not only because of hp references

i’ve been thinking a lot about smol ambiguously biracial harry and the mirror of erised.

because he’s spent his whole life with the dursleys in their proper square house in their proper square neighborhood with their uniformly manicured lawns and their contempt of anything other.

his aunt glares at him when the barber fails to tame his hair and yanks at it too hard when she takes her own scissors to it later. he sees the brief flicker of surprise in the eyes of the teachers at school when they find out he and dudley are cousins. he looks at his pale blonde aunt and vaguely wonders how her sister could produce someone like him (olive skinned? that’s what an old woman at the grocer’s called him once anyway) but he doesn’t dare to ask these questions. it’s just how it is, harry thinks, maybe he’s just different (he’s used to being different).

when he’s ten he gets a letter addressed especially to him, and when he’s eleven he looks up into a strange mirror it feels like he was meant to find and he’s looking at his parents for the first time in his life and his mother is the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen, prettier than he’d even imagined, and his father…his father looks like him. james is darker and taller and sharp with adulthood but his hair sticks up at the back and his hands are so very familiar and his cheekbones are the same ones harry’s seen in the mirror every day of his life and something deep inside him falls into place.

because he doesn’t look exactly like his mum and he doesn’t look exactly like his dad but now he knows why. he looks like a bit of both of them and it’s proof that they lived, that they came together and made him, with his dark hair and light eyes and skin that he’s never felt quite comfortable in.

and maybe he never belonged with the dursleys and maybe that hurts more than he’s willing to admit but he suddenly thinks it matters just a little bit less, because now he knows for certain that he damn well did belong to james and lily potter.

i never call him Gladiolus, just gladio

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It's not about sensitivity here. It's just that everytime I say I'm a Gryff everybody is like "ew, Gryffindor..." and when an influent blog like yours starts doing ot too, it's hard. That's all. Sorry for being unecessarily sensitive I'l just go back to smilling when people shit on Gryffindor then.

I’m sorry and no, if people are being genuinely hurtful to you because of your hogwarts house then you should absolutely not take that lying down! Anyone who genuinely judges you based on your hogwarts house is not anyone you want to be associated with

However gryffindors are the White People of the potter community. They just are. You get tons more representation than any other house, both in canon and in merchandise, most people only causally into hp view gryffindor as the ‘golden house’- the best house, and sometimes the rest of us get a bit tired of it. 

It’s like it somebody made a joke about White PeopleTM I would normally laugh because they’re generally extremely accurate and I recognise that I, as a white person, do some stupid shit. However I also know that the posts about racist White PeopleTM do not refer to me and so I don’t get offended when people talk about ‘White People’ because I know that’s not referring to me

Similarly there’s a difference between gryffindors and GryffindorsTM. Do you ever tell people you must be better than them because you’re a gryffindor? Do you ever scoff when people are sad that they can’t find certain merch in their house? Do you sit there and go ‘why does Newt have to be a hufflepuff???’ 


Then you’re not a GryffindorTM and therefore not who I was referring to in that post. Absolutely stick up for your house, and if people are genuinely giving you shit about it then come up with a killer debate and take them down. But I think we all need to be able to laugh about the stupid stuff we, and our communities, do sometimes

Fantastic Beasts is so good!

I was already excited because I’m a big Harry Potter fan (seriously, I run a whole blog around it). Apart from reading all the books multiple times and watching all the movies, also multiple times, I’ve read all the things on Pottermore, got sorted to all the houses, I know my wand and my Patronus. I have tickets to Cursed Child to exactly a year from today (nice coincidence) so let’s just say the hype was high already

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The “monster species” of the game is composed of low-level, typical RPG creatures (skeletons, ghosts, slimes, weird frogs etc.), specifically to call your attention to, and “humanize” for lack of a better word, the monsters you WOULD ordinarily be slaughtering without a second thought in any other RPG. The in-game worldbuilding even supports this, with video game terminology (“boss monster”) being used to refer to Toriel and Asgore. In the leveling scale of most other games, these monsters, with their poor stats and vanishing amounts of HP, would be cannon fodder. Even boss monsters proper like Asgore, or extraordinarily powerful normal monsters like Sans, would only be as strong as the third or fourth boss in your typical RPG, and probably about as plot-relevant.

Perhaps the reason the war originally broke out between the races of humans and monsters, was because Asgore and Toriel tired of seeing their people slaughtered for the personal gain of human adventurers, on quest after supposedly world-saving quest, who still considered themselves morally righteous people because they had no concept of the humanity of monsters.

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why dont you like pjo anymore?

Uh I…do like pjo?

I feel like I should explain a thing about me drawing (I most likely did before, but well..feel like doing it again:D). I don’t draw all the things I like. Nearly not everything. There are plaaanty of characters and fandoms that I would like to join and draw, but sometimes it just doesn’t happen (either because I don’t feel enough motivation to practice the designs or searching for outfit references etc etc)

Drawing pjo at the moment is hard for me. I would love to, but I can’t exactly force myself into it? You might have noticed how far my haikyuu obsession…progressed….seriously I didn’t plan selling my soul to it, everything just goes downhill ever since. But then again drawing Hq for me is too much fun, because there are SO MANY (and I mean like basically everyone) characters I love, so I don’t get bored by switching from character to character and different aus. It’s probably close to the only one (except maybe hp too) fandom that I can’t choose a fave because there are just so many characters I actually. LOVE. 

With pjo it’s gotten a bit..boring for me. I’m sorry, there’s not another way to put it. I still love the characters and I still love the books, but drawing the same thing over and over again is like eating your favourite food everyday. No matter how much you love it, eventually you’ll crave something new. Same with this. Not to mention…some..messages from people bashing haikyuu or anime in general, or me for the lack of me drawing pjo didn’t exactly help the situation. Getting messages like “oh I loved you before (because you drew the things I love), but you changed and now you suck (because you don’t draw the things I love anymore)” honestly isn’t motivating and does the complete opposite. That’s why I dislike this kind of messages so much, not only because people are demanding things, but also because I end up associating the bad with the fandom I’m supposed to love.

Some obsessions are bigger than others, and drawing is a timetaking process, not leaving enough of itself for other things, so eventually the priority wins over. And currently it’s haikyuu, whoops. I swear I lost control a long long time ago I’m sorry.

(and wow that has gotten a bit out of hand haha)

Arrow 4x20 “Genesis” Review: La Luz Del Alma, La Oscuridad Del Alma

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What an incredible episode this was. It really was a gift. It was a return to all the things that really make Arrow great. I am a huge proponent of Olicity and Dyla all the time. Every time we get Lyla Michaels I’m always begging for more Lyla. When we don’t get Lyla and it’s obvious we should be seeing her, I’m asking where the hell is Lyla?! I’m so in love with this episode I don’t even know where to start—Olicity or Dyla?! I just want to talk about everything. It was so GLORIOUS.

[Flips actual coin. Fate picks Olicity.]

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Olicity (aka the couple that’s really close to reconciliation) 

Oliver tells the team that he needs to head out of town for a couple days because he has a line on a way to stop Darhk’s magic. In the interim, he wants everyone to lie low but stay available. Which means a disappointed Speedy misses out on her chance to experience Hogwarts. I felt her pain. My whole life has been a constant regret that I never got an owl letter. And it was so appropriate that Thea mentioned Harry Potter because this episode was essential about Oliver learning his Patronus. (I seriously cannot be the only Potter-head who made that correlation, no?) (I make HP references in this)

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Immediately Hermione—err, Felicity realizes that Oliver is not being so forthcoming. She gives him the eagle eye. Later, she finds him in his Bunker quarters and asks about why he’s living there and his possessions. He tells her he doesn’t need much.

Oliver doesn’t need material possessions because he knows how valueless they really are. He was completely stripped of them on Lian Yu and last year. He only started to accumulate them again because they were part of his life with her. Oliver spent years trying to come home. He finally found his home with her, in her. Felicity is Oliver’s home. I don’t think it’s any coincidence that he chooses to live in the place they built together—it was as close as he could get to her. It’s why in 4x06, he retreated to the Bunker and her chair. Much like in 3x21 when Felicity had to breakdown and say goodbye, she wept in Oliver’s chair in the broken Arrow cave.

After Felicity mentions Yao Fern –

–and I had a minor meltdown at the mention of a plant –

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Oliver reaffirms what he’s told us at least twice before: He never forgets anything about Felicity. (This is important).

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