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Second chances cause pain

The man stared at the little girl, heart breaking at the sight of this innocent child. He loved her, the little he took in raised as his own. He couldn’t save her, he wasn’t strong enough.he couldn’t save her, but there she is perfectly fine, happy, and healthy. He let out a strangled muted cry.

The young looked up to her father with a concerned look, as the man stared down at her. “Dad are you OK? Did Mr Dia do something to you?” The man let out a strangled rasp of a laugh/cry looking at the young girl painted with innocence. “I-I I’m fine a-kid ” the man frowned hating himself. He couldn’t even bring himself to say her name.

The little girl was about to ask the man another question when they were interrupted by a knock on the door. The little goes to answer the door smiling at the purple haired woman with the soft smile who was on the other side. “Oh hello miss Martha” the little girl said with a smile pulling her father to the door, who went along in mute obedience “hello Alyssa and” Martha froze seeing the state Mot was in, his face showed a man who begged death to kill him again. “M-Mot it’s nice to see you again” Martha shoes Alyssa outside telling her Steve is waiting.

With Alyssa gone Martha looked at Mot. She couldn’t believe this was the same man she saw yesterday over coffee. She couldn’t believe this man was Alyssa’s caregiver. She reached out and grabbed his arm. Feeling metal she pulled back like her hand was burned. Before she could ask, Mot spoke up with a sad tone.“ Martha I-I just wanted to come back to say sorry, a-and goodbye. I-I never asked to come back I just wanted to say I was sorry” Martha wanted to ask what he was going on about but Mot continued “I can’t believe it’s really you. You’re not being controlled by your mother anymore. You’re you’re still you. When e-everything went down” Mot spilling the future from his lips like it was a poison he was coughing, Martha just stood there listening to the man ramble and breakdown. She believed him she believed every word. “Mot please stop. It’s OK” Marta hugs the trembling man feeling parts that shouldn’t belong along with his ribcage. “Mot please I believe you just calm down”

Mot didn’t even realize he was trembling, or even the fact that he was crying. “M-Martha I-I-I’m sorry please forgive me” he looked like a man who has seen everything ripped away from him. “Oh Mot please it’s OK you have nothing to apologize for” her words only made Mot cry harder “I I ” Mot could no longer speak he was panicking. Martha quickly got hold of her uncle and gave him a quick rundown of what was happening and moved Mot to the couch. Even with the metal he was scarily light. She placed a warm blanket over him and waited.

She knew her uncle was a busy man. She knew she had to wait. She told Steve to bring Alyssa to her brother’s place. She needed to know more.

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If you talk about it, you probably won’t write it. -Irving Wallace.


Every story I’ve ever written one way or another I’ve revealed the content of it, but most, if not all of them are not done. However recently I started writing without telling anyone about them…every single one whether its one shot or several chapters are now completed. And I’ll have you guys know that I just found this quote, but I figured this out days ago by testing it out. I began a story that I was on a roll with; wanting to test the theory I told my sister about it….I ended up deleting the story because I could no longer write it. Its like the excitement you have for it to literally shake someones core from how good it is dies when you tell them the best parts of it or even just a summary.

I mean it may just be me but if you want to write a story DO NOT tell anyone. Literally just write.

PS: Tell me if it works!