not overly proud of the coloring

  • McQueen’s crash was really fucking brutal like god damn they did such a good job with that scene like I know everyone is all “oh haha he dies” but sitting in the theater watching it happen you just feel paralyzed because holy shit. Anyways, major kudos to Pixar for making that probably my favorite scene in the whole movie because of the beautiful cinematography.
  • Jackson Storm!!! I thought I was gonna hate him, and I did he is a grade A jackass, but just oh man he’s just so fucking cool and sleek and the black and blue coloring is sooo good. Yes I hate him but also I love him. 
  • The colors of all the new gen racers were so great!! They were all so sleek and shiny and cool looking and colorful!
  • At first I didn’t really like Cruz, she kinda bugged me in the overly happy kind of way, but that didn’t remain the case because OH MY GOD I’M SO PROUD OF MY DAUGHTER!!!
  • McQueen doing the warm up exercises to get Cruz to come with him was so great. McQueen is A+ dad material.
  • McQueen mentoring Cruz on the beach without even realizing he’s mentoring her gave me life. 
  • The entire demolition derby. 
  • I was honestly expecting the school bus to be a guy so I was absolutely ecstatic that it ended up being a girl!! Anyways, I love Miss Fritter she’s fantastic and amazing and so badass.
  • Fritter trying to straight up kill McQueen and then later while being interviewed being all exited and saying how she’s always liked McQueen was so cute.
  • “Racing wasn’t the best part of Doc’s life, you were.” 
  • I can’t believe Doc Hudson is a gay icon.
  • I make a post about a week ago predicting that Cruz would race in McQueen’s place AND I WAS RIGHT, I WAS RIGHT, I WAS RIGHT!!!
  • McQueen up on the platform with the headset on coaching Cruz almost broke me I was flipping the fuck out oh my god he was the splitting image of Doc it was amazing.
  • Cruz doing the wall flip trick. I had a fucking conniption fit it was so good it was perfect it was, although a bit predicable, absolutely astounding. 
  • Cruz took Doc’s number. So good. What a way to bring it full circle. 
You’re Beautiful

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A/N: So, this may just become a thing. I’ve been saying that in my tags when I posted the last POC scenario and imagine, and now, because I am putting in the time and effort; I think it’d be best to start adding in these types of stories. Representation is definitely important, and if I can help make more stories relatable for people like myself, why not? :)

P.S. If by any chance, at some points within the story it doesnt make since, something doesn’t fit, or seems too corny, I apologize. >.< Im trying 

Genre: Fluffy like a yorkie, but with a pinch of angst.

Pairing: Y/N x Suga

Word Count: 7726 (Oh so long! XD)

“This is too stressful,” you huff and plant another chip in your mouth, “like, he’s making me sweat.” As you aimlessly search for shows on Netflix to watch, you slump further into the bag of chips you’ve deemed as your safe place, and whimper. “Like, who told him to be that hot and be casually nice, and smell good,” you scoff. “And I don’t even pine for guys like that! Not that it’s an issue of race, but just in general—the whole male population as a whole.“ 

 "Uh-huh,” your best friend agrees nonchalantly. 

“No, like I can totally feel your overboard support through my phone,” you smirk, but smile because even you know that you’re being silly. You’ve almost forgotten how it feels to have a crush, and the giddiness makes you excited and smiley for no reason. You fall back onto your bed with an ‘oof,’ and spread out from your previous sitting position. 

 "What? I’m listening,“ she replies, and you can hear her flip through pages—of what you guess—a magazine. “I’ve been here for almost an hour listening to you talk about your crush diligently, and haven’t said a word." 

"My point exactly,” you respond and sigh. 

“So, what do I do?” You press another chip to your tongue, and at this point, you feel like you could almost inhale the bag. 

“How about you just talk to him and see where that goes?" 

"Like start out slow and act friendly, and then maybe ease into a dating?” you ask, and you form a small frown. “I don’t think I can though, like what do we talk about? He probably doesn’t even know I exist." 

"That’s why you have to break the ice and just start off slow. If he can get a chance to know about you, then maybe something’ll happen,” your friend sounds hopeful. “Yeah, but it’s almost like we’re a worlds apart,” you whine. “We’re so different." 

"And?” your friend challenges. “Different isn’t bad, and you better figure this out soon before someone else snags him." 

"Wow, how encouraging,” you mutter, but you know she’s right. Like always. This doesn’t have to be difficult, but something’s just holding you back. Whether it’s the difference of cultural backgrounds, or the more outwardly-obvious reasons; taking a step towards this guy just seems…like, what’s the use? “I get what you’re saying though, because I’ve seen other women look at him likes a piece of meat." 

"Well, I have to keep it one hundred with you. I wouldn’t be a good friend if I let you think that you have forever, or by a miracle he’ll just fall in love with you at love at first sight,” she replies. “But before we hang up, because I have to meet my man for dinner; if by chance this does develop into something, he’d be one lucky dude. You’re a catch, don’t worry." 

"Awe, thank you,” you reply, and your frown literally start reversing itself. “Goodnight." 

"Night, honey,” she responds. When the phone beeps to signal that the call ends, you toss your phone onto your bed and wipe your hands on a nearby napkin. 

You’re standing up from your prolonged sitting position and your joints and muscles pop, as you stretch. Walking to your walk in closet, before you enter, you flick on the light switch. A faux crystal chandelier glimmers above your head, and brightens up your wardrobe selection. You have clothing pieces for each season, varying in different colors, and shoes and accessories to match. Needless to say, you’re proud of your collection. It’s not too much, but it’s more than enough to enjoy yourself. Nothing in your closet is too overly priced, except for maybe some shoes and a couple handbags or clutches. But you always try to purchase soberly, and not splurge on something you’ll only wear once. So as you stand in front of your clothes, you’re surprised when you feel like you have nothing to wear. In front of him. 

As you mull over outfits and possible scenarios of how you’d guys meet, you wonder when you’d make time for a relationship in general. You have a job, and school itself is almost relentless. You cannot and will not let your grades drop, bc that’s your ticket to an overseas schooling program that you need. The opportunity to travel and learn in regards to your career at the same time, it’s exciting and it could be an eye opening experience. At this, your frown starts making a comeback. 


“Am I stupid?” you ask yourself. “Come on, before he gets away,” you whisper to yourself. Sitting on a bench, off to the side of the park next to your local basketball court, you watch Yoongi playing basketball, and you feel shady. You wonder if this could count as stalker tendencies. You don’t watch like this all the time, but on rare occasions that you can just sit and watch him shoot three-pointers all day—because he is just that good—you get mesmerized and admire secretly. You sigh. The breeze smooths past your skin lazily, and though the sun is bright and out, the temperature outside says otherwise. Which is why you bundled in a decently padded coat, a scarf, and beanie. You have no gloves, and you almost regret it, because your pockets aren’t doing enough.

“Still watching from afar, I see,” your friend observes. She sits beside you and hands you a red to-go Starbucks cup. 

You sigh dramatically and take the offering with a wide smile, “You shouldn’t have, but I’m glad that you did. And, yes. I’m still admiring. I mean, look at him.”

“He’s good,” she agrees. Noticing off to the corner of your eye, you see she almost scoots forward, and she chuckles, “Did he change his hair color? That hair used to be black.”

“Looks good doesn’t he? It’s different, and I just want to run my fingers through it. Maybe give him a nice scalp massage while I’m at it.”


“Like the cream,” you agree and laugh heartily. You’re not joking, because you’d really do it too. Not paying attention, because you were laughing too much at your own joke, you look back up to the basketball court and pause when you notice Yoongi’s gaze directed towards you. This makes you laughter halt immediately and you just stare back. After a small moment, when your friend nudges you to do something, you just bashfully look down at your hands and muster up the courage to at least wave. Nothing much, just a wave and as much a friendly smile as you can muster. Your hopeful when you notice he starts waving back, because that means you weren’t just imagining things. However, your face starts to morph into confusion when you notice some girl grabbing a hold of his attention. 

“Did she just vajay-block you?” your friend asks. Any other time you would’ve just laughed and maybe snort, but it only just brings forth a small quirk of the mouth. 

“Block what? We were just waving at each other,” you brush off. Deep down though, you feel a pang at disappointment, though you don’t expect him ignore others just because you guys have a small moment. You’re sure that your face shows this, because your friend just rubs you on the back.

“Hey, you’re going to do fine,” she says softly. 

“How? I can barely wave at him without being shy about it, and she just flat out, practically sprinted towards him,” you counter, and you want to slump in your spot. You can’t help but to take mental notice of her appearance too. She’s petite, with long soft wavy hair, that’s gray with subtle lavender highlights, olive skin, hazel eyes, and just overall beautiful. You abruptly stand up, get you book bag, and exit stage left with your friend right behind you.

Sipping on your third cup of coffee for the day, you’re seated in front your homework for the week, and reading your textbook diligently. You’re at a Starbucks a block away from your university and letting the breeze hit you outside, because the inside is too crowded. You pay no mind to the strangers passing you by and trekking up the steps to get inside the warm building. All you want to do is eat your favorite chips, sip coffee, finish some work for the day, and get on with your life. However, you’re confused when someone stops by your table.

Taking the chance to look up, your eyes grow wide when you see Yoongi smiling down at you. His platinum blond hair is covered in a black beanie, and he’s sporting a white Nike sweatshirt with matching bottoms, and the sleeves pushed up his forearms. The look compliments his athletic habits, and your heart almost skips a beat, and you want to look away before you body doesn’t want to.  At some point, the silence is moving sluggishly, and you start to feel subconscious. Your mind begins to nit-pick everything you feel like are flaws. You hair hasn’t been the most cooperative today, so as time went along, you just wrapped your hair into a cute donut bun, though it’s—to you—noticeably wanting to gain friz. You think you may be slightly bloated, and somewhere around lunch, you’re sure that your matte lipstick has started to dry and is cracking, though you’ve haven’t noticed any real damage done. 

You’re not sure what to say, and almost go back to reading when neither of you say anything. As you start to brush him off, you notice the confusion in his eyes, and Yoongi steps closer to your table and knocks on the wood. “Hi, I think I saw you at my—the basketball game at the park earlier,” he says, looking hopeful. His smile is brought back, and you almost get the lost in the charm of his eyes before you respond. 

“Yeah, hi,” you reply and stand, while holding out your hand to shake his, “My name’s—”

“Y/N, I know. We have a few classes together,” he grins and latches onto your hand, and you notice a small blush form on his alabaster skin. You just nod, but no words come out, and you’re both left in silence again. With his hand still in yours, and you notice how his long fingers caress your hand softly. He gives your hand a small squeeze, “Well, I noticed that you’re studying and don’t want to be in the way, so I’ll just go get coffee and then leave.” You smile and just nod again. 

“See you around,” you say hopefully, and he gives you a bright smile and says that he hopes so. As he leaves, like clockwork, the giddiness returns and you wonder where your firm stance to stop crushing on him went. Nonetheless, though you fight the smile trying to take control of your face, you also want to squeal a little. 

Low and behold, you guys do meet again the next day. Only a few hours after dawn, of all the days you try to sleep in, you accidentally start your day late and in a frenzy. You have to speed through the halls of your campus building to not miss your test. The moment you turn a corner and feel yourself bump into another person, you brace yourself to apologize profusely and possibly crash onto the floor. However, on impact, someone catches you in their arms and helps you to regain your balance and not fall. “Woah,” Yoongi chuckles, and you feel like the day couldn’t start off any better, “somewhere to be?” 

“My first class this morning starts with a test I’ve been cramming for, and I can’t afford to miss it,” you reply, and try not to wheeze all over him. You want to hide your face and just be swallowed into a hole. You wanted to sprint to him, but not run him over. That, and he still hasn’t let go. You have to shake your mind out of the fog, when you start to notice how good it feels to be his arms and how it’d be to cuddle with him for real. 

He gives exceptional hugs, you feel. 

“Which class?” he investigates.  

“(Major of choice),” you reply, and try looking everywhere but his face. 

“Let me escort you, this way you don’t run into anyone else,” he suggests, and again has this hopeful look about him as he stares at you. 

The close proximity hasn’t gone missed between you two, and you feel like he notices too. He draws the features of your face into in his mind, as you do his and the tension is getting suffocating. You urge yourself to just say something, or better yet just get him to let go. Politely separating yourself from his arms, and you catch a draft after doing so, you smile your usual polite smile and say yes. 

Just as you both begin walking in the direction of your class, you remember the time or the lack thereof you have, and start speeding up with him right behind you. Coming up on the door, you barely turn around to thank him and enter the silence of the classroom. You quickly find your way to your desk, and thankfully, though you’re only a minutes late, your professor into present yet, so you can breathe peacefully. Yet, you’re heart picks up pace again when you see Yoongi peeking through the classroom door looking for you, and when your eyes meet, he gives you a thumbs up and waves bye. 

"Aw, you guys are so cute,” your friend squeals. “So when’s baby daddy gonna put a ring on it?”

“You’re something else,” you laugh, but aren’t mad at the thought.

“You know I’m just teasing, girl,” she reassures and smiles, “but on the real though, I’m happy for you.”

“Nothing’s happened yet.”

“Can we get something happening then? Maybe a study date? Movies? Breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? Oh, I know. A date a the skating rink,” she suggests, and brushes her shoulders off, proud of herself. “It’s perfect. Nothing too secluded, you get a chance to talk, and you can bond at the same time.”

“I don’t even know if he likes me like that yet,” you counter, but wonder what you’re waiting for.

“No one holds somebody for that long, or even better, escorts them to class, if they aren’t interested,” she reinforces.

“I don’t know,” you reply, and play with your food. Today, you and f/n decided to eat lunch in the cafeteria, just to have a change of scenery. That, and once f/n revealed to you that a source of hers mentioned that Yoongi eats here every once and while, you thought to yourself, ‘why not?’ Unfortunately though, you haven’t seen Yoongi yet or since this morning, so you start to lose hope.

"You don’t know what? If you don’t mind me asking,” Yoongi adds himself in your conversation, and you’re startled enough to jump when you weren’t expecting him. He sits himself between you two and starts digging into his own. From his sweaty appearance and the sweat towel around his neck, you assume he just finished playing basketball. His muscles outline slightly from the sweat on his white t-shirt, he has on basketball shorts, and this time a snap back as well. He’s very skinny, but still lean and in shape. You just look towards f/n and she smiles cutely.

“Yoongi, how are you? I’m y/n’s friend, f/n. It’s nice to finally meet you,” she introduces herself.

“To finally meet me? Has y/n mentioned me to you a few times?” he quizzes and you catch the peeking he does through his lashes towards you.

“Only just several times,” she confirms, and you almost throw something at her. You can tell she’s feeling cheeky, and you’ll have to watch her.

“Not that often, and really just about your crazy basketball skills,” you reassure, and suddenly your lunch looks a lot more interesting.

“How are your skills off the court? Care to show my friend? I think she’d enjoy that, wouldn’t you?”

If you weren’t such a nice person, you had been snatched her by her edges. You just laugh it off, “You’re doing too much, stop talking. I promise we’re not that weird,” you say to Yoongi. He chuckles at whole spectacle, and you almost want trap his laugh and save it for rainy days.

“Nah, just thirsty,” she retorts. At this he tilts his head and you can see he confusion in his face. You hope with everything you are that he doesn’t understand. His first language isn’t English, so if you’re lucky, that term could’ve just flown over his head.

You almost choke on your food, and decide to toss her your half empty water bottle, “I’ll give you the ocean, if you just shut up.”

“Well, then you’re in luck. I have to leave to go do a thing.”

“What thing? You don’t have a thing,” you say, and produce the saddest puppy dog eyes you can, so as to stop her from leaving.

“Silly y/n, if I want to have a thing, then I’ll have a thing,” she playfully scolds you. “My life doesn’t revolve around you, honey. Now, when we can have a double date, then we’ll talk,” she pushes in the last part quickly and then jogs out of your reach. Watching her hair sway as she leaves, you want to drag her back to the table, because you’re not sure how to act around Yoongi.

“Why don’t we have a thing?” he inquires and looks at you directly, and you witness a smirk form on his lips.

“We? Uh,” you respond, but barely. “Like, what do you mean?” You gulp discreetly.

“Anything we want, really. I don’t mind, as long as I can spend that thing with you,” he smiles and stares at you endearingly. At that, you could almost fall into his lap without clear reasoning, aside from the fact that you like him that much. You wonder how he does it.

“How about we go to the skating rink downtown? Have a thing?” you suggest. Your mouth stretches into its own smile.

“I don’t skate, but for you, why not?” he agrees and wipes his hands on his shorts. “Well, I have to go do an actual thing that involves studying, but give me your phone and we can make plans.”

“I look forward to it,” you reply and hand him your phone with the contact info form open.

“Feelings mutual,” he says and gets up for the table. Throwing his gym bag over bag over his shoulder, he walks backwards and grins his charming smile at you again, “See you around.” You wave to him this time.

After spending 2 hours with f/n trying to pick out a cute, but casual outfit for your date, you’re giddy during the whole drive from your home. You fortunately find a parking space not too far from the building, and walking around the block to get to the front entrance, you’re surprised when you see Yoongi already standing outside the venue. His hands are fiddling with his phone and he doesn’t see you walking up to him. However, you see him nice and clearly and your stomach does flips. He isn’t in anything that you haven’t seen him wear before, or that’s different from his laid back style, yet every time you see him, you can’t help but to feel excited and butterflies churn. “Did I come late?” you inquire, seemingly startle him.

He chuckles, and shakes his head, as his signature smirk shows through. “Nope, my friends just dropped me off early because they had something else to do,” he replies. “Ready to have fun?”

“I thought you didn’t consider this as fun,” you remind him, and lead the way inside. He treads beside you.

“It isn’t, but someone may as well have fun laughing at me, as I fall on my butt.”

“It won’t be that bad,” you try to encourage him.

“Just wait.”

After paying for the shoes you guys are going to rent for the occasion, you notice that after he laces them on and then tries to stand, but continues to fall back into his seat, that he’ll have some issues.  You, yourself though, have no problems standing and you grab both of his forearms to help him up as well. He’s wobbly on both feet and can’t stop looking at the ground to make sure he doesn’t fall. “You’ll do fine. However, I think we should take it slow.” You look in to his eyes, and he stares back and then nods. “First let’s just walk over to the ice, and just try standing on it.”

From then on, it was a hit or miss of a lesson. When he walked out on to the ice, he couldn’t stop using the wall as a supporting crutch in order to keep standing. He’d sometimes hold onto your hands, and you’d help him glide over the ice at a snail pace. Once you let go, if he had no momentum, he’d just be at a stand still. No need to try and move forward by himself, because he’d always lose his balance, and it’d be the end after that. Multiple times you’ve watched him fall and get back up. Fall, then get back up. However, as time continued to pass, your muscles in your feet, legs, and including abdomen from laughing so much, began to hurt and you knew Yoongi was already fed up with everything, if not including life. “Ready to leave?” you ask, while checking the time on your phone.

“We’re leaving already?” he responds with a tremble in his throat, as he tries to get back up from falling on the hard surface. Anytime he’d think he’d have a foot secure underneath himself, and then try to stand on the other, it’d slide back and he’d be on all fours.

“Well, it’s been three hours since we’ve arrived,” you reply, and chuckle. “Come on, Bambi,” you coo and grab a hold of his hands. He starts to stand on one foot and then the other, and now he’s at least still and not one the ground.

“See? Told you you’d get a knack out of this,” he rolls his eyes, but his smile never leaves his face. “I didn’t realize so much time had passed.”

“Well, time flies when you ‘re having fun,” you smile and swing his hands in yours. “Shall we go?” Leading him back to the rest are, you’re careful to not pull him too fast and then help him to a nearby seat. You saunter to the counter to pick up your guys’ shoes, and when you get back to Yoongi, he already has his skates off and looking at his feet concerned. “Break something?”

“Yes,” he sighs, “my tail bone and pride,” he jokes.

You hand him his shoes and start to take off your own skates. “Maybe next time we should do something else? I don’t want you to force yourself to come with me here and not really enjoy yourself,” you suggest.

“I’d come here a million times if you asked me,” he says, and laughs at his own corniness, while trying to smooth out your insecurities about bring him.  

You smile a long with him, but are glad that your face is hidden. With the pigment of your skin, no one can really see if you blush, but you’re sure your face would still speak a thousand words if he were to see it then. “While I appreciate the gesture,” you say and stand on your feet in your own shoes, “I’m not trying to destroy your bruised tail bone. How about you choose the next destination?”

“Fine, I like that idea,” he agrees, and looks back down at his feet. “That reminds me. Can you give me a ride back home? My friends are still probably out, and it’d take them too long to pick me up.” That catches you off guard, but you not sure if you mind too much, because then you’d get to spend more time with him. Needless to say, you’re hoping that he feels the same way.  

Surprisingly enough, going to the ice skating rink with Yoongi was more fun than you anticipated.First, he was the perfect gentleman, you guys could always find something to talk about and you were both interested in keeping the conversation going. It wasn’t forced, or too awkward. Anything you could talk about on a first date, you did. There cute moments of whispering nothings into each other ears and just laughing at the gall you both had. There were giggles. There were times when he’d fall into your arms, so <i>he</i> wouldn’t fall, and you trying not stare so blatantly into his eyes. It was perfect, to say the least, yet still odd to think about. 

Secondly, you both are so different, you weren’t entirely sure how everything would fair. If not for the cultural differences, then for the more obvious, outward reasons. He had the pick of anyone he’d probably want, and here you two were. You still question yourself, ‘why?’ You know you shouldn’t have thoughts like those, but it takes time to reverse that sort of mentality. Every once and while, it can come with dating outside of your race. Sometimes you consciously—or even subconsciously—slip into that frame of mind, when you feel unworthy or not “his type.” Then there are moments when you’re proud to say that you catch yourself, and not let such defeating thoughts bring you down. You’ve found that if you were to ask yourself, if f/n were to ask you if she were worthy enough, and you wouldn’t say those self-defeating thoughts to them, then why do it to yourself? It’s never easy, and knowing your worth takes time, but it can be achieved. 

The drive back to his place is silent, and in your opinion, more awkward between you both than before. As you’re driving past green lights and other cars, you notice he’s less talkative. His body is with you, but you wonder if his mind is somewhere else. Did he not have fun? Did he regret the date? Should you have even gotten your hopes up? What’s wrong? Around 15 minutes later, you pull your around the corner of the apartment building he stays in, because parking in limited. Finally finding a parking spot, you reverse park into the space and turn off the engine, but the radio could still be heard playing in the background. “I’m sorry,” he blurts out. He turns to you in the passenger seat and looks at you undauntingly. 

You’re not sure if you want to look back at him because his stare could sometimes be intimidating. Though you know not on purpose, but because…well…that’s just how his face and eyes work. Gathering up the courage, you take a deep inhale and look back him with your own searching eyes. Upon his direct stare, you almost freeze, but talk nonetheless. “For what?”

“Being like this,” he uses his hands to gesture at himself, “Awkward. Even more than I was before. Non-talkative.”

“Um, it’s okay. I mean if you didn’t enjoy yourself, I won’t force you to be all happy go lucky,” you reply, and then look back ahead of yourself. There isn’t much to see, but you’d rather look at the cars parked ahead of you and the street. At least then if your eyes get the slightest bit of glassy, he won’t be able to tell and he won’t have to feel sorry for you. 

“That’s not what I meant,” he says immediately after you say your piece. “This is probably one of the best nights I’ve had in a while, but I’m not apologizing because of tonight. I’m saying I’m sorry because I know I’ve just made things unnecessarily weird between us. Back at the rink, I was a lot more open and had more to say, but that’s because my mind didn’t have to work overtime to find something to talk about. Everything flowed a lot nicer when we were just talking about anything and everything at the top of our minds, and when we both had to focus on me not seeming like a total idiot in front of you. Not to say that falling on my butt should be a conversation starter,” and you snort, “but it was just easier. Now that our attention is fully on one another, I can’t seem to think of anything to say that’s cool or funny, and I’m overthinking everything I think I should say.” He takes a deep breath and asks in a low voice, if that even makes since. “I’m nervous. I’m sorry.”

In a way it made since, and yet didn’t at the same time, but you’re at least happy to hear that he truly did enjoy himself. “It’s fine.” You say, and look back him. His eyes appeared to had gotten softer, and the tension you didn’t even notice, also left his shoulders. 

He turns back around slowly, “I guess I should get going then.” Was that it? “I think I should leave now before I make myself seem even more uncool than you probably already think I am,” he chuckles. No one makes any sudden movements, but at the last second, you do. 

Opening the driver’s side door, you step out into the brisk air. Your body is protesting the cold, but your insides are burning. You don’t do something like this often, but you don’t want to let the night end like this. You’re aware of the attraction between you two. You’ve seen it, obviously have experienced, and you want to put it to the test. Right now. Walking around your car you meet Yoongi, who’s already standing outside of the vehicle because you left, on the passenger side of your car. “Anyway, thank you for—“ you halt his words with your delicate kiss. Nothing forceful, but purposeful and straightforward. Your hands are on his biceps, and they glide up his arms and around his neck and head, where one of your hands relish in the softness of his hair. His hands find themselves on your waist, and he leans into the kiss too. Your lips mingle with one another. They feel. They caress. They’re tender to its recipient, and careful to not scare either away. As several seconds pass by, you finally pull away and he follows your warmth an inch, wanting more but he holds himself back. You smile at his eagerness, and see that his eyes are still closed, and your foreheads are touching. “Thank you. You’re really a good kisser,” he admits, and then smiles to himself. “Tell me I didn’t just say that out loud.” 

Your own smile spreads uncontrollably onto your face, and you separate yourself from his grasp. “Have a good rest of your night,” you say and start walking back to the driver’s seat of your car.

“Really? How could you say that, knowing that you’re the best part of it?” he asks, and his famous smirk shows back on his face. “See you around?” 

“You think I’d stay away now?” you ask cheekily, and get into your car. He waves bye as you drive away, and you can’t wait for tomorrow to come.

“Aren’t you guys the cutest ever?” f/n exclaims and dances in her seat. “I’m so happy for you!” You’re both at you guys’ favorite lunch spot, while working your own separate school assignments. School isn’t letting up, and between that and work, you wonder if there’ll be any free time soon. “So, when’s the next date?”

You laugh at her blatancy, “It’s only the next day.”

“And? Didn’t you two already talk about it this morning, when he texted you ‘good morning’ this morning?” she raises her eyebrows teasingly at you, trying to hint at something. But you stopped her in her tracks.

“It wasn’t like that,” you insist, “we haven’t gotten that far and it’d be too soon.”

“Not too soon for a smooch, which by the way, I’m impressed,” she laughs.

“You seem more happy than me.”

“Hardly! Girl, you were practically glowing this morning,” she giggles.

“I wasn’t,” you retort.

“Glowing like the sun so much, I almost regret not bringing my shades today.” You just shake your head at her, but the smile still hasn’t left your face, and you get back to work.

At the moment, it seems like you have too many assignments to start, and not enough time to finish what you’ve been working on for a few weeks, but you get to work anyway, before your next class. At this rate, you wonder if you’ll ever meet Yoongi again anytime soon. Like that, days turned into weeks, and they transitioned into a little over a month. Your encounters never lasted for anything over a few minutes every blue moon, but your texting conversation continued to go strong. Little words here or there were sent throughout your days, and you figured you should at least be happy with that. Neither of you really had time, and even f/n was having a hard time keeping up her life and school.

Sitting in the library, you’re taking notes diligently until you feel your phone vibrate in your pocket. Your timer’s just gone off after two hours, signaling for you stop your research and to move on to another assignment for the night. It’s almost 10 pm right now, and the day’s activities has already been settled into your body. Your hands are feeling cramped, your back hurts from sitting hunched for too long, your feet are feeling sore from getting up and going every place known to man, and your eyes a beginning to feel heavy with sleep. You bring your coffee cup up to your mouth and drink down the lukewarm caffeine. You sigh and lean back into your chair. You think yourself that you only have two things to do before the night ends and then maybe you get to sleep at around 1 AM tonight. You’re groaning.

Sitting forward again, and leaning on your elbows on the table, you start to type again but onto a whole other chart of numbers and statistics that are fusing together. Slowing getting to the flow groove of just working, your phone vibrates in your pocket again. Absentmindedly, you bring it up to line of sight, and you take a quick glance at the front and notice it’s a text from Yoongi. Here goes the cheesy smile again. “What are you doing?” he inquires.

Your frown and look back at your laptop screen. “Studying.

Is it for anything important?

You almost laugh, “I think so. Ive heard rumors of students who didnt complete their assignments and fail the semester miserably.

Sounds important, then.” You nod your head ‘yes’ slightly and begin to look back down at your homework, until you hear a text being sent to you. “Want to ditch?

As tempting as that is, I cant. I have too much to do and at stake,” you reply, disappointedly.

Come on~” he starts. “What can a 20-minute break do to you?

Against your better judgement, knowing it’d be longer than twenty minutes that you’d spend with him, you still text him back agreeing, and ask him where to meet. You’re surprised when he tells you to come to the basketball court. Nonetheless, and not caring too much about his request because you want to leave the library, you pack up your stuff.

5 minutes into the stroll and coming closer to the court, you’re surprised when you see him and few other guys playing. You don’t make any sudden movements for him to catch your attention, and just watch silently off by the sidelines. Some of these guys he’s playing with you haven’t seen before, and you’re not sure if they go to your university or not. Another five minutes pass before Yoongi calls for a time out, and jogs over to you. “Enjoying the game?” he asks panting. His hand are placed on his hips and he walks over to his bag to grab the towel that sitting haphazardly on top of it. He wipes off the waterfall sweat that falling into his eyes, and then stands closer to you. “Want to meet my friends?”

“Why not?” you reply, and he starts yelling and waving everyone closer to you both. Understandably, you’re a little nervous. Will you like them? Will they like you?

“They’re weird, but you’ll like them,” he smiles.

“Is this the famous y/n? Do you know he talks about you nonstop?”  the tallest of the guys asks. His hair is a deep brown and he’s more muscly, but about as lean as Yoongi, and with broader shoulders.  

“Hopefully you only hear good things,” you chuckle.

“I don’t talk about her nonstop,” Yoongi retorts.

“Nope, you just have this greasy smile on your face whenever you start texting her,” another man speaks up and, and runs his hand through his light pink hair. Odd color, but whatever floats his boat. “Hi, my name is Jimin.” He smiles and brings forth his hand to shake yours.

You’re polite and introduce yourself back., while shaking his hand “I’m y/n.”

“Don’t forget about me.” Another voice shouts, but is deeper than the rest so far. He jogs up to you and takes your hand in his too. “I’m Kim Taehyung.” You tell him it’s nice to meet him and introduce yourself as well.

Then another male jogs to the group. “I’m Namjoon,” he pants and nods his head to you, with a dimpled smile showing through.

Then another male bumps into him whom is slightly taller. “I’m Jungkook.”

“And I’m Hoseok,” someone else voices, and the crowd has to part slightly for him to come through. “My sister-in-law, it’s nice to finally meet you.”

You giggle, and probably look confused. You glance at Yoongi, but he doesn’t notice and he throws Hoseok a ‘Really?’ sort of look. “I will remember this day.” He runs his hands through his hair, and puts his hands on his hips. “Want to play?” he directs his words at you.

“No.” You shake your head. “I don’t think it’d the best idea.” You’re not horrible at basketball, but you don’t really play either. If anything you just enjoy the game and actually know how the game works for the most part.

“Nonsense, I’m sure you will be great. Do you want to be on my team?” Taehyung suggests. His English isn’t broken, but it sounds a little garbled. His accent is semi thick, but you can understand him.

“No thank you,” you shake your head again. He looks a little disappointed, but he just nods his head understandably. To you, you’re not in the best position to be playing when you’re not that great at it and your feet ache. That, and you’re dead tired.

“Can we play?” you hear another voice, but that’s feminine. Your line of sight moves around some of the guys heads and you notice that it’s the gray-haired, hazel-eyed beauty, as well as a group of her friends—you’re assuming at least. Everyone turns around to see who the voice belonged to and one of the guys, you think Jungkook, goes to give the girl a side hug.

“You’re here,” he exclaims.

“You thought I wouldn’t come? And miss this game?” she purrs. “You must be out of your mind.” Well this is an unexpected turn of events, and you want to fight to not roll your eyes. You’re not sure where the feelings are coming from, but you’re jealous. She’s pretty, can play basketball—apparently—and probably knows everyone better than you do. As you watch all of Yoongi’s friends greet the ladies that have just arrived, you wonder if you missed your chance at having a decent friendship with them too. It’s a strange thought, but you almost feel out of place.  

“I didn’t know you had invited them,” Yoongi says with a smile. Is he excited to have them here too? Did he forget you that quick? This pricks you in the heart a little bit.

“Yes. I invited them because I thought that since y/n was coming, why not invite more people? This way there could be a girl and boy team,” he replies and shrugs. Jungkook looks towards you. “Y/N, I know that you don’t feel up to it. So, if you don’t want to play, you can just sit this one out and watch on the bench.” Nope. You won’t.

“You know what? I actually have to get back to the library to study, so I’m going to go. Thank you for the offer though,” you smile to everyone, and they look confused by why you’re suddenly leaving. Even the girls that have come look confused. “Have fun.” You look at Yoongi, and he stares back at you with a slight frown. You start walking back to where you’re thinking you should’ve stayed in the first place.

You tell yourself that you don’t need to put yourself in that vulnerable state by staying there, but you also wonder why you didn’t try harder. Fight for him harder. Did she even like him like how you assumed? Why disqualify yourself so early in the game? You laugh at yourself a little. You’re not sure why you’re like this.

After coming back to the library and then studying for an additional hour, you start to pack up your things and decide to finish your work at home. You saunter to your car and get into the drivers side of the vehicle. You sit for a second. You’re tired and you don’t want to move, but you don’t want to stay in the school parking lot either. So you start your car and give it a few minutes to heat up. At the last second before you put the car in drive, someone knocks on the passenger side of car. You jump, and look at who knocked. It’s Yoongi.

He points at the passenger seat of your car, and you oblige. You’re not sure why. He climbs in and looks at you pointedly. “Why’d you leave?” You know he didn’t mean it in a demanding or blaming way, but you already feel guilty for leaving so fast anyway. Of course, you’re sad for going because you didn’t even give yourself a chance, but you didn’t want to stay either.  

“I just wanted to leave, okay? I have to study, and again, I can’t play basketball. So, me being there wouldn’t do anyone good.” You look away and lean back in your seat. You don’t feel like having this conversation right now, and you feel like it shows on your face and in your posture.

He sighs, and looks ahead of himself, taking his eyes off you. “You’re right, you can leave when you want to. I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine, it’s been a long night. But I really have to go, so,” you say, and leave your sentence hanging in midair.

“It’s not alright,” he insists, and looks back at you. “I didn’t know Jungkook was going to invite those girls.”

You snort. You’re happy that he understands why you left, as well as are a little embarrassed, but you brush it off. “Yoongi, it’s fine. You can play with whomever you want to. It doesn’t make a difference.”

“Unless it’s with a person of the other gender.” You look at him surprised, and his signature smirk shows up.

“I’m not jealous,” you start out, “but I’m glad you understand.” You both laugh and it reminds you of the laughs you both had at the rink.

“So, Hoseok was right.”

“About what?”

“He told me that you had looked a little disappointed when the girls came,” he says and looks at you sadly. He leans back in his seat as well and caresses every detail of your face with his eyes. “I’m sorry.”

You shake your head. “You didn’t do anything.”

“That’s the point. I didn’t do anything. I should’ve gone after you, even after the smidgen of a hint that you didn’t like what was happening. How am I going to be your boyfriend if I can’t even figure these little things out?” Your eyes widen significantly and you mouth to him ‘boyfriend?’ He nods haughtily.  

“I just never expected you to say it out loud,” you respond and giggle.  

“Well, I figured I shouldn’t beat around the bush and just say it up front. I like you, a lot, and you don’t have to wonder about it either.”

“So, what does this mean?” you ask, while simultaneously trying to fight the smile off your face.  

“It means, I take you another date fast before I miss my chance with you,” he smiles endearingly.

“What’d you have in mind?”

“Everything, but going skating again.” He chuckles, and you almost get lost in his eyes. It happens when you’re around him.

As you’re both having a moment, your back door behind Yoongi’s opens. “I’m sorry to interrupt, but I need a ride home,” Taehyung pants, and sits down cozily in the back.

“So do I,” another voice pipes up, and you notice that Jungkook is standing beside Taehyung. Taehyung scoots over for Jungkook to get in too, and then Jimin tells Jungkook to scooch over as well.

Jimin climbs into the vehicle, and then looks up at you all smiley and expectant. “I hope you don’t mind.”  

You glance towards Yoongi, and he calmly looks like he wants to murder somebody. “Why not? We weren’t having a moment,” he says tightly.

“Well then, we’ll just make ourselves comfortable,” Jimin laughs.

“Y/N, can you play any music?” Jungkook asks.

“Just let me pick, they always choose what we listen to,” Taehyung complains. That’s how your night with Yoongi starts and ends. With three of his so-called toddlers—his words—bickering and giving you a headache, but also a smile you welcomed.  

The end. 

My Dragon

Okay, so, sorry to the person who requested this! I know I took an extra few days to post it up. I was busy this 4th of July weekend. I finished it! I don’t know if you would consider this fluff but I do apologize the lack of smut. I might make a part two if I feel up to it. (I sometimes don’t like writing smut, it’s a bit tedious, lol)

Imagine: Being in love with Viserys (female reader)

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“Your brother has invited me to go hunting tomorrow,” Viserys almost excitedly told you as he entered your tent late that evening.

You had been reading some books that Jorah was kind enough to give you—your name day had passed some days ago. They weren’t books of any value except your amusement. They were books for mere children. You set down the book and gazed at your lover with a pleased smile, “I know, he had told me earlier this morning of his plans.” You speak very slow and kindly.

Viserys came to stand in front of you and squatted down onto his knees so, he was face to face with you. His violet eyes were so tender and soft—very different from the first time you had met him. If you thought about it, it felt like such a lifetime ago.

Khal Drogo was your older brother. He had been proposed with a new wife from across the Dead Sea and was intrigued. He had asked you to join him in seeing this woman. Your opinion mattered greatly to the Khal and he wanted to know your thoughts on the woman that could be his new wife.

Dany was lovely with her almost white skin and silver-white hair. She and her brother, Viserys, were diamonds in the dirt. You felt an connection with Dany and her brother. You told this to Khal as he stood in front of the young Dany. Your words had sealed Dany to your brother. Young she was, she would be well cared for.

Viserys had been full of anger and greed—that much you saw when you first laid eyes on him. He stood tall and proud as if he had been the Lord of the manor. His silvery hair swept deliciously at his jaw-line and his odd colored eyes drew you in at first glance.

But behind those eyes was a story of struggle and hunger.

You had been determined to comfort in Dany. She was terrified and it was easy to understand—well, at least to you. Viserys had been cruel to his sister back then and to you but you were not a woman to hold her tongue.

You were the sister of a great Khal. Your brother was overly protective of you as your late father was. Drogo did his best to teach you to stand up for yourself and to be the fiercest warrior. Just like your brother, you were undefeated in battles but your hair was kept short because that is how you liked it.

You often spat words at Viserys and he would simply glare at you before grabbing Dany and storming off. Dany eventually told you the tale of her family. Viserys only acted in such a way because he was angry at the world and was hungry to gain back the crown he thought he deserved.

Titles were earned here on this side of the world but you dared not tell Viserys back then.

You had pitied Viserys at first, he had no real friends. You believed his loneliness fueled his anger. You suddenly made it your duty to befriend him and make him understand that life was too precious to fret over some crown that he wouldn’t get for years. Drogo wouldn’t go to war or cross the dead sea so soon after getting married. Viserys had acted like his crown would fall upon his lap along with boats and an army to cross the dead see but no, such an operation took years to accomplish.

Viserys slowly fell into your lovely trap. You found him rather fond of his sister despite what Dany told you. He admitted that his hot temper got the best of him at times; it made him say words to Dany that he didn’t mean. You understood because Drogo was the same.

The friendship began to blossom into something beautiful. You began to teach him the ways of your people—the Dothraki. Viserys looked down upon your people but you taught him so much that he held your people in respect now.

You taught him how to ride a horse—that was something very important to your people. Riding a horse was the signal of a child becoming a man. Only young children, elderly, and disabled people rode in carts but not capable, strong men.

You taught him how to hunt well enough to join hunting parties—even though many Dothraki men sneered at Viserys. Viserys had slowly chanced and it was noted by many especially Dany and Drogo.

Of course Drogo wasn’t happy. He didn’t find Viserys worthy of you and perhaps he was right but you didn’t care. You had fallen in love with the white-haired man and nothing could ever change that.

Viserys greed for an army and crown began to recede and so did his cruelty to Dany. There wasn’t a day that didn’t pass that you didn’t hear Viserys apologizing to Dany for the way he treated her.

To hear that Drogo and his riders would like to hunt with Viserys was a sure sign of Viserys being accepted by your people and your brother. It was a sign that Viserys had changed and for the better.

You gazed tenderly at Viserys who was in between your legs and burying his face into your stomach and his arms wrapped around you. You ran your fingers through his silky hair and found knots ensnaring your fingers, “You need to bathe, my love, your hair is in terrible condition.” You mused softly working through the knots.

He chuckled, “I care not for my hair at this moment, my love, I am overjoyed by your brother’s offer. Does this mean your people accept me as they have with Dany?” He questioned looking like a small child wanting to please his parents.

A beautiful smile touched your lips as he looked up at you. You caressed his cheeks softly, “Yes, my Dragon, my people have accepted you. My brother has accepted you. You are now Dothraki.” You murmured seeing the shining in his violet eyes glow brightly.

“I would not be so filled with mirth had it not been for you, Y/N,” Viserys commented sincerely looking at you as if you were the sun in his sky, “You have changed me into a real man and taught me so much. I cannot bear to think what would’ve become of me had you not been born.” He says quietly.

You chuckle quietly and kiss his lips sweetly, “Do not think such thoughts, my Dragon, simply think of today and what you do have.” You say to him.

He drinks in your words—he holds you in such high regards.

He brings you in for another longer kiss and it leaves you breathless, “Join me by the river for some bathing after I return from the hunt?” Viserys suggests with a twinkle in his eyes.

You giggle and tut, “You are truly insatiable!” You cry with a smile, “You worked me so much last night, have I not deserve some rest?” You bring your nose to his and look into his bright eyes.

He grins widely and kisses your nose, “You’ve had most of the day to rest, my love, I would like to think that you enjoyed yourself from all the sounds you were making,” He teases leaving a soft blush on your heavenly cheeks, “I am surprised your brother did not barge in and kill me for how loud you were.”

Your cheeks were now red but you were laughing at his words. Viserys watched with adoration and love as you gave the world such a lovely sound.

“You jest too much, my Dragon,” You giggle sweetly as he gets up to cuddle with you on the bed, “Would you read to me?” You ask him holding up the children book. You loved it when he read to you. He always spoke to you in such a regal way.

He smiles and gently takes the book from your small hands, “Nothing would give me more pleasure, moon of my life.” He whispers in your ear before encasing your lips with his.  

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popular BTS ship dynamics, a reference~

Taekook: the double trouble duo. literally brothers, like, actually frighteningly alike/close. the kind to buy each other video games and play them together, fights over food. the memers who keep the group chat flooded with dank memes. tells each other secrets and also tells eachother other peoples secrets. comfortable with skinship. very similar, literally taehyung said jungkook was ‘the most like him’ out of them all. the dab bros/kings.

Yoonseok: the we get each other duo. the snark/loving shit talkers, ‘i love you, you asshole’ duo. they gave themselves a ship name and constantly use it (they even made tracksuits with their ship name on it like…). willing to do embarrassing shit only with each other. know WAY too many of each others secrets. comfort each other, understand each other, surprisingly similar. the extra for you boo™ duo. constantly, making, each, other, laugh!!!!! always have each others backs. can probably finish each others sentences.

Yoonmin: the minimini duo. the, i probably have heart eyes right now, duo. unbelievable faith in each other. the ‘you worked really hard, i’m proud of you’ duo. ultra supportive. unbelievably soft. remembers little details like each others favorite foods and colors. probably saves really ugly pictures of each other sleeping to stare at fondly at a later date (or possibly use to tease each other.) even though there’s only 1cm of difference, probably makes fun of each others height often.

Jikook: the only4u™ duo. the type to be overly affectionate. probably have a lot of unncessary facts memorized about each other. the very jealous but be cool about it duo. likes to sneak around together. would probably fight for one another. teasing each other is a must. no one knows whether they’re serious or not. intense maintained eye contact!!! casually flirting on stage. casually flirting in general. the wear couple clothes type.

Namjin: the parents. everyone is pretty sure they’re actually married. have each others astrological profiles, blood types and favs list, memorized. always complains about things to each other because they’re the only ones who will listen to one another. the best™ at casually holding hands. rely on each for so much. mutual respect.

Vmin: the soulmates. the, no one is ever surprised when we perform excessive PDA in public, duo. not afraid to hold hands, cheek/forehead/hand kiss, sit on each others laps, hug and declare their love for each other, in public. have a LOT of fun together, literally so much. listens to each other very well. relying on one another. probably makes each other playlists/mixtapes. memorized each others habits and favs. literally the bestest friends you’ll ever see on this planet.

Finished this guy. Watercolor, acrylic, and colored pencil on Arches paper. I’m happy with the colors and the experiment.

I do admit, I fixed the face in Photoshop a little (folks who have been following my process photos on my twitter might be like “wait…” at the slightly different proportion). The moral of the story is:  don’t paint on a slant or your figures will have overly large heads to make up for the angle. 

Anyway. For a painting I really didn’t plan and used as an experimental winging-it experience, I’m proud of him. I’ve completely fallen back in love with watercolor again.

Also, this piece was brought to you by seeing the Gustave Moreau museum and Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust in the same week.

"Favorite Colors" - LokixReader

Prompt :: Your favorite colors match your best friend’s clothing, that you tend to wear.  A certain God is less than pleased about this when he returns from Asgard.

Features :: grumpy Loki, platonic Pietro, mutant reader, slightly happier AU where the characters we love aren’t dead and the team lives at the Avengers Tower

Warnings :: Some cursing, and wee bit of suggestive language because… Loki

Word Count :: 3,070

Additional Notes :: This is the first fic I’ve finished and liked enough to post.  I haven’t written xReaders actively in years so it’s probably pretty bad, but I hope it’s alright aha.  I haven’t seen every movie yet so I apologize for inaccuracies.  I also wrote this on my phone, so I’m sorry if it reads awkwardly!

(side note: favorite colors are already set for this story)


“PIETRO!” You howled, as a trailing blue blur swirled in and out of your room.  Having just woken up, you had planned on changing out of your pajamas in exchange for loose, comfy, lazy-day clothes.  Instead, Pietro had cleared your drawers and left some of his own clothes.  You sighed and slapped your palm to your forehead, both exasperated and amused.  You had formed strong bonds with both sibling sets, somehow, but you considered Pietro to be your closest friend.  That wasn’t without effort on your part, however, as you had tried to form a deeper bond with the silver tongued God.  Despite yourself, you smiled softly at the thought of him.  You had to admit to yourself that you had a special fondness for Loki, but unfortunately, the Sokovian twins knew this… all too well.  Wanda had noticed right away, but let you believe she didn’t until you had the strength to tell her.  After that, well… her teasing was what tipped off Pietro.  You loved the speedster, but platonically.  Somehow, he felt the same, and it was truly wonderful.  The other Avengers occasionally commented on how you both acted like a couple, even with cheek kisses, but the two of you cared little.  However, to anyone who didn’t constantly spend their time around you, the lack of romance could easily be missed.  Especially considering the fact that you often wore Pietro’s colors, or clothes, and you enjoyed using your powers together.  You were a proud mutant, and your powers consisted of super strength, matter manipulation, and rapid regeneration.  To put it all simply, you and Pietro were a chaotic duo in the tower.


Later that day, the two of you were starting to set up an overly elaborate prank for Tony, when the Asgardian brothers returned from a month-long visit to their home.  Thor first entered the room with his booming voice, which caused you to disintegrate your prank materials in surprise, to avoid being caught.  Tony could clean up the debris later, or have someone else clean it, but currently, your eyes were focused on a rather gloomy Loki, who entered a few paces behind Thor.  Unfortunately, he didn’t see you yet, because you were hanging from the ceiling, as you had secured your legs into it by manipulating the ceiling to brace your body.

“Friends, how we’ve missed you!  Asgard is well- No, Jane stayed here-” Thor was answering multiple questions as the other Avengers filled the room, but paused when he noticed you.  "Lady (Y/N), why are you on the ceiling?“ He asked with a knowing smile.  Thor had fallen victim to your pranks enough times to know how you and Pietro worked together, but what he didn’t notice was how Loki’s gaze hardened when he saw you as well.

You, on the other hand, quickly motioned your hands and blended the debris into the floor, knowing what would come next.  

"I’m simply assessing the layout from a new angle, is that so wrong?” You asked with a grin, before resetting the ceiling and falling to the floor.  Pietro zoomed from an adjoining room and caught you, before pressing an over dramatic kiss to your cheek.

“(Y/N)!  What would you do without me?  You’re literally falling for me.” He joked, dragging an exasperated groan from you, followed by a hearty chuckle.  You flicked a lock of his silver hair and leapt from his hold, before walking to Thor.

The two of you properly exchanged greetings, before sharing your ‘traditional’ hug.  Thor gripped your waist and lifted you, and in turn, you did the same to him.  He was shocked the first time you did it, but now, he loved how strong you were.  As a bonus to being admirable, the two of you had become a sparring team when you were in the same realm.  You could still remember the shock and mild horror on Frandal’s face when he realized the pretty lady from Midgard could hold her own against the mighty prince.  The horror was partially because he had been flirting with you moments before you sparred with Thor, and he realized your disinterested threat of 'neutering’ him if he got too close was very possible.  Glancing at Loki, you blushed faintly and approached him with mild caution.

“Salutations, Loki…” You began, but faltered at his darkened mood.  “Hey, are you… okay?”  You asked softly, while most of the Avengers focused on Thor and headed to the sitting area.  You had always preferred to be to-the-point with the God of lies, and his apparent anger seemed to soften at your voice.  He wasn’t usually so dark and sour when returning from Asgard, though that attitude was more reasonable when he had to go there.

“I am well, thank you… But if I may ask, why do you wear the runner’s clothes?” Loki asked, his tone shifting to distaste.  "I’m sure you deal with his sweat enough to not require wearing it.“ He added, which stopped you like a brick wall.

"Wh… What?  Sweat?  These are just clothes he left after raiding my dresser.  I mean, blue and silver are my favorite colors, so…” You trailed off, still confused by Loki’s strange comment.  He sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose, so after a drawling moment, you decided to try to neutralize the awkwardness with a proper hug.

Unlike with Thor, your hugs with Loki were soft and caring.  He stilled for a moment in your arms, before shifting to hold you close.  His body language gradually relaxed, and soon, he leaned back and rested his forehead against yours.  You forced a smile when you noticed the pained look in his eyes.

“Loki… Please, what’s wrong?” You pressed, knowing it was important that he didn’t let his negative emotions brew and fester. He sighed, and you blushed softly at his cool breath fanning across your face.  You loved this closeness with him, and craved more, but your fear of losing his friendship was stronger than your want to be by his side, no longer just a friend.

“Nothing, darling.  I’ve simply been thinking about a conversation I had with my mother.” He stated, before turning you around and keeping a hand on your back as you walked towards the other Avengers.


The evening had descended on the tower, but several Avengers remained active in the rec. rooms.  Pietro and Tony were betting on whether you or Thor, respectively, would win your wrestling match, while Wanda watched you with a knowing smile.  You were distracted by the other God, who was trying to read peacefully, which was why Thor had gained the upper hand.  You stole another glance at Loki, and locked eye contact.  You stilled when he grinned at you, but then, Thor pinned you to the ground. You tried to escape his grasp with your strength, so Thor pressed you into the floor to keep you there.  Pietro whistled teasingly, hoping to make a joke so Tony would forget about the bet.

“I guess we can see who will be the next queen of Asgard!”  Pietro teased, remarking on how close you and Thor currently were.  You then heard a thud, and turned your head to see that Loki had dropped his book on the floor.  Looking up at his face, his jaw was stiff and his expression was angry.  He stood up, and as he began to storm out of the room, you felt a pang of pain in your chest.  You looked at Thor, who had watched Loki as well, and he nodded softly at you.  You were glad that you knew Thor well enough when it came to his brother to wordlessly ask a myriad of questions.  He stood and pulled you up, so you could go comfort Loki on whatever angered him.


When you arrived at Loki’s room, you knocked softly on his door, not wanting to further irritate him without justification.

“Loki, are you alright?  What happened back there?”  You asked gently, pressing one hand to the door, to feel closer to the reclusive Asgardian.  You waited several minutes, with no response, before you tried to open the door.  It was locked, of course, so you sighed outwardly.

“Loki, I’m coming in.” You warned, before using your powers to create a hole through the door that you could step through.  You returned the door to a solid state before searching for Loki, but to no avail.  Having given up and figuring he was elsewhere, you laid down on his bed and waited.

However, you probably shouldn’t have curled into one of his pillows, as you had drifted into sleep not long afterwards.  You were jostled awake by a cold hand gently shaking your shoulder, and you looked up to see Loki with a melancholic expression. You swallowed nervously, but decided against leaving.

“Loki… I’m sorry for breaking into your room, but I-” you began while sitting up, but he cut you off by raising his hand.  He smiled softly, yet you could tell it wasn’t genuine, and then he sat beside you.

“All is well, darling.  I do believe you are in the wrong bed, however.  You’d best return to your lover, lest he grow worried that I have abducted you.  He already speaks of Thor claiming you, so surely he must be lacking in confidence.” He joked, but his grin did not reach his eyes.  His smile was quickly wiped away when you gave him an incredulous look.  "Have I overstepped-“ Loki began, but you cut him off by taking a risk and holding his cold hands in your own.  He kept his lips in a tight line, and gave you a questioning look.

"Loki, I have no lover.  I… do find myself interested in someone, but I’m currently single.” You explained vaguely, wishing you had the courage to tell the Asgardian how you felt.

“…You and the man of Sokovia are not courting, then?  He is always holding you and kissing you, and, well…” Loki gestured at your outfit, “You are currently wearing his clothing.” He noted, with distaste creeping into his tone.  You chuckled softly and leaned against your long-time friend.

“Pietro and I are purely platonic.  We’re just comfortable with one another, and as to the clothes, I already told you that he likes to replace my wardrobe with his own.  I simply go along with it because he’s my best friend.  Plus, I love blue and silver.  They are one of my favorite color combos, as well as my favorite colors.”  You explained with a smile, but you took on a confused expression when you noticed Loki’s pensive look.  You sat up, and gently brushed back strands of his hair to draw his attention.  He looked at you with a hopeful expression, and you were taken aback for a moment.  He pressed his forehead to yours, and you tried to fight a blush at the intimacy of the situation.

“Then tell me, who is this man or woman, they who hold your affections?”  He asked, intertwining his fingers with yours.  "They are a lucky mortal.“ He added softly, and you had to admit defeat to your blush.  You opened and closed your mouth like a fish, but the words were caught in your throat.  Maybe you didn’t need to flat out tell him?  It was worth a shot…

"Th-They aren’t… mortal.” You whispered, hoping he would realize the truth.  However, his angry expression portrayed a very different understanding.  He stood abruptly and moved to pace around his bedroom.

“Thor?  You hold affections for that oaf?  Will the runner’s words hold true?  Do you wish to be-” Loki stopped and growled when he realized you used your powers to brace the floor around his legs to stop his angered pacing.  "Release me, woman!“

"Loki, calm down!  I don’t like Thor!” You exclaimed as you took wary steps towards the volatile God.  "I’m just friends with your brother.“  You clarified in a leveled voice, hoping to calm Loki as you stood in front of him.

"Then who?  Sif?  Hogun?  Volstagg?  Norns… is it Frandral?” He listed, dearly hoping that you had enough sense of mind to not fall for Frandral.  Loki didn’t like the idea of you being with any of them, but his chilled blood boiled at the thought of Frandral using you like any other momentary infatuation.  You took a deep breath and held his face between your hands, which seemed to surprise him.  You summoned all of the bravery you had developed as an Avenger, and pressed a soft kiss to Loki’s cheek.

“I thought you were the smart prince…” You noted softly, hoping to make light of the situation, and distract from your previous action.  Loki simply blinked in surprise, and moved one hand to touch his cheek, but he took hold of your hand instead.  You waited with bated breath for his next action.

He quickly pulled you into a tight embrace, which you fondly returned.  You gripped the back of his outfit and wished to remain that way, but that hope was crushed when he began to pull away.  However, you were shocked still when Loki pressed his chilled lips to yours.  You let out a soft noise of contentment as you returned the kiss, moving your hands to his dark hair. Loki’s arms were wrapped tightly around your waist, and remained that way when you pulled apart.

“I have longed for this for a while now, my darling… but…” He began, and you were surprised to see his expression turn sad. You softly ran your fingers through his long locks as encouragement.  "Why me?  You know what I am, and what I’ve done…“ He asked, and you sighed deeply.  You returned his floor to its natural state and lead him to sit at the foot of his bed.

"Loki, I don’t care about that stuff… Being a jotun doesn’t make you any less important, and sure, you wrecked New York, but…”  You paused, and he gripped your hands to silently implore you to continue.  "The you that I’ve come to know is a good man.  You’re one of my dearest friends, and I don’t think I could have feelings for you if I thought you were bad for your actions or bloodline.  You’re just… you, Loki.“  You tried to explain with a small smile, still struggling to tell him how you felt.  Kissing him at least took away your fears of rejection, but this felt almost surreal.  Loki was silent for a short while, before returning a gentle smile and raising your hands to his lips.

"You truly are special, lady (Y/N).  I apologize for my outburst, and if you will allow me, I would like to pursue our shared emotions…” he stated, but it seemed like there was something else he wanted to say.

“Of course, Loki, I’d love to…” You responded, biting your lower lip to try to contain yourself.  Loki smiled brightly and reconnected with your lips, pulling you into a deep kiss.  He carefully pushed you back onto his bed.  His cold fingers slid under the fabric of your shirt, but he frowned and pulled away.  He withdrew his hand and sighed, while he supported himself above you by keeping his arms at your sides.

“Now that we are courting, may I ask… Could you refrain from wearing the runner’s clothes?  I do not want anyone mistaking such a thing as his claim over you, as I did…” He asked softly, and you couldn’t help but smile.

“Sure.  Pietro will be bummed, but he probably started doing it to try to get a reaction out of you… He and Wanda have known about my feelings for a while.”  You admitted, and Loki raised a brow.

“Oh?  Who else knew of your affections?  Please, don’t tell me your minimal red wardrobe comes from Thor…” He groaned with distaste, but that was replaced with curiosity when you chuckled lightly and wrapped your arms around his shoulders.

“The twins were the only ones who knew.  But you know, I wouldn’t be opposed to another wardrobe twist.  My top favorite color combination is blue and green, after all.”  You noted, to which Loki sent you his devious grin that you loved so much.

“Oh, darling… I cannot wait to see you draped in our colors, or nothing at all.”  He growled deeply, which caused a deep blush to bloom on your face.

You were going to respond, but then, Tony’s voice rang through the building.

“Fuck yeah!  Suck it, speedy!  I won the bet; Reindeer Games and (Y/N) just got together.”

You groaned loudly and Loki gave you a questioning look.  You chuckled softly and moved to sit up.  He followed your actions, but secured his arms around your waist.

“So, you know how Tony and Pietro were betting on whether Thor or I would win our wrestling match?  Well… They were also betting on if, or I guess when, I’d tell you how I felt.”  You explained with an embarrassed tone, but found yourself smiling at Loki’s calm yet content expression.

“At least I no longer need to worry about the apparent 'playboy’ trying to steal you away.”  He stated, before pulling you back into a chilled kiss.

anonymous asked:

Hey hey! I'm the Anon who asked for Bats and JL! Honestly thanks for being so honest about it! And not just ignoring me! But for a different request can you just do BatFam angst/fluff? You choose who to torture! I trust you! 😊

Ignore an ask? Never. I might take forever to answer one, but I’d never leave one out in the void. Your welcome, and thanks for being so understanding. I love to answer asks, but sometimes I just don’t have the right skill set (in that case comfortable, working, knowledge of the JL)

BatFam angst/fluff coming up, I hope you enjoy it. 

This one’s inspired by one of @oh-mother-of-darkness recent headcannons/thoughts on how the Batfam reacts to having to patch each other up. I read it and couldn’t get the idea of Tim freaking out over Damian being hurt out of my head, and since it was angsty I thought it would be perfect. 

I have to give a quick shout out to Amy for all her amazing Batfam headcannons and thoughts, thanks for always sharing things that make me laugh and cry, and inspire me so much.

Tiny. It was the word that kept coming to mind when Tim tried to decide how Damian looked laid out on the operating table. Tiny, and helpless. So opposite of how he always was. For someone so small Damian’s presence was always large, in your face, and usually the last thing Tim cared to deal with, but today it wasn’t there. Today it was hidden beneath a mask of pain and blood.

It wasn’t how small his brother looked that was making his hands shake as he struggled to hold the compress to Damian’s side, neither was it the blood, or his own lack of sleep. No, the thing that was making Tim’s hands shake, was how helpless his brother looked. Damian was never helpless. He was angry, and fierce, he was proud, and overly confident. Even injured he never stopped.

This Damian? The one laid out in front of him, he wasn’t the same one Tim knew. He was used to seeing Damian’s dark features reddened with anger, not washed out to a sickly pale color; used to his eyes being fierce, not squeezed shut against the pain in his side; and his voice sharp and confident, not stolen by rasping breaths.

Seeing him that way caused a bubble of panic to rise in Tim’s stomach. Damian couldn’t be in this condition, he couldn’t. He had to be fine, that way he could yell at Tim over nothing, and start petty fights over things like who ate the last frozen waffle or who got to control the remote.

Damian had to be ok, because Tim couldn’t lose him again.

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A Camping We Will Go

It had been easier than John thought, getting time off from the department. It had been a solid three weeks since his encounter with the sharp end of that hunting knife, and although he’d been mostly healed by the beginning of week two, he was still stuck as a desk jockey crunching through mind numbing paperwork. Hell, it was only after begging on his knees that the department HR rep gave John the okay to ride bitch in another deputy’s cruiser, and even then he was under strict orders to avoid potential conflict at all costs.

It was like they didn’t even know John one bit. 

It had been successfully subduing a drunken alpha while out on a domestic violence call that had told John he was about as healed as he was ever going to get. Or at least healed enough that he’d finally be able to do some of those more labor intensive positions he’d been dreaming of fucking Mason in. 

John supposed that was the one good thing about working in such a chauvinistic environment: they were all so gungho about him ‘nailing that sweet ass’ even the laziest of his coworkers didn’t complain about having to cover extra shifts. With a few catcalls and a slap on the ass from an overly enthusiastic rookie, they’d sent John out the door and on his way. 

“Hey, just left the station, I’m on my way over.” John said into his phone with a grin as he turned out of the station’s lot and pointed himself in the omega’s direction.

The truck was packed, outfitted with a mismatched cab he’d bummed off a buddy who was a mechanic. It was perfect though, insulated, with plenty of windows, an incredible after market skylight, and some rather colorful curtains that Mason had salvaged from God knows where. John was pretty damn proud of himself for the work he’d gotten done, transforming the bed of his truck from empty space he’d used to throw his gym bag in, to a comfortable, cozy place of privacy he couldn’t wait to share with Mason beneath the stars. 

He only hoped Mason liked it as much as John did.


this is the first “elaborate clothing” i’ve made in the game (no, i definitely didnt make a bunch of random striped patterns to show someone from anytown who’s boss) and i’m overly proud of it. but am sad that i can’t color the bottom of the sleeve without coloring the top

Yay! It turned out really good! (I actually had to add the blur during photoshop class because whenever I did it in my photos library, it would turn it into a jpeg and the artifacting was hideous.)

@loverofpiggies @askerrorsans (how does one show things to cq???)

Edit: accidentally got the eye colors backwards! Whoops.

BTS reacting to your art

Anon: Can you do a reaction where the boys don’t know you’re an amazing artist and they are visiting you and they find all the drawings and paintings you’ve made over the years.

I most certainly can! Thank you for requesting Anon :) I hope you enjoy!

~Admin K


Originally posted by strawberrie-kookie

Jin would be very proud of your work(proud mama Jin). He’d want to hang it up where everyone can see it, so they can all enjoy it just as much as he enjoys your art!

“Seokjin what are you doing?”

“Trying to take this painting so I can show all the boys-I mean what?”


Originally posted by sprinkleofsuga

I feel like Suga is the type of person to freak out over things like this. He’d probably stare at your art with an open mouth or a grin, until you asked him why he was staring at them like that and he’d respond with something like “Your art is beautiful Y/N!”


Originally posted by marimebelle

He’d totally ask why you didn’t tell him about your secret talent. Probably scream a little(as usual) and ask to see more. Or he could get really jealous and whine about why his art isn’t as good as yours, either way he’d be smiling. 

Rap Monster

Originally posted by go2bedjungkook

Joonie would honestly get so deep and emotional about your art. He’d smile as he went through the different works you created and probably act a little over dramatic. 

“The vibrant colors and sporadic lines truly show the inner workings of an artist’s mind. The way everything seems like chaos, only to be brought together through coherence. It’s amazing!”

“Joonie, that’s a picture me and my niece drew. She’s five. It’s just scribbles…”


Originally posted by sonyeondan

Jimin would almost be as proud as Jin to be honest. He’d brag about how good your art was to everyone and how amazing it was to have an artist in his life who could create things better than anyone he knew(Jungkook glares). He would comment on how beautiful they looked. 


Originally posted by pokpokchikchik

To say Tae would be dumbstruck is an understatement. Much like a J-Hope he’d ask why you didn’t tell him about it before and want to have everyone see it like Jin.



Originally posted by jengkook

He’d be overly happy that you could draw. He’d probably critic you in some ways because he himself is an artist. But he would do it out of the love of his heart and would ultimately be very surprised by your secret art skills. He’d have the biggest smile on his face when you noticed him looking at your art.

Send in a request for texts, snaps, reactions and scenarios! SHIP REQUESTS ARE CLOSED!!

I’ve been asked a few times about what makes an OC interesting or appealing.

It’s really advice on how to be self gratifying and ~*how to make a popular character!*~ but whatever.

I’m not really an expert, but I guess I’ll post something. This is just a random vomit of small bits of advice and observation. Please don’t follow this to a T, 100% compliance with this list means something is wrong or you’re trying too hard.

Note this is for drawn/comic style characters. I aint touchin fiction.


  • People won’t readily pay as much attention to something very common. characters. E.g., humans, most kenonomimi, demons orh half-demons, common anthro species, shapeshifters, etc.
  • People won’t necessarily pay much attention to wildly outlandish characters either. E.g., unique special snowflake hybrids, unnecessarily complex species, highly exotic colors for a species, something too complex to be relatable,  etc.
  • That doesn’t mean you can’t make either of these things, just they’ll need to play off something else if you want people to notice them or figure out a way to get peoples’ interest.
  • Yes, sex sells, but that doesn’t mean it’s necessary. Forcing it into/onto your character, especially if they don’t exist just for erotic art, feels unnatural. That said if you’re comfortable with it, you don’t need to avoid it if you don’t want.
  • You need to enjoy your character just as much as other people do, not just the the popularity they may bring you. Wanting a character purely for attention will lead to nothing but disappointment.
  • Seriously, if peeps make you fanart, be gracious with that shit. FANART IS AWESOME MAN.


  • When people see your character, there needs to be something about them that prompts them “hrm, I want to learn more about them.” It can be the way they dress, what they are, their body type, or what they’re doing, but appearance will be the first thing they notice.
  • Avoid excessive gradients and unnecessary rainbows.
  • Establish color harmony. Don’t just pick your favorite colors at max saturation, pick one or two and figure out a pallet that works.
  • Or, even better, just pick out a group of colors that blend well together that suit the purpose, neglecting color favoritism.
  • Highly complicated designs can be eye-catching but also mean it’ll be harder for you and others to draw.
  • Overly simple designs are easy and recognizable but may not be as interesting.
  • Some forms of emphasis somewhere in their design often is great. This ties in to style. Could be something they’re proud of, something they hate, something that they’d be totally oblivious to in their world’s standards, or even something they use or wear rather than something part of them.
  • Yes, good art definitely will help. If you feel your art is holding you back, practice and study more, don’t take it out on your character.


  • Most of the personality should come out through how you present your character, not through pure writing. It’s still great to have a quick explanation or disclaimer to jump to.
  • Try to think of a backstory or description that can be summarized no longer than a paragraph. Obviously there can be more in actuality, but the basics of the character shouldn’t require a novel to figure out.
  • Also include a purpose, even if it’s as simple as “just get by day-to-day.” You can flesh it out more as time goes on or as they evolve/change.
  • Make sure there’s a (at least somewhat) believable personality there.
  • Spend time figuring out their likes and dislikes. This’ll help shape their world and self.
  • Figure out how their physics work. If they’re amphibious, how do they breathe. If they’re robotic, how do you explain their personality. If they have magic, what are the limitations of it.

so yeah that’s just a menagerie of things. now get out there and make me proud, I know you’re all going to start making numerous wait what the fuck no stop making a rainbowdash clone why is i t wEARING A NARUTO HEADBAND YOU FUCKIN WEEA–

International Magical Relations

(Wrote a little drabble for my Triwizard AU I’ve been working on, so have some Hogwarts dweebs and Gajeel with a hunky ass accent.)

“You know, I do not think is part of Tournament to steal champions’ clothes.”

Gajeel looked up at Levy with a grin, her eyes never leaving the book she was reading even as she poked him between his eyebrows. He huffed and squirmed against her thigh. She kept reading.

“Of course it is,” the Hufflepuff witch said, “don’t you recall? This competition is a chance to improve international wizarding relations, blah blah blah.”

“Vhat does relations haff to do vith my shirt?”

“Durmstrang has a long history, I’m connecting to my roots.”

“Yes, roots. I didn’t know roots vere so deep in my laundry.”

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