not only because of hp references

How I imagine Draco's coming out
  • Draco: Mother, Father, I'm gay. I don't care if you don't like it, this is my life and--
  • Narcissa: Draco, we've known you were gay since you were 11.
  • Lucius: The only truly shocking thing about this is that it's taken you so long to tell us.
  • Draco: --I won't be stopped from--what? I don't--But... how?
  • Lucius: Draco, you sent us letters every day about how devastatingly perfect Potter was for five years.
  • Draco: WHAT? I did NOT!
  • Narcissa: You most certainly did, dear. Let me go get the boxes. We saved them all.

i’ve been thinking a lot about smol ambiguously biracial harry and the mirror of erised.

because he’s spent his whole life with the dursleys in their proper square house in their proper square neighborhood with their uniformly manicured lawns and their contempt of anything other.

his aunt glares at him when the barber fails to tame his hair and yanks at it too hard when she takes her own scissors to it later. he sees the brief flicker of surprise in the eyes of the teachers at school when they find out he and dudley are cousins. he looks at his pale blonde aunt and vaguely wonders how her sister could produce someone like him (olive skinned? that’s what an old woman at the grocer’s called him once anyway) but he doesn’t dare to ask these questions. it’s just how it is, harry thinks, maybe he’s just different (he’s used to being different).

when he’s ten he gets a letter addressed especially to him, and when he’s eleven he looks up into a strange mirror it feels like he was meant to find and he’s looking at his parents for the first time in his life and his mother is the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen, prettier than he’d even imagined, and his father…his father looks like him. james is darker and taller and sharp with adulthood but his hair sticks up at the back and his hands are so very familiar and his cheekbones are the same ones harry’s seen in the mirror every day of his life and something deep inside him falls into place.

because he doesn’t look exactly like his mum and he doesn’t look exactly like his dad but now he knows why. he looks like a bit of both of them and it’s proof that they lived, that they came together and made him, with his dark hair and light eyes and skin that he’s never felt quite comfortable in.

and maybe he never belonged with the dursleys and maybe that hurts more than he’s willing to admit but he suddenly thinks it matters just a little bit less, because now he knows for certain that he damn well did belong to james and lily potter.

Okay, so it’s JKR confirmed that Tina and Queenie Goldstein are related somehow to Anthony Goldstein, a Ravenclaw from Hogwarts. Who is the only confirmed Jew in all of Hogwarts. Because that makes sense for London population. (I’m not bitter what are you talking about)

So. Jewish wizards. Let’s talk Jewish wizards. 

Orthodox/Chasidic Jews not practicing magic on the Sabbath because no work is technically allowed. People questioning why they’re walking everywhere instead of Disapparating and then having to sigh and roll their eyes and explain.

 Having separate spells specifically for different types of Kosher plates if they do that for washing them. Spells to make sure that meats and dairy never touch. Charms that alert them at restaurants or school if there’s pork or shellfish in a dish. The house elves learn about this and purposefully mark food Pereve or not and start to list ingredients for all the dishes. (Hey as somebody with food allergies, this would just make my day anyway)

 Magical menorahs that light themselves, enchantments on the Torah so it will never accidentally touch the ground or get smeared by hand oils (which is why Yads are used anyway, but it would be more out of tradition), the eternal light magically not being able to go out. OR BETTER YET wands being used with a spell as Yads

 WIZARDING BAT MITZVAHS AND WEDDINGS OH MY GODDD The chair holding the bar or bat mitzvah or the married couple magically being held up. The chuppah with magical lighting. Voices magically amplified so no microphones are needed.

 A fucking giant Menorah in the Great Hall and not just a stupid Christmas tree because we seriously don’t need more of those (sorry I’m just very sick of holiday season meaning only Christmas. There are like four other religions I know of that have holidays around this time)

 Days off for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur and Passover, etc. and leaving sections of the tables empty for those fasting to be able to chill away from temptation but still with friends in the common social environment. Matzos alternatives during Passover. A signified Seder table and a Jewish member of the faculty as the head of the table and the youngest little first year reading the four questions. Or a group of first years.

 A Sukkah outside for Sukkot and enchanted lulav and etrog. A small sanctuary for High Holy Days and Shabbat services. (There should also be a safe place or several for Muslim students to pray throughout the day, just FYI)

And in Fantastic Beasts? Queenie teaching Jacob old family recipes for challah and bagels that he starts making for his bakery…Just…ugh, I want this all so badly.

 And don’t get me started on WWII and the Holocaust! Wizarding Nazis? Very probably. Using Muggles and wizards alike for their “experimentation”? Yeah. And Jewish wizards using concealment charms all over the place and trying to take care of their friends and family. Muggle born wizards and witches being hunted even more…Just think about it….

That’s all I got for now please FEEL FREE TO ADD YOUR HEADCANONS

I am the only one bothered by people referring to Ginny Weasley as “The Girl Who Waited” ????? Like, please this firecracker of a goddess is worthy of a much better descriptor than waiting for her childhood crush to like her back. 

Some alternatives for you:

  • The Girl Who Kicked Ass In Quidditch
  • The Girl Who Dated Around Because She’s Worthy Of Having Fun
  • The Girl Who Was So Good At A Hex That Teachers Revered Her For It
  • The Girl Who Kept The Rebellion Alive
  • The Girl Who Befriended The Bullied
  • The Girl Who Refused To Hide Away
  • The Girl Who Called Harry Out On His Shit
  • The Girl Who Overcame Adversities
  • The Girl Who Stood Up For Herself

(I’m sure there are more options but I am too tired and overwhelmed by my love for this girl). 

Why Tomione

(This is basically for my reference since Serp is lazy, and this will provide an easy way for me to copy/paste what I want to say or link someone to it.)

Disclaimer: The following is my opinion and my opinion only, even if I don’t say “imo” or something along the way. By no means am I trying to impose my opinions on others.

Okay, I’m going to answer this from two different aspects. There are basically three kinds of Toms when we’re talking about Tomione: fluffy, dark, and something in between. I won’t talk about the something in between because, well, it’s basically a combination of both.

Personally, I ship the dark version, but I understand why people would ship fluffy!Toms with Hermione. No sarcasm, actually. I mean, the most powerful wizard in the books, except for Dumbledore, is Voldemort. He’s basically the alpha male who, in real life, would probably attract a lot of people, especially when he’s younger with the hot looks. A lot of people like the idea of love changing a person, especially when the person is beyond saving. Personally, that’s one of the reasons why I believe some people like fluffy Tom. Of course, there are probably more reasons, but it’s not my forte.

The second kind of Tomione is the kind that I personally ship. Dark, with Tom basically beyond saving. Like Nerys said, shipping the best protagonist with the best antagonist for the win! Seriously, I’ve been unconsciously doing this in my mind since I was a child whenever I watched movie series, so it’s no wonder that I started shipping TMR-LV/HG after I became a fan of Harry Potter.

To me, Tom is Voldemort. No ifs, ands, or buts. The diary!Horcrux said it best: 

External image

But as hard as it is, let’s pretend for a moment that Tom is not the evilest wizard to have walked the Earth (even though it’s essentially an important and interesting part to writing/reading about a pairing such as Tomione).

Tom, as we know from the books, is handsome, manipulative, intelligent and knowledgeable. Granted, Hermione might not fall for the “manipulative” part … wait, no, scratch that. We know how awkward Hermione is when it comes down to socializing. Would Hermione not admire (however grudgingly) someone like Tom? Especially when he can easily steer any conversation he wants the way he wants?

We know that Hermione likes people who are good-looking - Lockhart, for example. Yes, many people say that that’s just a childhood crush. But when she saw him at St. Mungo’s during fifth year, she was still quite obviously attracted to him. Therefore, I find it hard to imagine Hermione not being enthralled by Tom’s looks.

I think the “knowledgeable” and “intelligent” parts go without saying. So, I’ll talk about it from a writer’s/reader’s POV here. Just like Shan84 said in one of her posts, can you imagine all the verbal debates that can go on between the two of them? They’re both so stubborn that neither one of them would want to lose a debate, making their interactions at the same time interesting and exhilarating.

In regards to Tom, I can’t see him falling for someone who’s only good-looking with no other attributes. That would be a waste of his time. However, we know that he values intelligence. Some might argue that he’d kill her on the spot for being a Mudblood. Fair point, and I can’t completely disagree with that. Nonetheless:

He allowed Lily Potter to live - some might say this is due to Snape’s request, but we know that the Potters defied him thrice. We don’t know how they’d defied him, so it could be possible that he’d offered to let them become Death Eaters. 

One of his most trusted Death Eaters is Snape, who’s a half-blood himself.

Yes, he definitely hate Muggles. After all, he’d lived in an orphanage ran by Muggles when he was young and his Muggle father abandoned him. However, he’s Lord Voldemort. And no, he doesn’t play by the rules, especially the rules he’d set himself. If he sees Hermione as a valuable witch, more likely than not, he would find some way to preserve her in a world that is ultimately under his control.

Now, going back to Tom’s status as the evilest wizard in wizarding history - that’s actually the funnest parts to write when it comes down to Tomione interaction. I can’t say that Hermione is purely good; that status belongs to *Neville, Luna, and maybe Harry, and Hermione’s actions against Marietta Edgecombe and Umbridge are enough for me to say that there are dark sides to Hermione’s personality. 

However, Hermione is stubborn enough to clash with Tom, despite knowing how dangerous he is, because how much she loves Harry as a friend. Thus, the ultimate question of how can she choose between Harry and Tom (when she does fall for him) becomes a major conflicting point of the story. This is where a lot of good stories become intriguing - because we, as readers, are looking forward to see how the author will resolve this tension between the two of them. As a writer, it might be frustrating when Hermione and Tom wouldn’t go where you want them, but when they finally do get together, you get this relief and satisfaction that can’t be described with words.

On a last note … conflicting interests but similar personalities call for angry, unresolved sexual tension and dark, seductive smut. How is a girl supposed to resist? ;)

*revised thanks to reminders from Darcy of Asgard. :)