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So,,,, remember last year, when I was spewing headcanons for a barisi camp counselor AU? I have a snippet that I really wanted to share. What’s under the read-more was supposed to be the last chapter of a multi-chapter fic I was thinking of doing at the time, but I decided that borders on overload for me, so I was thinking of just posting the cute snippets I wrote instead. 

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so i’ve been saying for like 2 months i would draw @giveemhelkid and then tiffany told me to draw winnie the pooh art and then she had a really good picture up of her with a dog filter so yeah i just turned the dog filter into winnie the pooh

reasons to love rita skeeter : 

  • aesthetically driven
  • was a reporter through the first war which is pretty ballsy 
  • “i’ve read worse” was a review she put on quidditch: through the ages and they published it with that quote on the back, that’s how much clout she holds in the community 
  • all the puns, basically leslie knope-ing it up with headlines but these are shorter and wittier
  • not to mention, baby girl loves alliteration 
  • has a job of just reading people in the most savage way possible - who cares if some ( most ) of it is made up! she’s got that hot goss 
  • even if her stories are shaded with lies she has the master ability to sneak around undetected so there is just enough truth to her articles that can truly get at someone 
  • has an insatiable fanbase 
  • do you think her and lockhart could have been a thing? because i sure do 
  • and yet people still want to chill and drink with her but honestly i do too so i can’t even blame them 
  • she got absolutely wrecked by hermione which is fun because they continue to have an amazing back and forth
  • can you even imagine how that relationship developed in the future? get me 
  • she was able to write a 900 page book in four weeks you gotta admire that kind of drive she knows what the people want
  • she probably wrote a biography about harry and came up with a lot of insane stuff to say, ensuring that the rest of their lives harry would get rita-induced headaches in interviews prompting him about one of her lies 
  • wrote a book about dumbledore’s army because, again, she has her finger on the pulse of what the readers want 
  • she literally got the shit jinxed out of her by ginny 

anonymous asked:

heyyyy lovely SO; i was wondering if you could maybe write something about being best friends with cassian + crew and like coming out as a lesbian to them?? i love you lots and appreciate u so much :))

You glanced up at Cassian, your best friend, as you sat a few feet away from him in the battered old U-wing. You were working on repairing your blaster, whilst he was writing a mission report.

Biting your lip, you decided to risk telling him. After all, he’d been like a brother to you over the years; surely you could trust him?


“Hmm?” he hummed, not looking up from his report. You breathed out slowly.

“What would you say if I told you I was gay?” you blurted out, your eyes fixed on the floor.

Cassian stared at you for a few moments, before smiling slightly.

“Would it affect how well you perform on missions?” he asked, his tone unreadable. You frowned slightly.


He looked up and grinned at you. “Then it’s none of my business. But I am happy that you told me.”

You felt a wave of relief wash over you, and you smiled back at him.

“You think I should tell the rest of the team?” you asked. Cassian chuckled.

“You can, but they already know.”

“Wait, what?” you asked in confusion. “But I’ve only told you!”

“You didn’t have to tell us, (Nickname). You’ve never been very subtle,” he teased, moving to wrap an arm around your shoulders. You rolled your eyes, poking his side.

“I’m still a better spy than you.”

“Keep telling yourself that.”


Phil: One time I had my fly unzipped the whole time until a mom said “We saw everything!” and I was like “Oh, no”.

Dan and Phil @ Night of Community - VidCon 2017