not only a mega one

Been thinking about some AUs/Stories that I thought about working on

Like, I might be working on:

The Cool Patrol AU: Based on something I drew (blood warning *cough*)
Jack’s powers gets the best of him and now he can’t be stopped. It’s up to The Cool Patrol gang and Dashie to put a stop to it and defeat him.
I put Dashie in it because, come on now, you NEVER see the homie in anything, so I gotta put him in!
Of course Danny teaches him the ways of The Cool Patrol Dance a secret move that only he and Ninja Brian knows or only seen… Like… once… BUT it is EPIC!!

Markiplier TV: The gang gets suck into the TV and try to a way out (which is kinda my headcanon for what happened in the video *cough*)


Markiplier TV: The Game: The gang gets suck into a game and try to find a way out (and yes, I know that I could just use Markiplier the Game but it’s funny)

Giant Jack: Jack becomes a giant… that’s it… :/

Body Swap: Everyone switches bodies non stop…

Jack and Anti: A fight between the two on who gets control of the body…
But two heads are better than one… ,’;)

The Katz Squad AU: Based on a dream I had…
When making cat videos take a deadly turn…

Feel free to ask more about them! :)

The modern Moose is actually the smallest of several moose species that have existed in the Americas over the last 50 million years. The Mega-Moose only went extinct one thousand years ago. The Mondo-Mega-Moose coexisted with the Neanderthals, and the Moose Lord once stood 75 feet tall as the largest land mammal of all time.

It ate T-Rexes.

IMAGINE (Fall Out Mutuals: Part 2)

“Aww so cute!”

Elisa was on her phone. Again. Sitting on the couch with her feet up on the coffee table. Polkadot socks. Pajamas. Hair in a bun. Her smiley face glowing at the screen.

Patrick sighed heavily on purpose as he dried the last dish and stuck it in the rack. Moaning dramatically, he dragged his feet toward the couch where his wife was smiling with her apple cheeks.

“Please tell me that’s not what I think it is…” Patrick groaned.

Elisa giggled. “This user, @kksmith96, ALWAYS has the best tags for EVERYTHING.”

“Talk to me in English, please,” Patrick said. “Tags?”

“Patrick. Tags. HashTAGS? You don’t know what a hashtag is?”

“I know what a hashBROWN is.”

Elisa shook her head and continued her sideways scrolling. “This is the thing they’re doing now.”

She showed Patrick the phone. He squinted his eyes to read: “H-G-F-J-O-S-Q…what in the world is that supposed to mean?! Are kids abbreviating whole sentences now, what is this?!??”

“Patrick! It’s a keyboard smash.”

“Kids are smashing their keyboards now???”

Elisa rolled her eyes. “Ughhh, let me show you, DAD.” She opened up a text post and proceeded to violently pound random keys on her phone keyboard. The result: QPIKWLHA. “Like that,” she explained. “It’s like, you’re going crazy.”

Patrick stared at it blankly for a good 10 seconds. “I don’t get it.”

“That’s because you’re an old person,” Elisa teased.

Declan suddenly laughed, pausing his play on the floor. “Old person, old person, old person!” he began to sing. Then Elisa joined along. The baby, too, flapped his arms up and down in his bouncer while his mother and older brother chanted “old person” in unison, the baby’s reaction only encouraging them to do it more.

Patrick shook his head and turned around. “I’ll be in my studio.”

Elisa laughed as she and Declan exchanged a high-five.

Us. Against. Daddy.

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Can you mega evolve or use z-moves?

My family only has one mega stone, but its with my brother, and mega stones can’t use it unless we have a license too, something about, uncontrollable emotions and destructive powers. Z-Moves crystals are even rarer, like only three or four was found during an far away island expedition.


mega attorney

that one capcom game where you play as the eponymous blue character with a strong sense of justice, and his red rival was adopted by the villain as revenge on his real dad, and after the rival sees the error of his ways it turns out that the villain has his own successor who wears black, is easily angered, and is quick to resort to violence

(click for better quality)

Mega Nidoqueen

Its crystalline horns give off an as of yet unidentified form of radiation. The effects of this on living creatures is still unknown.

The energy of Mega Evolution was funneled into its sturdy legs. Its graceful rapid-fire kicks are a sight to behold.

Type: Poison/Fairy
Ability: Sheer Force
HP 90
ATK 100 (+8)
DEF 107 (+20)
SPA 115 (+40)
SPD 107 (+22)
SPE 86 (+10)
BST 605
New Moves: Disarming Voice, Moonblast, Play Rough

The one and only original queen

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Dear anon, i think the blog finds the last movie insulting because of the many scientific paleontology facts they decided to ignore, beginning with not adding feathers to the velociraptors, by the time the first movie was out i thiiink paleontology hadnt discovered the feathers, but by the fourth movie it was a fact. Also im sorry you got hate for stating your opinion in your own blog, that's really stupid of anons who hide just to spread hate. Have a nice day <3

That’s definitely one of them. 

The JP movie was fairly up to date, all things considered; it dramatically changed the public perception of dinosaurs (from “slow lizards” to “active bird-like creatures”)

JW was actually less up to date than JP, and it was made 20 years later; science moves fast, and it would have been one thing to keep it at the same level as the original JP, but they actually went backwards 

People look to the JP series as their one and only major media source of dinosaur information; not everyone goes to museums, not everyone reads books, and very few people keep up with science. JP in the 90s is what actually got public perception of dinosaurs almost back up to date with science. By keeping the series inaccurate, it’s keeping the public at a level of willful ignorance. 

And I don’t give a fuck if JW had to keep “continuity.” The new movie was a soft-reboot. They could have done whatever the fuck they wanted. They basically casually admitted that the animals aren’t real dinosaurs, so it wouldn’t have been hard to just go the slightest step further and make real dinosaurs. (Note: that throwaway line isn’t an excuse. Laypeople were not fucking paying attention to that. They think of JW dinosaurs as real dinosaurs, no matter how many 5 second lines Wu throws around.) 

Look, in an ideal world JP would have a competing franchise or something that would force it to do better, have more accurate animals, etc., but as it is there is only one mega-franchise about dinosaurs, and it has a fucking monopoly. 

Also I have issues with the plot, the very idea of Indominus, and the portrayal of women in the movie. But that’s a whole other can of worms. 

Anyways any and all JP fanboy hating on this statement will be instantly blocked, so don’t bother to send me anon hate you shitlords. 

'The LEGO NINJAGO Movie' reveals new villain: A cat!

The third film in the LEGO movie world chopped its way through the crowd at Comic-Con and stood out with a packed panel that showed off the geeky side of its well-assembled (lol, get it? lol) cast.

The panel enlisted Dave Franco, Justin Theroux, Abbi Jacobson, Olivia Munn, Kumail Nanjiani, Michael Peña, and Zach Woods, as well as rising power producer Dan Lin, one of the key players in the budding LEGO film universe.

The LEGO NINJAGO Movie, the third film in the Warner Bros. franchise, stars Franco as Lloyd, a native of the island of Ninjago, who fights to confront his evil warlord father (Theroux) with the help of five other teen ninja defenders — each harnessing an elemental prowess and high-tech mech — as well as his uncle, a master sensei (Jackie Chan).

NINJAGO, for the record, is one of LEGO’s biggest properties, and Theroux put it best when he explained his education into the ninja-based world: “NINJAGO is like fight club for 10-year-olds. If you’re over that age, you don’t know it exists. And when I got cast, [kids reacted] like I just got cast as Luke Skywalker. I quickly educated myself realized how cool it was.”

Franco, as the leader of the ninja group, introduced a new trailer which showed off more of the struggle that Lloyd faces as the son of “the worst guy in the world.” The clip also teased a certain romantic-comedy element, with the tentative courtship between Lloyd’s parents Koko (Munn) and Garmadon (Theroux), and highlighted the high-school outcast vibes that Lloyd faces as the son of a warlord. Best of all, the trailer revealed the most important news about the film yet: There’s a cat. It terrorizes the city. And its name, apparently, is Meowthra.

“We are incorporating natural elements really for the first time,” said Lin. “It’s almost like LEGO put in your backyard, with real water, real trees, real grass. I don’t want to give away too much but we also have other real world elements that slip into the world. In the first movie, we had the Kragle, and we’ve taken that to the next level with LEGO NINJAGO.”

Lin added: “We’re trying to capture what’s going on in your mind as you play with LEGO — the first LEGO Movie was an action adventure movie. LEGO Batman was a superhero movie. And now LEGO NINJAGO, we try to tackle the martial arts-and-giant-robot movie.”

Every cast member geeked out about the reveal of their characters’ actual mini-figures — “I’m very distracted by my little guy!” Jacobson beamed — and all revealed a deep love for growing up with LEGO (“Pakistan’s made of LEGOs— I lived in a LEGO house,” joked Nanjiani), being a LEGO (“My career has peaked,” said Franco), and gaining street cred from association with LEGO.

“I really was just doing it for my son,” said Pena. “I love him immensely, and I think now I can be the cool dad.”

By coincidence, fatherhood is a key theme in the movie, and it grew well beyond its place in the script thanks to the joint recording sessions that Franco and Theroux did together (a rarity for animated films, which typically record the voice cast separately). “This is already my favorite project I’ve ever been a part of,” Franco gushed. “Genuinely, I’d be so content if the only acting roles I get from here on out are LEGO Ninjago sequels. I’ll be a happy man.”

Franco and Theroux didn’t get the only one-on-one time. One mega-sized session united the full cast for the first and only time, where improvisation was rampant and the ensemble’s bond first developed. “I’ve never heard Justin Theroux’s voice in person, and my God, what a voice,” gushed Woods. “Like an FM DJ had a kid with a cello.”

Though he didn’t attend the panel, Jackie Chan also dropped in with a surprise video message that had the room at Comic-Con roaring. “I had a fantastic time on this movie,” said the martial arts master. “It has big action, big laughs, and big heart. I’m very proud of the fight scenes because my team and I did the choreography. Yes, those ninja moves are mine!”

In fact, in a particularly exciting technical move, the animators did follow actual footage and fight choreography by Chan’s team, who performed all the hand-to-hand martial arts and wire work that served as the basis for the movie’s fight scenes. “It’s something that’s never been done before in an animated movie, and it makes it all feel very real,” said Lin. “And what’s fun is, we played with the restrictions of the LEGO mini-figs. It’s really fun seeing Jackie Chan martial arts action with LEGO mini-figs doing it. The arms don’t bend!”

The LEGO NINJAGO Movie hits theaters Sept. 22.

You know when I was watching this episode in Digimon Adventure Tri 17:

And then they have both Agumon and Gabumon coming down the water to where both Taichi & Yamato is, reaching out for them:

I have a sneaky suspicion that they will digivolve here:


Especially when both Agumon and Gabumon said they wanted to get stronger

And then, I’m feeling ecstactic, like, really ecstatic, like my mind was like, they’ll digivolve to their Mega’s? (and if that’s the case I will BE SO HAPPY!!! Especially since Wargreymon is my absolute favourite), but I’m like “Could this be for real? Is this going to really happen, like right to their Mega just after they are born”? It’s too good to be true T_T

And then the next scenes confirmed what I wanted to see THE MOST!


Now, I can just pretend the ‘reboot’ didn’t happen, because they seem to maintain their Digi-personality like before, and was able to regain their bond (like before), except for the most painful one to watch is Sora & Biyomon which made me feel sorry for her on my end (even though she isn’t my favourite character), because that must have been hard for her… Yokomon (as Biyomon) was also really cold towards her… that’s sad… ;_;

I actually think that how they made Agumon and Gabumon reach their Mega in this scene to be played out nicely, I mean, it’s really similar to how they first reach their Mega forms when they were battling against Venom Myotismon. Like both Taichi & Yamato did it at the same time, except the only difference this time is, you get Biyomon, Patamon & Tentamon reaching their Mega as well (in the same episode) :P Honestly, Biyomon, I can understand, that’s to rebuild their bond and she wanted to save Sora, but do we need both Patamon and Tentamon to digivolve to their Mega as well? You don’t need 3 mega’s to defeat Machinedramon lol. Like I felt that, both Tentamon and Patamon can reserve this at another time… What I’m trying to say here is, instead of having more time to watch what happened in this episode, the last portion of this episode was (in some way) wasted on having Tentamon / Patamon reaching it’s mega, so instead of having their Digivolution to it’s Mega more meaningful as well as wasting all that time to have both Digimon digivolving to it’s Champion, then Ultimate, and then Mega… and this is BOTH digimon here, how many minutes/seconds is wasted on this? Why can’t they save the time to ‘Mega Digivolve’ all in one go like Agumon and Gabumon??  

So, the only one we have left who haven’t reached its Mega form is…. Gatomon, Palmon & Gomamon… XD 

P.S: Not sure if that’s the real Jenite or not, but I have to say that his actions really disgusts me -_- Especially the part when he licked Sora’s face, wth -_-

Expressing time in Hungarian - vocabulary: days

Hungarian has three tenses: past, present and future. English has more than that. Don’t be surprised if some sample senteces aren’t translated the same way the vocabulary is, because they wouldn’t make sense in English.

This post will not teach you how to conjugate verbs depending on the tense.
This post will not teach you how exactly tenses work in Hungarian (=no grammar rules included, only vocab + sample sentences).

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Mega Medicham

Medicham-Mega @ Medichamite 
Ability: Pure Power  
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe  
Jolly Nature  
- High Jump Kick  
- Ice Punch  
- Thunder Punch  
- Fake Out

Moves: High Jump Kick is incredibly powerful and Mega Medicham’s strongest fighting stab. Ice Punch covers the bulky ground types like Landorus-T and grass types like Tangrowth and Amoonguss. Thunder Punch covers the flying types that aren’t weak to Ice Punch like Skarmory, as well as bulky water types like Toxapex. Fake Out provides vital chip damage and revenge killing. Zen Headbutt can also be used to take on the poison types, but Thunder Punch and Ice Punch generally covers nearly all of the relevant ones, only missing out on Mega Venusaur. 

Spread: Max speed with a Jolly nature allows Mega Medicham to outspeed anything up to base 100. Adamant can be used for the extra power, however, Jolly allows you to outspeed threats like offensive Landorus, making Jolly the better set usually. Max attack increases Mega Medicham’s already crazy damage output. Medichamite allows it to mega evolve into Mega Medicham. The ability before and after mega evolving is Pure Power, which doubles the attack of Mega Medicham. This creates a devastating force of an attacker. 

Team Support/Usage: Mega Medicham is a breaker that can smash through almost everything in the metagame. This allows it to perform amazingly against most balance, bulky offense, and semi-stall teams because it will usually get a kill whenever it gets a chance to come in. However, it can’t really do much against offense, due to its average speed and frailty. It also doesn’t do fantastic against stall because it’s walled by Mega Sableye pretty effectively. That isn’t to say that it’s useless against stall. In fact, if you can manage to weaken Sableye, then Mega Medicham will usually just win if they don’t have a Dugtrio. Pokemon that pair up well with Mega Medicham are going to be Pokemon like Tapu Koko, who can do well versus offense and act as a pivot to bring in Medicham, and Pokemon that can help break stall, like Heatran and Tapu Lele. 

Thanks everyone for reading! If anyone has any questions, comments, concerns, or requests, don’t hesitate to leave me an as, and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks!

anonymous asked:

Okay so, I was wondering...(for future reference ofc!) If Josuke was a Pokemon trainer, what kind of Pokemon(s) will he have? :0

Sorry for the really late reply, but I did get your asks, and I was both busy working on this piece as well as working on a couple of other requests, too.  >w>;; but, here it is! Following the Stardust Crusaders Pokemon pic, here’s the Main 4 for DiU.  :D 

In my idea for a JoJo x Pokemon game, Josuke would be the player character I’ve seen people mention how Josuke would have a Blissey due to Crazy Diamond’s healing, but in all honesty, I can’t imagine Crazy Diamond being a Blissey.  Crazy Diamond has a Gladiator and even knightly appearance, so Gallade felt like a better fit to me.  A Gallade with the Hidden Ability, Justified, along with Heal Pulse and Close Combat sounds like a good fit.  Plus, Gallde just fits with Josuke’s kind yet heroic and justified nature.

Battle Theme
Final Battle Theme
Okuyasu would be one of the rivals but he starts out antagonistic like stealing the package you’re supposed to deliver or something like that.  He and his big bro, Keichou, would be part of the evil organization (still need to work on that more) before Keichou gets out of commission (he doesn’t die in this idea along with Iggy, Kakyoin and Avdol).  He’d be a friendly rival after the antagonism’s over though he’ll share frustrations when he keeps losing.  For a while, I had people tell me that Lucario would be a good match for Jotaro, but I already planned for Okuyasu to have Lucario first and Machamp suited Star Platinum better.  Lucario’s colour scheme and more serious looking face fit The Hand’s scheme and inexpressive appearance.  Lucario is also a really powerful Pokemon, and The Hand is a powerful Stand.  However, both are under a knucklehead - a lovable and adorable knucklehead, but still a knucklehead.  And if anyone’s wondering, yes - Okuyasu’s wearing a beanie.  For some reason, I can see him wearing one.  >w>;; 

(Shares themes with Okuyasu)
Koichi’s character was more apparent since he strikes me as being a lot like Wally - especially Wally from OR/AS.  That transition from a meek and timid boy who grows stronger and gets more assertive, and determined, and becomes a man.  Koichi’s would also provide as your first travelling partner.  When it came to Pokemon, Koichi was the hardest to do because I had a set condition for the final evolution - to know the move Gravity to fit with Act 3′s attack.  However, the problem was trying to make the pre-evolutions fit Act 1 and Act 2.  Potentials included Claydol, Alakazam and Dusknoir: eliminated Claydol because it only had one pre-evolution and no Mega Evolution, and Dusknoir probably suited someone else (Vanilla Ice) better.  So it was between Alakazam and Metagross - it was close, especially how Kadabra’s Dex entry denotes it as a Pokemon that only determined and strong-willed people can train to lampshade Koichi’s character development, but Metagross’ line is a tough line in general to show Koichi’s persistence and said character development as well.  In the end, Metagross won just because shiny Metagross has a similar colour scheme to Act 3, and it can float and fly around more easily than Alakazam who walks along with having the Hidden Ability, Light Metal, which has the Pokemon’s weight halved.

Encounter Theme
Battle Theme
Rohan is probably your most oppressing rival out of the three as he makes it clear how there’s no way in hell you’re going to beat the Elite 4 and become Champion.  You? A scrubby newbie with a ridiculous fashion sense who lives in a hole? Ha! He doesn’t travel with you, but just “coincidentally” crosses paths.  Though he tends to use that as an opportunity to steal Koichi away.  Rohan’s signature was the easiest with Smeargle having the Sketch move and the ability, Technician (which is what most competitive Smeargles have).  Despite how Smeargle is considered a non-serious and even jokish Pokemon, Rohan’s Smeargle is a competitive player, so don’t bother underestimating it.  The normal theme is Silver’s to highlight Rohan’s more oppressive stance as your rival.  His battle theme is Gladion’s theme because though Gladion’s edgy (and I called him Mini Dio and Giorno too many times while playing Su/Mo), his battle theme is also appropriately dramatic, which suits Rohan quite well.

I know some are hit and miss or just plain strange choices, but this is just one interpretation, and I’m still a bit iffy with Koichi’s.  Anyway, I need to get some sleep.  >w>;;