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Disney films that are *actually* underrated

Treasure Plant

If you already know me, you could probably guess that this would be on the list considering I never shut up about it.

This film flopped at the box office, but I’m honestly not sure why? It has absolutely gorgeous animation. Like, they could have gone with a palette of grays and blues like most scifi films do, but Treasure Planet actually has a large color palette, especially when it comes to the scenery. It shows off all the beautiful colors of space instead of making everything chrome against a dark backdrop. There are likable characters, including a an anti-hero, disabled pirate, a female Naval Captain that’s a total no-nonsense badass, and a sulky teenager. Arguably one of the darkest films Disney has done in the last twenty years. Disabled main character with only one eye, one arm, and one leg. Literally all of the character designs are gorgeous. The plot is a little boring at times, but it’s fairly easy to get lost in the world that’s been created.

Plus, we get visuals like this!

Brother Bear

Brother Bear was another box office flop but this one also had rather negative reviews. The early 2000′s was not kind to Disney animation. 

Yes, it does have a transformation plot, which I know is kind of iffy depending on the person, but overall it’s a great film. The music is amazing, bless Phil Collins signing onto another Disney project. The characters are great, I don’t think there were any I didn’t like except maybe the moose (because as an adult I don’t find them as funny as I did as a child, but I don’t really dislike them either). The relationship between the brothers was amazingly done. Usually when people want to talk about animated sibling relationships, they mention Lilo and Stitch, which is also great, but I really like how the brothers interact in Brother bear. They’re all closer in age (which is like my sister and me, so I can connect with it more), and I think that worked well when they added in the anger and grief and self-blame in the story.

Atlantis: The Lost Empire

There’s not really much I can say about this one, because truthfully I’ve only seen it a handful of times. Something about it kind of freaked me out as a child (I think it was that giant leviathan creature that attacked their submarine thing????), and I only recently found my old VHS player and haven’t had the time to watch it again.

Atlantis has it all. A beautiful world. Well-rounded, interesting characters. A romance that didn’t feel ridiculously forced. The voice talents of Michael J. Fox, Cree Summer, and Leonard Nimoy. A balances of a more adult plotline, while still retaining a kid friendly atmosphere.

Unfortunately, it does lack some coherency in the plot, and because of it’s fast-paced nature, there isn’t a lot of time for character development. The creators also borrowed a lot of elements from the Ghibli film castle in the Sky, but ultimately it’s still a great film visually speaking.

(PS: it was hard to pick a screencap that shows how visually stunning this film is. So much blue.)

The Black Cauldron

Honestly, The Black Cauldron is one of my favorite Disney films, but I can recognize that it has a lot of problems story wise. As in, they tried to stick the contents of two full length novels into an 80 minute film. Yeah, it didn’t work. The characters are interesting, albeit under-developed, visually it’s very beautiful, and it has just the right amount of creepy to give 5 year old me nightmares as a child (the Horned King was a brilliant concept). The author of the book series the Chronicles of Prydain, which the film is based on, found the film enjoyable on its own, but admitted it didn’t follow the books well. It was also another box office flop, making $21.3 million in revenue, which was less than half of the budget to make the film. This is the film that Disney pretends they didn’t make and is frequently referred to as the “worst Disney film” however we all know that that right belongs to films like Home on the Range, Chicken Little, and Mars Needs Moms.

There is speculation that Disney has plans to make a live action series based on the original books, so fingers crossed!

Robin Hood

It’s underrated, but I can kind of tell why. Everyone already knows the story of Robin Hood, because there’s at least ten different films and TV series about the guy. He’s been on OUaT, and there was a parody movie with Cary Elwes!

The animation is, decent, but not great, but the budged was only 5 million, so??? Meaning that a lot of the characters action were redrawn from previous films such as The Jungle Book and Aristocats. However, this was pretty common in old Disney films because the animators were paid for shit and it’s not plagiarism if you’re ripping off yourself. It is a little sloppy though.

Either way, it’s still a decent film. The songs were fun and had a delightfully folk sound to them, if you’re into that! The characters are pretty cute, the story is straight forward, and there’s not actually anything to really dislike about the film. It’s just a silly comedy that has it’s ups and downs.


I don’t even know what to say about this film other than it’s gorgeous and no one ever talks about it. Like, this is the first true Disney film that relies entirely on CGI. No Pixar involvement. Just Disney and CGI. This is the most successful film of 2000 and I’ve never heard people talk about it even though it has great characters, an interesting story, and great visuals.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

While I personally don’t believe Hunchback is all that underrated (I usually see it in just about every top 10 or 20 list), it’s still a great film that deserves more praise than it gets.

Hunchback is beautiful, inspiring, dark, has excellent morals, amazing characters amazing music.It’s basically the complete package of everything you could want in a Disney film and it’s enjoyable for all ages.

The only thing I didn’t like about this film was the gargoyles and it’s kind of implied that they’re more like imaginary friends instead of real creatures, so they get a pass.

Guys, guys. Ok, so I went to Disney World and wanted to meet Mickey Mouse, because I’m a 27 year old who loves that kind of thing. Anyway, I’m waiting in this room and a cast member starts joking around with everyone, and he’s asking everyone their names and making fun of how weird the name “Pudge” is when this annoying teenager says her name is Pudge. And then she replies, “Says the guy who’s named Killian.” I kid you not! His name was Killian! And then he proceeds to go (in an accent), “It’s unwise to insult the size of a pirate’s ship” and everyone’s just standing there, and crickets could be heard because it’s dead silent. And then he goes “Anyone? Anyone?” and it’s still complete silence. So I finally say, “Once Upon A Time” because lord knows I know every Captain Hook scene on that damn show like I know the back of my hand, and then he gets all excited and gives me a high five.

And that, my friend, is how I got a high five from a man named Killian.

A Start Up List of Working Latina Actresses who reasonably *could* play Henry Mills’ Love Interest and Lucy Mills’ Mother

So I saw a few people yesterday trying to come up with actresses who might play next year’s “Mystery Woman” (who I think we are all for the moment predicting will be Princess Elena of Avalor). Anyway, I meant to do this yesterday…. but life, you know?…. so here are Latina actresses in their late 20s/very early 30s who could reasonably audition for the role.

In general, I try to keep up with Latinx Hollywood, but still this list was harder than I thought! Most of the more well known working Latinas are too old for the role, the famous ones who are the right age are OBVIOUSLY WAY TO EXPENSIVE for Once (Selena, Demi, I’m looking at you!) or currently working in large, mainstream roles (Stephanie Beatriz, Aubrey Plaza, etc). 

But here’s a starting list of roughly 10 or so potentials that I came up with, mostly former child stars looking for a “transition role”, a few from edgy streaming dramas who might be interested in the stability of a mainstream network paycheck, one who is so perfect I can’t imagine anything else now. I will put this out there, in case anyone is interested or curious…

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Inbox is Still Empty

Hey, guys, so I wanna write some new stuff for this blog, but I need some asks to get it going. 

Here are some characters I’m writing for (plus some new ones I just added)

Ahkmenrah (Night at the Museum)

Tumnus (Narnia)

Tadashi Hamada (Big Hero 6)

Dave Lizewski (Kick-Ass)

Jack Frost (Rise of the Guardians)

Nod (Epic)

R (Warm Bodies)

Doug (Disney Descendants)

Jay (Disney Descendants)

Diaval (Maleficent)

Luke (Halloweentown)

Thackery Binx (Hocus Pocus)

Zack (Goosebumps)

Champ (Goosebumps)

Wolfgang (Sense8) 

Danny Fenton (Danny Phantom)

Cyborg (Teen Titans)

Ben Tennison (Ben 10 Alien Force)

Kevin Levin (Ben 10 Alien Force)

Peter Pan (Once Upon a Time; Peter Pan (2003))

Henry Mills (Once Upon a Time)

(Anything/Anyone from any of the above fandoms. You can ask about other stuff too, I just need something to work on lmao)

Okay so rant alert!!!!

I’m not pissed off at Jen for leaving OUAT - i mean I think we all knew that this was going to happen sooner or later. 6 years is a freakin long time playing one character. I don’t think people realise how gruelling a tv schedule is - working 16-18 hour days every day for the majority of 6 years would take a toll on anyone - i couldn’t do it.

But i am pissed off at Adam, Eddy and ABC. I just rewatched the musical episode (yes i was brave af for doing that considering everything that’s happened over the last 48 hours) and i couldn’t help but feel like it felt like the end. I felt it the first time i watched the musical. But everything just seemed so… final?

So if this really is going to be the Final Battle that Emma has to face (BUT HELLO SPOILERS) it seems like she’ll survive and be with her new husband, why can’t they just end the show there?

This is the end of the storybook that has been the core of this show for 6 years. The last chapter is written and it ends with the finale battle - we’ve known this all season. So why reinvent the show and drag it to the grave? Why don’t they just give the show the ending it throughly deserves and finish OUAT while all the main cast are still together and it’s a sensible ending (hello storybook reference again.)

But its true - its the end of Henry’s storybook, its the FINAL BATTLE and we know this will probably be the last time we see Emma - the heroine that has transformed the way we see Disney Princess’ in her red leather jackets, jeans and her knee high boots. And we’ll say goodbye to Jen, the amazing woman who has brought this character to life.

So please ABC, Adam and Eddy. Give the show the ending it deserves. Not this time next year when you’ve tried to drag it through the ashes to get more money. This is a sensible ending point and everything will feel complete.

All the songs on the musical soundtrack are awesome but there’s something so special about Powerful Magic.

Like.. Ginny and Josh play Snow White and Prince Charming, they met through playing those characters and fell in love and got married in real life, and as Disney nerds as well they must have had the best time doing that musical number together.

& it’s something they can keep and show their kids and I keep tearing up thinking about it. It’s beautiful.


Heroes and Villains Evil Queen Snow Custom Funko

So this is the second gen version of this funko.  I’ve never been entirely satisfied with the first one.  It had been the first time I painted a face, I was still using gloss paint on hair at the time, and I didn’t have as many kinds of paint.

This version is made with the same funkos (the Queen of Hearts from the live action Alice in Wonderland and Carlos from Disney’s Descendants).  In this case I used base mat paint and than black glitter paint on the skirt but left the top of the dress and the front mat.  Pearl, silver, and silver glitter make the other details.

I will take commissions to replicate this funko, please contact privately to discuss price as the market for the figures in which I make these out of can change wildly.  Ask me about my etsy shop.  

Crack Theory = Esmeralda?

I want to give some sweet people on Tumblr a theory to run with and possibly write a fanfic with for Season 7. Lucy’s mom is Esmeralda and we might get to finally see the gypsies and Quasimodo of Hunchback of Notre Dame. I have a ton of research done as for about a year I was going to do a fanfic, I am just too damn sick and depressed to do it now- so this idea is up for grabs. Make of it as you will. I have a secret Pinterest board I would be happy to share with anyone who messages me. If they (OUAT or you) do this, it is obviously essential it be a woman of color - gypsy women could be Spanish, middle eastern (or African if you will), and Asian (includes india). Gypsies usually traveled (hence some factions being called Travelers) and were from other parts of the world, some settled, some are still to this day nomadic. They usually had their own languages and of course cultures. This is minefield of interesting education in general, but it would please me so if it was done right in fanfiction or OUAT- I do have more faith in my writers though. Obviously, with the Ouat spin (Disney already spun this character way out there - not saying it was in a bad way, she was a big love of mine) you will have a character and story different than the very old novel. If you don’t want to write a story, what do you think of this theory? Tagging a few but any one have a go- @thesschesthair, @flslp87, @xhookswenchx, @xemmaloveskillianx, @xerxesrises, @ripplestitchskein, @gusenitsaa, @gentlesleaze, @joneskillian @kat2609, @lenfaz, @laschatzi, @mindyourhelm, @queen-mabs-revenge,

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I'm Still Overcome with Emotion

I’ve been watching Once Upon a Time since Day 1. I’ve seen the characters face so many ups and downs. I’ve seen death, birth, and resurrection.

And now, to finally see Emma Swan and Killian Jones join their lives together–not only that, but to have in an episode that basically our own Disney movie–I’m still speechless.

WE made this happen, guys. We wanted this, and boy are they going to deliver in a big way.

Meanwhile, in Disney empire

and that’s what you missed in your last episode of ‘We have money so meh’

anonymous asked:

So, in regards to Lucy I hope her mom is still alive, but this is Disney (ABC is a subset of Disney) and we all know how much Disney loves to kill moms in their works. So hopeful, but not by much

I had been wondering if she were dead…I’d like to think that she would live and Henry and Lucy would get to reunite with her and the rest of the family…but who knows…to be fair, a lot of the moms in this show are alive as well, so there’s a big chance she will be alive and get her happy ending as well.

You know what, I’m past being salty. I’m fucking LIVID at how this show treated Belle! Specifically in the last season!

And let me clarify something, I do not mean this in a “Belle sucks” way. No! No-no-no-no-no! So, if you have those opinions on her - stay away from this post, thanks

I mean this in a “you have one of the best, smartest Disney heroines and you fucking sideline her or constantly physically and emotionally hurt her” way.

That got me so mad. I’m still mad. Like… wow. Just, wow.

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Okay goldgirl1239 and everyone else with this same viewpoint -

Here’s the thing that you’re probably not going to care about because, well, I’m just assuming you’re mind is closed to everything outside of your own ideas and beliefs.

I grew up in a rather large family with parents and aunts and uncles and grandparents and even an older sibling and older cousins who would all say something similar to the above.

Comments about how wrong seeing same sex relationships in the media or in public were. How that should just be kept away from the very impressionable children. How fairytales are made of strictly traditional man/woman love.

And let me tell you that when I came out because I fell in love with my female best friend, I was prepared to be disowned by all but my little brother. I made sure to have my affairs in order because there was a very real chance that I would no longer be welcome in my family. So putting myself through the last year of college and providing for myself afterwards was something I prepared for.

That’s what the above “confession” is telling your children (if you have any, and chances are if you do, you have a queer child and you are effectively their first bully, congrats). It’s letting them know that you won’t support them if they decide to come out. It’s letting them know that your love and support are CONDITIONAL.

Finally, Disney may not have “meant” to have “their” characters “twisted” into queer characters (wow that statement is so offensive, I can’t), but I think Disney has been very pro-gay in at least recent years. Do you just avoid Disneyland or world during Gay Days or that as of (I think) 2007 they host commitment ceremonies for same sex couples as part of their Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings? And isn’t the president of Disney World openly gay? I can’t say much about their films, but I wouldn’t be surprised when they feature openly gay characters in the future.

Oh and also, I resent the implication that I can’t be a lesbian AND a strong woman on my own. Fuck that. If anything, people like you that still exist only strengthen me.

So I noted it in my tags, but the dude who tweeted a picture of the OUAT Hook 5B poster, Jeffrey Epstein, is the “Senior Manager, Partnerships and Communications, at the Walt Disney Company.”

In other words, a marketing big shot for the Mouse, taking special time out to highlight OUAT and Colin (he tagged him in the tweet).

In case anyone was still wondering (and in re our discussion yesterday) about how much TPTB love Hook and how much of a financial asset he is to the show and the company (aka Mother Fucking Walt Disney).

Carry on.

anonymous asked:

So I'm feeling down... I wanted to ask you if you think they only brought Mulan back because they want us to forget about Swan Queen. Because NOW we might have a character that isn't straight. I'm losing my hope. Just a little...

Hey Anon!

First things first, let’s cheer you up a bit! This video is my favourite medicine!

Alright, now that we’re feeling better, let’s see how we’ll bring some balance, because I’ve seen enough pessimism tonight. I’m sure you’ll all excuse me if I skip that angle entirely, yes? Great.

When I first read the article’s title and saw Mulan’s picture, I got this sinking feeling, because it seems unlikely they’ll do both Swan Queen and another queer romance. Then I read the article and I actually got pretty excited!

On the subject of relationships, Season 5 of Once Upon A Time might be giving us the show’s first exploration of a same-sex romance. Following discussion about Mulan’s return — and considering that when we last saw her, there was a tease of something between her and Aurora — Edward Kitsis confirmed that the LGBT angle will not be ignored on the series.

“I would say that we know that that community have been big supporters of this show, and we would love to be able to tell a love story that reflects that,” Kitsis said. Horowitz had his own things to add, as well. “We want the show to reflect the world as it is now,” he said. “Whether that’s going to be with any particular character, we’re not going to say, but it is something we want to do this year, and it’s something that we think is important to do on this show, because this is the world we live in.”

Notice how the first part is all the author of the article suggesting that the LGBT angle has something to do with Mulan’s return. It’s not the showrunners saying this. Also note how Adam & Eddy are suddenly confirming there will be a love story for the queer community and talking openly about this. These are the guys who do not like spoilers, but who love to confuse us. On and off the show. By announcing Mulan’s return, adding her photos to the press kit and then talking candidly about LGBT representation and them suddenly confirming they are finally going for it this year… They know they’ve got absolutely everybody on every side thinking they’re talking about Mulan.

Which is exactly the reason I don’t believe that’s what they’re talking about at all. It would be just like them to really enjoy telling us they are finally going there, like we’ve been asking for all along, but do it in a context where everyone thinks they’re talking about something else. Basically, for all I know, Adam & Eddy here are being Evil Queens, hiding in plain sight and having a great inside joke with themselves.

Why on earth would they give a little subplot so much attention in their PR right before the premiere? They know if it’s Mulan, it will not satisfy people who are now in it for Swan Queen. They also know if they do give a Mulan queer love story a little screen time, they can be more convincing when we’re caught by surprise and see it happen. If they are now outright telling us that yes there’ll be a Mulan queer love story. Come on, where’s the fun in that? That is just so unlike them. So that really makes me think they just confirmed they’re doing  Swan Queen this year. I predict they’ll at most have Mulan talk about being bisexual or a lesbian, but they won’t give her a love story. They definitely won’t break up Aurora and Philip for them. Young family with a new baby, split up by the evil queer woman. Not gonna happen. Also consider that Disney might still produce more animated movies with Mulan, Aurora or Merida (most likely candidates). From that point of view, they’d be more supportive of OUAT using their original character Emma Swan and their semi-original Regina Mills for a queer love story than their princesses. Let’s face it, the only love story that would really reflect how supportive we’ve been is Swan Queen. 

So those are plenty of arguments for you to realize these articles could mean anything. Until we see the show, we have no idea what they’re doing.

The other thing that convinces me they may very well be talking about Swan Queen is the show itself. We’re always talking about subtext and we’re so used to queer baiting, that we’ve come to think of subtext as a separate story. Subtext tells the queer story and text tells the straight story and they’re mutually exclusive. Except in normal storytelling, that is not what subtext is for. Subtext is for foreshadowing, subtext is usually resolved, it’s relevant to the story. It’s an integral part of the story. It’s such an important storytelling tool if you want to add depth to your stories. Yet much of OUAT’s subtext has been entirely dedicated to Swan Queen. Last season, I just thought it was a little too much. Too much to just be queer baiting, it makes far more sense if you look at the subtext and just see it as the story they are telling. If they are only queer baiting, they know we are happy with glances, with little sweet moments. Subtle things. They could just continue what they’d been doing before and I assure you, we would stick around. And they know it. Would an Emma Swan in denial on a show that’s just queer baiting look very different from an Emma Swan in denial on a show that’s planning to tell her story when the character’s ready for it?

The subtext last season undermined the story. Specifically Emma running off to Regina after shoving in Hook’s heart. Emma being frantic and running around like a madwoman because she’s worried about Regina. I thought it was over the top. I genuinely thought it was too much, which leads me to believe it wasn’t meant for me, it was meant for people who need an extra hint about Emma and Regina’s feelings for each other. That glare at Robin in the library, it was noticeable for everybody. The continuous jealousy. Emma being hot and cold with Hook. And don’t you think that sacrifice at least gave people pause? 

Then there were the things that didn’t underminde the story, but support Swan Queen, by having both Emma and Regina have a very subtext heavy backstory with a woman. Both of those stories must have been rather obvious to the general audience. Maleficent and Regina got incredibly close to kissing. We’ve also seen Emma be really weird about her history with Lily in ways that canon didn’t actually explain, that really made most sense if she was in love with Lily. Those looks were given a lot of screen time with no explanation. What did the audience make of that?

Plus, the upcoming Dark Swan arc is about Emma letting go of her inhibitions, the way they’ve been promoting it suggests she will be free, she will no longer care about judgement. She will stop trying to fit the mold to please her loved ones. Her sexuality would be part of that. It would make sense for Emma as a queer person to be canon as part of the Dark Swan arc. So it makes perfect sense that it’s going to happen in season 5, that they’re going to write the LGBT angle next year, because it perfectly fits the story where it’s at right now.

Let’s also not forget the kind of summer hiatus we’ve had. We used to be silenced, it was the thing not to be talked about and suddenly they’ve been promoting it so much. It wasn’t a problem at cons anymore. Why promote Swan Queen all summer and then not follow through? Why not promote that you’ll be doing an LGBT story and continue to keep Swan Queen in the shadows, the way they’d been doing before. Why suddenly stop ignoring us, give us hope, just to be cruel? Or forget about us, their promo reached the General Audience as well and the focus everywhere has been on Emma and Regina. Didn’t Adam & Eddy even call Emma’s sacrifice romantic in its own way? Did Eddy’s little smirk when he mentioned that ‘…when Emma sacrificed herself for Regina, that was earned.’ tell you everything you needed to know whether or not he remembered using the words earning a relationship when asked about writing a queer one?

So, Anon, honestly, PR with these people could mean absolutely anything and they’ve proven that time and time again. So, at the very least, don’t let it discourage you or make you sad. Whatever happens, Emma, Regina and Henry are the heart of the show. Their relationship will always be the most important, it will keep evolving. We’ll see more character growth, we’ll see more love and care between them. We’ll get a hug and it’ll be beautiful. Those are all things we can actually take for granted. The three of them, they will be in the last episode of this show. They will always have scenes together. So don’t be sad. 

And you know, everyone can make up their own mind, but I honestly believe we have a fair chance of seeing more than a hug sometime in the future…


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