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Can I claim the term “butch”?

Anonymous Asks:

“i feel a connection to the term butch, but it has a lot of history and specific significance for a lot of people and i’m not sure how well i fit the mold, so i’m hesitant to use it. i know i can identify however i want, but are there many people who identify as butch who aren’t stone and don’t bind?”

Dannielle Says:

I think you can and I think it’s amazing that you know enough to be hesitant. A lot of people adopt terms and don’t know what they mean or the history and just tout around like they own the thing. You are in a fucking dope position.

It’s really cool that you’re unsure because you have the opportunity to understand the term even more and then figure out exactly why you’re so connected to it.

I feel like what you’re really getting at here is, “I identify with this term, but if people question me and tell me I’m an asshole for using it, I won’t know what to say.” SO HERE IS WHAT I SUGGEST.


Learn a lot. Figure out where the term comes from and what it means to the people who originated that term. Learn why and how it has changed over the decades and find pieces of yourself all along the way. You don’t have to be the one perfect example of that term, but you do have to respect the term and know how to talk about it. So that when someone says, “whoa i thought butch was THIS SPECIFIC THINGY,” you have the ability to say “yea!! that is a huge part of why i feel connected to the movement, I’m shedding these blahblah standards, I don’t agree with the way society does yadda, etcetc” – BUT FILL IT IN WITH YOUR REAL FEELINGS.


Lyrics to We Are Ninjas - PTX

Ok guys, I’m gonna give this my best shot, and it’d be awesome if you guys could help me if I messed up some parts, because I’m really bad at this. 

We are ninjas,

We are turtles, 

We will save the day,

We are someday gonna,

Be the ones who lead the way,

Sing whoa,

Break outta your shell and lets go (x2)

Rising up like steam, 

From a sewer cap,

So mean, so green,

You better watch your back,

Slow and steady doesn’t win the race,

So quick, so slick, the thrill of the chase,

The time has finally come for us to be the greatest, 

Because heroes aren’t born they’re created,

Before our day begins, what every hero needs,

Is a big ol basic piece, of

Yo, give me that extra large pizza,

Pepperoni, with the Parmesan cheese, 


I have no idea what he says here

Comin’ hungry, hey we hungry,

Donatello needs a,

A masterpiece of pizza,

Fueling up before,

Shredder tries to beat ya,

Splinter teach us how to bring the thunder,

Cowa….. BUNGA

Here we go, come on!

We are ninjas,

We are turtles, 

We will save the day,

We are someday gonna be the ones who lead the way,

Sing whoa!

Break out of your shell and lets go! (x2)

I did my best, some parts I just can’t understand what they’re saying, so if you could help me and send me the lyrics I missed in my ask box that would be great!