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Pairing: Dean x sister!Reader, Sam, Jody
Word count: 1,379
Warnings: Angst, swearing, death
Request: Anonymous. For the requests/Drabbles/oneshots thingy-DeanxReader, the inspiration: “Believe” by Hollywood Undead. Please and thank you this is the first time I’ve ever asked for anything hope I did it right 😖 Also I’m in love with all the stories here. You all are so talented and I love you all. AHHHHHHH I’m so sorry I forgot the relationship. Either the reader is a sister, or a good friend(TBH whatever you feel is right). This is in regards to the song “Believe” by Hollywood Undead. I’m sorry

Leaning on the door frame to your room, Dean had his arms crossed over his chest. You looked so peaceful, so innocent. Then there was him. This life had eaten away at any goodness that had ever been inside of him. His jaw tightened as he fought back the tears.

Dean never had a real home, Sam never had a real home, but you? You had. You’d have a loving mother, an awesome step-father, and an older sister. Then they were ripped from you. Word got around that Sam and Dean Winchester had a little sister. Half sister, really, but technicalities didn’t matter to demons, to vampires, or anything else the boys had hunted down over the years.

Here you were, two years later. You were nearing those harder years of growing up- your teenage years. Years when a home, friends, and normalcy was most important. “Dean?” Came the voice of Jody, rough with the remnants of sleep.

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Matt must be so confused tbh like he’s imprisoned by some purple furries for over a year and a bunch of rebels bust him out and unlike the paladins he doesn’t have any alteans to explain what the fuck is going on to him like I imagine his new rebel buddies try to explain who the galra are and everything and he’s just like wtf. And when the paladins find him he’s gonna find out his sister and his boyfriend and their friends are apparently the defenders of the universe now and they pilot big color coded robot lions around everywhere. Eventually he just rolls with everything bc it ain’t worth questioning at this point.

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i feel bad for jimin ;; i didn't think it was *that* bad but they are obviously very tired..if a group isn't lip syncing it's a good performance to me :) (most of the time)

i agree, performances with lip sync bore me, i’ll take the breathiest messiest live performance over a lip synced one any day tbh? it’s at least more interesting that way lol… but yeah it wasn’t that bad, the rest were good, just that jimin kept going off key and had trouble controlling his pitch, he’s not the most stable of singers anyway but this time there was obviously something wrong </3 rather than it being bad i’m sad because i know he’ll think he did badly

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I discovered that I was asexual over a year ago and I'm pretty comfortable with who am I'm, but now I've been struggling to understand my romantic side.. I don't know if I'm biromantic (I really loved a boy in the past), but I've been thinking a lot lately that maybe the problem is bc it was a boy, maybe I should try a girl and tbh I feel comfortable and happy when I think of myself with a girl, and I'm fucking confused right now.. If there's any biromantic folks here, please help me!

if you feel comfortable trying something like that, it might be a good idea. to help judge beforehand, try to imagine yourself kissing/doing romantic things with different people/genders.

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has Tezuka ever talked about that atom chapter you posted where the human kid raised by robots kills his friend? like. i don't get it, what's the point of the chapter other than to make you feel miserable?

nope, there wasn’t any commentary on it which is weird since he often gives short comments on every chapter and why he wrote them..

tbh a lot of chapters end up in a sad tone and leave you feeling bad (for example the entirety of the ‘Once upon a time’ arc is just Atom suffering and having bad stuff happen to him until he eventually dies) but the one I posted in particular is…really over the top, it feels like something out of Black Jack instead

Shuffle Tag!

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  1. Wasn’t Me - BEAST
  2. Asterios - DIV
  3. 30 Sexy - Rain ( bitch………)
  4. Windy Day - Oh My Girl
  5. Awadama Fever - BABYMETAL
  6. You’re The One - J.Y. Park (listen this is a damn good song plus jyp could h** **)
  7. Bulletproof in Advance - BTS 
  8. Discotheque - Nana Mizuki ( >.>)
  9. HURT - EXO 
  10. Blind - 4minute :(

BONUS: bc this song and video are my life Keep Your Head Down - TVXQ

I tag any one who wants to do it!!!

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lmao as a twice stan knock knock wasnt that good im sorry but they tried to come up with something catchy again but it didnt work out this time without the wonder girls ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ its over

tbh i agree. i think di video was cute but i wasnt really feeling it n i wanna cry bc twice are my MF-ING GIRLS. all of their other title songs have been really so iconic, like oo ah, cheer up n TT but i dont think knock knock could b on any of those song’s levels tbh


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Hey amy! I just lost my dog, so i've had a bad week. Got any cute headcanons about Dami and his numerous pets?

  • I’m going to go ahead and assume that Damian names his favorite bats from the cave, and since Damian’s record on pet names is all over the place– some of them (Goliath, Titus) are dignified, while others (Batcow, Spotty the rat from B&R 13) are definitely not– I imagine the bat names get pretty interesting.
  • Damian: Antigone, Bonaparte, Ulysses, Jezebel, Scheherazade
  • Also Damian: Rita, Earl, Capitalism, Lemon, Bagel Bite
  • Alfred the cat has spyware in his collar. So far it’s been a useful and multipurpose investment, good for eavesdropping on both one’s family and unsuspecting criminals loitering in the parts of the city where a stray cat would go unnoticed. Conveniently, that is most of the city.
  • Titus sleeps at the end of Damian’s bed, for the death nightmares. It helps to have someone to hug.
  • There are also geese on the Manor grounds– they come in and out of the pond on the east side of the property– and Damian has been feeding them Cool Ranch Doritos for the past month as part of an experimental plot. That’s Tim’s brand of chips; if everything goes according to plan, the next time Tim takes a picnic lunch, he’ll be swarmed by expectant geese. It’s going to be hilarious.

idk where all this pining keith on my dash is coming from but it’s improving my shitty mood so

  • keith will force himself to think only of lance when he falls asleep so he’ll dream about him (it works but sometimes he thinks of bigfoot at the same time and the resulting dream is… strangely satisfying)
  • whenever lance touches keith’s shoulder or puts his arm on his shoulder or something keith doesn’t show any outward reaction but on the inside he’s replaying that moment over and over and over again all day
  • everytime lance gets shot down by an alien, keith makes a joke but on the inside he’s like thank god
  • keith doesn’t know who to talk to about all this; pidge is 14, hunk is lance’s best friend and would probably tell him, shiro is his older bro and would probably make fun of him. so keith keeps a journal  (@platonicsheith‘s ideas tbh) but he also mentions it to allura one day and she’s willing to listen because Gossip Queen™ and so he starts rambling about how pretty and funny lance is to her. she doesn’t really mind because she likes seeing Mr Broody Loner so happy
  • when lance is injured in battle or something, keith is the first to volunteer to carry him or support him while he walks
  • they go to an alien planet full of flowers and keith gets lost in the flower field immediately (bc what if he finds a cryptid in there) and gets the idea to do the “he loves me, he loves me not” things. he also cheats so the last petal will always fall on “he loves me”
  • when they get together and lance asks keith for a kiss, fucking fireworks are going off in that boy’s head and he leans in for the most chaste fucking peck on the corner of the mouth but it still feels amazing and when he pulls back lance is smiling really wide and keith is just full of happiness

sorry i’m gay and also not wearing my glasses so there might be typos

Finally the yoi tag was reasonably safe again after everyone calmed down over that dumb love on ice movie was announced and a few other things but now again everyones being salty. This time about the crunchyroll awards that literally mean nothing lmao. Im just here for the fanarts and the cute headcanons okay pls let me live


AU where Komaeda’s luck is a sentient being that grows over time. Very much a parasite.

It causes immense amounts of trouble, but tries to “make up for it” with its good luck. It also saves him often, refusing to let him die, but not out if any sentiment: if he dies, so does its resources. He can’t shake the thing so, begrudgingly, he tries to manage it.

Only he can see it, so it makes explaining to people why he’s so particular about certain things digfficult. Sleep is lost.

I don’t care how long it’s been…I am over nothing.

I’m not over isak screaming “E-box gimme the beat”

I’m not over how those boys made some really gross tasting cheese toasties

I’m not over how isak struggled so much trying to climb out of that window

I’m not over any kiss

I’m not over how Even made isak feel free and loved and saved him
And I’m sure as hell not over when isak saved him right back with that
“du er ikke alene”

Livet er nå and I am over NOTHING

tbh this isn’t even me trying to be #edgy and going against the grain, but if justin bieber wins any grammys for purpose, especially over another far more deserving black artist, then i’ll actually be so fucking pissed i have been watching sub-par, racist, ignorant, mediocre white men win at everything for the past year and i am so fucking sick of it call me dramatic but sometimes i feel like music and art is the only thing that black people (and more widely people of color) have left and it would be nice if for fucking once they didn’t fuck that up by giving [what’s supposed to be] a prestigious award for musical artists to some crusty white boy who says the n word and appropriates black culture left and right

SMH gang and when they start celebrating Christmas

Jack: December 1st. But he does all his holiday shopping throughout the year; if he sees something he thinks someone (Bitty) will like, he buys it and keeps it on the top closet shelf. Things are starting to fall off the shelf. 

Bitty: After Thanksgiving weekend. He’s honestly irritated that Thanksgiving doesn’t get the respect it deserves. “It’s called THANKSgiving and you’re gonna give Thanks for this lovely autumnal centerpiece that complements the menu I’ve planned!” Also the Bittles have a tradition of putting up the tree on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. 

Shitty: Honestly this kid is all over the place with every single holiday. He has a “Fourth of July Garland” and saves cherry-bombs for Thanksgiving and puts up ghosts around the house over Christmas and justifies it by saying it’s from A Christmas Carol. 

Lardo: Holidays happen, Lardo isn’t that fussed about them tbh. She goes along with everyone’s shenanigans but she doesn’t really have any strong feelings about Christmas. 

Chowder: Approximately mid-November. Not *right* after Halloween but he can’t help getting excited about Christmas before Thanksgiving is over. Especially because it gets cold in MA. Hot Cocoa season = Christmas for Chowder. He loves all the snuggly parts of the Christmas season best. 

Ransom: Black Friday. Dude is all about making a day of Black Friday and getting all the best deals. Once he’s done his holiday shopping he’s fully in the Christmas mood. He likes Thanksgiving but it’s not a priority. 

Holster: The very second Halloween is over it’s time for Christmas. Bitty is taking down the Halloween decorations and Holster is putting up paper snowflakes and wearing a reindeer antlers. (sidenote: yes, Holster & his mom are Jewish, and yes Holster celebrates Hannukah. But he also loves secular Christmas.) 

Nursey: Whenever he hears a song from Mariah Carey’s Christmas album on the radio. Playing in a store doesn’t count, it has to be on the radio. It’s like the first snow for him. Holster finds out and calls in to every radio station requesting “All I Want for Christmas is You” on November 3rd. He doesn’t actually get a station to agree until November 10th. 

Dex: The first snow after Thanksgiving. It can’t really be Christmas until it snows, and preferably that snow should stick. If that means no carols until December 15th, so be it. He also likes to remind everyone that it’s the twelve days of Christmas, and that the first day of Christmas is December 25th and it extends *after* that, not before. Before Christmas is Advent, which is supposed to be a time of preparation and reflection. “And I can’t reflect with you singing ‘All I want for Christmas is You’, Nursey!!!” 

Bonus HC: Lardo films a video of Chowder, Nursey, Holster, Ransom, and Bitty lip-synching to “All I Want for Christmas is You” wearing ugly Christmas sweaters. It’s interspersed with pictures of various NHL butts, including Jack’s. And maybe Dex’s as well. Shitty cries.