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feel-the-bunny-deactivated20160  asked:

Okay, I know that I have been asking so much, but it's because I just found the "Want a Homestuck Art Request?" And HOW can I resist to request some of your draws? (Psssst, whatever draw, maybe a old sketch you have there? )

oh! well hold on and i’ll dig up something i did a little bit ago!

just john folling around with dave. he’s popular with the girls huehue

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Would it be possible to have a lil' Davekat (Possibly parastuck)? And maybe something that you could slam on the side of a blog like an 8-set-of-wheels truck loading a full cargo ton of davekat porn in obscure au settings and brag about it because itsjustsoawesome (and also because it got here by an 8-wheeled truck loading a full cargo ton worth of davekat porn in obscure au settings)?

okay first of all i made this for a possible timeline of karkat becoming an incubus thanks to vriska and loses memory of dave (he’s a cambion, yay thanks dirk for being an incubus too) and loses his fucking mind to the point of not even being aware of what he’s doing

as for the fuck load of davekat porn whoa nelly i don’t think i’m skilled enough to perform such a feat, also i got a little confused on the request eheh…. sorry but i hope this davekat is okay enough

feel-the-bunny-deactivated20160  asked:

More Parastuck, please? <3

ahh!! why i sure can’t say no to that~ i’ve got a little chart i made of karkat’s process after meeting dave so here it is!

first is when he starts out as a shadow, the second is his defined form trying to immitate a human until he makes the deal! i’ve yet to make dave and john, as well as everyone else and elaborate more on their pasts and such.

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WILL YOU PELASE DRAW MORE OF YOUR PARASTUCK!? I JUST FOUND IT AND I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! (davekat or johndavekat please ~ Your art is so CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!0 (They way you draw dave/karkat/gamzee are my fave, I LIKE THEM ALL BUT I DIDN'T WANT TO WRITE DOWN ALL OF THEM)

omg! i’m extremely flattered you like my little au so much! and i’m really happy you like how i draw them too~