not one of those bull piercings

Weird Humans Prompt: piercings

Okay. Think about it. Humans mutilate themselves, all over, for various reasons. Tattoos, decorative scarring, PIERCINGS…

So I picked one because there are just some piercings that baffle the ever loving duck ( not a typo for once) out of me. Like the septum. Because that’s what you give an unruly bull to make it behave when grabbed. Eyebrows. Nose, lips, tongue, NECK. I’ve seen a lot, like quite a few, and I thought - what would aliens think about nipple or penis or clitoral piercings? I mean, there are neck, ear, back, leg, cheek piercings that make ME cringe because, whoa, shit, what if those RIPPED OUT. Two of the many formerly mentioned in such unmentionable spots has me crossing my legs.

I myself have my ears pierced.

But. Sexual organ piercing. Let’s start there. Narrow it way down. Because, really, what the actual FUCK.

Say a male sexed human was injured and he’s lifted back to the ship and they’re removing his ragged uniform and suddenly there is a clamor. Did the Natives of this world mutilate his sexual organ?!? Cause he would have a Jacob’s ladder or a Prince Albert or any number of piercings and if the alien bros of the ship hadn’t ever seen it before? HOW WOULD THEY KNOW IT WASN’T TORTURE? I mean, come ON. One infection and shit down there could fall off! Can you just see the head of medical loosing their mind out of horror-worry-fear because if they took them out, would their human live? Could he survive that? Because they’ve accidentally more than once seen or caused the sudden hurt to the male genitalia and that brings even their biggest warriors to their knees momentarily. At the least.

And if he comes to and asks what’s going on and everyone asks how he withstood the torture to his race advancing tackle - he’d just laugh his ass off. Seriously. “I got this done on a dare at 19” and he would just be all nonchalant. Because it’s been years and it sure as hell doesn’t hurt.

Their faces. Just… imagine.

A little survey...

OK, so for awhile now, the BIGGER i’m getting, the beastlier I’m becoming I just want to get a piercing, a particular one at that! I’ve never had any body mod stuff done, but those hoop nose piercings you know? The septum piercing? I’ve wanted that MORE and MORE! 

I’ve had coworkers/friends say “Oh god don’t get that, you’ll look even more like an animal/bull than you do!” (really though that doesn’t dissuade me..if anything commenting it’s gonna make me look like a wild fucking beast is just getting me MORE into the idea!)

I’m just hesitating because I really really hate like..runny noses and nose stuff like that, and those same people are swearing it’ll like triple my sinus infection rate etc..I dunno. So this isn’t a binding survey by any means, but what do you guys say? 

Big thick gauge metal bull hope piercing, Yay or Nay?

Yet more in the Anders Meets the Inner Circle series: Blackwall!

(Blackwall | Cullen | Cole | Dorian | The Iron Bull)

His first impression of Blackwall wasn’t much. They meet almost in passing, as he’s led past a motley mob of companions and advisors; Blackwall grunts in acknowledgement of the Inquisitor’s measured introduction, and mumbles some greeting Anders can barely even hear.

He doesn’t look like much, with his drooping facial hair and heavy eyebrows, shield and sword slung together over the back of the bench. Just another hired sword, Anders figures: he’s well aware of the value of a sturdy soldier in the front lines, but he’s not had much luck with befriending them in the past. If this Blackwall can follow orders and keep his no-doubt unpleasant opinions to himself, Anders thinks, then he’ll call it a win.

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