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Any good new fics ur excited about? thnx. xD

DUDE! I wrote a thing and it didn’t save it and I freaked and had to retype. 

Okay - so I posted my top five fics (here) - and I posted a huge list of the WIPs I was reading at that time (here) and I’m still reading all of them.

I would say - go read the fics on my other lists linked above - and subscribe to the WIPs I mentioned (and seriously - leave a million reviews on them so we get more chapters… *cough*FightClubBughead*cough*) I’m not going to mention the fics from those lists - because rest assured, if they were on those lists, then I’m thrilled every time the fic updates.

BUT this question is which new fics am I excited about right now! There are SO many new fics - completed and WIPs both - that I’m excited about. I see their updates in my inbox and I cheer - or I read them and then read them over again. I’m going to give you a short list:

  • tales of an endless heart (series) by @lessoleilscouchants Part II just finished today and it’s ANGSTY! But so beautifully written. She’s promised a part III and I’m hoping we get an eventual (and deserved) Happy Ending. (technically a WIP - but two complete parts) You will feel personally attacked by this series… But it’s so well written and amazing that you won’t care. I might riot if Part III doesn’t give us a happy ending though. A Full Blown Alan Rickman flipping a table riot. This story will make you FEEL. Cigarettes After Sex feel.
  • Fruit Punch Lips & Leather Jacket Dreams by @believe-that-you-can-my-friend - SERPENT JUGGIE with Good Girl Betts! I seriously need more and more and more of this. Because it’s by FAR one of my ultimate faves. The UST is freaking PALPABLE. There will be a continuation - I have assurances. ;)
  • Make It Work by @raptorlily (WIP) - Classic Comics Bughead. Fake Dating - going to Veronica and Archie’s wedding in Mexico. Freaking DELIGHTFUL and not just because I’ve had exclusive access to Raptor’s killer awesome outline of awesomeness. 
  • What Fools These Mortals Be by @gellbellshead - (WIP) Shakespeare. Bughead and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. So good.
  • Something To Tell You by @findingbetty​ (WIP) - I’m in love with this story. It’s another Roomates->More fic but it’s unique. All from Betty’s pov - and Juggie is FANTASTIC. Well, he’s a lawyer. But he’s hiding layers under all that charm… I think. 
  • Into The Black by @camelotskingz (WIP) - Another Serpent Juggie. I am seriously in love with this trope. I could marry it. 
  • To B.C. I Still Love You. by @camelotskingz(WIP) - JUST started. But this is gonna be angsty as hell - but a HEA has been confirmed. You should get in on the ground floor with this one.
  • the winged beast by onceuponamirror So so good. I can’t say enough how much I love this story.
  • Where The Wild Roses Grow by @believe-that-you-can-my-friend - Post E13 perfection.Serpent Jug again. GUH.
  • By Mere Happenstance by @it-happened-one-starry-night - (WIP) Bughead doesn’t know eachother - they’re IM friends. SO cute.
  • Tacos and Tequila by @jugandbettsdetectiveagency - The opening scene is a wet and mostly naked Juggie (save a towel) - and the premise is that they get snowed in. Dude. It just started but it’s gonna be lit.*

I’m sure there are so many more… but these ones make me happy right now.

*Edited After first post.

Consequences of a Drunken Night

Part 1 - Drunken Night

Pairing: young!Sirius Black x reader

Words: 1811

Warnings: swearing and drunkness

Summary: you get drunk with your best friend Lily Evans and the Marauders take care of you but there’s something they didn’t expect to happen that night.

A/N: So here’s the Sirius Black x reader. It has two parts (I’ll post the other one tomorrow). I hope you like it!! I’ll post the James Potter x reader on Sunday and part 1 from the Supernatural series on Monday!

You were at The Three Broomsticks along with your friends James, Peter, Remus and Sirius and your best friend Lily. You were close friends with all of them and you did almost everything together but Lily was your closest friend. You were the most synchronized people in all Hogwarts and you told each other everything. You both knew what the other was thinking about with just a glance and your list of inside jokes was endless. You couldn’t ask for a better friend, and she felt the same about you. Bearing this in mind, it wasn’t a surprise for the boys that you were counting the drinks together so you would be equally drunk.

“Slow down, girls. You’ll regret this tomorrow,” Remus said with a chuckle as you drank your 11th shot of fire whiskey of the night, while they were still on their second butterbeer. They were so relaxed and careless during the year when it came to drinking that it surprised you they were taking it easy in summer vacations.

“Oh, shut the fuck up, you monkey,” Lily slurred her words laughing at the way she called the poor boy that had to put up with her drunkenness. “You heard that, y/n? I called Remus a monkey!” she said to you. You laughed hysterically with her, almost falling from your chair.

“Woah there, love. You should be more careful,” Sirius said, showing concern with his words while he put you back on your sit grabbing you by the shoulders. He had been acting like if he was your mum all night and it was starting to piss you off. Of course, you liked that he cared about you so didn’t say anything at first, but now you were fed up of him not taking his eyes off you so you wouldn’t do anything stupid. You didn’t know why he did it. Maybe it was because he wasn’t used to you being this drunk.

“And since when do you care, Black?” you snapped at him trying to keep a straight face, but failing miserably. Lily was already exaggeratedly laughing beside you while Sirius looked at you with surprise. You were usually very kind and quiet, though didn’t fear to stand up for yourself. He liked how he got to know a new side of you every time, and this was no exception.

The four boys looked at you, amazed by your and Lily’s behavior. Sure, you did help them on some pranks when they needed it and sometimes you snicked out to roam around the school after care few. Getting in trouble didn’t scare you at all, but as far as they knew, you were quiet and bookish girls who had admirable grades and always turned in your homework on time. You were careful while drinking and oftenly you were the group’s moms while your friends got wasted. But now summer vacations had started and that meant no more exams or homework, so Lily and you just threw your quiet personality a side and had fun. Taking all this in consideration, the boys were startled when they saw you in this state. You were totally wasted and falling over each other, losing balance every time someone said something funny.

As you raised your hand to order more drinks, Sirius put it down and started helping you up your sit. At the same time, James was helping Lily. “I think you should stop with the drinking, y/n,” Sirius expressed his concern, guiding you to the door.

“I agree with Pads in this once, girls,” James acknowledged his friend’s opinion. “C'mon, Lily.” He was grabbing her shoulders and helped her stand up.

When the six of you were out, you felt the warm Summer breeze and smiled childishly at the feeling. Lily, on the other hand, felt the urge to dance. She didn’t really know why, so she blamed it all to the alcohol. She pouted and said to you, “Can we dance? I want to fucking dance.”

You put your hands on her shoulders so you wouldn’t fall and looked at her intensely, though drunkenly, in the eyes. “Well yes, my dear,” you shouted, throwing your arms in the air. You smiled and laughed together. “You guys sing, we dance,” you pointed at the four boys, who stood still and amused, and put an impatient face.

“C'mon I won’t be drunk forever!” Lily shouted, stumbling with her words and making a wide sweeping gesture with her arms. She fell over you and you, barely keeping balance, smiled widely at the four stunned boys.

“You’re gonna be so pissed at us for letting you drink this much tomorrow,” Remus said warningly. The other three could hardly contain their laughter, but nodded agreeingly with their friend.

“Sing!” your best friend demanded indignantly. Lily grabbed James’ hand and started dancing. Peter, who had had a few more beers than the rest of the Marauders, started singing something off-key with a big smirk on his face.

“Dare to dance, princess?” you asked Sirius with a grin, offering your hand. He looked at you with a suspicious expression squinting his eyes playfully, but took it anyways.

“So I’m the princess here?” he asked trying to contain a smile. He liked how careless you were, sober or drunk. In fact, he liked everything about you. Your concentrated face when you were studying something hard, which he found beautiful. The way you bit your bottom lip whenever you thought about a happy memory and the way you hummed muggle songs when you weren’t aware someone was listening. Yes, he liked you a lot. He even dared to say he loved you a couple of times, though never out loud. He didn’t know how to approach you in a more-than-friends way because he thought you wouldn’t like him back.

Boy, he was wrong. You liked him as much as he liked you and you could hardly hide it. Lily knew it, of course. You didn’t have to tell for her to figure it out. Sometimes you stared or smile at him without realizing and as a good friend Lily was, she teased you about it all the time. You were okay with her being like that but you were worried that Sirius would find out and started to distance himself or letting things get awkward. But being too busy checking if he was staring or smiling like an idiot at you, he didn’t pay attention to your staring and smiling.

“I was the one with the balls to ask so yes,” you answered matter-of-factly. Sirius burst in a full body laughter and kept dancing. He had one hand on the small of your back and the other was clasped around your hand. You both enjoyed it though he knew you wouldn’t remember it in the morning, which made him sad.

After the third time you almost fell, only staying on your feet because your dancing partner caught you, Sirius was starting to realize you should go home.

“Oi! Lily fell like five time over here, Pads. I think we should take them home,” James said to his friend, who nodded as a response, with worried eyes. James liked Lily, and, of course, she knew it. She liked him too but wouldn’t dare tell him. She acted hard to get so that he learned a lesson because he could get annoying and cocky as hell sometimes. It was starting to work, which made Lily fall even more for the boy, if that was even possible, as he was now a better person. You teased her when she talked about how James helped a younger student that day or how he defended a group of muggleborns from Snivellus’ bullying. You knew they would end up together somehow.

“Okay, love. I think we should get going before one of you gets hurt,” Sirius told you as he stopped dancing.

“Oh Merlin, relax mom!” you answered now dancing with Lily, both laughing till your stomachs hurt. But you suddenly stopped everything, as an idea crossed your mind. A stupid one. You smirked at the thought.

“Wait, no. We all know that look, y/n. You have a stupid idea,” Peter said concerned at what a drunken y/n could think about.

“We will only go,” you paused making sure they were all paying attention and continued, “if James kisses Lily and Sirius kisses me,” you said slurring your words and grinning widely. Both of the named teenagers blushed violently and the other two, Remus and Peter, burst into laughter.

“Yeah, you do that,” your drunk friend demanded pointing at them. They both gulped and looked at each other nervously, taking a few slow steps towards where you and your best friend were.

“For Godric’s sake, come here,” you said and walked towards Sirius, tripping on the way, though never actually falling. You grabbed him by the collar of his black leather jacket and pressed your lips to his. It was short, but passionate. Suddenly, you felt self-aware of your action and realized what you did. You pulled away and you smiled at him, biting your bottom lip, still feeling shivers going down your spine. Sirius smiled back, realizing he just kissed you, his crush since Merlin knew how much time. Everyone had their eyes wide open at your daring action, considering how shy you were when it came to romance, except for Lily who was waiting for her kiss impatiently. James got near her slowly and leaned in melting in a wonderful kiss with her. They both felt butterflies in their stomachs and pulled away softly, smiling widely at each other.

“Good, now we can go,” she said joyfully. Sirius took your hand in his, trying to enjoy the last moments with you before you would pass out on the couch forgetting everything you did.

Now, two drunk girls, two boys with bright red cheeks and two boys laughing at the show in front of them were walking home to rest and probably sleep until midday. Other teenagers that went out that night were looking at you realizing something happened and wondering what your story of that night was.

When you got to Lily’s house, where you were staying for the weekend, you both laid down on the couch and fell asleep almost instantly. The boys covered you both with a blanket and went on their way to James’ place.

“Do you think they’ll remember?” James asked, not as hopeful as he sounded.

“I don’t think so, Prongs,” his best friend answered.

They were disappointed as you wouldn’t remember the events of the night. Nonetheless, they shrugged it off. All of them were tired and wanted to sleep, there would be time to think about it the next day. Taking care of their drunk friends had drained all their energy and they needed to rest.

Part 2

I think a lot of HP fanfics should be renamed:

Harry Potter and the Info Dump
Harry Potter and the Endless Lists of Mind-Numbing Information
Harry Potter and All the Things He Bought in Diagon Alley
Harry Potter and the Author Tract
Harry Potter and the Itemized List of All His Ridiculous Amount of Wealth
Harry Potter and the Awesomely Amazing Magical Superpowers That He Has Plus A Ton of Weapons Too
Harry Potter and the This Isn’t a Crossover but Watch the Author Name Drop Several Characters from Various other Series
Harry Potter and the Laws That the Author Thinks That He Should Cram Through the Wizengamot
Harry Potter and You Might As Well Skip This Part

Little Archangel (3/4)

Read part one here

Read part two here

Warnings: like a little violence

A/N: I totally forgot about this series of mine. I really think I might extend it. Let me know if you want in on the tag list for it. Or on my forever tag list.

Forever tag list: @Freaksforthewin , @thewinhunter, @cambriacaneatnoodles, @brokennoone , @youtubehelpsmesurvive , @chrisevansthedoritobastard , @winchesters-favorite-girl , @we-know-a-little-about-a-lot @godh8salyssa @dean-baby-winchester

Tag list for those I thought may be interested: @nyx-universe , @cozyjaws

Ever since the apocalypse business, everything in your world had turned dark. There seemed to be no light at the end of this long endless tunnel. Amara understood this. For the entirety of your aging before humankind was created, both of you had never seen anything eye to eye. Until now.

Your father. He was to blame for all of this. All of the pain. Suffering. The death. Even when Gabriel was being killed at the hands of your oldest sibling, your father was no where to be seen. Instead you tried to keep the violence at bay. All the blood shed between blood relations. It didn’t work. Lucifer was gone. Gabriel was gone. Micheal, you could care less about him. Even Raphael who you’d never shared a strong connection with was gone. Leaving you to pick up all of the broken piece of a shattered and burned puzzle.

“I don’t understand him.” You sat on the branch of a bending tree that you caused at your will. Amara, sat right beside you. Comforting you the best she could.

“How could he be okay with everything that’s happened? That’s still happening?” The coloring in your once vibrant beautiful eyes was once again changing to the dreadful hazel coloring. “How could he leave me…my brothers.” Tears fell violently from your tired face onto the green grass. Each tear that fell and hit the ground, turned the grass an awful dead yellow color.

In all your years of living, you’d never thought that you would be sitting here. With your aunt of all people.

“This- all of this. It’s not our burden to carry. Yet somehow, he’s made it so that it is.” Noticing how shaky your words were getting, Amara took you into her arms. Holding your head to her chest as she stroked your hair softly.

“My brother has made many creations. Earth. Humans. You and your brothers. And he has abandoned all of them.” She pulled your head back so the two of you were looking each other directly in the eyes.

“I promise I will not leave you as he did, little one.” You closed her eyes at her words, at her touch. You were wanted again. It was something you hadn’t felt in years. Since your brothers were all gone and separated from you.

“I want him to realize what he’s done. He needs to face us. Both of us.” Just speaking about confronting him made your blood boil.

“You are my aunt. We are family. And if it becomes necessary, I will burn this world to the ground before I allow him to ignore me any longer.” Amara held her forehead to hers. Allowing a connection to flow between you two. This was it.

“Lets begin out work then. We have much to do, child.” Her hands never left your face. Even as the both of you were traveling away to start this hard task.


There he was. Sam Winchester. Word had gotten around of him making a special trip. A trip which you intended to embark with him upon. Whether he accepted your companionship or not.

“Wait. I promised Dean I wouldn’t do this without him.” Dean was right to have concerns of his brother taking this adventure without him. Lucifer was linked to Sam. Sharing a vessel was written in the stars for them both.

Sam and Crowley weren’t who you needed to speak with. It was the ginger witch you was your center of attention. And she rested within the walls of the hidden entrance to Hell. It was easy to get past the few demons who guarded her room. Like breathing air. Finishing them off just came naturally and without an issue.

“You’ve found a way to get to Lucifer?” You wasted no time getting directly to the point. There was no time to waste anyways.

Rowena seemed confused, in shock almost. She wore an odd locking contraption around her neck with big metal spikes on the outer layer of it.

“I’m sorry. And you are?” She sat down as if she was in charge. As she was in any position to make demands or ask questions. If she thought this, she was sadly mistaken.

“Not interested in games.” Your gaze upon her hardened as her airway tightened at your hidden command.

“Have you or have you not found a way to his confinement?” With each passing second your question went unanswered, your patience ran thin.

“If you haven’t then you’re of no use to me.” Raising your hand as a threat, your power began to turn her neck to the side in preparation to snap it.

“I have.” Her words were thin. Hushed. The magical grip around her neck went away, allowing her to speak once more. “I’ve found a way to reach the Dark Prince.”

Standing up tall to regain your stance of dominance, you nodded in a pleased manner.

“Good. Then you will take me to see him along with the Winchester and the fallen angel.”


The meeting Between Sam and Lucifer was brief. There wasn’t time to waste and talk about things as they were. Things needed to be addressed. So you came out from your hiding in the shadows.

“Is that?” Your brother gasped in a dramatic way. “Little baby Y/n!” He took in his view of you a little better, leaning forward on the bars as a person in jail might do.

“Not a big fan of the whole…” his hands motioned to his hair. You couldn’t help but smile.

“It’s been awhile since we’ve last seen each other. I’d almost forgotten of your sarcasm.” The short reunion between you two was cut short by an unappreciated voice.

“Y/n?” Your eyes instantly shot to Sam, who was voicing his unwanted words. “Why are you-” but you cut him short. Taking away his voice.

“It’s extremely rude to talk out of turn, Sam. Didn’t mommy teach you that?” His eyes fell hard to the ground, Lucifer made a dramatic gasp again with his jaw dropped.

“I see somebody’s gotten a little spark in her wings since the last time we saw each other.” Your brothers smile was big and bright. “I like it.” It wasn’t as if you couldn’t tell he did appreciate the new you.

You returned the smile to him, approaching closer to his temporary cage. “Brother, while I’m much enjoying this little moment. I didn’t come here to catch up.” Your face grew serious, as did his. Knowing you must’ve been here for good reason. “I need you. There’s a game being played and I need my brother back. Now more than ever.” Before you realized it, you were right at the edge of the flames holding him in.

“Say no more baby sis.” He cracked his knuckles outward, as if preparing for what he knew would come next.

Without a moment more to spare, Castiel, Sam and yourself were in the cage with Lucifer. The two guests looked shocked. But there wasn’t time to let it all sink in. You walked over to Sam without hesitation, grasping on tight to his neck and raising him up so his feet were no longer on the ground.

“I believe you know what words need to be said, Castiel.” Turning your head, you gave him a convincing look.

“I’d also like to think you know the consequences for the wrong actions being taken.” The grip you had on the Winchester grew stronger. Until the faint and whispered sound rang through the cages walls.


Read Part Four here


The Return of Nightwing

Thinking about doing this one in parts because I really like the idea and can see potential for a possible mini-series :) 

It’s just a usual night for Terry, flying around in the Batmobile, looking for trouble. Being Batman sure has its perks; the sweet ride, all the coolest tech and gadgets, the list is endless. What a lot of people don’t realise is the struggle of the one behind the mask, what they have to sacrifice in order to go out every night to protect the city. 

Terry may be Gotham’s new Batman, but he is nothing like the one before him. For one, he isn’t as broody. Secondly, he isn’t as serious and likes to have some fun when he’s kicking ass. He doesn’t want to lose himself and become just Batman, he’s Terry McGinnis too, a son and an older brother. Unlike Bruce, he actually has a family to take care of while he has nothing left. Just a lonely old man. Terry doesn’t want to end up like that. The thought of being alone terrifies him. 

As he flies over the city, something, in particular, catches his eyes. Down below there is someone fighting a gang of Jokerz. In other words, someone is trying to do his job! He stops the Batmobile and promptly exits the vehicle, diving down to intervene. For all he knows it could be some random, untrained citizen trying to be a hero. He can’t let that go unnoticed. 

When his feet touch the ground and he can now get a closer look he realises the symbol on your chest. It once belonged to Dick Grayson, otherwise known as Nightwing. Why would someone like you be wearing the colours of one of Gotham’s greatest heroes? That is what Terry aims to find out. 

“Are you just going to stand there and gawk or are you actually going to help?” You snap at the Bat standing in front of you whilst continuing to fight off what seems like an endless army of Jokerz. 

“What’s wrong can’t handle a couple of Jokerz?” He attempts to mock you, not knowing who you are. 

“Shut up and fight!” You shout over all the noise at him. 

Terry does what he is told not wanting to get on your bad side. From what he can tell, you want to be an ally and you can handle yourself in a fight. In fact, the way you move is awfully familiar. You use some of the moves that Bruce taught him and others mimic the movements of Dick Grayson himself. Something tells Terry that there’s more to you than meets the eyes.

The two of you end the fight in no time. Terry just stands there and looks at you for a moment. You are wearing all the old school gear, no high tech gadgets or suit. It’s like you have travelled to the future from the past and it is a strange sight for him. Nothing is like that anymore, everything is top technology. Before Terry can even open his mouth you reach for your grapple gun and zip up into the air. He uses his rocket boots to chase after you, he needs answers. 

You stand there waiting on top of a building for him, away from the world below your feet. “I guess he hasn’t told you about me?” 

“That depends on who he is.” Terry picks his words carefully in case you are working with one of his enemies. If he has learned anything from Bruce, it is to be careful who you trust. 

“Our common friend. The one who guides you through that earpiece of yours.” You point to your head and smirk.

“Who do you–” Before he can finish his sentence, he hears Bruce’s voice sound in his ear. 

McGinnis, I know you must have a lot of questions but I need you to bring her to the Batcave immediately. I need to talk to her.” Bruce gives out his orders. 

“What’s he saying?” You ask curiously, knowing that he just spoke to him. 

“Looks like you’re coming with me.” Terry signals the Batmobile and the doors open up. Without question, you get in the vehicle with him.

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List Of Scenarios

Just thought we would make life easier by giving you a list of all the scenarios we've written so far …


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Complete fics posted on AO3 this day

Golden Hour by milliemouseketeer (wabadabadaba) [T, 3.4k]

Harry likes hammocks and Louis has a dog named Spider-Man. 
Chance encounter, dog | POV: both

Love Endless (Path To Permanence) by wubwubnparmaham | @wubwubnparmaham [M, 241.4k]

So now Louis’ finally done the love thing, and it’s already in jeopardy? Just his luck. Harry’s evil twin is back, and that can’t mean anything good. It never has. Even with the help of friends, will Harry and Louis be able to keep him at bay? And is Auron really who they should be worried out?… Only one way to find out.
Ancient Roman / vampire (H), twins, road trip | POV: both | bottom!L
Part 2 of Love Endless series

I just wrote the hardest review of my entire fangirly career and I feel wretched about it. It didn’t even feel like ME. I don’t know if I’ve felt this bereft in a fic before - and it wasn’t even 12 chapters of Jeronica. I’m just WRECKED.

Someone tell me something happy or I’m going to be forced to remain in my office, curled up in the foetal position, listen to Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby on repeat for the rest of the afternoon.

(also - if you are cool with having your heart ripped out and crushed in front of you (or if you’re a tad less dramatic than I am) - then you should be reading the Tales of an Endless Heart series by @lessoleilscouchants - because it’s amazing… and painful and makes me want to die. Every Buggie should read it! The first two stories are finished and it’s already pretty solidly on my list of required Bughead reading despite the final part only being 2 chapters in… it’s just that well written. But seriously - I’m not kidding. See above re: wanting to die.)

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anonymous asked:

Hello! I just begun to read docs like yours and I absolutely love it! I was just wondering if you have any favorite writer like you that you like or recommend? Ps. I love your writing 💖 (Sorry for my bad English, it is not my native language)

Well, let me start by saying thank you! I’m glad you like my writing, that makes me happy! Now, I’m really bad with recs. I don’t really read other people’s writings so I see something I like and then accidentally write something I liked into my stories. BUT, I do know a few that should be recommended.
@til-the-world-turns-upside-down writes a lot good stories. They wrote a great Thomas series and is in the middle of a cute James Madison one (And I don’t really read any James Madison ones so trust me, it’s good) They have a lot of other fics as well.
@daveeddiggsit has a lot of great writings as well. They have a good series that’s a Thomas boxing AU called Worth Fighting For. (Still patiently waiting for part 3…I lightly hint)
@u-snavi has a seemingly endless Masterlist that is very amazingly organized. They write things other than Hamilton as well. They also did some monthly recs but have now stopped, but the lists are still in their pages. (I’m gonna insert my thank you for putting some of my fics on their last one…I don’t think I ever did that so THANKS!)

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so i started bullet journaling again!!! not by choice but bc i lost my planner!!!!! go me!!!!!!! but it’s been a few days and i actually think i might stick with it instead of getting a new planner, at least until the end of the year because it’s just so flexible and freeing and every page is literally just endless to-do lists- an immediate one and a long term one- but that’s the kind of system i need right now bc the things i have to do are actually endless.

the worst part is losing my beautiful, hardcover moleskine planner with all my important dates and college app deadlines. rest in peace, good friend.

I haven’t added anything to my recs in 87,000 years, so as a belated pseudo-gift for @heroicbarnes , I decided to do a fic rec masterpost! There are about 140ish fics in this list, separated into sections. These are all Steve/Bucky fics; large majority of which are complete but I will make sure to mark WIPs. My personal favourites are marked with a 🌟. These are in no particular order. 

Fair warning, this rec list is m a s s i v e. Enjoy kids!

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that-jade-harley-chick  asked:

With you being a big Grumps fan, I was wondering if I could ask a good place to start with them? I used to watch them all the time when it was Jon but I got out of it when he left. I wanna try to get back into it but I'm not sure a good starting video to try out Dan

It’s understandable!! I don’t know where to start…I have a long list of favorite playthroughs if you want to take a look at that. But if you need something quick there is a list of one-offs too! (Endless Ocean and Dog Island are long episodes though so make time for those if you want)

Some are popular series' and some are personal favorites. (=ↀωↀ=)✧

Longer Playlists

Mario Sunshine

Wind Waker

Endless Ocean 2


Sonic Adventure DX

A Link Between Worlds

Sonic Boom

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

A Link to the Past

Super Mario 64

Mario Galaxy

Super Mario 3D World

Katamri Damacy

Shadow of the Colossus

Ribbit King (VS.)

Punch Out (WiiU)

Barbie and the Island Princess

Scooby-Doo and the Cyber Chase


The Amazing Frog?

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons 

Action Girlz Racing

Dog Island (Part 2)

Endless Ocean

Medium: Part II [Final]

Prompt: civilian!Reader X earlyTwenties!Dean where the reader finds out she has the ability to see people’s pasts when she touches them.

Word count: 3,867

Warnings: Dean likes his little bit of angst almost as much as he likes making out (both of which are here).

Author’s Note: And the second and final part is here. I enjoyed writing this. A lot. Let me know what you think?

Part 1

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