both went radio silent at the same time because this obviously needed to be doodled.

So have some Marco as Lupin [tortured werewolf torn between wanting desperately to be close to his friends and keeping them at a distance so they can’t get hurt] and Jean as Sirius [The fullblood rebel first of his family not to be Slytherin. Also his animagus form is a cockroach].

Not pictured is Eren as James Potter, Mikasa as Lily Evans, and Armin as Peter Pettigrew [FIGHT ME, SY].

Bonus Professor Dumblesmith because Sy thought the idea was hilarious for some reason:


[pictures 1 & 2] Giant Cave Cockroach, [Blaberus giganteus] 

[picture 3] Australian Cockroach [Periplaneta australasiae]

[picture 4] Lobster Cockroach, [Nauphoeta cinerea]

Monday is feeding/watering day after the weekend for all the pets. The roaches were especially happy. They came out to grab a bite to eat (of dog food) and a little water. The Giant Cave Roaches sat on their paper towel tubes and twitched their antennae at each other. These are three of the 8 different cockroach species we have in the lab.

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Jongtae Pets

Jonghyun shuffles into the doctor’s office, feeling large and awkward and very out of place. He’s really far too old to be still seeing his pediatrician, except that since he’s still in high school, his mother doesn’t see any point in having him switch doctors just yet.

Jonghyun supposes he sees the point in this. It still doesn’t make wandering into a waiting room full of small children and screaming babies feel any less awkward, however.

This time, he spots another teenager sitting crammed up in a chair at the far end of the room, scrolling intensely through his phone in an obvious attempt to pretend like he isn’t there. Jonghyun hastily fills out his paperwork and heads over to sit next to the kid, hoping that maybe they can bond over this intensely awkward situation together.

“Hi!” says Jonghyun brightly, flopping down in the seat next to the kid. “How are you? I’m Jonghyun.”

A pair of disinterested eyes lifts to meet his.

“I’m Taemin,” the kid says, in very clear tones of please don’t talk to me.

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