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I've been thinking about making my own yogurt now that I live in an actual home again. I've done a bit of reading about the process but I was wondering how you go about it. Do you use pasteurized milk? Do you have an incubator?

i make the world’s laziest yogurt, basically to make yogurt the way i do you will need

  • a half gallon of whole milk (i just use whatever is cheapest at the store even though i know i should be using less pasteurized)
  • a half cup of plain yogurt
  • a crockpot big enough to hold a half gallon of milk
  • some spare blankets or towels or something

then i just dump the milk into the crockpot and turn it on low for 2 ½ hours, turn the crockpot off and let it sit there for three hours, then mix the yogurt into the warm milk, then wrap the crockpot in blankets to insulate and leave it for eight hours. then i have a crockpot full of yogurt! but usually i have to strain it for a while to get it the consistency i want it. anyway it is an extremely not-technical yogurtmaking technique and in order to be self-sustaining you pretty much end up having to make a half gallon of yogurt every week… though you end up with less than that if you strain it, particularly if you’re making labneh (i love labneh so much omg). but if you eat a lot of yogurt and have a crockpot it works out really nicely.

Meet Bean. @aliceisaboob called him Bean from the beginning at it just stuck. “the tiny, bean with no AU.”
it was destroyed so now he just universe jumps till he finds one that is nice enough.
tiny and insecure, he needs someone positive and supportive to make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid.
Bean stole a hoodie from one of the passing universes as his last one was trashed. It’s a little big…
he cant fully close his left eye and he rood. He just needs protection from his self hate plz.

the kanamari arc makes sense. just saying. i just think people tend to forget how being a fifteen year old makes you feel.

so kanan met mari when they were kids. kanan must have noticed the difference between them back then: mari had tons of money and she did not. but she probably didn’t care when she was still a kid and money and actual responsabilities and their futures were things that didn’t matter.

mari was offered the abroad thing and i bet that when kanan knew it, she thought this: i won’t ever leave this town. dia will also stay. mari is the only one that has a chance. she needs to take it and be shiny. so she decided that she would do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING for mari to leave the town and be succesful. she had to take the chances she was given (and maybe she was also lowkey jealous).

mari comes back. kanan treats her like that because she’s mad because mari is wasting her chance (a chance kanan could only dream of) and because she isn’t being thankful. kanan wonders why the heck mari is back at the town wasting a chance so many people would instantly take. maybe she also thinks she’s acting spoiled (and that doesn’t help her feel better).

mari slaps her. she waits for kanan to slap her as well. kanan wants to, but then she actually sees everything (mari, one of her best friends ever is waiting for her to slap her) and hugs her like when they were kids because there are some friendship things we won’t ever be able to explain but aren’t less credible or occurring.

no one is abusive. no one is a bad person. they’re just teens. and most of teens like to do what they want: mari wanted to stay and kanan wanted mari to be succesful and happy and didn’t realize mari was happy there. again: people tend to forget how being a teen feels, and how much one can love a friend.


Do you want this?
Let’s face it, the fandom has been a bit traumatic lately what with one thing and another and I feel like spreading some happy. Since it seems like this is pretty popular, I will give it away. You can then be judged by Scully for all eternity. The second pic is just so you can see the size - it is drawn on to A4 parchment paper and is a mix of pastel and oil pencils. Just comment if you want it and I will do a random number generator thingy tomorrow night 11pm GMT? I will then mail it out to wherever in the world you live. Feel free to reblog. I don’t mind if you don’t follow me but would still like to have it.

For anyone who wonders what I do in my actual daily life, here is a WIP of something I actually get paid to do: handprint art! For people who want something personalized and adorable of their childs but can only stand to look at a turkey hand for so long.
I love making these for families to hang on their kids walls! I’ve done all kinds of fandoms and characters and animals, though my most popular are Disney, Star wars and Superheroes.


Silver: *wants to live somewhere nice, somewhere nobody tries to kill him, somewhere there is no war*
Also Silver: *becomes the closest confident of a Pirate who wants to go to war with Englad and fall in love with a Queen who needs to fight for the sake of her people*


Hi im noora and i guess my knack is art?? The first two are bday cards for my friends (theyre album covers) done with markers and the third one is a painting for art class on the topic of “motherland” but i think theyre neat