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Florida’s Wizarding School

So @your-bvcky and @bellafarallones made an amazing post about some ideas for other non-Ilvermorny American wizarding schools. Here’s the link. Read the whole thing and submit what you want to them because it’s v good.

But I’m a born-and-raised Florida boy, and I have this weird pride of my state, so naturally I had to go crazy about details of their Florida school. Here’s what the said:

Everglades Witchcraft Academy

  • Florida has its own school because, well, it’s Florida.  you know how it is.
  • located, obviously, in the Everglades swamps
  • originally witches only, hence the name, but became co-ed during the Civil War when wizards wanted to escape Confederate military service by going into hiding
  • one of the last schools to desegregate, second only to Appalachia
  • alligators as pets technically are against school rules but again, it’s Florida.  almost half the student population has pet gators.  a mess.
  • partially underwater- it helps the school stay cool in the Florida heat
  • a family of swamp apes (essentially, smelly florida bigfoots) lives on school grounds.  they keep no-majs out, but it smells really bad, so it’s a trade off

So here’s what I have to add:


  • MOSQUITOES. The everglades is out the wazoo full of mosquitoes. there would have to be protection from that. I imagine a spell, like a lower-level version of that protector one they used in HP7.2 against the death eaters
  • i imagine the skunk apes acting like a muggle security team, with walkies and stuff and taking WAY TOO MUCH pride in it all. like they set up snares and misdirections to keep the no-majs away
  • the head of security (and patriarch of the family) is a big guy named Sakbilanee (brown arm), Socky for short. He plays tough, but he really loves the kids. He pretends to get mad at their troublemaking, but students will also find candy and treats on their beds with mysterious clumps of hair nearby
  • so florida is like 90% water, right? there are rivers and canals and springs and underwater aquifers flowing all over the state and almost all of them lead to the everglades. So like i’m thinking: what if they have a floo powder system with the waterways in FL? So they have an existing system or they use powder or a spell and they jump into the St. Johns river or a spring near Gainesville, and they flow through the groundwater and pop up outside the school
  • EWA is the most diverse of all the schools. Miami alone has huge populations of black, afro-caribbean, latinx, white, and seminole people. So EWA would have to be just as diverse
  • everything is in English and spanish. A lot of things are in haitian creole and muscogee (seminole/miccosukee language) as well.
  • There is a HUGE history and influence from the seminole and spanish history in florida
  • racism is unfortunately a big issue still, what with a lot of central and northern florida being redneck farmers
  • EWA has a strong independent vibe, based on the whole confederacy thing, but mostly from the Seminole Wars
  • Some kids from the bayou of Louisiana, and southern mississippi, alabam, and georgia opt to go to EWA instead of the Apalachian school


  • EWA has its roots in the Calusa tribe, but has switched hands between Calusa, Spanish, Seminole, and now American multiple times
  • It started more as a community thing for fostering medicine men, but developed into a full-blown school
  • there used to be a boy’s school outside of St. Augustine: St. Augustine Academy of Wizardy (La Academia de Magia de San Augustino). This dissolved around the time of the civil war, hence the integration of EWA soon after
  • SAAW has its roots in the Timucua tribe, with a similar style to early EWA. The overly religious spanish destroyed it along with the Timucua, but some Spaniards found it in the 1700s and re-established it.
  • SAAW was the site of a big Magical Civil War battle, and that’s how the school was ultimately lost
  • I disagree about the desegregating thing (one of my only disagreements). Florida is in the south, but it’s like weird and diverse and stuff. I imagine pre-1900s (when the east coast railroad connected the north and south of the state), EWA was mostly native in its population. and that’s why it was chill about boys joining sometimes. SAAW was the strict european BOYS ONLY school
  • The school still keeps its seminole heritage at its core, and it was a hub of protecting both magical and mundane seminole during the Seminole Wars


  • Instead of a big castle or singular building, EWA is a collection of close-together buildings. This minimizes the effect on the swamp and allows for different style rooms for different classes
  • Parts of the school are above the water on stilts. some of them, like the care of magical creatures classrooms, have glass bottoms to allow for observation of the swamp below
  • Conservation is HUGE here. No-maj science isn’t really taught, but there is a Hydro-Magic class that teaches a lot of similar subjects, but with a magical twist
  • some parts of the school are entirely underwater –> they provide Blue Palmetto (a magical cousin of the saw palmetto) berries that provide a similar effect to gillyweed
  • other parts of the school are above the water, but occasionally experience flooding, whoops
  • students and staff canoe or kayak or airboat between rooms
  • sometimes some of the older students steal the airboat and go on joyrides, much to the chagrin of the skunk apes and staff (except Socky, who knows how much fun it is)
  • the dorms and bedrooms are located in large stilt houses. boy’s and girl’s dorms are on opposite sides of the school, but that doesn’t really do much, especially with all the gay kids
  • Years 1-4 and 5-7 are kept mostly separate, except for sleeping
  • sleeping areas are organized vaguely like dorms in colleges, with RAs and such.
  • There is a special Magical History of Florida class offered as an elective. It’s become quite popular now, mostly becauseof its professor, Isabella Bowlegs, a half-Seminole half-Cuban former Chief of International Affairs in MACUSA
  • The school used to be divided by Seminole Clans (similar to how houses are divided in Hogwarts, but these are cultural familial bonds). With all the non-native people now at the school, the clans are no longer used, but there are still plenty of leftover vestiges of when they were used.
  • The clans are: panther, bear, deer, bigtown, wind, bird, snake, and otter


  • Skunk Apes: these are sentient, kinda like giants in Europe, but nicer. They just want to be left alone usually, but they’re mostly friendly
  • Black Gators (Alpatalochee): kinda self-explanatory, but also like 25 feet long. Students often ride and race some of the more domesticated ones
  • Swamp Lightning: essentially mullet on steroids. They’re bigger (like 4 feet long) and can travel at ridiculous speeds
  • Stikini: were-Owls. Treated similarly to werewolves in Britain. They used to be a lot worse,b ut now you hardly hear about them
  • Tie-Snake: highly venomous snakes that drown humans and other large game. Socky and his Skunk Apes are experts at trapping and wrangling these bad boys
  • Water Panthers: similar to Mishebishw of the Midwest. Essentially a panther that lives entirely underwater. A deadly beast, but they mostly stay away
  • Island Turtles: GIANT seafaring turtles
  • Long-ears: long-eared wolf creatures. Not that big of a threat. The Skunk Apes keep a pack as pets/security help
  • Fastachee: corn dwarfs. Not found as much in the swamp, but pretty common on dry land. Kinda like pixies, but nice
  • Little Thunders: large, pixie-bird hybrids that can generate lightning. Mostly just troublemakers
  • Merpeople (Nakni Okee): there are two subspecies: Oceanic and Swamp. The Oceanic are similar to the ones seen in Harry potter. The Swamp have two legs, but each leg ends in a fin. Many believe the two subspecies are not actually genetically related at all
  • Sea Serpents: another common racing animal
  • Caribbean Kraken
  • Muck Monster (Muckos): a manatee-like hybrid living in swamps and lagoons near the coast
  • Chupacabra: actually a lot more of an annoyance than anything else. Like everyone else in the country always freaks out about them, and the EWA students are like “what”
  • Mountain Cows: basically just really big cows. their milk does woders for everything from headaches to a runny nose


  • Head Principal: Tamara Woodley - a powerful black witch, whose family has gone to EWA for at least 6 generations. She’s a former potions teacher
  • Chief of Upper School: Daniel Howard - the son of a Seminole medicine man, and the current Care of Magical Creatures. He and Socky grew up together, and they’re a dangerous duo on holidays. Don’t get too close when they start their fireworks shows. He’s a cool guy, but you’ve gotta keep up a level of respect with him or else he will NOT like you
  • Chief of Lower School: Linda Ferrier - She used to work at Ilvermorny teaching Transfiguration, until her wife Charlize got a job working for Disney. Yes, Charlize is a No-Maj. No, they don’t give a damn about what MACUSA says, they can come and fight them.
  • I already mentioned everyone’s favorite: Isabella Bowlegs
  • And everyone’s least favorite: Tomas Gonsalves - he’s the Hydro-Magic professor and honestly he’s a brilliant man, but jesus christ he’s just like a huge dickwad

i THINK that’s everything I can think of. I’ll probably think of something as soon as i post this though. Anyways, thank you so much to @your-bvcky and @bellafarallones for your original post and jumping off point. Maybe one of these days JKR will get something right about American wizardry


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Last Drink: Chocolate milk
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Last song you listened to: Thinking About You - Radiohead
Last time you cried: It’s been a while, I don’t remember

Have you ever:
Dated someone twice: Nope
Been cheated on: I don’t think so
Kissed someone and regretted it: No, it’s just a kiss??
Lost someone special: Yes
Been depressed: Mm, yes
Been drunk and thrown up: Never

In The Past Year have you
Made a new friend: Many (:
Fallen out of love: I guess..
Laughed until you cried: I do that every time I laugh so
Met someone who changed you: In a way, yes
Found out who your true friends are: I always know that…
Found out someone was talking about you: Yeh
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Do you have any pets: No, but I had two hamsters. I want a cat :(
Do you want to change your name: I did before, not anymore though
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Last time you saw your mother: A couple minutes ago, outside
What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: Only one?
What are you listening to rn: No Control ;)
Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: Yes! TOM JONES!
What’s getting on your nerves rn: My hair…
Blood type: No idea, something weird
Nickname(s): Bob, Robyn, Annie, Donna, Linder, Bobby, Lostie, Trash
Relationship Status: Single
Zodiac sign: Capricorn
Pronouns: She/Her
Favourite TV show: Fargo, Twin Peaks, The Office (US)
High school: International English School, Södermalm
College: Not there yet
Hair colour: Brown, blonde in summer
Long or short: in between?
Height: 170 cm I think
Do you have a crush on someone: No? Yes? I just find people beautiful
What do you like about yourself: My brain, my hands, my eyebrows
Tattoos: None
Righty or lefty:  Righty, but both

First surgery: When I was three months old. My ears
First piercing: Ears
First best friend: Oliver, Erik and Malin
First sport you joined: Ballet, is that a sport? Teamgym

First vacation: Canary islands I think
First pair of trainers(sneakers): Converse

Eating: Nothing
Drinking: Water
I’m about to: Go and buy a trampoline in a sec
Listening to: Girl Almighty ;)
Waiting for: Food
Want kids: I want a son someday I think, then maaaybe a girl
Get married: Eh, nah
Career: Actress, Radio host, anything with media and communication tbh

Which is better
Lips or eyes: Eyes, but I like both very much… no, lips, ah!
Hugs or kisses:  Hnng, a good kiss is nice
Shorter or taller: Taller
Older or younger: Older
Romantic or spontaneous: A mixture… but mostly spontaneous I guess
Nose, stomach or nice arms:  Nose and stomach
Sensitive or loud: Loud
Hook up or relationship: Hook up
Troublemaker or hesitant: Trouble maker ;)

Have you ever:
Kissed a stranger: Yes
Drank hard liquor: Hmm, once
Lost glasses/contacts: Never
Sex on first date: Nope
Broke someone’s heart: Yes, ugh…
Been arrested: Nah
Turn someone down: Yes
Cried when someone died: Uh, no
Fallen for a friend: Yes oh god

Do you believe:
 yourself: I don’t even know what this means
Miracles: Well, no. We just call great things miracles, don’t we?
Love at first sight: Nope
Heaven: Eh, nah, have no idea. We have no proof?
Santa Claus: No
Kiss at first date: Yes, I like that
Angels: In human form, yes

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