not past tense


‘Anyway, how did you know my parents?’ Grace felt that she still did not know who this Jade person was and what they knew about the Joyces/Swanns.

‘Yep’ Jade nodded.  ‘I knew your parents and you’re right they passed away when I was ten. They told me all about you though and little Ellie, and her sister and all their friends.  I’m so happy we’ve met’.

‘How do you know about Ellie?’ Grace stepped back shocked. ‘That’s not possible!’ How could this stranger have known about the existence of her little sister?  There was no mention of Ellie in the newspaper clipping, there was no way Jade could have known about her… unless the Joyce’s were really her parents.  ‘You said you knew my parents, that’s past tense.  You mean they’re dead?’ Grace asked carefully.

‘Yes, they died in a boating accident.  Can we…’ Jade hesitated ‘Can we talk? Let’s get a drink at the cafe behind us’

‘Okay’ Grace nodded reluctantly.  She needed to know what this person had to say.

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Hey! First off, lemme say I love the concept of this blog! Conlang is something I've been trying to learn up on since for the past few months, I've been working on a fantasy world with several nations and countries. Do you have any advice on making languages that sound distinct and unique?

the best way to do this is through sounds. i cannot stress enough how important it is to have defined (and different) lists of what sounds are allowed in each language (and not to only use english sounds - look through a detailed ipa guide for some inspiration)

i’d also recommend having a separate document detailing the feature of each language (etc. how do articles work? how does possession work? past tense? future tense? progressive/extended actions? word order? questions? …) this is a great way to compare and contrast languages and to tell you how native speakers of one language might mess up in another language (do they have trouble with certain sounds? do they use the wrong tense? do they drop or include articles that normally wouldn’t be there?)

I think y’all should know that, as of 2015, according to Pottermore, Newt Scamander was still alive (at the sprightly age of 118).  There’s no need to talk about him in the past tense!  He’s out there somewhere teaching Luna’s kids the best way to tickle Nifflers and probably chatting with Hagrid and Charlie Weasley over tea every few weeks.

Anders: No wonder they call this the Dragon Age. The bloody things are everywhere.

Anders this is literally the first place where we’ve run into any dragons, other than Flemeth and you weren’t even there. Although I guess to be fair that’s just this game.

Speculated dialogue from right before the Bone Pit boss dragon fight:

[everyone peering from behind a boulder or something]
Hawke: Well, that miner wasn’t wrong, that is a pretty huge dragon. So… has any of you actually fought one before, by any chance?
Fenris: No.
Merrill: Like I just said, never even seen one. Apart from Asha'bellanar.
Anders: Yes.
Anders: …What? I’m a Grey Warden. You seem to keep forgetting that even though it’s the reason you sought me out in the first place. The Archdemons are dragons.
Hawke: I thought you weren’t recruited until after the Archdemon was defeated.
Anders: Well, yes. But. I’ve still fought a dragon, with the Hero of Ferelden.
Hawke: That’s good then! Any tips?
Anders: Uhh… pretty much both ends and also the sides bite, so have fun with that, Fenris, Hawke. Also their breath does spirit damage, no wait the Commander said it might but it was lightning, no actually the normal ones probably just breathe fire? And may or may not turn into a bunch of energy orbs mid-battle?
Anders: Look, I don’t even know. The one we fought was actually a dragon ghost made out of lightning. …I’d love to be able to say that’s the weirdest thing I saw while traveling with her.

Something different that occurred this episode was that, in episode 10, we have Victor as the narrator, instead of Yuuri. He introduces himself the way Yuuri introduced himself in the first few episodes, which solidifies the perspective of the narrator for the corresponding episode. Some important things to note is that he speaks in past tense just like Yuuri does when he narrates, and breaks the fourth wall with the line


(sate, hanashi wa modotte…)

“Now then, back to the story…”

Both of these facts heavily imply that Victor is recalling and retelling his and Yuuri’s story of how they met to someone, whether it be us, the audience, or a niece or nephew in the future. Whenever we get a narration line from either Yuuri or Victor in any of the episodes, it’s said in a very wistful and playful tone, which is further evidence pointing towards how they’re remembering the beginning of their love story, as both wistful and playful tones can both be related back to nostalgia.

What does that mean?

I hear you ask. Well it means that long, long after the plot of Yuri!!! On Ice ends, Victor and Yuuri are still happily together. It means that both Yuuri and Victor are willing to accept the other with all their faults, and that they’ve worked hard to build something stable and long-lasting together.

You know what else is just great from this episode? The fact that we can see that Victor is improving the way in which he supports Yuuri.

Back during the China Tournament, we witnessed the game changing parking lot scene, where Yuuri cried his eyes out, and, pushed to the brink, where he shouted at Victor the following


(boku ga katsutte boku yori shinjite yo. Damattete ii kara, hanarezu ni soba ni ite yo)

“Have more faith in me, believe that I will win. It’s okay to not say anything, so just stay by my side!”

What Yuuri asks of Victor during the carpark scene is actually subtly reflected in episode 10, when they’re both walking through the Christmas stalls. During this scene, Victor’s narration goes

「ゆうりが答えを探してる時、黙ってても目がキラキラと輝いてる。 --- 話しかけずにそっとようそうによう。」

(yuuri ga kotae wo sagashiteru toki, damattetemo me ga kirakira to kagayaiteru. — hanashikakezuni sotto yousou niyou)

“When Yuuri searches for an answer, even without talking, his eyes sparkle and glitter. — I’ll just quietly stay near without talking.”

No questions asked, Victor just accepts that Yuuri is looking for something, in other words, he’s believing in him, and quietly accompanies him throughout his search, while appreciating how his eyes light up. The use of the verb 「黙る」(damaru) “to shut up” in both of these dialogues further relates the two scenes. He’s learning how to support Yuuri because of the advice Yuuri gave him previously, and is proving to us that he is getting better at it.

Interestingly enough, Victor’s thoughts here actually mirror the lyrics to the ending song somewhat, especially the lyrics


(kagayakinagara kimi ga oshietekureta)

“You shine radiantly as you taught me/showed me (the way)”

Which, in this context, would have the “shine radiantly” describe Yuuri’s eyes as they shine and glitter, and the ‘teaching’ section refer to how Yuuri’s outburst in the carpark actually helped Victor in his Yuuri coaching endeavours, how Yuuri taught him how to support him passively. (I actually did a whole general analysis of the ending song here, so go check it out if you like procrastinating and crying over anime ending songs)

There are just so many things in this episode that point towards Yuuri and Victor’s healthy, balanced relationship, how they’re both working and compromising for each other, and how this relationship will last long into the future after the events of Yuri!!! on Ice. And it is honestly the most wonderfully delicate, detailed, and natural piece of storytelling I’ve ever witnessed in anime.

You rarely see a “wend” without a “way.” You can wend your way through a crowd or down a hill, but no one wends to bed or to school. However, there was a time when English speakers would wend to all kinds of places. “Wend” was just another word for “go” in Old English. The past tense of “wend” was “went” and the past tense of “go” was “gaed.” People used both until the 1400s, when “go” became the preferred verb, except in the past tense where “went” hung on, leaving us with an outrageously irregular verb.

Hey, do you guys remember the first scene we ever saw in Yuri on Ice? You know the very first one in the first episode. The one where we see Victor skate on a dim rink with Yuuri watching him and commentating on it as a narrator?

It’s been 11 episodes since that first scene but I think it remains relevant. In fact, I believe that it’s shown at the very beginning of the anime because it’s the beginning of the story - the story told by Yuuri about how meeting Victor changed his life. In a way the entire anime is told like someone recalling their past - like someone nostalgically looking back on their life.

So I went back to that scene and I noticed something interesting.

This line is in present tense.

Meaning that when Yuuri is looking back on his life and his journey to get where he is now, Victor is still with him.

Yuuri then switches back to past tense, which now serves as an introduction to the story he’s about to tell. It’s the story of how he always admired Victor, how he met him, how Victor became his coach and everything after that. We know that story - that’s the entire anime.

These 20 short seconds set the tone for the entire show.

There are only three short lines in this first sequence but I think they are hugely important bits of foreshadowing.

And that includes foreshadowing for the ending. Because look at Yuuri’s face and how happy he is - all thanks to Victor. The sequence ends with Yuuri wearing this expression:

Determination? Motivation? Confidence? All of the above?

It’s a subtle presentation of what Victor gave him - or rather, what Victor helped him find within himself. Notice how there’s nothing suggesting any negative feelings here?

That’s because Yuuri’s story will end well, without sadness or pain or regret and we can already tell just through this sequence.

Now, let me tie this back to episode 11.

Yuuri watches Victor throughout the Short Programs and concludes that Victor misses the sport and realizes that he can no longer keep him to himself, away from doing what he seems to love so much. He decides that he needs to let go of Victor after the Grand Prix Final.

Which leads him to say that infamous line:

And now, Yuuri expects Victor to just nod and say “Yes, I’ve wanted to go back to figure skating but I was afraid to tell you. I’m glad you understand, let’s split up after the final.” or some other BS like that.

And this is where that first screenshot, the first line ever pronounced in the show comes into play.

He never fails to surprise me.

Because Yuuri is so convinced that Victor wants to skate again, so sure that Victor can’t stay with him when he retires after the Grand Prix Final, that when Victor tells him that he doesn’t want to skate competitively anymore, that he wants to be with Yuuri even if he’s no longer his coach that it is nothing short of a surprise.

I just wanted to put that out there in case you were still worried about the outcome of that conversation.

Victor never fails to surprise Yuuri, his genuine, unconditional love being perhaps the greatest surprise of them all.

Your Worst Nightmare

Summary: Dan can’t sleep–he never can. And it’s thanks to the demon under his bed.

TW: uhhh scary demon shit. idk when @mangothatismelancholy was reading it she was legitimately scared so idkkk

Genre: angst

Word Count: 5k

(here’s a drawing @societyshottheunicorns01​ made!)

(and a drawing @haleykinz​ made!)

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for him. (after tronnor broke up)

We were runnin’ so fast
And we never looked back
And whatever I lacked, you made up
We made a really good team
Said I’m never gonna leave
We had this crazy chemistry
Between us

Jumped into your car anytime we were bored
Wearing anything and everything that you ever wore
Making new clichés on own little tour
Let’s ride

You never should’ve said I love you now I’ve left you blue
Remember all the shooting stars and all the silver moons?
Dirty, messy shades of purple out of red and blue
Bet you wish you didn’t know me, now you’re lonely
I’ll always miss you
I’ll always miss you, you

We were staying up late
On our private little dates
Staying over your place, how cheesy
And we took jokes way too far
Cause sometimes loving’s too hard
I think we might be better apart
We are, we are, we are

You never should’ve said I love you now I’ve left you blue
Remember all the shooting stars and all the silver moons?
Dirty, messy shades of purple out of red and blue
Bet you wish you didn’t know me, now you’re lonely
I’ll always miss you
I’ll always miss you, you

We weren’t a commercial for everyone else
We went out for coffee and kept to ourselves
We made little homes out of 3 star hotels
And I know what you’re feeling
Hope you’re healing as well

You never should’ve said I love you now I’ve left you blue
Remember all the shooting stars and all the silver moons?
Dirty, messy shades of purple out of red and blue
Bet you wish you didn’t know me, now you’re lonely
I’ll always miss you
I’ll always miss you, you

And suddenly we looked at each other for the first time in 5 months with tears streaming down our faces. It was all too familiar, the feeling of wiping her tears off her cheeks, they were always so soft. But now, they were red from the yelling and crying. I felt my face turning a similar shade of pink as I looked at you with a strong hesitancy to hold you. I did anyway. We stood there for a while and just held each other.
‘I loved you so much. I loved you so much’
I didn’t know what to say. It felt strange using it in past tense.
You looked back at me with red eyes, ‘I loved you too. I loved you a lot’
But we were toxic. We both said it, I had no room to disagree.
'We were never going to work’
And it hit me that this, this moment was what I had been waiting for since the moment you left me. The tears, the eerie nostalgia, the fact that we looked at each other and said that although we are no longer in love, we can say that yes, we loved each other. And maybe we were right for each other at a time. But we became two people that weren’t meant to be together as we grew.
We loved each other,
but we were never going to work
—  past tense