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*asexual fist bump*

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the image is a gif all of us asexuals getting into a rocket and into spACE 

blonde bastard [luke hemmings]

au: in which calum hood forces luke hemmings to ask out the person he dreaded for span of six months, in exchange for his role as captain.

author’s note: i promised myself that this blog was for my fav poc. i swear this is the only one.working on aching p4! 

decidated to my favorite rats @castawyyluke & @carry-on-clifford

Hate was an easy emotion. To loathe someone was a simple task. To dread a being with every fiber of your being? Not necessarily an impossible task.

Maybe love and respect was more difficult – maybe learning how to do as simple as like another was why society was so.. hard-headed about their ideals.

But, hating was simpler than loving, he knew that much.

This was the principal of a local high schooler, in his junior year, was a struggling football player that desired to be at the top. An unrealistic goal, yes, but impossible? No.

Luke lets out a long sigh, throwing open the rusty, old locker of the physical education building and pulling off the sweat-stained jersey off of his body. Maybe (just maybe.) one day he’d be able to open his mindset to something more than just sports and negativity.

Then again, he was too focused on competition to redirect his attitude toward certain individuals.

And as if on cue, she had to appear in the boy’s locker room, by his locker. Her lips were tightened into a straight line, hair pushed into a pony as she blinked a couple of times as if she was thinking about.. something.

“Y/N,” a voice called not far from him, voice deeply locked in an accent, flirtatious — and Calum Hood. “Babe, you do know this is the boy’s locker room, right?” Not that they were together, Calum loved to toy with anyone available (well, not always). Luke didn’t hate him for his attitude, he envied his status.

She glanced at him, eyebrows raised as her tongue clicked and eyes rolled back in annoyance. “Don’t call me that, Hood.”

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TTD just said that Tamiel was Boots :(((( I still feel like there's hope but that was disappointing!

To quote my friend @allatariel:

“According to the quiz, “The script for this episode names Tamiel as the mysteries boots wearer who spied on Rick and Aaron in episode 708.” But why point out that the script names her just minutes after the actress who plays Jadis talked about the scripts using alternate names and involving a lot of subterfuge.”

The show would do whatever it takes to prevent Beth’s return from being spoiled. Scripts have leaked before. Having Beth’s character listed under a different name is just another precaution. Isn’t it also a little convenient that TPTB announce who the person in the car is, after joking that it was Beth on Twitter? 

Seriously, Tamiel cannot be Boots by the mere fact that she doesn’t have a scar on her face. And if she were the person that took him, wouldn’t Gabriel mention it? Instead he just referenced an unknown woman. allatariel also saw Tamiel’s boots, and they were mismatched but didn’t look like Boots’s. (She’s going to get me a screenshot which I will post for references.)

Seriously people, chill. 

Edited to add: 

Boots picture credit to @vampireselene89 

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When Darren posted the picture of him looking out across the body of water, do you think that by capitalizing "Sunshine" in his caption that he was referencing a person (Chris)? Because you don't just capitalize "Sunshine" if you're just talking about the sun.

There is no doubt in my mind.  I’m willing to bet that not only is he referencing Chris, his Sunshine, but that chris took that photo. 

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I wanna hear your headcannon on unknown's route!

Headcanon time~~ lol

Remember, this is just a personal thought of mine


Basically…I have this idea..So you know how Unknown is the one who leads you to the RFA? Well, in case you don’t get enough hearts with the rest of the members during the first 4 days, Unknown is the hidden route and comes for you instead on the 5th day. But instead of killing you, he has another agenda. He offers to let you live in exchange that you try to get closer to Seven.

That way, if Seven does fall in love with you, he’ll be vulnerable. And around Day 7, Unknown will deliberately stage a kidnapping with you as the accomplice in order to get Seven to track and chase after him.

During the time you went missing (with all the RFA members in a mess), you would try to talk your way out with Unknown while uncovering his past and trying to convince him not to hurt Seven (or you cause your life is on the line). 

Of course, Unknown treats you unkindly during the time of your kidnapping but should you get through to him, he’ll open up. After confrontation issues with Seven, Unknown goes mad with rage but instead of shooting Seven, he shoots you instead. After seeing you fall down to the floor, he freaks out and so does Seven who immediately drives the both of you to the hospital to get treated. While you’re being treated, Unknown talks to you and regrets what he had done; not realizing his feelings for you when he should have earlier. 

But surprise, surprise you wake up to his confession when he asks for your forgiveness. Of course, he ends up showing to the party in the end after making up with the RFA members.

Or…you could go for the bad end and fall into stockholm syndrome where instead of him falling for you…the opposite happens. But the kicker is, Unknown doesn’t return your feelings. Once he realizes the situation, he’ll use this to his advantage, treating you like both a prisoner and his personal toy because you’ll do what he wants of you since you’re madly in love with him.

That’s about it.

Remember, these are my personal thoughts.

You know what??? Actually makes me??? rly uncomfortable?? Is when ppl?? Type like this???? Because it like??? Actually registers in your brain as them being so disgusted with you beyond belief that they’re incapable of even typing a sentence without actively giving you a way to visualize how put off they are? It’s actually a pretty manipulative way to simultaneously make someone feel bad for upsetting you, and avoid explaining the issue they’re upset about?? Like all you need to know is they get off the hook because they’re the ones being offended?? And you’re the problematic shitlord???Idk I can’t explain it ??it just makes me feel gross????

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Drinking alcohol doesn't automatically make someone a bad person and just because someone drinks alcohol on occasions doesn't mean they do it all the time or that it will "get in the way" as you put it. I understand what you're saying completely, but I'm just saying don't block someone out of your life just bc they drink alcohol on occasions. There's a big difference in drinking alcohol every once in awhile and drinking alcohol every day!

Haha I never called anyone a bad person, read it again. I also didn’t say just because someone drinks on occasion means they do it all the time. That doesn’t even make sense hahaha. I said I don’t like drinking and I prefer when people don’t do it, at least around me. All my friends drink, it’s not like I don’t speak to people who do that. My parents drink too, do you think I don’t speak to them? Do you think I think they’re bad people?? Of course not. I’m just saying I’m not gonna DATE anyone who LOVES drinking. I’ve liked people like that before and I thought it wasn’t gonna be a problem, like we weren’t even together but it got in the way and ruined many occasions for both of us. So yeah, I don’t like drinking. Sorry if I sound harsh about it but just know that if you actually wanna be close with me it can’t be a thing. I can be friends with anyone but after a certain point, if someone really wants to be deep in my life they’re gonna have to live a life that’s compatible with mine and it’s just not negotiable. That’s only my very closest tightest circle, everyone else is allowed everywhere else.
Also it sounds like you’re talking to someone in your life who’s called you out on your drinking or something because you’re responding to a bunch of points I didn’t make or even imply. So maybe you should talk directly to whoever you’re projecting onto me haha cuz it sounds like you’re uncomfortable with how they’re treating you and making you feel like a bad person. I don’t think you’re a bad person so you don’t need to explain your choices to me. I was talking about the kind of people I can get really close with versus the kinds of choices people make that limit how much I can interact or share with them. Also I will point out that I’m projecting hundreds of people onto you who’ve made similar comments to me about how I “shouldn’t judge” or I don’t know what I’m talking about or how “drinking isn’t bad”, all things I never even said haha so I’m just expressing lots of feelings in your direction and I’m sorry about it. I’m just real tired of people getting their panties in a twist because my choices make them feel judged when I didn’t even judge them or say anything about them or their choices, I was just talking about myself. Like I never called anyone a bad person or referred to anyone’s character, I just referenced situations and how they can get ruined when alcohol gets involved. Pretty neutral. Okay this is way too long but yeah I hope this explanation helps a lot of people understand where I’m coming from and how I HONESTLY DO NOT CARE if you drink or not as long as we’re not considering seriously dating. Which we’re not! Woo hoo!!! Hahaha

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So with Peridot, Steven made a connection with her by being the first thing on earth to probably not present itself as a threat to her, and further comforted her with his knowledge of earth meteorology. Thus began the long yet still pretty quick route of her redemption arc, though I don't think it's finished quite yet. What catalysts do you think will be needed for Lapis and Jasper's own arcs? Sorry if you already answered something like this, I'm shit at navigating anything besides my own dash

So my thinking is that Peridot was the first, fastest, and easiest mostly because her only context with the Crystal Gems was what we saw in the show. I think that Jasper and Lapis both are going to take longer, because of the context of the war, and Lapis I think will take a lot longer than Jasper!

See, with Lapis, people forget a lot of the time that Malachite wasn’t the only thing she was dealing with? There were things that pushed her towards Malachite happening and at this point all she know is she’s incredibly bitter at everything that’s happened and to a large degree she feels like it’s the Crystal Gems’ fault for putting her in that situation in the first place- something that seems to have more of a kernel of truth as guilt over the war (or in Pearl’s case, romanticizing the war as a coping mechanism) seems to be a common thread between all three of the Crystal Gems that were there- Garnet, Pearl, and Rose. 

The lighthouse that had a Gem trapped and buried in it that Steven stated was “hurting” has a window in the shape of Rose’s Gem.

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I just noticed an inconsistency, in the Sailor V manga Ace said that Venus emerged from the ocean fully grown but then in the Sailor Moon manga Venus is seen as a child with the other senshi around baby Serenity

Oh, you mean this panel?

Personally, I think Ace was just referencing mythology. Or maybe our Venus was born of the sea, but unlike in Classical Mythology, she emerged as a baby instead of a fully-grown woman. Ace doesn’t actually say Venus emerged as a woman, after all (the Kodansha version doesn’t say so either, I checked).

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Idk if you've gotten this question before, but what is the genderqueer equivalent to boyfriend/girlfriend? Like when you're introducing Byrd to someone and you're like "This is my [insert equivalent], Byrd." My friend and I have been discussing this for awhile (because we follow both of your blogs extensively and think y'all are too cute) and want to be as correct as possible.

There’s no be-all-end-all tern as far as I know. People have said things like “datemate” but I think people just kinda use whatever terms they’re comfortable with when referencing the genderqueer person they’re dating.

I often just call Byrd my “partner” or I just refer to them as “my bluebird” but we’ve also talked about inventing our own words for them, like calling Byrd my “Dragonheart” or my “B'doodlykitten”

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I thought Piper's writing was the same thing, though? She rejected feminine things and it was just part of her personality. She was even referenced to as "dumpster girl" for her bad fashion sense, which is better rep for girls who experience prejudice because they are not feminine than Annabeth. She also breaks many Aphrodite kid stereotypes.

i’m not upset about the fact that piper is unfeminine! in fact, i love it. the issue with the writing is that piper is written like she’s better than other girls because she’s not feminine. like, yes, it’s super important to have representation for girls who are challenging gender norms! but it’s sexist to put down girls who aren’t doing that, and sexist in general to make a girl’s most defining characteristic how they feel about fashion and makeup.

i most certainly love that piper breaks out of the box that society tries to put her into. what i don’t like is the ~~~i’m not like the other girls~~~~ narrative. all that does is teach girls to hate themselves and hate other girls, which is obviously an awfully misogynistic thing to do.

it’s not an attack on piper’s character by any means, it’s a criticism of the grown ass adult writing the series.