not only him i think.. :d

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Hi hi hi!!! I love your mafia au first of all,, so I was rereading the whole au and now i have a question. So if Viktor only reveals himself to very few people, when he gave the gift basket to the Nishigori's, did they know it was The Nikiforov or did they just think he was some really nice person? I hope you haven't answered this already 😬 ❤️️❤️️

Hey hey! :D
No worries ^w^
Yeah, the only ppl who know are those high up in his mafia’s ranking o3o
So, the Nishigori’s don’t know who is it P:
They just see him as some weird but friendly guy who pops in every now and again :D

The wonderful @amanda-healthyhappywhole tagged me for a SDS yesterday. I’m currently sitting on my rump and debating going out for a paddle. It’s really windy, so I don’t think it would be all that enjoyable, but the alternative is to do laundry. No, thank you!

My former trainer texted me yesterday to ask if I’d like to meet with a new trainer at the gym. He has exercise science and physiology degrees and he’s applying for physical therapy school right now. I met with him last night and LOVED his philosophy and beliefs. He’s all about mobility and stretching and balancing the body. We worked on “flossing” various muscles. He told me my hamstrings are shit. Ouch. But ya know, true. I feel really good after spending only 30 minutes with him. I think I’m going to sign up for a month’s worth of sessions with him and see where it gets me.

I also went to the chiro today, for probably the last time for a long while. He did no adjustments. Nada! Said everything looked great! So, that’s one less expense, yay!

Ok, paddle time!

Best Friends to Lovers!Woozi

A/N: I’m going to….die……….i hate myself rn……ok i’ve got plenty of free time now!!!! so i’m not going to be doing anything so send requests please!!!!

  • ok so first of all this is going to be a bulleted fic
  • why????? bc i feel like it goes best with the request
  • right so first off since you’re his only female friend cuz well first of all that was the request
  • but also he’s an awkward bean so i cant imagine him having female friends outside of you anyway
  • you guys go way back,,,,to like grade school
  • you’ve always been the outgoing type and you guys met bc you pestered him into going out with you (in like a totally platonic way! for now i mean)
  • you’re usually the one who invites him to everything
  • like seriously if you hadn’t known him for so long you’d think he hated you but you knew he was rlly work driven
  • he does show affection to you to, just usually in the form of sending song snippets to see your reaction or doing underhanded nice things (giving you little presents claiming to just have had them lying around, slipping gifts into your pockets (you see him every time but its cute so you dont say anything))
  • so sometimes you show up to the studio with like kfc just to make sure he isnt dead
  • and you’re really affectionate towards him and he acts like he hates it but he secretly loves it
  • you actually realized you liked him in like, seventh grade
  • you were getting ready to go to a movie with him and were panicking over what to wear, and what would look good, like way more than usual
  • and then you were like “wait why do i care so much”
  • but eventually you know you have to confess
  • so one day (after seventeen just won an award of some kind so he’s in a good mood) you’ve dragged him out for a picnic on this rlly pretty hill with like an entire confession speech planned out in your head
  • but it all just kinda slips from your mind as soon as you see him you are super whipped
  • so you two are are just eating sandwiches while jihoon’s telling you a story about another one of the gag trio’s antics and there’s a sinking feeling in your stomach
  • “ummm y/n? you’re kinda pale, are you ok?”
  • so you set your sandwich down, take a deep breath and look him in the eye
  • “i like you, jihoon. a lot, actually. and it’s understandable if you dont love me back but i just wanted to tell you that i’ve liked you since the seventh grade, oh my gosh that’s dorky but i have, and you probably know, don’t you? I mean i’ve been super obvious and stuff, like coming over to your studio all the time and bringing you stuff, but i really do care about you and a worry about you a lot, and whether you’re overworking yourself and oh man, I’m rambling, god jihoon just please say something.”
  • jihoon is just kinda sitting there stunned with a hella red face
  • “……………repeat that please?”
  • “lee jihoon, i am not. you heard me, now will you just say something you loser.”
  • “… like me?”
  • “did you not get that?”
  • “Y/n.”
  • “………yeah.”
  • “Since the seventh grade?”
  • “That’s what i said.”
  • and then after he’s done processing this huge grin spreads across his face and it’s breathtaking and he goes “well then i hope it’s ok with you that i’ve liked you since the FOURTH grade”
  • n you two just sit there for a while
  • just eating
  • sandwiches (why sandwiches you ask? bc i want some n dont have any fucking bread but anyway)
  • until you lean over and just straight up ask him out
  • “so we’re dating now right”
  • and tomato!woozi is just like…..
  • “i guess so”
  • n u guys go on your first date (which isn’t really a date, it’s just a hike in some random mountain, i dont know mountains in korea, just pick one)
  • it’s sort of awkward at first but you crack some jokes and you two are pretty much back to normal
  • that’s kinda how your relationship is
  • pretty much best friends but with more kissing
  • and you dont even try to hide your affection anymore
  • it’s jus rlly cute
  • i wanna be friends with woozi????
  • woozi’s gf????
  • anyways i hope you enjoyed this it was kinda crappy i apologize

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what was up with KJ during comic con? i'm just catching up on all the interviews and he looks SO moody? Or maybe just tired? normally he's laughing and grinning in interviews but he seemed so off.

The answer is that KJ is a total tool and can’t be bothered to do his job properly at the interviews. It’s not just with SDCC but we’ve observed the same at Wizard con too where he was super grumpy as well, not caring that people had been waiting for hours and also paid money to take pictures with him. He basically is useless at interviews too. You’d think that he would put in some effort at these events considering that he is literally the main character of the show. 

Initially, when I was very new to the Riverdale fandom and new very little about the cast, my opinion of him was that he is an affable and cheerful guy, however, in the last few months his behaviour has really tarnished his image in my eyes. The only time he seems to be cheerful when he is dude-broing with his new bff in town, Melton. 

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on tyler posey IMDB it says he coming back for teen wolf in 2019 to help with the next class of werewolves but he's the only one credit for it but you never know dylan and others might come back as well.

Well Dylan literally just said he won’t be back so I’d doubt it, unless something changes. I think he’s gonna be pretty busy for awhile if things go well with AA. He wasn’t even supposed to be in 6b, and we’re getting that, so I’m content.

I mean, Tyler, I can see him doing that for sure. But idk about Dyl.

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For khimaera,1, 20, 25? He's my fave :)c

1. What’s the maximum amount of time your character can sit still with nothing to do?

Not too long, I think!  Khimaera doesn’t have Ada’s need to be helping people all the time or Kaursson’s anxiety problems, but I think he does like to be active.  For instance, the whole sword dance thing is kind of like meditation for him!  If we were talking about learning styles, he would be a physical/tactile learner.  He likes having something to do with his hands.  I think the only way he’d be comfortable sitting still with nothing to do would be in the company of his family or close friends.

20. If they were asked to explain the difference between romantic and platonic or familial love, how would they do so?

I’m not actually entirely sure Khimaera’s ever been in love before, so he’d prolly be a little bit clueless about the details on that front.  Here’s the best I can come up with: “[There are different ways you can be with someone…talking, playing games, working together…iah…physical…intimacy…  Any relationship involves wanting to be with someone in one or more of those ways, mixed and matched.  Something like that, anyway.]”

25. What are their thoughts on marriage?

Khimaera shares the typical Daer stance on marriage, which is: it should happen at some point in your romantic relationship.  Back in the days before the caste system was dismantled, polygamy of the one-tribe leader-many-spouses sort was more common, but it’s coming back in a subtler way with new configurations and less political connotations.  Khimaera’s own parents were a fairly radical combination in their own way, so he’s not about to judge anyone else for who (or how many) they’re marrying, so long as they tie that knot, it’s important and it means something.

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I don't know, Hinata, from what I've seen Komaeda thinks Nanami would be way better for you than he would. I don't know what he would do if she came back. I don't think he'd be jealous, but he may leave you so you could be with someone 'better'. I love you two together, but he has absolutely no self esteem.

Yes I know that even if he is getting better he isn’t quite there yet, what I meant is that, with the way the last anon was talking, Nagito would have known right away that they were only trying to get a rise out of him.

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Canon Fushimi and another character (Yata, Munakata, Hidaka, etc) get transported to another dimension... where the only different is that Fushimi and that other character are dating. How would they react? :D

Fushimi would probably act like it’s a stupid alternate universe regardless of who the person is, but at the same time he totally can’t look at his partner and part of him is pondering the what if. Actually I can see Fushimi maybe wondering about it a bit, particularly if this happens pre-ROK, just because of all his self esteem issues I think he’d be a bit confused by the fact that there is a world out there where he’s loved so much and he just wants to reject it because he can’t entirely believe that it would ever happen to him. His partner, it would probably depend: Yata I imagine getting really embarrassed over it, if it’s post-ROK he’s probably blushing and trying to act like hey isn’t this weird me and you dating huh but really he can’t stop that little surge of hope, that hey there’s a universe where not only are me and Saruhiko together but we’re together and he wonders again if he should tell Fushimi his feelings. He’d probably be watching Fushimi’s reaction closely, when Fushimi clicks his tongue and says the whole thing is stupid Yata somewhat reluctantly agrees, thinking it’s just as well he never told Saruhiko how he feels but he just can’t stop that pang of jealousy in his chest seeing his alternate universe self so happy with alternate universe Fushimi.

Hidaka and Munakata I think would be a bit more straightforward about their attention. Munakata I can imagine smiling brilliantly and noting bow interesting it is, that he and Fushimi-kun appear to be dating in this universe isn’t that fascinating what do you think Fushimi-kun. Fushimi clicks his tongue and acts like it’s stupid but Munakata just keeps smiling, knowing that Fushimi is actually affected by seeing himself so loved by another human being, and of course Munakata continues to dote on Fushimi in the same manner as always. Hidaka I could just see with this big dopey grin on his face the entire time as he watches his AU self and AU Fushimi being all close and romantic together, like this means he has a chance now and he can’t stop smiling even when Fushimi glares at him and asks what’s so interesting. Hidaka’s all ‘nothing, Fushimi-san’ but he’s actually pretty excited and takes this as a good sign, that somewhere he’s finally managed to win Fushimi-san over and now he is doubly determined to get on Fushimi’s good side.

every single time karrde showed up in this book he was described as handsome. he was also the only man to have his attractiveness mentioned. (though every single female character did while the pov guys thought, in great detail, abut whether they’d bang them or not!) so i can only conclude that talon karrde is so blindingly handsome he’s the sort of guy anyone, including michael a stackpole, would go gay for

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When Dorian "gently" pins Manon's wrist, it was only when he goes down on her, right? Their scene was so vague, (which is good & bad). I really wish someone would write that scene from Dorian's POV, we would get so much more from him. Her facial expressions etc. Like, How far apart were their climax. I FREAKING NEED TO KNOW THESE THINGS!!!

LOL. Dude. I have digressed about the logistics of thats scene. I needed more details!! And I think if we had it in Dorian’s POV, it might have given away too much. He kept to himself a lot in that book and I kind of like that we only got Manon’s POV. Although I’d Maas wanted to write that scene from Dorian’s POV and release it to the fandom I would not complain. ID ELBOW MY WAY PAST YALL TO GET IT. 😎💔🗑

Am I the only one who thinks infinity war (or more so the thanos storyline) should’ve been a guardians film ft the avengers (rather than the other way around)because the guardians actually have valid connections with thanos and reasons to hunt him down? Like the guardians (especially Gamora and Drax and Nebula) have proper motivation. And then they could’ve recruited the avengers for help because they’d know how powerful he is.

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20. headcanon for what yuuri and phichit majored in in university

tbh i think yuuri majored in dance!! i see him using it not only for his passion but also because he would have loved to take advantage of the extra off-ice practice. and i see phichit majoring in either communication studies or public relations (yes i heckin looked at the wayne state majors for this omg) 

21. headcanon for victor’s level of education

victor’s a fucken genius!!!! he graduated st petersburg university at 14 so that he could get his degree in the history of arts out of the way and become king of the ice by 16 

and when he’s long-retired and hits his 30s he’d be the type to take online classes and get another fonken degree probably in health science or something random like cartography and geoinformatics 

yuri on ice ask meme

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I learned a fun fact about Starscream. Apparently in the manga of Transformers they adapted the power he had from the original series where even if his body is destroyed, his all spark will still live on and possess other technology. Apparently in it he possessed the body of a robotic school girl, and now I'm just imagining what'd be like if Starscream had to live like that forever. Do you think he'd try to take over the popular girls?

Man, the Japanese side of the Transformers mythos is a wild ride. Robotic schoolgirl Starscream– it suits him surprisingly well!

Oh, you know he’d hone in on the most socially-powerful clique and ingratiate himself with its leader, only to turn on her when the time is right. Regina George has fallen! Now he, Starscream, is student council president! And chairperson of the yearbook committee! He will rule over the school with an iron fist!

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One thing I detest about Naruto fans is them comparing him to every single shounen hero. Goku, luffy, Edward etc. The other day I saw some guy comparing him to kenshin himura and saying they both succeded in finding peace. The things that Naruto even bothered about like killing of innocents, child soldiers where the things kenshin detested. Why can't Naruto fans understand that the moral drive present in other heroes is not there in naruto?

Peace? Isn’t Konoha destroyed again? XDD

Naruto stans are like him, they don’t care about morals, they care about recognition, they think being compared to other MC is a form of recognition. You’d notice naruto stans are the only ones who compare their fav to every other shonen MC out there. Luffy and Ed’s fans don’t feel the need to do that, because they’re already in a highly regarded series. 

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I wish you would write a fic where Rogue gets interested in Levy and Gajeel doesn't like it.

I think the only way I’d write this is if Rogue had an interest in Levy’s smarts or simply developed a deeper friendship with her. Like, maybe he wanted to learn languages and Gajeel being Gajeel gets irritable because they’re spending so much time together and doesn’t know how to articulate it.

I feel like Rogue respects Gajeel too much to become a romantic rival. It would be ooc for him to try and get in the way. Gajeel might get a little jealous but canonically I feel like they’d trust each other so much he wouldn’t feel threatened in any way if Levy hung out with others. He’s more likely to get upset if Lily starts hanging out elsewhere lololol.

I’m not really into jealousy fics tbh. Having been in a relationship almost 7 years I learned jealousy is pretty toxic and I try not to advocate it or make it into something “cute” when it really isn’t.

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Pls bullet point what you liked about the video

A post shared by Dan Howell (@danisnotonfire) on Mar 3, 2017 at 8:36am PST

  • it’s such a random slice of d+p’s day-in-the-life
    • like seriously… what lead up to this meme-y encounter?
    • i just like how this takes place in their house that they share together
    • like it just makes you think this ain’t the only shit they get up to
      • so many bants and lil pranks 
        • it’s so cute
  • there’s no explanation as to why they are holding hats
    • dan’s on the stairs to the gaming room.. but?
      • what video would they need the hats for????¿
      • is that the cowboy hat from the fanfic moment in tatinof lol
  • wait …is phil holding… a sombrero 
    • why does he have a sombrero…? ??
  • the anticipation before dan throws the hat 
    • like, you can just feel him go ‘>:D here’s my chance!!!’
    • how long was he waiting at the top of the stairs for
      • he must’ve given himself time to set up his camera and like, turn around .  
        • unless he had it all planned and ready
          • for some silly contribution to a meme ffs dan omg
            • did he practise throwing it or
  • phil totally oblivious as to what is about to happen
    • he’s just in his own world before the hat reaches him
      • he was totally fine and dandy 
        • he doesn’t deserve this
          • save phil 20k17
  • dan saying ‘what in tarnation’ really quickly before it turns into slow motion
    • gtg fast
    • how ironic
  • the Slow Motion™
    • i feel like it needs some classical music
    • like, it reminds me of this video too much
  • dan’s booming laugh? in slow mo? 
    • amazing
  • the hat’s impact 
    • it like bounces all around phil’s head but doesn’t land
      • it like dances around that beauty wow
    • i love the tufts of phil’s fringe that go everywhere
      • and then just fwoosh’s downwards
  • phil’s recoil in slow mo
    • at first he’s just frazzled looking down/around/behind him
    • but then he sees where the hat actually came from
    • and immediately aims his gaze @ dan
      • he has to live with this lil shit jfc
      • save phil 20k17 x2
  • as phil looks up his fringe follows  behind
    • it’s so LONG
      • i didn’t know his fringe was that long
        • it looks like it’s just gonna fly off his head
          • first dan’s eyebrow in the horse selfie and now this
  • he’s still looking around at this point 
    • he’s like ‘? ?? ? ?  where??? what??’
  • the 😟 look he gives dan
    • it’s as if he’s saying ‘why’
    • it feels like this isn’t the first time something like this has happened
    • save phil 20k11o01029432348 x3
  • the quiet lil snort before dan talks
    • i lov u
      • idk if that was d/p but i lov u
  • dan saying ‘almost’
    • u can hear the lil chuckle in his voice 

overall, pure wholesome content funny banterful interaction 10/10 would watch 5 more times i hope phil gets his revenge soon

i probably missed some things but that’s off the top of my head
thank you for giving me the chance to share this break down of the video

feel free to share reasons why u loved it too

Does it ever hit you how much we don’t know about Hunk? 

Like, we know he has a family, we know he’s basically a genius, we know he’s stubborn and blunt, and we know he has a passion for food, buuuuuuut…

How big is his family? How close is he to them? Obviously he cares about them and expresses his desire to see them again. Did he talk to them often when he was at the Garrison? Are his parents together, divorced, remarried? Does he have two moms like in my Very Important headcanon? god i hope he does

Is he an only child? Or is he a big brother to a little baby sibling who he loves with his whole heart? If so, does he think about how he’s not going to see them grow up? Or if he’s he a little brother, does he ever think about how they’d tease and joke with him but be there as a shoulder to cry on whenever things get bad? Does he sometimes hug his pillow so tight, imagining it’s them, imagining that they’re there, telling him everything is going to be okay, even though he knows that’s not true? How often does he think about the fact that he might never see them again?

Was he teased in school for being That Smart Math Kid™? Did he ever let that get him down, or did he work harder to achieve the intelligence we see in show out of spite, or simply because he wanted to know? What made him want to join the Garrison? 

How did he get into culinary arts? He knows what he’s doing. He knows how to present a dish beautifully and aesthetically. He figured out how to make alien food taste good. Where did he learn all that? School? His parents? Youtube???? Did he just teach himself trial-and-error style? 

There are so many more things we don’t know??? I think we know less about Hunk than we do about any of the other characters??? @ DREAMWORKS WHEN WILL YOU GIVE US A HUNK BACKSTORY. GIVE US SOME HUNK INSIGHT I’M BEGGING YOU

Canonization of Gruvia. (A massive collection of notable moments)

Normally I talk about chapters, but this time since my OTP is now canon, I’m going to talk about them more exclusively.

Note, this post isn’t necessarily about their own development (many other gruvia fans have already taken care of that portion), but rather this is just an examples of some key moments of this beautiful ship before they entered into canonization) 

I think it’s pretty clear at this point that Gray has feelings for Juvia at this point of the stage.



Let’s backtrack shall we?

Obviously Juvia has feelings for them ever since they met here. People say, that Juvia fell in love with Gray because of his looks, but I’d say she fell in love with not only his looks but also his courage to stand up for his comrades, more.

Juvia went from being angry to Gray’s words about saving Lucy, to falling in love with him ever again here, when he saved her from the rain, and showed her shine.

While Juvia wasn’t very close to Gray at this stage,  Gray was pissed at the notion of her being attacked by Simon.

When Juvia requested Makarov for joining, this is Gray’s face.

See how happy he is?

Behind that cool attitude armor of his, shows his true self.

First chapter cover of them featured:

Gray, Juvia’s going on a mission:

Gruvia parade

Here in other portion of the events, we see an edolas version of gruvia

to a beautiful unison raid, one of the sweetest moments of display in combining magic of compatibility in a anime only arc

Originally posted by sneakybree

Juvia was the only to believe Gray is innocent and trapping Natsu for a reason, not even Cana (Gray’s own best friend) believed him. Juvia did.

Gray worried about Juvia’s own progress and status

See Loke’s face? He’s basically blushing at seeing Gray worry about Juvia when he should be worried about himself.

Meredy’s magic showing how powerful emotions are between two characters. Considering how Juvia and Gray have strong feelings for each other, Meredy’s magic worked. Otherwise it wouldn’t have if their feelings toward each other weren’t strong.

Juvia being enraged at the thought of her lover being in danger

The moments they shared depict Gray teaching Juvia how to eat here. (Let’s not forget the fact that a married couple (bisca x alzack) were blushing at the sight of seeing this)

and range from Juvia saving Gray from the enemy

to Gray saving Juvia from the enemy

Deep powerful moments. Juvia showing how intellectual and a quick thinker, to Gray showing how he can outwit his enemy and save his loved one. Even instinctly going as far as giving up his own body to save his lover from harm.

Carrying Juvia when she’s hurt.

to shouldering each other’s injuries

Some Jelly Juvia, since Gray was in line to get treated for his wounds by nurse Erza  :>

Now GMG Arc is where we get sufficient amount of moments between Gray and Juvia.

First we got a sign of jelly Gray :>

This shows that Gray first the time is annoyed at a female guild member being taken away from him. 

To putting matters into his own hands

Spawning a cover where they are going to get more canonical moments.

From Gray’s own sister figure talking about his feelings

Telling him to be more open. and ofc a sign of blushy gray and his tsunderism.

His brother telling him to marry Juvia already, telling him to give him the date for marriage.

To some Gruvia teamwork,and Gray trusting Juvia in her powers

While Juvia nods in approval, they show a canonical unison raid this time.

and succeed, holding each other’s hands with a smile.

See how comfortable Gray looks in the spur of this moment?

casual gruvia

In the aftermath, we see Gray saving Juvia from her death,  a very powerful moment from dragon kids.

After Gray was thankfully saved by Ultear, we see Gray bluntly speaking to Juvia about his wants. Ofc, I’d say it’s more and less comedic relief, and I have no problem, because negative moments eventually turn into positive.

Juvia reprimands Gray for showing a sulky mood, and requests him to please smile for his family.

Gray eating Juvia’s cookies. Gray’s annoyed at the thought of any one else eating her baked delicious food, and offers to eat.

With a hilarious conclusion ofc.

Onto Tartaros arc

Gray, Juvia are on a side mission to collect information about missing people’s whereabouts.

Now here’s another powerful moment of Gray holding a scared Juvia’s hands, and telling him to not worry as he’s by her side.

Cute Juvia, not letting her love get any harm.

Now, we see an enraged Juvia once again at the thought of hearing that Gray’s life is in danger

Let us appreciate that one of the largest panel was given to Juvia in regards to Gray remembering his loved ones when commiting IS. Yes, Juvia’s panel was even bigger than Ur.

Gray’s own father, calling Juvia his woman and entrusting her in the power of killing Keith the necromancer so he can RIP peacefully.

Juvia calling Silver her father :D

The power of Juvia’s feelings and strength and someone who will not let her father law’s request go in vain.

Silver giving his blessings to Juvia, and telling her to take care of his son.

Juvia wants to see her Gray-sama.

So here we see Juvia confronting Gray about his [s]their[/s] father


After a brief tug, Gray thanks Juvia, and doesn’t let her go. Juvia was about to move on, when apologizing but it was GRAY HIMSELF that grabbed her and needed to be comforted. Silver had to go, because he would’ve been tortured by Keith, and his spirit would have not RIP if Juvia didn’t kill Keith. 

One of the more powerful moments for Gruvia IMO

Moving on

Some key moments in an omake

Chapter cover

Natsu ships them.

Juvia made a scarf for her Gray-sama on the celebration of their 413th anniversary (the combined days of when they first met :D)

Gray and Juvia meet. Keep in mind, Gray is mourning for Ul’s death anniversary and Juvia is unaware of it.

While an intoxicated Gray (he was drinking) threw her gift say, stating ice mages don’t grow cold, he apologizes.

Gray remembers the first time UL knitted him her scarf as a kid.

Gray realizes what he’s done, and desperately tries to find the Juvia made scarf he threw away

and proceeds to wear it, in a cute tsunderish expression, stating he feels warm now.

Gray once again apologizes, and Juvia is excited to see he has her scarf around his neck, ending in a hilarious sequence of a body  :D

On a sidenote, my favourite cover. My babies sleeping side by side.

Onto Avatar arc

We know from this fact that Gray and Juvia lived together (JUST THE TWO OF THEM) in one small distant house.

Imagine that! They lived together as husband and wife practically under in one roof, eating together, training together, and sleeping under one roof. Imagine that. 

See in my view, this is where Gray started to get closer to Juvia and now knows her more. When you’re living together for over half a year, you get to know the strength, weakness and knowledge of the person. You become closer emotionally to that person. Keep in mind, there was no one else around Gray and Juvia, so it was strictly them. So basically they were part of conversation they had around that timespan, period.

You see Juvia became sick through the rain with fever even though water magic. This shows strongly devoted to Gray to a point that her advantage over rain was useless when she found out he was away for a long time.

Juvia sensed that Gray was fighting enemies, and got there in time. Here he apologizes for his departure, and they battle together.

and look at that, Juvia even got his stripping habit! I think this is a great tribute to Ul, and a nice idea Mashima implemented. They are known as the stripping couple thanks to Ul. :)

and ofc Gray apologizes once aain for his actions, assuring Juvia who’s happy as long as he’s safe.

and ofc jelly Juvia :>

Another powerful moment incoming.

Gray offers to treat Juvia

Gray thanks Juvia for always being by his side.

States that after war is over, He’ll give her an answer

The 6 months of living together has brought them more closer than ever, and now Gray is more open about his feelings.

cuties posing

G x J on Gray’s boxers, huehuehuehue

cuties x2

Unfortunately, Gray and Juvia are now tied via ice chains, and about to fight to the death. Notice Juvia’s words in the last panel.

Such tragic case of events, they are forced to fight to the death. Juvia refusely is trying to resist, while Gray is doing the same.

Juvia stating, she can not harm Gray anymore, and is willing to give up her own life. Stating how happy she is to ever meet  Gray. *cries*

and here comes a twist, Gray does the same thing! He also commits suicide at the same moment and time Juvia does, stabbing himself with a ice sword. So basically both would rather die than harm each other. Such a powerful profound message and feelings of intense mutual love of this couple shown for one another

Gray was willing to give up his own mission of destroying END for Juvia’s sake. Both of them were willing to give up many years of their lives for each other. If this isn’t love, then I don’t know what is. srsly.

Gray states he wants to protect Juvia at any cost.. Notice how Gray was about to say  comrade, then crossed that out, and said “you”. Meaning Juvia is more than just a comrade for Gray. 

This is beautiful. Romeo and Juliet esque.

Juvia saves Gray’s life by giving him, her blood.

Juvia saying she’s now part of him with her blood. This is beautiful. Juvia thought this much about Gray’s life that she taught herself this magic just in case Gray’s life was in danger. Look how much she cares for Grays’ well being. She’s the perfect woman for Gray. and as a huge fan of Gray from the start, I’m proud of the fact that he’s developing feelings for the right girl.

Gray’s so distraught. Look how emotionally effected Gray is. He’s crying his heart out. Poor guy : ( He lost to so many of his family members, and now he’s lost his most closest loved one. Begging Juvia to open her eyes, bawling his eyes filled with tears, screaming her name :(

enraged Gray, about to unleash the demon in him.

We get a cute panel of the couple.

Gray’s so pissed about Juvia’s demise, that he’s only hurling grunting sounds.

Gray doesn’t care about Invel, he cares about how Invel stole away his future.

Look how vulnerable, heart broken and pain Gray’s eyes are :( He’s shattered in mind and physically. He’s no longer the same here. This is what lead to him getting out of control against END, because the trauma of seeing another close loved one of his dying infront of him, was too much for his mind to bear. He was no longer the same person.

Once Gray found out Juvia’s alive while she utters his name, he utters back her name and  falls down with immense gravitated pressure. While down, he’s fiinally he’s in peace, resting, in full relief that he doesn’t need to over exert himself now that Juvia’s alive His mind is in peace, he’s smiling. Juvia is also in full relief that her Gray-sama is fine, and falls right at him lol.

Gray reassuring to himself, that he needs to apologize about Juvia. See how open he is, he doesn’t even care if his comrades are there lol.

Before the canonization scene, I would like to remind everyone once again, of how Gray reacts to Juvia from earlier moments, to recently when she tries to get closer to him.

It started from this:

to this

God bless character development. God bless this pairing. God bless character change. Gray is openly smiling while being close to Juvia while she embraces him. This is the happiest Gray has ever been in these two panels, than he’s ever been before. He’s loving life.

Here comes the canonization last scenes of this pairing. First we see Gray being jealous at a drunk craved Juvia, and quickly drags her away. Would Gray reacted if that was Erza, Lucy, or any of his other comrades? HELL NO. At tleast not to that extent, of personally dragging a woman from that mess.

Gray is talking about scars, Juvia has one, and Gray wants to get rid of it, but Juvia doesn’t mind. Not only does Juvia have Gray’s stripping habits, but now she has his scars as well lol.

Now here comes the CONFESSION! Juvia says what about her body?? GRAY CONFESSES THAT IT”S HIS. THERE”S NO MAYBE, HE CLEARLY BLURTS OUT IT”S HIS IN THE OPEN!!! Gray wants Juvia and her body. Infact he wants to sleep with her with this implication. 

Look at Wendy, she knows what’s going on. This is the best we’ll see out of Gray, a blushy tsundere Gray’s own confession. He’s not the type of guy who’ll straight up say I love you or hug a woman like that, this is just Gray in character! :D.

This essentially makes GRUvIA CANON!!!!  

Sure, it could’ve been better with all of that teasing and buildup  but we still got an amazing moment! and for that we should cherish it for our OTP!

Small rant:

For those antis, do you read while having your eyes closed? How do you ignore the developments, panels, and strong feelings they have for each other? you are in denial. You are in denial of Gray’s character. It’s truly idiotic that you believe he’s acting out of character, it just means you don’t know a single thing about him. You just want to  ship him with another girl because you don’t like Juvia.  You don’t know Gray’s character at all all if you think he’s acting OOC. This is Gray Fullbuster at his characterization.  This is Gray in love with his woman, so who gives you the right to bash Mashima about his own creations? Kindly close the door and get out :)

Gray’s happiness IS and will always be JUVIA. A true Gray fan knows that.




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I have not added the Gruvia moments in the second movie, because I haven’t watched it yet. 

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