not only to fix his own problems

Can we just talk about how taylor swift takes her own fans to court for making merchandise on ETSY, sued her old guitar teacher for using her name on his website as if he didn’t give her everything she has, finds a problem in every single streaming site because she wants her fans to only be able to purchase her album - even when Apple agreed to fix the issue she had, yet she STILL hasn’t agreed to be apart of Apple Music, and talks passionately about issues pertaining to her but never about actual social justice issues. Yet the media and promotional team doll her up as some american sweetheart who loves her fans and is super sweet and generous. I don’t know about you but I am not here for that or for her AT ALL

does enjolras’ passion about things ever just overwhelm you?

like, he was so passionate about the revolution and patria, of course, but… there’s also his passion for his friends? his absolute love of humanity?

enjolras doesn’t have a problem of “not loving enough”, as he seems to be so frequently portrayed as in fanon. he has a problem of loving too much. he’s just so full of love, and passion. he wants to fix these broken systems, he wants the people to be in control of their own lives. he just. he loves so strongly, and so passionately.

he also full of rage and fire, but they’re fueled by his love and his passion. enjolras would devote himself fully not only to his cause, but to his friends, to everyone in his life.

In Three Days: A Memoir by Castiel Shurley

In Three Days: A Memoir by Castiel Shurley by GlassClosetCastiel
Rating: T
Word Count: 32,700
Summary: Family and parenting advice writer Castiel Shurley is on the verge of syndication with his weekly column, Fix My Family. The problem? His husband is dead and he can barely handle their three daughters alone.
When the four take a trip to Castiel’s childhood home in Rhode Island to spend a long weekend with the entire Shurley family, Castiel meets an intriguing, incredible man who could change everything. But when Castiel finds out who Dean really is, the family drama just gets worse.
The only way to overcome will be for Castiel to own up to his mistakes and take his own advice- listen to his daughters- and admit that maybe it is possible to fall in love in just three days.

This fic was exactly what I was looking for in the post-holiday doldrums! A rom com that hit just the right notes: tragic backstory, strangers that have an instant connection, interfering but good-hearted family, bad choices, over dramatic kids, and complications…oh dear the complications!  The multi-generational family dynamics were just perfect! In particular, the author really captured the tenuous balance between raising your kids and letting your kids grow up. In trying to meet his daughter’s needs, Cas has truly has lost sight of himself. I really felt his frustration, guilt, desperation and pain. That was likely because this was told in first person.  

The author issued a challenge: try the first chapter or two. If you don’t like it - fine, but just try it. I tried it, I liked it!! You should try it too if you enjoy domestic, funny, “right person, wrong place” rom coms. 

“I hate everyone,” Molly announced as she burst through the flat door.

“So bad day was it?” Sherlock asked looking up from his laptop though he already had known the answer by the sound of her heavy footsteps on the stairs.

“I don’t even know where to begin,” she sighed heavily as she flung her coat onto a nearby chair and unwound the scarf from her neck. “I spent more time dealing with other people’s problems and fixing mistakes than I did on my own work. Meanwhile I have a stack of paperwork piling up on my desk and a research paper deadline that is fast approaching. I finally had to escape to the morgue in the afternoon just so I could breathe and deal with people who weren’t incompetent.”

“The only reason being that they are deceased,” he said catching her drift.

“Funny how that works,” she quietly murmured as she fell into his lap and rested her head on his shoulder. 

He could feel her pulse racing against his chest, beating out-of-rhythm against his own. He drew his arms around her shoulders and brushed away a few strands of hair that had escaped from its ponytail.

“I hope you weren’t including me in ‘everyone’.” 

“No. Everyone but you. Somehow you always manage to be completely wonderful.”

“Good, because I hate to break it to you, Molly, but besides you and me, people are complete idiots.”

“Absolute morons.”

The tension in her muscles had relaxed and her pulse slowed so that it now synced with his. One of the things he had quickly learned was how good it felt to make Molly happy.

“Shall we order some takeaway and forget about the rest of humankind for tonight?”

She raised her head with the first smile on her face he’d seen that day and placed a soft kiss on his lips. “I always knew we would be good together.”



Cinder (Marissa Meyer) AU

Aline Penhallow is a cyborg mechanic with a hidden secret, the fact she is the long lost Princess Selene from Luna.
Helen Blackthorn is the foreign empress of the Eastern Commonwealth when the saddened death of the Emperor occurred not so long ago.
With a virus spreading and the only hope Empress Helen can seem to hold on to is the fact that Princess Selene is alive and is the one person who can save us all. The only problem is that no one knows what she looks like, except Cyborg Aline.
One day the fates come together and place Aline and Helen within the same place, as he needs his own android fixed.
A tale of love, betrayal, fantasy and a retelling of the oldest story with a unique twist. Will Aline reveal her secret and become the Princess and Queen they deserve and how will Helen react when it’s revealed the one person she’s been searching for has been right in front of her this whole time.

Rich Daddy- Part 9

Member: Sehun, EXO

Description: Mr. Oh is everyones university crush, every girl wants him for her own but he only has eyes for you and you fall numb under his touch

Word Count: 1496

OMGGGG im so sorry this took so long to upload :((( anywAYS i fixed the spacing problem so normal text is backkkkk. PS: i can’t post the mobile master list tonight cause im hella tired and i wanna sleeeeeeep!

-Admin Ash ^-^

More Rich Daddy

Originally posted by wooyoung

“I can finally show you off now.” He whispered, pressing his forehead against yours and sliding his thumb across your cheekbones. He flashed you a grin and took your hand, intertwining his fingers with yours as he dragged you back to the classroom. You reached the door and he let go of your hand, opening the door and going in. You followed and soon enough, all eyes were on you.
“What did you get called for?” Sooyoung asked, a mischievous smirk on her face but curiosity still creeping into her words. Sehun completely ignored her questions and clapped his hands, getting the classes attention.
“Alright, class! I have an announcement to make!” He called and all eyes were glued on him.
“What are you doing?” You whisper-shouted and he turned his head to look at you, a grin glued on his face.
“I’m telling them.” He answered and you widened your eyes, but before you could do anything, he continued on with his speech, leaning on the front of his desk.
“So, as rumours have been spreading around on this subject, i felt like i needed to address it. Yes, me and Y/N are dating. No, i won’t give her any special treatment, i would get fired if i did, and yes, the principal knows about this and he has no issues with it. And now, i’m speaking from adult to adult. I would like for all of you to treat Y/N nicely. Don’t call her names, insult her, threaten her, etc. You mess with her,” He pointed at you. “You mess with me,” He pointed at himself. “Got it?” He asked, and all the students nodded, honestly looking quite scared. “Okay, let’s get back to the lesson!” He said, getting up from the desk and walking up to you. You were frozen, standing there and he placed his hands on your waist, quickly kissing you. “Now, go back to your desk, young lady.” He jokingly smiled and you shook your head returning to your desk.


The last bell finally rang and you walked up to your boyfriend, leaning your hands on his desk.
“Hellooo,” He looked up at you giving you a warm smile. You didn’t say anything you just walked up to him and put your hands on hos cheeks, giving him a deep and long kiss. You released the kiss and let go of his face, sitting on his desk. “What was that for?” He blushed, slightly twisting from side to side in his chair.
“I won’t be able to stay with you tonight, i gotta meet with my parents.” You looked down, slyly smiling.
“Nooo, can’t you ditch?” He asked, getting up from his chair and grabbing your waist, making your legs wrap around his waist. Thank god, all the students had left.
“You know my parents, they didn’t even like you the first time they talked to you.” You laughed, lacing your arms around his neck.
“Hmm.” He hummed, locking lips with yours and trailing his hands down to your bottom. His hips slowly rolled towards you, his member brushing against your core. You felt yourself tighten and you released the kiss.
“Are you try to provoke me?” You asked, squinting your eyes in a challenge.
“Maybe…” He teased, looking down at your chest, his hands going to your front an teasing your panty line.
“You’re trying to make me stay, are you?” You asked, sliding your hands on his shoulders.
“Mmhm.” He hummed, his lips meeting with the skin on your neck. You were overwhelmed with tingles and he kissed your neck tendons, sucking and biting at your collarbone. You knew your phone was about to ring and it did, Sehun reaching in your pocket to answer. You tried taking your phone out of his hands, but his fingertips started to tickled your sides, making you drop the action.
“Hello?” He answered. “Yes, it’s me. How are you doing?” He asked sympathetically, and you shook your head.
“Put it on speaker.” You asked and he put his hand to the phone.
“No.” He quickly put the phone back to his ear and smiled. “Sorry, what were you saying?” He asked. The conversation went on for about ten minutes and for the whole time, he was drawing circles on your back and exploring your body with his hands. “Alright, goodbye Mrs. Y/L/N.” He smiled, hanging up the phone and putting it on his desk.
“You’re so embarrassing!” You slapped his chest and he laughed, bringing you closer to him.
“She called me ‘love’. Your mom likes me.” He smiled.
“What did she say?” You asked, your hands going around his neck again.
“She said, 'I have to go. Goodbye, love’. She approves of me.” He sheepishly smiled, and you looked at him, chuckling and shaking your head, before pressing your lips against his. He smiled on your lips and released the kiss, making that plastic-like noise. “You have to be at their house in fifteen minutes, by the way.” He told you and you quickly jumped up from his desk, his hand slapping your bottom along the way. You smirked, walking to your desk and grabbing your things. You slid your coat over your shoulders and grabbed your bag, putting it on your shoulder. He waited for you at his desk, looking like he wanted something. You walked up to him, grabbing his face and kissing him again. He quickly grabbed you, locking you in his embrace and kissed you even deeper. You got carried away when his tongue asked for entrance and you let him in, your fingers tangling in his hair. You quickly remembered your parents and released the kiss, leaving Sehun a little disappointed.
“Sorry, gotta blast.” You joked and he shook his head as you left out the door. You paced the hallways, quickly leaving the building and heading for the gates of the campus. You heard footsteps behind you, but you didn’t bother to look back until you heard your name being called.
“Y/N!” You recognized the voice, but you couldn’t remember to who it belonged. You stopped in your tracks, turning on your heel to find Sunny running towards you. She stopped in front of you and leaned on the railing, catching her breath. “Mr. Oh wants to see you.” She said in between breaths.
“But… I told him i needed to go.” You said and she seemed a little surprised, but she went along with it.
“Yeah, but he wants to see you again.” She quickly said, her eyes locking with the ground. This seemed a little fishy but you went back in anyway, heading for his classroom, again. You reached the door and twisted the knob, opening the door to an empty classroom. Except for Sooyoung, who was sat at the first row of desks.
“Hello,” She said, calmly locking eyes with yours.
“Okay, Sooyoung, what do you want?” You asked, crossing your arms, a little furious.
“Nothing, really. Just wanted to have a chat with a friend.” She smugishly smiled.
“You’ve been ignoring me for the past two months. What do you want?” You clenched your jaw and she quickly got up from her chair and crossed her arms.
“I want Sehun.” She said, her eyes furiously staring into yours. You didn’t let her intimidate you and you walked up to her, pursing your lips.
“Not sure that’s possible.” You threatened ,trying to keep your calm. She scoffed, looking away.
“Give him to me, you can’t have him.” She ordered through clenched teeth, her hands curling into fists.
“Listen, he’s not a doll. You can’t just throw him around to whoever. He has feelings.” You scoffed at her. “Do you even know him personally? Or do you just want him for sex? Do yo even know what he likes? His favourite food? His favourite colour?” You angrily teased, balling up the urge to hit her. Just then, the door opened and Sehun walked in, a confused look glued on his face.
“What’s going on?” He innocently asked and you looked back at her.
“Oppa, why can’t you date me?” She walked up to him, tugging on his arm. He brushed her off, giving her a disgusted look.
“That shit doesn’t work on me. I don’t empathize with girls like that.” He took a step away from her, but she only got closer to him.
“Oppaaaaa!” She begged, leaning in his shoulder.
“Sooyoung!” He yelled, and she immediately seemed taken aback. “I’m not your oppa, and i’ll never be!” He yelled, this time softer.
“Hmpf.” She growled, stomping her foot.
“I want you to look at this carefully and don'g ever forget what i’m about to do.” He clenched his jaw, pushing her hands off his body and walking up to you. He took your face in his hands and pressed his lips against yours, kissing you passionately. He grabbed your thighs, placing you down on the desk behind you and continued to kiss you. Sooyoung just stared at you, before her face hardened into an angry frown. She stomped her foot again, growling and storming out of the room. Thank god.

If it weren’t for Sookie, Jason was certain that his life would be quite different. Her influence on Andy hadn’t gotten him out of work for the day, but only because she needed him. There usually wasn’t time when she didn’t need Jason, actually. The house she lived in was empty except for her, Alcide having been killed a few months back, and he was happy to help maintain it. Her only problem though was the water heater, and it hadn’t taken him long to order a new one. It wasn’t as if he could fix that, and she had been happy about it anyway. The rest of his day though, free of Andy and free of responsibility, was spent at his own home. Or, a considerable amount of his time anyway. Finishing up with some paperwork he needed to file on a couple cases, a few of them taking longer than others because of the gruesome detail. It was surprising, some of the things he had to deal with around Bon Temps. Even after Jason finished everything that he had set out to do, it wasn’t nearly as late as he thought. Just past three or so, and that meant plenty of daylight. Plenty of time to finish up things he had been putting off. Which led him to the store, obviously not very surprisingly. Jason didn’t have anything to eat in his home, unless you counted the coffee or the beer as a meal. He wasn’t home much anyway, so he didn’t require much, but buying something to eat was necessary to sustain life and he knew the gravity of that. He had avoided grabbing a cart, he didn’t need one for a few small items, and his presence was known quite quickly amongst the registers once he entered the small town store. A few waves and some rather scornful looks and Jason hurried himself back to the frozen section to escape the eyes of the others, thinking that maybe a pizza would hold him over for the night. However, once he reached the correct aisle he was met with a familiar figure pushing along a cart. He was certain that it was her, and with the young woman being the only one in the aisle he didn’t find it very hard to approach her. His feet had actually carried him forward without any thought, which was rather surprising. Once he had reached her, the blonde figure coming to a stop to view something in the freezer, Jason placed his hands on his hips and followed her gaze, looking into the freezer as well. “I wouldn’t say that this place is handin’ stuff out, but the prices are a little cheaper than I’ve seen in Shreveport. A little indication Bon Temps is much friendlier, I think.”
Drunken Nights

TITLE OF STORY: Drunken Nights
AUTHOR: teacuphiddlesfics
WHICH TOM/CHARACTER: Twin AU - Jag!Tom & Exec!Tom
GENRE: Humour/General
FIC SUMMARY: After a hard day, William and Thomas have a night out to blow off some steam
WARNINGS: explicit language.
AUTHOR NOTE: Stand alone one shot in the twins universe that takes place after What’s Yours is Mine. Check out all of the twin fics here

His day was a nightmare. It seemed every head of department had lost the ability to solve their own problems without his guidance. His father had made an appearance, only to be dragged out by security. Again. Some idiot hadn’t fact checked their proposal before sending it to a client and he had been on the phone all day trying to fix their stupidity. By the time the clock struck 5, he was ready for a stiff drink.

With every intention of leaving early, William groaned when his phone rang. He thought about letting it ring, but the sound itself was deafening and he snatched it up.

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Coppy is dead, all hail Cooper!

turned my Human!Coppy into someone more of his own. Problem? I DONT CARE!

Cooper will have only one fixed outfit (unlike my other OC that often change outfit) the only thing that will change will be his tie, always with goofy patterns, flashy colors and weird or cute designs. Ill probably touch up the color of his shirt tho cause now I look back at it it look a bit too much like the Anurae academy uniform XD

How to argue with someone about the budget

1. They lied a lot

- Abbott specifically promised no new taxes and no cuts to education, health, pensions and more. Then he did all of those things.

- Literally nobody voted for this.

2. There is no debt crisis

- A huge number of impartial well-respected not-lefty economists agree our AAA economy is not in *crisis* mode.

- This does not mean our AAA economy is perfect. Our AAA economy does have debt problems that need fixing. But the problems our AAA economy face do not require us to punish the poor, old and sick with deep fast cuts, taxes and hurt. We’ve got time and options to do things in a less drastic, painful way.

- Consider the source. It’s a little too convenient a cover for Abbott to shout ‘crisis’ and then only cut things Libs have always wanted to cut since the dawn of time. But I guess it’s not like Abbott to fake crisis for his own gain *coughcarbontaxboatpeoplejuliarcough* or lie shamelessly when it’s convenient *coughnumberoneabovecough*

3. Even if there IS a debt crisis, there are better ways to solve it.

- There are lots of things we can CUT that don’t target the poor, old and sick. The chaplains-in-schools program ($250 million!) for example.

- There are lots of things we can TAX to raise money. Big mining super profits for example.

- A lot of Abbott’s money-saving measures won’t save money. Investing in free GPs, for example, ain’t just nice, it saves money (more people seeing GPs means less health problems get worse and less people become drains on our hospitals/welfare).

- If you’re going to make a big tough budget that causes a lot of pain to vulnerable people you better be really trustworthy and really know what you’re doing. They’re neither. Abbott, Hockey, Pyne etc keep stuffing up explaining their budget (eg. there’s  now confusion on who’s exempt from GP fees, which students are getting hit with HECS increases etc). Experts in diverse fields are coming out saying this budget reveals cluelessness regarding how science, medicine, unemployment etc work.  They don’t seem to get the ramifications of what they’re doing. Hockey saying the GP fee will merely be the sacrifice of a beer or ciggies, rather than a meal or more for the non-rich amongst us, is one of example of this.

- This budget is way too ideological. It’s based on problematic neoliberal thinking that has already been tried and failed in the US causing America’s mad inequality, awful healthcare, bonkers uni student debts and pissweak welfare protections. America should be taking tips from us, not the other way around.

CLIFF NOTES: There are strong arguments by neutral experts that we do not have a debt crisis. Shouting ‘debt crisis’ provides Libs cover to cut things they’ve always wanted to cut. Even if there is a debt crisis, there are better things we can do to raise money and save money than what Abbott is proposing. There is solid evidence that they’re liars without a clue and that this budget is the product of ideology, not reality.

I have my own personal IT guy and his name is “Dad.” I’ve never had a computer problem Dad couldn’t fix and it’s always a quick solution so that I can get back to work.

My only problem with this fantastic on call service? The free dad jokes. Like this gem of an exchange we had today:

“My printer won’t print." "What kind of printer do you have?” “It’s a Brother one.” “Oh. well, what kind of printer does your brother have?”