not one but two!

so I said something about mezato and takenaka having the eccentric shounen detective vibe and guess what

yep its an AU

in which mezato is an independent reporter who’s famous for not knowing what fear or common sense is when it comes to investigation, and takenaka is a telepath trying to stay alive

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Listen. Daniel busted his ass to improve ranking, helped others along the way, is versatile and capable of being every position, was never center, or greedy to be, yet STILL shone every group battle, helped choreograph Get Ugly, led his team to victory for Open Up, admitted to his faults and need of improvement while being leader, took the position spot he didn’t necessarily want because the ones in the position he wanted wouldn’t have been good at it and he didn’t want them to fail, CHOREOGRAPHED “HANDS ON ME”, AND YALL UGLIES OUT HERE STILL SAYING HE DOESN’T DESERVE THE CENTER POSITION FOR WANNA ONE. 

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So I heard somewhere that the reason why we haven't heard from Yousef and Sana was beccause they are still hugging. They apparently haven't moved in a week. So tonight, we will get a clip called Maghrib 2 in which Elias and Eskild find Yousana frozen stuck to each other. What happens in the clip is that they try to tear them apart but Yousana is too icy.

Can someone please fucking tell me why you hate William so much? This boy, like every other character, has had his ups and downs but how can you not see how much he has progressed??? It makes me extremely angry when people are so hateful to William because I personally think he has had the most positive change in the series. He went from an asshole fuckboy who didn’t give a shit about anyone else but himself to someone who’s main goal in life was to make his gf happy and do better in the world, for himself and others. I can’t believe there are so many of you out there hating on him. The things you say are appalling and ignorant and you are being more abusive then you claim to be. Honestly you don’t even have to like William because we all have different opinions on characters but the amount of unnecessary hate towards him is disgusting and needs to stop. Have you not noticed that the people who hate on noorhelm and William are some of the main problem starters in this fandom??? Really, all I’m trying to say is that although you can hate William all you want please stop bringing your upsetting hate to this happy fandom (and PLEASE STOP HATING ON THE ACTOR BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT THEIR CHARACTER OMFG)

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hi there, happy to see you back on tumblr! is there a chance you'll draw some Val!Wilkinson? he's so cute (and he had birthday at the beginning of June) ;)

Thank you, Anon! I’m happy to be back and drawing again ^_^

And here’s Val!Wilkinson:

Quast!vert wanted to be drawn too :)
(because really, how can I draw just one of them?)

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Lucas, on a scale of 1 - 10, how gay are you?

Lucas: these questions are a little intrusive, are they not ?
Claus: Yep. Tis’ the glory of opening yourself up to strangers on the internet. 

Lucas: that is okay !
Lucas: what do you mean by how gay i am though ? do you mean how often i find men attractive ? because then i am probably a four. 
Claus: Oh, that’s not so bad-

Lucas: but if you are asking how much i am in love with ness, then i am an eleven !!!!!!!!
Lucas: come on, claus ! help me out here.
Claus: Sometimes I wish that car killed me.

[Lucas is taking questions!]

Me talking norwegian:
- Nei Vilde.
- Du trenger pikk Noora.
- Åh hosianna, Hevenu shalom
Fem fine frøkner ska aldri dra hjem
- Fy fæn, Jeg har en boner.
- Slutte å vandre rundt som en jævla klisje.


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Oh! What do baby skeletons eat? Well, Papyrus he um, fed from my chest! But Sans he was premature, and I fed him using magic transference, using my hand. However, if the little ones are already eating apple sauce, and protein packets, you are feeding them quite well already. But uh... Zero has one of the boys with him!? That is a tiny skeleton, not adventure baby! Is it safe, Taffy? Where did he go to with little babybones?

“Good… t-that’s good… we, eh, t-tried transference, b-but they were very cold when Zero found them, so we wanted to get something warm into them… a-and Zero is, eh, sleeping right now. He made a pile of blankets and things in the corner… ”

“They really seem to hate being separated… the babies, I mean… but, eh, I needed to get up a-and check to see if our distress signal came through? I’m… I’m just… glad we did okay, you know? A-and that they’re not crying any more… ”

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You have hit nail on the head. Being a parent is just that, trying. And hoping that you are able to be raising healthy, happy children. You may find days where life is peaceful and you are happier than ever. You may find days where, and I'm not going to coat it in sugar, you may wonder why you even found them. But when those thoughts come in, take a step back and think on happy times and try to figure out what might be happening, yes? And that... Is what being a parent means, at least to me.

“I know you’re the more experienced parent here, Wingdin… but believe me, I understand it’s not all, eh, smiles and giggles a-and new baby smell… Zero and I didn’t sleep at all until we stopped here to resupply. Our focus was completely on making sure the babies were warm and safe.”

“But, eh, even with our efforts, they cried almost the whole way, which is why we were so worried we’d made them sick… or that being in stasis for so long had hurt them somehow. But I want to… to at least try. I think. A-and I’m sure my parents will want to help us as best they can… ”