not only through season 1

Supergirl S1 vs S2

This is an update of my last post with the most recent episode of Supergirl (2x16). Nothing much changed by including episode 16 from both seasons. 

I also counted the percent of words spoken by female characters (gender assumption based on the presumed gender of the actor). The number of words spoken isn’t exactly the same as total time speaking, nor is it the same as actual screen time, but this was the easiest way I could do the analysis - by processing episode transcripts.

In season 1, in only 1 episode (up through ep 16) did females speak less than 50% of the words (the Toymaker episode which was very Winn-heavy).

However, in season 2, there have already been 5 episodes where female characters speak less than 50% of the words.  

My thoughts on ep 2x16 as I was watching for this…

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  • Dipper, S2 Ep1: There's something HUGE going on right under our noses. And it's time we stop goofing around and get to the bottom of it.
  • Me: Yeah okay whatever. *munches popcorn*
  • Dipper & Wendy: *fight off nightmare-inducing shapeshifter*
  • Dipper: *gets possessed*
  • Dipper: *destroys underground society*
  • McGucket: *learns he erased memories after committing unbearable acts*
  • Dipper & Mabel: *learn Soos has a deadbeat father who left him at age 4*
  • Northwest Mansion: *bleeding chanting taxidermy animal heads*
  • Stan: *almost ends the world*
  • Me: ...
  • Me: ...jfc.

I think one of the reasons I appreciate Frank so much is that he SEES Karen.

Matt and Foggy are great guys and really do love Karen, but they never seem to notice her struggling. Last season Karen was kidnapped, almost murderered, shot a man, and dumped his body, and nobody noticed. Yes, Matt knew she was anxious and upset, but he never really followed up on it and probably had NO clue just how traumatic her previous evening was.

Karen has been through so much shit in this show. Not only does she have a mysterious dark past, but simply through seasons 1 and 2 she’s been kidnapped, threatened, and almost killed multiple times. And she does it all on her own.

Don’t get me wrong, I am so grateful that for once the “damsel” saves herself and relies on herself. But this show takes that to a whole other level, where everyone internalizes the fuck out of their grief and trauma and cries alone in the shower. I want to see these people rely on one another a little more. To share their pain, to trust each other and be honest. To at least know what’s going on in each other’s lives.

So here comes Frank Castle, who is so honest what he says disturbs people. And he SEES Karen. He knows she’s struggling, knows she has a dark past. She never told him that she killed a man before, but he’s so intuitive he probably picked that up himself by the way she holds a gun and the look in her eye when she points it at him. He can “read her soul” as his commander said. Frank acknowledges that Karen has been through shit and has SEEN her go through shit. And they bond with their mutual traumas (although they never discuss Karen’s past).

It’s just a huge relief that for once there is someone else around Karen that doesn’t think she’s just going to work and then going home all safe and sound. Who knows she’s constantly working and investigating and getting into dangerous shit. He pays attention to her in ways that Foggy and Matt simply don’t (despite caring deeply for her).


October 5 is also the 5th anniversary of Shibata Aya’s debut as part of SKE48′s 4th generation.

Congratulations on 5 years as a member of SKE48, Ayachan!  

I started watching Hawaii Five-0 on Netflix because I’m a sucker for police tv shows. However, I was totally unprepared for the two hot gay cops.

greetings fandom, you have a new McDanno fan.

I seriously cannot deal with how much Steve and Danny flirt and bicker like a married couple every single episode. And I’m only half way through season 1.

I regret not watching this show until now, but now I have 5 glorious seasons to binge-watch with hearts in my eyes <3 <3 <3

really quick sketch of Connie! I finally started watching Steven Universe after about 1000 years. don’t spoil anything for me, I have only gotten through 1 and a half seasons ;-;

How Sleepy Hollow lost not just current fans, but potential ones.

I didn’t even know about Sleepy Hollow until about a month ago, when it was recommended to me, so I thought, “Sure, why not?” I’m only halfway through Season 1 now … and having seen some spoilers from last night, I am no longer going to be watching.

Abbie Mills is the protagonist of Sleepy Hollow. Ichabod is the deuteragonist. That much is obvious even to a proto-fan like me.

I have no horse in this race. I haven’t gotten far enough into the series to be a shipper or anti-shipper of any kind. But it is plain for anyone to see that Abbie Mills is the protagonist from a writing perspective. It is her struggles and character development that are the most central. It is her world that Ichabod inhabits, not the other way around, and it is she who is calling the shots in their investigations, on and off the record. 

The writers’ decision to kill her off—and how they chose to do it—is bad not just from a fan perspective. Not just from a shipper perspective. It is bad from a narrative perspective. It will hurt them not only now, not only for future seasons, but in terms of fans they could have gained after the fact. I would have a hard time believing they actually did such a foolhardy thing as destroy the main character and main relationship of the show (whether romantic or not), except that I’ve seen it happen before. No way am I putting myself through that again.

So long, Sleepy Hollow. And Abbie, I hardly knew ye, but I am very sorry this happened to you and your story.

lostyanting  asked:

Hello. I stumbled upon your blog through nephilim-daily because of your Malec theory and it's very interesting. I didn't read the book, so I'm not sure to what extend did Malec go, but why are you so sure we will get a Malec kiss? I mean, no offense, I would LOVE a Malec kiss, but what makes you so sure? And thank you for all those lovely theories, it's very interesting to read. <3

Hi there!  well you’re welcome, it’s my pleasure :D

In the books, the first Malec kiss happened right after book 1, before book 2, and before their 1st date (you can read it here).

I am 99.99% sure - no, scratch that, I’m 100% sure we’ll get at least 1 Malec kiss in this season.

Think about it: Magnus and Alec barely saw each other in book 1. Here in the show, we’re only halfway through season 1, there’s already obvious Malec tension and attraction going on, and the writers even added an arranged marriage (that I’m also 100% sure will be cancelled in the end) to the plot. There’s even an episode titled “Malec”.

There’s no way that the writers, who tweeted once that they were big Malec shippers, and repeated countless times that they know Malec is really important to the fans, so also to them, and they made sure the relathionship was portrayed right, no way that they didn’t include a single kiss in season 1.

That’s not even my shipper heart talking here, I wasn’t even sure we would get to see that much of Malec scenes before the show aired; but now they’ve already proved me wrong.

Just by checking the number of views of Shadowhunters videos for each scene, or by the votes in polls in, or by fans’ feedback in general: you can tell Malec is the most popular ship in the TV show at the moment. Not sure if they had predicted that before writing the show, but I’m sure they knew the fandom was hoping for/expecting quality Malec moments in this season. 

An X-Files Primer

Hi! People on Twitter said they’d be interested in a list of twenty standalone episodes of The X-Files to watch just to get a feel of the show without watching nine seasons before the 24th. 😅 So I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorites and some of other people’s favorites– classics, genre episodes, a sample of standard quality ones, and a few just for the OTP. 

None of these (aside from the pilot) are a part of the ongoing myth arc of the show– that’s for you to check out on your own if you’re interested in continuing! These are also not every quality episode of course, I left you a lot of treats in there. I only went through Seasons 1-7 because the last two are a bit different (some people hate them. I enjoy them quite a bit!) but I included one episode in Season 9 because it’s my favorite.

I can’t promise that there are no spoilers for the myth arc in these episodes but I did steer clear of episodes I knew were a major part of it so you’re probably mostly good? Here is a list of common triggers/fears in The X-Files if you want to check that out for these episodes.

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