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I know your Exo Hunter is basically a cat but who's your Warlock you draw sometimes?

that’s Kat she’s not stereotypical warlock ultrasmart. she was born in the city and her ghost TOTALLY lucked out in finding her so easily. she hates fighting the hive. specializes in solar light. 

once set herself on fire for a pun or two. (actually. too many times to count) ghost refuses to fully restore one eyebrow to its pre burned off state to try and teach her a lesson. isn’t effective.

when she’s not space losering it up, she’s teaming up with other guardians on the hunt for old databases full of stuff that WON’T defeat the darkness. languages/cultural things that didn’t survive the road to the traveler. I figure a lot of guardians would pass over stuff like that bc it’s boring to them if they have no real connection to the city and its ppls.

The Sands of Shrift

Guilt is a burning freeze
in the pit of your guts
when you lack the energy
to get out of bed
or face the day with a smile.

It’s that pain from your past
you’ve boiled and baked
into a hardened bitterness
in your heart.

But with forgiveness

this barrage of feeling
is merely temporary:
it too will pass over you,
if you allow it,
like salty waves
endlessly smoothing out
the sandy shore
in its wake.

This elusive peace
you will find
like a sudden rainfall
in a parched desert.

Release yourself,
and let not Yesterday
be Today.

A collab between @californiacougar and @just-4-thought for the #creedcollabchallenge! Always a pleasure to work with her. Incidentally, just-4-thought came up with the use of the word “shrift” for the title. It is an archaic word that means to ask forgiveness of a priest.
You’ve Got A Hold On Me~ Tyler Bate Imagine

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Smut Ahead

“ I made it” you smiled looking up at the Full Sail Arena, you had made your dream happened. From everything you have been through, from every little penny you had to make, from all the pain you’ve been through. You were finally here. Not in a million years you thought this happened.

 Your mom always told you to keep moving forward, take steps towards your dream. She had pushed to be here, you wished she was with you. She had passed away over a year ago leaving you with the words, “ Stay strong my little flower.” 

She was the only one you had in your family, your father left when you were born and you were an only child who wanted to be one day just like Eddie Guerrero, you missed  him so much. But you were here doing it for you mom and yourself. 

You just moved down to Florida, buying yourself an apartment. Barely affording it so far, but with job maybe you can get a better one day. There were only two rooms in your apartment, a toilet and not even a place to take a shower. 

As you walk into the doors, Matt Bloom greets you with open arms. He learned more about you, e had found you wrestling in the indies and promotions,trying to make it. He loves your in ring skills,  jumping from top ropes, getting a crowd going and cut a pretty good promo.

“ There you are” he says pulling you into a hug. You chuckle, hugging him back, “ Good to see you again sir”

He scoffs, “ Sir makes me feel old, don’t call me that kid”you laugh, nodding your head. Just then you see the most gorgeous man pass by, your head turns watching him. 

“ That’s Tyler Bate, he’s a pretty good kid but I would be careful, he hangs out with Pete Dunne and Trent Seven, those three are trouble” 

You liked trouble and especially the Tyler guy, he was cute with his dirty blonde hair and that mustache. 

“ I guess so” 

He shakes his head knowing full aware that somehow you were not going to listen to him and befriend those guys. 

“ Let’s go” he says, turning you around from watching the Tyler guy as he was talking to some other dude with a snarl on his face. Pete noticed the new meat that just walked through the doors, he motion wit his head to Tyler to Matt Bloom walking away with you.

“ Look, it’s a new chick” Tyler took a glance but he could only see your arms and hair. He shrugged, “ So what?”

“ Let’s go see what she’s like” Pete smirks, licking his lips. Tyler rolls his eyes knowing the real reason Pete wanted to see you. To get into your pants.
“ Calm you dick for once Dunne” Tyler mumbles. Pete had heard him, waking him on the back of his head. Tyler mumbles, glared over at Pete as the two walked over to hear Bloom talk about you.

“ She’s new around, well not to wrestling business but you treat her with respect, you got it?” Everyone nodded or mumbled, “ Yeah.”
Pete scoffed, Regal had heard him as he made his way over to the Bruiserweight. 

“ Especially you” he points at Pete’s face. Tyler gasped when you turned around seeing how beautiful you were. From the way your hair was tied in a pony tail, from your eyes peeking from behind your long eyelashes, to the small smile you had on your lips to how shy you were being. He thought you were the cutest human being he has ever seen. 

“ What’s her name?” Tyler asks, catching Regal’s attention. He looks at you then back at Tyler seeing the smitten look on his face. 

“ Let me give you some advice, do not bring her into your world. She’s a fragile little thing” 

“ With all due respect Mr. Regal, I wouldn’t dare hurt her” 

Regal just gave him a look before walking away. You on the other hand was introducing yourself to Liv, Asuka and Ember, it wasn’t easy talking to new people. But you felt so welcomed. 

A tap on your shoulder suddenly brought you out from the conversation you were having with Asuka. Turning around, it was the Tyler guy with the other one. 

“ Hey, my name is Tyler Bate” he said, sticking out his hand for you to take. You glance down at it before looking up at him, a smile on your lips as you take it in yours. A shock of electricity shoots through you making you take your hand away from his grasp. Tyler was shock to, his mouth going dry as he stood frozen in his spot. The girls giggled catching on to what was going on. 

“ Names Y/N, don’t forget it gorgeous” you said boldly, shocking yourself and the rest. As you walked away, being called by Bloom, Tyler felt like he just met his love. Love at first sight. 

“ Man, what’s with you? She’s just a girl..” Pete says, rolling his eyes.
“ Not just a girl, she’s a beauty and I want her” 

“ Good luck with that one” Pete says, patting his friend on the shoulder as he walked away leaving Tyler to watch you as you trained in the ring. 

Weeks went by and you were having trouble with some of the moves that you wanted to use in the ring. As you practice, you kept on not getting it right.
“ Take a break kid” Bloom says, patting your back. You took your water in your hands as you walked off to the side, taking a breather. 

“ Having trouble?” Tyler asks as he stops besides you, you nod sadly with a sigh. 

“ How about after everyone leaves, I can help you. We can stay later?” He offers hoping you would say yes. He loves seeing you train and he wants to be close you, he wants to touch you. 

“ I would like that, thank you” He smiles, “ Bate! get back to work!” Bloom yells as he was watching you talk to him. 

“ Go to go” Tyler winks at you before he hurries off. 

“ You too Y/N!” Bloom yells, you put down your water as you get into the ring locking up with Liv. 

Everyone had cleared out and went back to get some rest while you stood in the ring waiting for Tyler who was taking his time.

“ Any day princess!” you hollered at him. He stuck his tongue out as he climbed inside the ring, “ I saw you trying to do the moonsault before, you almost got it” he says. You rather kiss him than practice. He was so beautiful and you wanted to know how he taste like, how soft his lips were against yours. 

“ Y/N! Y/N!” He calls to you, bringing you out of your thoughts. 

“ Huh? What? I’m here” He chuckles, shaking his head before you two got to work. It was more than a moonsault you wanted to try, just to get close to him and feel his hands on you. Somehow you landed on top of him looking down at him, his hair was messy and he was grinning at you.

“ What is that grin for?” 

“ You’re beautiful” He says, but a hand covers his mouth as a blush reaches his cheeks.

“ Thank you, you too” He chuckles but then stops leaning up, placing his lips on yours kissing you. Finally, you knew how his lips felt against yours. Soft. He pulls away, his eyes become darker than they usually are as he says the words that almost makes you moan, “ I want to eat you out.”  His hands find your hips going to your ass giving it a squeeze. 

He lifts you up from the ground carrying you to the corner of the ring. He removes your leggings which he throws over the top rope, gets ride of your shirt and sports bra along with your shoes. Then his clothing goes. Tyler leaned down roughly licking and biting on your neck. His hands are holding your thighs, you could feel how hard he is as he grinds his hips into you. You are already soaked through your panties. Your hands and nails go to his back, digging into his skin when he notes down to your collarbone. His hard on is pressed against your clit, but you want more of him. 

“ Tyler.. please..” you whimper,bucking your hips onto him. He takes you away from the corner, gently setting in the middle of the ring.

“ I wanted to do the since I first saw you” he mumbles against your lips, pecking them. His hands go to your panties, slipping them off. He doesn’t give you time to adjust to his fingers as he plunges two inside of you, he groans at how wet you are. Your hands reach to his boxers.

“ Me too.. I need you now.. please..” you begged. His boxers come off , landing somewhere in the ring. His chest is pressed against yours as he removes his fingers from your aligning himself at your entrance. Tyler thrusts himself into you, not giving you time to adjust to him as your walls tighten around him as he thrusts into you again. Again. And Again. He goes in a fast pace and your legs find themselves around his waist. 

“ Fuck! Tyler!..” you scream as he hits your g-spot. 

“ Like that?” He pants, looking down at you with a smirk on his face watching you moan his name. His thrusts are deep and rough, you feel yourself trembling getting to your edge, he keeps hitting your g-spot. 

You screamed once more, arching your back. He groans feeling you clench around him as he speeds up to help you reach your orgasm. You grip on his bicep, whimpering as you cum. 

“ You’re so beautiful..” he kisses you, biting down on your bottom lip as he picks his pace up, thrusting a few more time as he comes undone filling his seed inside of you. 

He laughs as he pulls himself out of you and laying besides you in the middle of the ring.

“ Do you think anyone is going to find out?” you shake your head, “ It will be our secret”He reaches down cupping your face with his hand. 

“ You are mine now, yes?” 

“ Wouldn’t have it any other way”

SpazerCo plushworks is coming back

I’m getting back my little plush workshop back! So I guess my hiatus is coming to an end monday! So I’m gonna make a new pricing post soon this week! That I promise and open the commission slots on the following friday!

As to what happened, I was being booted from where I live (moved in my grandfather to take care of him till he passed) since my grandfather had passed away so there was no one to stop them from getting rid of me with excuses like “he’s stealing grandpa’s tools and pawning them” but it was them that was doing that and blaming me for it. They even stole one of my sewing machines and an expensive air compressor. So I decided to leave but before I walked out they tried to blackmail and extort money from me. So since November I had been really miserable. Getting into really heated arguments and after my grandfather passed I got into really nasty fist fights with them. (Gauze was so important living there) So I had moved out highly risking being homeless but I had to since I was being hated that much. Even though I pulled my own weight and more b6 repairing a shit load of stuff but was never appreciated in the end. But thank goodness I was temporarily taken in by an uncle who I hardly see but took my side and helped me find a place to live. So I get to have my workshop back and a place to sleep comfortable in. So I’m definitely gonna open up shop to replace a lot that was lost. So thank you, thank you very much for being real patient with me! I’ve been through a lot these past few months but its coming to an end this weekend but I need a week to setup the shop completely.

a ( rough / itachi shinden canon ) pre-massacre timeline:

  • age 4.
    • taken to the battlefield.
    • decides he wants save the world from itself.
    • the war ends.
    • lord third says he’ll step down as people are mad he didn’t demand reparations.
    • fugaku is passed over for consideration as the next hokage.

  • age 5.
    • masters fireball jutsu.
    • possibly makes contact with the crows for the first time.
    • kyuubi attack > the uchiha are blamed.
    • lord forth dies, lord third is reinstated.
    • persecution against uchiha begins in earnest.
    • uchiha are forced to move to the edges of the village.
    • decides to live for sasuke’s sake.

  • age 6.
    • joins the academy.
    • danzo makes his interest known for the first time.
  • age 6 ½. 
    • learns shadow clone jutsu / jounin level jutsu.
    • passes graduation exam.
    • is attacked and forced to his knee while people threaten him with kunai, demanding he apologize for the kyuubi attack. tenma, a future team mate is one of them.

  • age 7.
    • graduates, joins his genin team with jounin sensei yuki minazuki, tenma izumo, and shinko inari.
    • danzo meets itachi again, fugaku learns of danzo’s interest.
    • learns of the coup as he’s an offical ninja now.
    • begin missions with tenma being openly hostile.
    • later in the year they make peace.

  • age 8.
    • chosen for the ceremonial mission to protect the fire daimyo.
    • tenma and itachi both are not captured in the genjutsu, tenma is immediately killed, obito offers itachi the chance to stand aside before going in to kill him, kakashi rescues itachi and the rest.
    • shinko quits as a ninja.
    • team two receives new genin students yoji aburame, and himuka suzukaze. 

  • age 9. 
    • preperations for the coup escalate as ANBU begins taking more of the cases that would otherwise to the police force.
    • shisui and itachi decide they have to try to do something and meet in secret regularly.
    • when attempting to speak up for peace itachi is shut down by his father’s lieutenants.
    • yuki-sensei denies him the chance to compete.
    • danzo rallies for his participation and it’s outed that yuki is holding back genin who are more competent than he is.
    • fugaku is offered the chance to have itachi compete in the next chuunin exams.

  • age 10. 
    • competes in the chuunin exams, alone, without a team.
    • second highest score ever in the written exam, surpassed only by minato namikaze.
    • sets a record in the forest of death, the record gaara and co. will later beat.
    • mentally breaks a boy from kumogakure called nemui in the third exams.
    • itachi is promoted, fugaku curtails him joining the police force as is tradition to join ANBU and act as a land line to the hokage.
    • yoji aburame disappears after itachi is promoted.
    • danzo agrees with the hokage that itachi should join anbu after a test.
    • fugaku says he’ll go with itachi after itachi’s already gotten shisui’s help. itachi uses sasuke’s academy entrance ceremony as a reason fugaku can’t go with him.
    • itachi and shisui kill mukai kohinata, a man descended from the hyuuga clan and a spy for kirigakure.

  • age 11.
    • joins ANBU.
    • assigned to team ro comprised of kakashi hatake, tenzo, ko, yugao uzuki.
    • additionally assigned to the team by danzo is sugaru, who speaks in an odd voice is is specifically watching after itachi.
    • treated poorly, particularly by ko, whose sister died in the kyuubi attack.
    • considers kakashi kind, and a model leader.
    • shisui is also made ANBU, reporting only to the hokage, and in secret.
    • learns of the surveillance on the uchiha compound.
    • sees (who he thinks is) madara uchiha go into naka shrine and does NOT tell.
    • during a mission in the land of frost he kills a boy younger than himself and wishes he could stop being ANBU, if he’s not able to protect the world as he wishes he could.
    • shisui reveals he has a plan to stop fugaku with his mangekyo during a secret meeting between the two.
    • days later, after a failed attempt to intercept fugaku, shisui is poisoned by sugaru (revealed to be yoji aburame) and danzo takes one of his eyes.
    • shisui finds itachi before he dies and begs itachi to push him off a cliff, itachi does, with the knowledge that it’ll activate his mangekyo, on shisui’s order.
    • itachi awakens mangekyo just after.
    • the next day itachi says it’s better sasuke hate him.
    • itachi is confronted by members of the police department and is angry they don’t take the suicide note (which shisui dictated to itachi) at face value.
    • itachi plans to kill fugaku, and the three lead members of the police force before sasuke interrupts. (note: this is that scene where he throws the kunai at the fan.)

    • danzo and lord hokage decide that itachi will be promoted to ANBU captain and his offical age raised on his next birthday from 12 to 13 as no one had previously been allowed to become an ANBU captain before 13. 

  • age 12 ( officially 13. )
    • promoted to ANBU captain / put under danzo’s supervision.
    • itachi confronts danzo to ask why he killed shisui, danzo says it’s because shisui’s plan (and all that the two of them had planned) would’ve ultimately stopped nothing.
    • itachi walks out, which danzo says means itachi knows the uchiha must die.
    • itachi plans to kill danzo, and sugaru, who reveals himself at yoji to itachi, tells him not to as itachi would not make it out alive / the village would collapse under the weight of it’s own darkness.
    • the clan no longer trusts itachi, he gathers information for the next year.
    • the budget of the konoha police force is cut by roughly ¼ th on danzo’s suggestion.

  • age 13 ( officially 14. )
    • two members of the foundation who are undercover a member of the uchiha reveal the date of the coup will be set at the next meeting.
    • itachi tells the third hokage the date is set for ten days and is deeply unhappy when the hokage is suprised, believing the hokage should’ve done more to prevent this.
    • danzo meets with itachi and gives him the offical assignment to kill the uchiha clan to spare his brother, or to fight against the village and die along with the rest.
    • itachi accepts the assignment.
    • itachi watches naka shrine again for “madara” to ask for his help in killing the uchiha. “madara” agrees, having no attachment to the coup.
    • danzo arranges for sasuke to be delayed at the academy, allowing him to survive.
    • the clan is massacred.
Devil In A Red Dress | Jennie (BLACKPINK)

The Devil In A Red Dress | Jennie (BLACKPINK)

word count:
genre: witch!au, smut
warnings: mentions of selling your soul, mentions of Puritan religion
A/N: anon asked for a Jennie or JiSoo scenario and I wrote this. Off to hell I go!

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she had the world // panic! at the disco

you know who this reminds me of?

these two nerds

  • Latino is not a race.
  • Mestizo is a race and probably what you meant to say.
  • Latinos are majority mestizos, but not all Latinos are mestizos.
  • In Latin America there is black / chinese / native / white / turkish people… and they’re all latinos.
  • Racism might not be actually the same in LatinAmerica as is in USA, but antiblackness is still prevalent, so is discrimination towards native / Romani / Asian / Jewish people, mestizos and so on.
  • Colorism is real, and white and white-passing people have privilege over dark-skinned people.
  • Xenophobia is real, and it won’t be hard to heard of the discriminations Bolivians face in Argentina, or Peruvians in Chile (these cases also affected be racism).
  • White people have white privilege even in places where they’re a minority.
I don’t know how to be good enough for you. And I’m sick of trying.
—  🖤
I have to accept the fact that there really is going to be a time when you’re no longer a part of my life. I won’t get to wake up and expect your smiles or pretend to hate the way you tease me. I won’t even have the satisfaction of just seeing you across the room or listening to your laugh. You and I are both moving on with our lives, starting afresh, and I’m a little numb just thinking about it.
—  🖤