not perfect but eh it was fun

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Hey you drew Kat! Loveit! Love your art in general

She wasn’t perfect, but I’m happy how she turned out. Obviously, drawing Mark all the time, he’s easy/looks good to me. But eh! it was fun!

Thank you! <3

  • Me: Digimon, eh? I remember that from when I was little, this'll be fun!
  • Cyber Sleuth: It seems like the people at the 'Perfect Girl Project' are running a scam where they trick healthy young men into living in a virtual world with their ideal woman- created by using data gathered from unsuspecting real life girls- and then abduct their physical bodies, presumably to be used as black market organ farms.
  • Me: J E S U S C H R I S T
David and Lindsay

Here’s another awesome partnership/friendship/chemistry that I need to remind myself not to overlook! I just adore the two of them together. Perfect match. 

I think I’m with Carrie Ann on this one. It was fun and funky but eh… I would have liked more cha cha for sure. Still a fan and that’s not going to change any time soon. 

Flashback to Apolo and Julianne! HELL YES! 


speedy speight painting i started last night and worked on a little throughout the morning! i’ve been trying to work with more palettes that i generally avoid purely out of low confidence–but drawing/painting like this has helped me avoid trying to reach a “perfect” and just focus on what i really like about the process!

also, i just really wanted to draw his nose

Chapter 2 has a LOT of Christine and Raoul and I dearly wish they could be doing fun stuff like this instead of being dazed/confused/angry lil’ warrior children. Maybe this is them on vacation/honeymooning(???) in the Mediterranean–sailing, of course (put your skills to work, Raoul). Although, I think that Christine’s fair complexion would make like Don Juan Triumphant and BURN.

Also, I’ve been listening to a lot of the Von Trapps EP lately and they are the perfect tunes to draw C+R fluff to, I guess. <3 *is shameless*

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*edit–this was super digitized for a while but I think its fixed now?* 

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Cutie, skin, music, smile (for the sweet n soft asks)

MCutie - favorite orange thing

hmmm Hayley Williams’s hair

look at it its perfection

Skin - Do you want any tattoos?

Eh, I’m kinda indifferent towards them. Which probably means I’m not gonna spend my money on it.

Music - 3 favorite bands/artists

aaaaahhh only 3??? torture, torture i say! anyway, probably p!atd, simon and garfunkel, and a tie between fitz and the tantrums, saint motel, and florence and the machine.

Smile - How was your day today?

My day was actually pretty great, thanks for asking! I had a lot of fun exploring my brother’s university campus, eating pizza, eating frozen custard, and finding a lot of dogs. dogs always make my day 50 times better.

How I thought I would feel playing A Link Between Worlds:

“Eh. It’s just a 3DS title. It’ll probably be par with the DS titles as well. Not getting my hopes up.”

How I felt after playing A Link Between Worlds:

“……Whoa. The story was intriguing and fresh, the moral choices the characters made felt real and had actual meaning and consequences, the gameplay was innovative yet fun, the fucking music sounds fully orchestrated FOR A 3DS TITLE!”


How about a round of applause for the most screwed over video game of all time, eh?

This game, while certainly not perfect, was a heck of a lot of fun.  It’s a Capcom fighting game, so how could it not be, right?  It had a pretty great cast…if somewhat muted by the fact that 99% of people outside of Japan wouldn’t recognize half of them.  It had a really awesome combat system….that was completely improved upon in every way in other games almost immediately after its’ release.  And it had a PHENOMENAL soundtrack! ….based mainly on remixes of themes from shows you probably haven’t seen.

Okay so maybe the release of Marvel Vs Capcom 3 pulled the rug out from under this game pretty dang fast.  But hey.  It was still fun while it lasted, right?