not only has he ruined my life

Niall-- Late at Night

It always surprises me, the moments that make my heart so full it could explode.

The moments where everything I have in life just seem so overwhelming in their normality that it fills me with warmth.  I can remember a time when I thought my life with Niall would bar me from these sorts of moments, but even in our privileged life I can find those moments where things just feel… normal.

I can’t sleep.  Insomnia has taken me hostage once more and not even the soft sheets pressed against my skin can will me restless mind to sleep.  I knew if I rolled over and poked at my husband, he’d be awake in a moment.  He’d only grumble a little that I’d ruined his dream of a perfect round of golf before keeping me company in the dark hours.  Cuddling with me and talking about silly nonsense or just sitting awake next to me as we both did our own things on our phones or read books.

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i’m so glad to see this actual tumblr comment adorning one of my favorite dunkirk posts because I TOO WANT STYLE’S [sic] CHARACTER TO DIE!!!! you’re clearly a serious brain person who has only important thoughts so it’s thrilling to know we could have literally anything in common :D now here are my main reasons why harry should die in dunkirk, please read this and get back to me with your manpproval asap

1) harry ruined my life starting in 2012 it’s time for payback

2) he looks so pretty when he suffers

3) if he dies he might cry first from the pain? C R Y I N G. harry crying!!!! it’s been too long. groaning would be good too.

4) let’s say he gets wounded, they might have to strip some clothes off for medical reasons before he dies. CLOTHES OFF HARRY STYLES.

5) he might die holding a picture of his sweetheart in his hand, like tracing the sweetheart’s face with one shaking finger, or like kissing the picture? super romantic???

6) if he’s dying tom hardy will realize it’s his last chance to tell harry how he truly feels and then harry will die in his arms with tom’s kiss trembling on his lips

7) if he dies maybe it will be because one of the other soldiers couldn’t get there in time, it could be tom hardy but honestly they all look cute, anyway this soldier could have a big dramatic scene where he’s like “i couldn’t save him….do you understand….i couldn’t save him…” he’s probably crying while he says this and his uniform is really dirty

8) heartbreaking scene where they go back to tell harry’s fiancée that he’s dead and it turns out she’s pregnant with his baby, then there’s a scene after the credits where harry comes back as a ghost and sings a lullaby to the baby from heaven

9) you know how a vampire can save someone from dying by biting them and turning them into a vampire? when harry drowns it could be like that but with mermaids

10) harry dies sort of but not really? bc he’s left for dead but then hydra finds him and turns him into a supersoldier sex assassin and he goes on a mission to kill all current and former members of one direction and they’re like “harry?” and he’s like “who the hell is harry” and then they kiss. all of them.

anyway i’m not like those other girls and this proves it


Oscar Wilde and Lord Alfred Douglas.

“Your sonnet is quite lovely, and it is a marvel that those red rose-leaf lips of yours should be made no less for the madness of music and song than for the madness of kissing. Your slim gilt soul walks between passion and poetry. I know Hyacinthus, whom Apollo loved so madly, was you in Greek days. “

“Besides, I want to see you. It is really absurd. I can’t live without you. You are so dear, so wonderful. I think of you all day long, and miss your grace, your boyish beauty, the bright sword-play of your wit, the delicate fancy of your genius, so surprising always in its sudden swallow-flights towards north and south, towards sun and moon — and, above all, yourself. “

“He has also ruined my life, so I can’t help loving him — it is the only thing to do.”

twenty one pilots has ruined my life in the course of a week. So here, have a Blurryface. He’s on fire or something. 

I’ve been listening to these guys for a while now, but I’ve only recently decided to try my hand at making some art for them, since I’ve been seeing so many wonderful and inspiring pieces being made by fellow fans. So yeah, hi!

I’m sorry it’s so messy lmao I dunno what I did with this anymore I can’t paint

Can season 4 please please please be about Even? Like I don’t even want it to be about him just so we get more Evak being cute, I genuinely want to learn more about Even. He’s such a complex character with so many layers and we’ve only seen the beginnings of him. It would be so wonderful if the next season was about him learning to accept himself and realizing that he really truly isn’t alone, that he has not only Isak, but so many other people on his side. I need him to learn that he doesn’t need to isolate himself, that he’s not going to lose the people he loves because of his mental illness. I want to see him fix things with the people he may have hurt at his old school, I want to see him succeeding at school and graduating surrounded by his family and friends, I want to see him make his own film or at least more of his film geek side, I want to see how his family dynamics are- like I would love to see how his parents are with him (also a ‘meet the boyfriend’ scene would be hella cute too, like I really wanna see his parents meeting the boy that helped Even accept who he is). A season about Even could bring so much representation and cover so many important issues.
There’s just so many things we still don’t know about Even and there’s no way we’re going to find everything else out in this last episode. I can only hope that season 4 is Even.

lather & rinse

((wowzers!!! there are now 1k+ followers on the reverse AU blog and I am totally floored. :O as something of a celebration, here’s a short piece that takes place in the season where yuuri comes back to competition. enjoy, everyone!! ♥♥♥))

summary: As a couple in constant competition with each other, they have only one rule to keep the romance alive and well.

Today, it’s Yuuri’s turn to wash Victor’s hair, and he starts off a little miffed, but by the time the shampoo is in his hands, the older man is already beginning to relax.

word count: 1.3k
rating: t
✮read on ao3✮reverse fics✮reverse art
→my personal→em’s art blog

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and this week on pitch has ruined tasha’s life:

can we talk about how blip has a picture of evelyn up in his locker for a sec

like what kind of high school romantic love is this. what kind of fresh hell have i stumbled upon……. and not only that how much do you think the guys ribbed him. like. did one of the guys make a whipped joke. did blip just not even care because fuck yeah he is, he’s in love with evelyn more than ever has been and he doesn’t even care who knows it 


OKAY SO- I know I did a ballet au just a few days ago but–

Today Yuzuru Hanyu broke another world record (sorry I am a bit of figure skating trash) and I noticed how many things he has in common with Eijun. The AU sparked alone because the hand said so.
So I imagined young figure skater prodigy Eijun and older coach prodigy Miyuki, retired skater that can’t skate anymore because of a serious injury.
He just didn’t want to even look at figure skating anymore after his compulsory retirement but a friend (Kuramochi) dragged him to a regional competition and that’s where he spotted Eijun. Something sparked and he was so overwhelmed by his way of skating he decided to take him under his wing and become his official coach. 
His dream is to take him to winter olympics and win the gold medal. (SPOILER they do cf. the last four drawings ། ☉ ౪ ☉ །)

I’m just miyusawa trash leave me alone 

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Seriously though, what do you think is happening here? He looks all soft and tender and conflicted…is he feeling bad about being named King? Is he telling her he’s leaving and she’s in charge while he’s gone? Is he telling her he won’t punish the Umber and Karstark kids? SOMEONE TELL ME!!

If only we could see Sansa’s face in this scene too…

Victuuri Day 5
AU prompt: Crossovers!

I have decided to draw a crossover artwork with my own story and Yuri on Ice since there are certain similarities between YOI and my project! :D
First and foremost: my main antagonist’s name is… Victor! And he’s from… Russia! (Not really, but he says so himself XD)
Next one: I also have a Mila in my story :>
Then we have the location Barcelona which, at some point in the past, had been an important place… and lately, only because of Yuri on Ice, I decided for one of my characters that she likes to do ice sakting in her freetime :3 Everything except this fact has been fixed since 2011 when I started working on my project. And in October, when YOI started, these coincidences ruined my life! It was so hilarious - especially because of Victor! In YOI, he’s such a sweet cutie pie and my Victor is just… some piece of sh**. (Maybe I’ll draw another artwork featuring both Victors for this day XD would be cool)

So you see, it was only natural for me to come up with some idea that connects both x333 

What my project is about: Magicians and vampires (my Victor is a vampire and has helped murdering an entire clan of magicians) :> One of them, Emilian (in the picture above) survived this massacre, but had to become a vampire himself.

donnyduckers  asked:

Which version of Gorthan is better? Pikappa or PKNA?

Oh man, I can’t even decide! They are both so good in their own right, and though they are the same person, they are obviously different.

PKNA Gorthan becomes sentimental from studying Humans, then became bitter and upset because it ruined his whole life. He holds no deep anger though, by the time he comes to Earth it appears he may be up to assimilate into society if only he could find a good way to sustain himself. Also his job is different as a mere scientist.

Pikappa Gorthan has no deep sentiments for Earthlings, all his inspiration comes from that one Evronian poet. He does not become ‘corrupted’ like his PKNA counterpart by Earth culture. But he is shown as more of a ‘queen’ like character with long elegant limbs, LOL.

but PKNA is my favorite because of his fascination with Earth culture and emotions. It’s romantic, beautiful, poetic, pitiful too.

These are strange times to be alive..

I got back home from school and heard about the sudden death of a friend’s mother. I and him don’t even talk now but it hurt. Out of the blue everything started collecting in mind. Yesterday night i sat cursing my life, thinking i am the unluckiest of the human lot. I can’t ever be happy. God never has his way. He has just decided to ruin my life day by day. I had started questioning God’s existence. And then when i heard about this I was left dumbstruck. It dawned upon me that maybe God doesn’t make my life happy and alright everytime but there are so many people crying in misery and have only one thing to believe on “God”. It is a strange time to be alive in. I am not happy and content in my life but i feel more when others around me are miserable. We have lost contact but still his loss has made me sit in the corner of my room and sulk for awhile. And I myself, the person who questioned the existence of God at dusk was praying to him at dawn to give my friend the strength and courage to live this life. And maybe ruin my life once again but just keep him happy and bless him till horizon.




BatmanxJoker gives me life ruins my life. Their madness, the insanity of their relationship speaks to me. It’s really fucked up but it’s crazy interesting. Batman always holds out hope that he can save him one day because Joker is in love with him. It’s the only thing Joker’s really honest about. The only feeling he has that doesn’t come from causing pain.

They have this symbiotic relationship with each other – and it’s not beneficial to either of them. I mean, maybe Joker could get treatment, maybe he could be rehabilatated the way Batman wants but as long as Batman is around, Joker will never stop being obsessed with him and needing his attention and whatever the hell else Joker wants/needs from him. And on the other hand, Batman, who struggles with PTSD, trying to prove as much to others as himself that he is not crazy, struggles with a split personality disorder where he can’t deconstruct Batman from Bruce Wayne. When Bruce surrounds himself with friends and family who love him he is OK. But as soon as Joker enters the picture, Bruce Wayne ceases to exist and then there is only the Bat.

I always equate Batman to Orpheus who descends into the depths of hell to rescue his love from the otherworld. His love, being Joker and the otherworld in this case is Arkham and even the state of their own fragmented minds. In the graphic novel, ‘Killing Joke’ Batman tells Joker that they no longer have to do this anymore. He can help him, get him rehabilitatedthat they don’t have to kill each other.

But then, Joker tells a story and likens both of them to asylum inmates who decide that they don’t like being in an asylum, that they don’t want to be there anymore, so they decide to escape. And one night, they get up to the rooftops and look out over the city, see freedom stretching away in front of them.

They’re almost there.

Then the first man (representing Bruce, presumably) jumps across the gap between the buildings with no problem but even though the gap is narrow his friend is afraid of falling and doesn’t follow him. The first man says that he will shine a flashlight for him and instructs him to walk across the beam. (Does this mean that Batman is the actual light at the end of the tunnel? And lets compare this beam of light to the road leading away from Hell that Orpheus took while Eurydice followed from behind.) But the punchline of Joker’s story is this: 'W-what do you think I am? Crazy? You’d turn it off when I was halfway across.’

Batman thinks he can save Joker. But just like Orpheus believing that he can defy fate and bring his love back from Hell to the land of the living, he fails to do so. It’s a striking realization that Joker was right in one respect, at least. That the only way for them to be together is not in the land of the living (Gotham) at all, but in the land of the dead (Arkham). Batman would have to embrace his own madness – that worm gnawing away at his psyche – and join Joker in the asylum which is the very root of Bruce’s conflict with himself. Because Batman is, underneath the cape and the hard outershell and everything that makes him a fucking fantastic and complex comic book character, psychologically disturbed.

Choosing a name (A Naruto headcanon)

This is how I imagine the conversation between the members of Team Gai when deciding the name of the newborn member of the Lee family.

**At the hospital. Rock Lee and Gai are sitting next to the bed where TenTen is breastfeeding her son. Neji’s ghost is also there but Lee is the only one who can see and hear him… no one else can**

Rock Lee: My beautiful son! My love for you is stronger than a gorilla who has been doing push-ups without rest for twenty years!

TenTen Lee: Don’t make me cover his ears so he can’t hear that nonsense, Lee.

Neji Hyuuga: Cover? You should cut them off and save him from that agony in the future.

Rock Lee: Stop insulting me, you two! You are ruining the happiest moment of my life!

TenTen Lee: You two? I’m the only one speaking

Rock Lee: Eh?, oh I know that… I was… was refering to… two… two… to your…

Neji Hyuuga: Tits

Rock Lee: To your tits!… no!, well yeah… because there’s two of them and because of the pregnancy they’re grown bigger… I’m not saying they weren’t big before… I liked them a lot… but I like them now too and… Gai-sensei, help me, please.

Neji Hyuuga: Hahahaha

Maito Gai: Ehem! Let’s change the subject… this kid needs a name  and I’ve got a list with some ideas. The first option was to call him Neji Lee, but Naruto insisted in calling his first born after his uncle so we can’t do that… oh, and Kakashi teased me saying that it sounded like a yaoi pairing…

TenTen Lee: What about the other options?

Maito Gai: Springtime Lee, Sunset Lee, Passion Lee…

Neji Hyuuga: Do you want the other kids to bully him?

TenTen Lee: Those names are too girly. I have a son, not a daughter!

Rock Lee: I have one too! Taijutsu Lee… we can call him Tai at home.

TenTen Lee: That one’s better but it sounds weird to name a kid Taijutsu, it’s like we are already deciding his future… what if he is more suitable for summoning rather than taijutsu?

Rock Lee: His parents are the two strongest taijutsu specialists, how can he be bad at taijutsu?!

TenTen Lee: I’m just saying there’s a possibility that he enjoys summoning weapons rather than close combat.

Rock Lee: As you said before, he is a boy… not a girl.

TenTen Lee: What did you just say?!

Neji Hyuuga: Fight! fight! fight!

Maito Gai: Relax, you two! Let’s hear TenTen’s now.

TenTen Lee: You know what? I don’t care anymore. Call him whatever you want; after all I never though I’d have a son or get married so soon… I’m just not ready for this stuff. Tell the nurse I want to rest alone.

**Lee stands up with an angry look in his face but before he can leave the room he hears Neji’s voice behind him**

Neji Hyuuga: There’s a diary in her bag. You should read it before getting angry at her.

**He nods and takes TenTen’s bag carefully before he left the room with Gai-sensei. At the waiting room he opens it and read from the first page. It’s a diary about her pregnancy and has attached on it all kind of things like a positive pregnancy test, ecographies, pictures of her showing how her belly has grown… she’s also write a lot about her feelings towards Lee and the future baby**

Rock Lee: Why would she hide this from me? She’s always saying that marriage and pregnancy are no big deal… but this diary shows how excited she is about giving birth to our son… I don’t get it.

Maito Gai: Our precious lotus flower has always being good at hiding her real feelings towards nearly everything. That what makes her such a good kunoichi, I guess. She’s never been interested in this stuff before you asked her to be your wife so it must be really embarrasing for her.

Rock Lee: Look! there are a lot of names written here… for both baby boys and girls… there are like 38 pages focused just on the baby’s name.

Maito Gai: There are also anotations at the bottom of the pages… let’s see… “It’s important for a good name to show how both parents combined were able to create something as strong as their love”… uhm! something strong that represents the combination of both parents…. what could it be?

Rock Lee: The last names she wrote were Iron Lee, Steel Lee, Diamond Lee, Esmerald Lee… I think I’ve got it!

Neji Hyuuga: Steven Universe’s creator is going to sue you… just saying.

** Rock Lee throws the diary to Gai’s hands and runs back into the room where TenTen is with the baby. He is so noisy that their son starts crying**

Rock Lee: METAL LEE!!!!!

TenTen: Are you crazy? You frightened him?! and… sorry, what did you just say?

Rock Lee: Metal… you know, it’s like the combination of both of us. Stronger than a rock as it was perfectionated with the material your weapons are made: Metal Lee

TenTen: I… I LOVE IT!!!

Rock Lee: Really? how much?

TenTen: As much as a gorilla who has been doing push-ups for twenty years without rest loves a glass of cold water.

Rock Lee: hahaha, that’s my wife!

Neji Hyuuga: Idiots… both of them.


Xillia Favorites  |  [3/3] Protagonists

↳ Alvin

My brother walked in wearing a shirt that said “A-meow-ica” so I instantly think of Chat noir. But after realizing that, duh, he lives in France. So I whisper “Purr-is” to myself and my brother thinks im an idiot.

I’ll Always Be There For You

Group/Members: BTS/Jungkook

Words: 467

Genre: angst, slight fluff, HighSchool!Jungkook

Summary: Y/N has a not so happy surprise for Jungkook

Request: anonymous

A/N: I enjoyed writing this. I hope you enjoy it too! ~Admin Unnie

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

I looked down and my heart dropped. There it was. The dreaded plus sign. I’m only 16! What am I gonna tell my parents? What am I gonna tell Jungkook?! This will ruin his life! Mine too, but he has dreams. He’s going places. It’s no use fretting about it now. What’s done is done. I can’t undo this. I throw the test in the trash, making sure to wrap it in toilet paper and put it at the bottom. Don’t want my parents finding it before I figure out the best way to tell them.

I walk into school the next with my head full. I still hadn’t figured out how to tell Jungkook. Should I even tell him? What if he leaves me? Should I leave him before he can? My thoughts were interrupted by a body thudding onto the lockers next to mine. “Hey y/n” he leans in to kiss me, but I turn my head away. “What’s wrong? You always give me a good morning kiss.” I guess now is as good a time as ever. “I need to talk to you.” I look around the halls. “Some place private.”

“Okay.” He takes my hand and leads me to the school’s rooftop. It’s been our place ever since he asked me out there after overhearing me telling my best friend I loved how Troyella had their best moments there in the movies. We sit down on the bench up there. “What is it?” I open my mouth to tell him, but all that comes out is sobs. He puts his arm around me and squeezes. “Hey. Hey. Whatever it is, you can tell me. No matter what.”

“I’m pregnant.” His eyes widen and he backs away and removes his arm from me. “How far along?”

“I don’t know. I just took the test last night. Jungkook I’m scared.”

“So am I.” He looks away. I take a deep breath. “I understand if you don’t want to be with me anymore-“

“Are you crazy? I’m not gonna leave you! I love you. And this baby” he puts his hand on my stomach “is my responsibility. You didn’t do this to yourself. I did it, and what kind of guy would I be if I just walked away? I’ll always be there for you.” I started sobbing harder and put my head on his shoulder. “What am I gonna do? My parents will hate me. What if they kick me out?”

“Then you’ll come live with me.” I pick my head up to look at him. “Really?”

“Of course. My parents love you! And they’ve always told me that if something like this were to happen they would still support me.” I gave him a soft, quick kiss. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Happy Birthday Lee Jong Suk

Wanted to wish my one and only bias Lee Jong Suk.  I have tried to get away from him many times because he is distracting to my work life, and my leisure time.  But no, he simply does not go away.

My love for Han Tae Sun is legendary, though I did not know who played him.  I just loved that character a lot.

My Nam Soon ruined me.  I still go back periodically and watch him brood and save his fellow classmates while being cool and still tear up about his guilt and his love for this friend.

I only wanted Park So Ha to always smile and get his noona crush.  His unconditional, puppy crush and then their growth was …Ah.  Just healing.

Park Hoon was such a cad.  But so lovable and so vulnerable and just freaking cute.  His comic timing was just perfect and all those facial expressions….I loved Park Hoon with passion.  Now, only if the writer loved him as much as I did.  :-(

Dalpo and In Ha’s chemistry…His romance….His tragedy with his brother, His emoting in heavy scenes.

And now, sexy & charming Kang Chul.  

I have loved every single character he has played.  Each of their character traits ingrained in me.  

His smile brightens up my mornings and when I am stressed at work,  a quick Tumblr visit makes me smile.

And online friends that I have met make being his fan a just a joyful part of my life.  They are fantastic, they love him as much as I do and they are all bright, and fun people.

I visited Korea because of him, I use Korean products because of him and I know some real fun people because of him.

Above all this, he is my inspiration for me to start writing again.  

Happy birthday Lee Jong Suk.  I am so happy that I am your fan and I am very proud.  

Give Me Love Part 5

Pair : Jensen x Reader

A/N : We are almost near the end. What will she say?! Message me with your thoughts! xoxo

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

Its too late to run away from it all. It happened, Jensen and I. And now, now we are here. Our worlds falling apart.

I know I should just walk away, but I wasn’t moving. I couldn’t. Why did he have so much power over me? It was like I was chained to him. Able to take a few steps, but never able to leave.

“Get out! You both deserve each other!” Danneel spewed. I shot my eyes her direction. Witnessing Jensen being pushed out of the house and Danneel slamming the door in front of him.

Shit, she knows. She has to for her to be that angry. Great, I not only ruined my life, but I ruined theirs. I hurt the only person in my life that I ever cared for. Im a monster, nothing more than just a home wrecking little-

“Y/N!” Jensen Yelled out, running after me. He eyes were locked with mine and I was frozen

Leave Y/N! Now is your chance. Go and never look back. Don’t let him get to you because you wont ever be able to get out.

He made his way to me. Panting, trying to catch his breath. “I told her, everything. Because I couldn’t lie anymore. I love you Y/N. I want you. And only you.”

I opened my mouth, but nothing came out. Fuck, I was stuck. Glued to this man and now I’m in way too deep.

His lips crashed into mine, his hands traveled along my torso as he pulled me in closer. How can something so wrong feel so right? He puts me on a high, sending me to nirvana. He is the only person to ever make me feel this way.

My mind was hazy, flooded with different emotions. And even though I hate myself for this, I caved in. Taking him in and tasting him. He is in my arms.

“Lets go, just you and me. We will go anywhere.” He whispered.

“W-what? Are you sure?” I muttered, feeling his lips lightly graze over mine.

“Yeah, come on.” He stammered, taking my hand and pulling me to his car.

“We got nothing to lose..” I exhaled, following close behind. But I couldn’t help my eyes gazing towards the house, where the blinds slightly shifted. She was looking at us, probably hating us, hating me.
What am I doing?


“Where do you want to go?” He asked, tugging at my hand as we sat in his car, waiting.

I looked into his eyes, feeling safe. As if I were meant to be where I was. He had that affect on me, and I hated him for it.

“Surprise me” I shrugged, curving my lips up. Jensen let out a soft sigh and returned his gaze back to the road.

“Lets drive to Jareds.” He muttered.

Awesome, going to his best friends house, whose wife is Danneels best friend. Who knows me, had family dinners with.
I was beginning to feel anxious, as if I were about to throw up.

“Are you Crazy?!” I yelped.

“What? Why?” He stopped the car  and turned his body to face me. His smile had vanished and he was serious. “Y/N, I love you. And they will understa-”

“Are you kidding me? Jensen, you’re married. TO MY SISTER!” I felt my voice raise. Anger and anxiety all wrapped in one. “I love you, but we cant do this. We cant be together and pretend everything is ok.”

Jensen pursed his lips and nodded. His eyes welled with tears as he crossed his arms over his chest.

“This isn’t going to work. We didn’t think this through. Your family, my family and all of our friends will never accept us.”

“But we will have each other Y/N. Doesn’t that matter?” He looked helpless.

This wasn’t what I wanted. I didn’t want to be in this situation. To be in love with him. But you cant help who you fall in love with.

It does matter. But that doesn’t change anything, because what we are doing isn’t ok. We will be hurting everyone around us. We already hurt Danneel, and for that, I will never be able to forgive myself.

“As much as I wish it were enough, it isn’t.” A tear fell silently on to my cheek, causing others to flow behind. I couldn’t control myself.

“Y/N, please don’t do this. Don’t walk away.” He pleaded.

I couldn’t handle the tension. The longing stare and the quivering of his lip. I want to just take him in, kiss him and pretend its just us.

How do you look at someone you love, and tell yourself its time to walk away?

“I love you Jensen, and I think a part of me will always love you. And I wish things were different, But I cant be with you.” I wiped my tears and swallowed hard. “I wont.”
I pushed the passenger door open, feeling the cold air hit my face. It was refreshing.

“Y/N…” Jensen croaked, his tears streaming down his cheeks. I closed the door behind me and began walking. As much as I wanted to turn around, I couldn’t.

With no destination, I kept my pace.

I know what I did was the right thing to do, but my heart felt like it was ripped out of my chest and stomped on. My stomach churned and I felt like my world stopped spinning.

Don’t stop. Breathe and keep going.

“Y/N!” Jensen Yelped.


(Jensens Pov)

Shes gone. Not once has she turned back to look at me. What the hell happened? 

I was happily married. In love with how my life was going. But now, I feel lost. Watching her go is probably the hardest thing I have ever been through.

What am I suppose to do now? I mean, I still love Danneel, shes been my best friend for over 8 years now and I care about her so much. But then there is Y/N. Her younger sister. The girl I watched grow up and loved her like family. When did it become so much more? 

Screw it, I cant let her walk away. Not now, not after everything we have been through. 

“Y/N!” I yelped. Running toward her, I pulled her hand and crashed my lips to hers. Pressing firmly and cupping my hands on to her cheek. 

“I love you. I’m not going to give up on this, on you.” I exhaled. “You’re worth it. Worth the fight, and I know, this is it. You’re it. Please dont go.”

“Jensen I-” 

“I want to marry you. I want to grow old with you. When i think about my future, I see you there. Please.” I stammered. 

Her mouth parted but no words escaped. Just her eyes lingering. 

What is she thinking? Say something. Anything…. 

I’ve had Hakuna Matata stuck in my head all morning.

Only -

My unhelpful brain keeps pronouncing it Ha-Qun-a Matata.

And now I can’t stop picturing the Arishok dancing around, singing it as he tries to convert desperate young city elves and - 

Dragon Age is ruining my life.