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FIRST! Also, legit question, as a beast who DESPERATELY wants to know, how do you manage to contend with using gear, given the fetishization that's taken place with yourself? I do you not overdo it? how do you respect it, while simultaneously get off on it? I feel like I want to start a cycle SO FUCKING BAD but I know it takes respect and discipline, and I feel like I don't think I could handle it! How did you master that?

It is tempting to pump myself full of gear, and I do fantasize about it. Somehow, I’m able to keep the doses and the stacks within bounds. I consult with coaches who are really sharp, and I talk to my doctors. So at least 1 foot is in the sane side of this.

I tend to draw a little heavy from the vials but no more than 1 or 2 tic marks on the syringe, which is .1 or .2 mL, which isn’t going to make a huge difference or be dangerous. I have occasionally experimented, like last summer when I ran about 800 mg per week of test as part of a stack. All it did was make me itch. That’s an odd side effect that I get occasionally, and it was pronounced during that time. Now I know to keep it down to 500 mg per week.

I know a lot of meatheads, gay and straight, for whom gear is very erotic. Some of those guys do tend to run some pretty heavy stacks. We like to talk about it practically as if it’s porn. I love to watch and hear the straight guys getting all hot and bothered as they talk about stacks they’ve run, what they’re going to try next, how fucking horny it makes them when they’re on. It’s like I get to talk about explicit sex with both of us into the same thing. Hot as fuck with my straight bros especially.

When I’m planning a stack, I talk to my best resources, the guys with the most and best experience, and I stick pretty closely with what they recommend.

me, to myself through gritted teeth, after watching a new show and liking literally hundreds of posts relating to it: okay now pick the PERFECT one and ONLY reblog that one because you need to show some goddamn SELF-CONTROL. MAYBE put one in the queue. don’t overdo it this time

me, a day later: hi guys so i’ve switched fandoms,

“This is ridiculous,” Dean mutters as he rolls out his mat, side-eyeing the fuck out of his brother. His sweatpants are already sticking to his legs with the heat of the room, and for the first time in his life, he wishes he’d worn shorts. “I’m gonna suffocate,” he declares. “I’m gonna die doing hot yoga and it’s gonna be embarrassing.”

Sam rolls his eyes. “Would you calm down?”

“Ha!” Dean scoffs. “Easy for you to say. Look at you, with your goddamn hippie man bun and your short shorts and—”

“—These are regular shorts, Dean—”

“And with your fuckin’ tank top you’re in your natural habitat! Jesus, Sam, you’re like the king of the motherfucking granolas!”

“And you’re being a little bitch,” Sam counters, getting himself set up and sitting, cross-legged, to center himself. He closes his eyes. “The physio said this is the best thing for your shoulder, so we’re here. Now shut your trap and take it like a man.”

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  • video game: adjust the brightness until you can just barely see this image on the screen. don't overdo it. there is a delicate balance--
  • me: [upping the hell out of that brightness until it's like looking into the goddamn sun and that image is forever burned into my retinas] i'm sorry what was that i can't hear you over the sound of me wanting to actually see what the fuck is going on

i just really need to get this off my chest because i can’t stop thinking about this show; it’s everything to me at the moment. anyway.

yuri!!! on ice is so good and so important okay? 

  • it has such a large diverse cast of characters from southeast-asian to mexican-american to europeans!! and none of them are stereotypical in any way!! bravo!
  • the main character has low self-esteem and barely any confidence or faith in himself and this show is about him trying to gain just that! it’s about learning to like yourself and who you are.
  • it dwells into gender issues and gives such a huge middle finger to toxic masculinity. it allows the men to be feminine without ever turning it into a joke/punchline. 
  • the ost!!! THE OST DUDES HOLY GOD.
  • it handles the issue of discovering your sexual/sensual sides very very well and without ever overdoing it.
  • it depicts the growing and blooming relationship between two characters, a russian man and a japanese man, and they are openly affectionate towards each other!! that’s such a big deal ok.
  • and adding to that; none of the other characters in the show are disgusted by their relationship. 

and we are only halfway through the show. i can’t wait to see what the second half will bring along. :’)

Why the Signs are Still Single

Aries: No one can handle your extremeness

Taurus: Will you ever love someone as much as food? (No)

Gemini: People don’t know what to make of you

Cancer: Too guarded

Leo: You’re looking for someone who loves you more than you love yourself

Virgo: So shy, everyone thinks you hate them


Scorpio: You intimidate the living daylights out of people

Sagittarius: You don’t want to get seriously involved with anyone

Capricorn: You don’t smile often and it scares some people

Aquarius: You seem unapproachable

Pisces: You sometimes overdo it

okay but… matthew daddarios rampage of : “are you gonna judge someone for the people they dated before they knew you, are you crazy? its nuts”  in concerns of alec worrying about who magnus dated is so important

because in the books it literally drives them to their breaking point, because alec has such a problem with it and can’t possibly understand that an immortal bisexual warlock has been with more than one man and woman over time?? 

so matthew daddario lowkey calling that shit out is my jam, because it pissed me off so much in the books. like yes, like matt says, it would make everyone nervous and a little scared, but theyre not overdoing it to the point of making it a disaster and thats what i fuckin love. theyre gonna handle this shit realistically because alec has important and real feelings for magnus and does not want to lose him, but instead wants to understand him