not one of my best but

Harry Styles is an amazing actor and all but I’ll only accept him as the new James Bond if he is allowed to wear one of his floral gucci suits in the movie and that’s the tea

queenofthecrackpit  asked:

are you able to draw unicorns? >w>

I’d like to think I can… ;)

But I can also hear my horse loving sister and friends screaming in agony x’D

i finally got to watch call me by your name for the first time and oh my god, please, nobody talk to me for the next two weeks

i would like to thank mexican pop group rbd for teaching me basically 100% of the spanish i know which 10 years later would help me fully experience the joy that is flozmin


Getting hugs from her supportive family & friends

I don’t know much about sports, but those guys sure do a good job of running. 


Congratulations Guillermo del Toro on winning Best Director for Shape of Water in the 2018 Golden Globes

“Since childhood I’ve been faithful to monsters. I have been saved and absolved by them. Because monsters, I believe, are the patron saints of our blissful imperfections…”

“For twenty-five years I have hand crafted very strange little tales made of motion, colour, light and shadow. And in many of these instances—in three precise instances—these strange stories, these fables—have saved my life.”

“Once with Devil’s Backbone, once with Pan’s Labyrinth and now with Shape of Water. Because as directors, these things are not just entries in a filmography. We have made a—a deal, with a particularly inefficient Devil; that trades three years of our lives for one entry on iMDB.”

“And these things, are biography and they are alive.”