not only because of her

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Can I share the reason why I ship Molly and Lestrade? When I first watched Sherlock I ended up randomly watching The Sign of Three and l thought that Molly and Lestrade were together and were worried about Sherlock like they were his parents lol - I was surprised when I learned that they weren't together (l wasn't even aware of tjlc or anything at this point)

This is LITERALLY the scene that made me ship them SO HARD. They are SO precious together, OMG <3 I’m so sad that they completely disregarded this little relationship they were building on since ASiB for…destroying Molly’s character completely.

  • luna: is taken from her family, brought up in a violent society who raise children to kill each other, she was then made to kill her own brother. decides to escape that life despite the risk and starts a new peaceful society that offers a safe space for all. Later has to watch all her people die one by one until she's the only one left and she still remains good and even helps the people who partly destroyed what she built and tried to force her back into her old life because she would rather help these people than let anyone else die.
  • octanakin: was raised under the floor, locked up for being born, lost her mother, later lost her boyfriend. punches her boyfriend for suffering from a forced addiction, lashes out at her mentor/mother figure, beats her brother, who raised her and loves, half to death tells him he's dead to her and only living because she's letting him live. Almost executes someone in the same way her boyfriend was executed, later tells him she wishes she had killed him and then punches him and then has sex with him. Becomes an assassin in her grief despite all the times she's judged everyone else for killing to protect their people.
  • Guess which one the fandom decides to worship.

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If the guys were.. girls, how would they wear their school uniform?

Sen: Fem!STZ gives me life and I will give up my soul to be crushed by Fem!Waka.


She never strays from the uniform code. Even when it’s a hot day, she refuses to take off her bowtie or blazer since she feels incomplete without her full attire. She prefers wearing tights over socks since she’s just used to covering up most of the time.


She shouldn’t be wearing makeup since the school rules are against it but her nails are painted and her lashes are long from mascara. Semi never wears her sweater over her shirt but she’s got a tank top underneath so she’s never cold.


While it gets pretty hot, nobody’s realised that she’s actually wearing a short sleeved shirt since she always has her blazer on, but it at least helps with the fact that it’s hot as heck. Her sweater is only tied around her waist because she thinks the school skirts are too short so it feels better to at least cover something.


Her skirt is pretty long so it doesn’t really show off her thigh high socks but she wears the socks with the little cat pattern at the top. Her sleeves are stained with ink from the pens she uses that rub off when she writes and rests her arm on the sheet.


She would have stuck to the uniform code… but she always wakes up late and gets dressed messily; her shirts are always crumpled and never tucked in and she constantly forgets her bowtie.


She isn’t too fond of showing off too much so her uniform is pretty moderate, keeping to the exact rules. Her knee socks keep slipping down and while she would just go buy new ones, she just doesn’t have the time to.


She never wears proper school shoes but opts for her trainers. True, she wears her slippers in most of the school areas, they’re still brightly coloured despite the regulations. She wears a different sweater underneath her blazer so she can just take it off to rest on it as a pillow.


She almost never wears her blazer and ties her jumper around her waist. Her tie is on most of the time but it’ll be hanging pretty loosely since she feels really stuffy when she wears too much. 

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So... Lets talk about Lena! Do you headcanon her as Irish or any other nationality? Do you agree with the hc that she's a crybaby? That she's 24? That she's kind of a player? Any personal headcanons?

I would LOVE to talk about Lena!

I have entertained the headcanon of her being Irish though it isn’t one that I think of often. I do not believe it was mentioned where Lionel was on his business trip when he was with Lena’s mother soooo Ireland. Why not?! Justifies the adorable accent slip too

I wouldn’t necessarily call her a crybaby but I would call her very emotional and vulnerable. When things get heavy she does fight those tears really hard and in those situations she has a good reason to cry. Though I did see a post that mentioned when Eliza hugs her she would cry but only because that is a really big deal. That’s Kara’s mother and the idea of being embraced by the woman the raised Kara, someone that is very important in her life and on top of that an excellent mother/mother figure, something Lena hasn’t experienced in 20 years and probably hardly even remembers feeling…. 😭😭😭😭

I always had an hc that she was older than 24 but it is canon. Even though SG has always been a little weird about the canon ages so I’ve just kind of given up there. I wouldn’t call her a player either. I think she would definitely be open to the idea of commitment but has been hurt in the past. I think that her previous relationships would have her feeling jaded and because of that, everything with Lex and the rest of her family she would shut down at times and focus more on her work. I think she would have the occasional fling but not in a matter that she is a flirtatious player. Only because she wants some sort of connection and release even if it is just for a night. Of course that would all change once she met Kara.

@supercorptrashed and I have also worked on a headcanon together concerning Lena being an excellent cook. Long story short (because I’ve typed too much already) she learned from the staff at Luthor estate because at a young age she didn’t have anyone to really spend time with. So the cook eventually decided to teach Lena as much as she could and it turned out she had quite a knack for it. There’s more to it but that’s the super abbreviated version.


Help me, I don’t know what I love more:

  • Aoi being ‘so you just kind of ran the fuck off before when there was burnt cake and explosions, didn’t you. I am starting to suspect you are not much of a team player’.
  • Yukari not giving a single fuck about being called out because the smell of her perfect hair, washed with only the finest of imported shampoos and conditioners >>>>> helping the others with whatever mess Ichika’s created
  • Akira’s cheerful ‘well, her hair is pretty bloody gorgeous, so I get it’
  • Yukari beaming at her girlfriend, doing a pirouette so that everyone in the room can behold her beauty, and then the most absolute sincerity, confirming that everyone tells her all the time that her hair is the prettiest in the land. As they should.
  • Akira’s excellent ‘….’ because Yukari cannot be controlled

Conclusion: I love them all.

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derek/lydia + "you didn't text me back." "is that against our rules?"

“You didn’t text me back,” Derek says a little angrily when Lydia walks in.

She looks at him with a raised eyebrow. “Is that against our rules?”

“What rules?” Derek asks with a roll of his eyes. “We have no rules. That’s what you said the beauty of this arrangement was.”

She frowns and tilts her head, thinking through her options and thinking through Derek’s reaction. There has to be a reason he reacted this way and the only reason she can think of is because he wanted her to text back, but why? Why would he want her to text back unless he wanted…

“You want rules,” she realizes. “You want rules between us. What’s your first rule?”

“You only sleep with me,” he says immediately.

“Already done,” she says, flipping her hair back. “You don’t sleep anyone else.”

“Done,” he tells her without blinking. “You actually have conversations with me.”

“You spend the night after sex,” she counters.

“We go out to eat together,” he says.

“You introduce me to your family,” she replies.

“This sounds an awful lot like dating,” he points out.

She shrugs. “Maybe it is. Let’s play it by ear.”

hope painted so much that she hit level 10 in painting, she starting selling her artwork making about 4000-6000 simoleons a day which resulted in her dropping out of high-school (she was failing anyway tbh) and after, quit her retail job because she was only making about 106 simoleons from it!! the school work and being underpaid for her hours wasn’t worth it. she is now making a decent living being a self-earning painter. every now and then she’ll have violin concerts for some extra cash. her next move is buying a house!

It’s fanfiction time! I would like to recommend two of my favorite authors, Isadora and Bookjunk, who have written classic, beautiful stories before vanishing from the fandom forever–I like to think friendly zombies got them.

Isadora’s stories are extremely successful. My personal favorite is Trust. Carrie and Quinn are left alone in the CIA basement for a team-building exercise. And… yeah. You can probably guess what happens next.

It’s relatively short, sweet and sexual, with a pinch of BDSM - it’s about trust, after all.

Also by Isadora: The thing on the other side of the fine line to hate, a twenty-one chapter fic and rewrite of season three. Quinn and Carrie work together and slowly get closer. Slow burn, happy ending, a great read.

Bookjunk’s works are a little less well known, maybe because she only posted them at, but her stories are breathtaking.

Start with a very short, very bleak one: Certain Things Hurt–a tragic masterpiece.

Then, for a happier story, don’t miss Nobody’s crying, a nine-chapter fic. Quinn chooses to kill Brody… but he still wants Carrie.

(Interestingly enough, the atmosphere is very close to Isadora’s “The thing on the other side to the fine line to hate,” recommended above. A similar story, through a looking glass, with a MUCH darker edge and an extremely sweet ending. In this fandom, one of my favorite reads ever.)

what she says: Im ok

what she means: taki tooru spent a year never speaking because she was terrified she might say someones name after using a certain circle that let her see youkai and was told the next 13 people whos name she said would be cursed along with her. Then later on she used herself as bait to protect natsume/ And then after that she was so terrified of using the circle again but as soon as she thought natsume was in trouble she broke it out again with only a moment of hesitance because she wanted to protect her friend. End me i love her so much????

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Who do you think will be premium/freemium in Legends Assemble?

I would assume that the faculty we have seen so far (Odin, Nick Fury, and Hank Pym) will be free to recruit. Since they’re releasing a Bruce Banner ‘outfit’ for Hulk I’m probably guessing TinyCo will be jerks and stick it in a crate or charge a whole bunch of shards for it. 

If they make Frigga premium I’ll be really sad because her and Bruce are the only things that have got me excited for this event.

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I know this is off topic, but what are your thoughts on the Mys//teryPearl ship? I personally don't like it. Not because I'm hardcore Pearlmethyst or anything, but because it'd be SUPER unhealthy. Pearl only likes her because she looks like Rose and it's kind of getting on my nerves with so many people thinking it would be a healthy canon ship. I'm not judging those shippers considering there are many worse ships out there (pedo and incest and such) but yeah, sorry, I'm rambling 😂

No need to apologise :)

Honestly, I’m somewhat reserving my judgement until we see them have a meaningful interaction.

My initial thought however, based on what we have right now, is that they’ll go on a date at some point.  But, Pearl will eventually realise that she’s only going along with this because Mystery Girl reminds her so much of Rose, and that she’s not really connecting with Mystery Girl at all.  Last One Out Of Beach City made a pretty big deal about Mystery Girl looking like Rose, and I can’t help but feel like this was done in order to set-up a story which has a moral along the lines of “don’t date someone just because of how they look” or “don’t date someone because you think they’ll be like someone else” - with Pearl realising by the end of the episode that she’s made a huge mistake, and ultimately parts ways with Mystery Girl.

I feel like the Crewniverse is always very careful when it comes to portraying relationships in a realistic and meaningful way, and on the face of it M//yster//yPe/arl wouldn’t be happening for the right sort of reasons - which is why, as things stand now, I personally can’t see it happening.

But, I could be way off the mark here.  We’ll just have to wait and see what happens when Mystery Girl inevitably returns :)

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ok but just picture this. nell wakes up in eric's bed, on her own, she's a bit confused of course but then he comes in with coffee and some cereal and they snuggle until it's time for work <3 or even imagine her waking up first when she's the little spoon so she turns to face him and nuzzles him until he wakes up and aaaaaa

thank u for killing me anon

because i sure am dead

She just like, wakes up and twists and gently and lightly kisses his jaw to wake him up and puts her hands in his hair like she did with that hug a while ago and burrows deeper in his arms. 

Eric Beale suddenly feels like luckiest man alive just for that little moment. 

it’s already canon that Neric eat breakfast together a lot, but it’s so much more fun nowadays because it can happen with him wearing only pyjama pants and her only wearing his pyjama shirt.

I’m still in shock. 

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How would Crowley Ferid Mika rene and lacus feel about an s/o who is from the islands (Fiji, Hawaii) and is really proud of her culture a even wears a tropical flower in her hair and loves speaking her native language and even doing traditional dances when alone. (Sorry if that's a lot I'm just obsessed with these five)

I’m so sorry for the long wait!! I don’t blame you for being obsessed, and don’t fret the amount is perfect!


  • He would be extremely respectful of her culture
  • He would incorporate it in everyday life so she won’t feel deprived
  • I feel like he would at least have basic knowledge of the culture


  • Definitely knows if not every, almost every aspect
  • Expect some cheesy nick name like “my precious hibiscus” 
  • Knows the basics of the island’s native language


  • Doesn’t like Ferid but knows he’s old and wants to know more about the island’s language
  • If he catches her dancing he will only watch because he is afraid of messing it up
  • Gathers flowers for her to put in her hair


  • Would read up on whatever he can to be more familiar with everything
  • He would love to listen to her talk about tales that are told on her island
  • Constantly asks her to describe her favorite places, because he hopes one day to take her there


  • If he hears her singing traditional songs, you better believe he will horribly sing along until he learns the lyrics
  • Likes to cook their favorite foods
  • Likes when she talks about the flora and fauna of the island

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Why didn't some people like MM during 16?

Because Mnet only showed clips of her being self-confidence and very positive and proud of her accomplishments which is actually really natural in such a competitive environment. It’s the type of self-encouragement that competitors need to give themselves to boost their own morale and deal with all the stress. Anyways, because of that people thought she’s stuck up and too full of herself. (It’s what people thought of Nayeon and Dahyun too btw…)

But other 16 members themselves had said that Momo isn’t really like that and that she was being unusually fierce and competitive only because she really wanted the spot, which is also totally understandable. Overall we didn’t really get to see the true and vulnerable part of Momo until later when everyone cried in disbelief…twice. The past is the past though, and we all love soft Momo now~ <3

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What do you expect? No one really knows Kelly's character yet. They're not going to get that excited about a character they don't know about. Just a statement not to be rude but you're only excited for Kelly because she's Asian not because you actually like her or her character.

I’m riding through the city having a fucking blast baby. I’d die for kelly marie tran’s star wars character

Omg I’m so tired of people portraying Lucy as this fangirl who blushes around Natsu constantly and gets jealous when she’s the one who’s standing up to his bs. Lucy cares about Natsu the most sure but her life does not revolve around him, it only seems like it because Natsu is constantly tagging along and bugging her

Drabble #363

VIII: i failed you.

“I failed you, Arthur,” says Gordon, standing before him at the entrance of the barn. “I should never have left you here, on this little nothing of a farm.”

Arthur folds his arms in front of him, suddenly brave. “No,” he says. “That’s not how you failed me, Dad. I’m fine here. I’ve never wanted to be anywhere else.”

“You don’t know any better,” Gordon says. “Why’s your mother holding onto this land, eh? Only because no-one’ll buy it. Talk to her, would you. Remind her my offer’s still open.” 

“No,” says Arthur again, but his father’s already walking away.