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Can I just say ur art of the once-ler is like the Icon of Onceler fanart now. Everytime I search up once-ler anywhere, ur pieces are always there. Its beautiful

omg,,,idk about icon but yeah actually ive noticed that my art shows up whenever i do any kind of onceler related search on google images, and this is a result of ppl reposting my art onto pinterest etc over and over orz but what you said is a nice way to think about it so thank you! :,)

Are you fucking KIDDING ME!? I haven’t seen anything onceler related for months and I reblog ONE oncest post and then my computer froze and kept playing How Bad Can I Possibly Be on loop for 5 minutes and I finally shut it off and turned on the tv in this house I’m sitting and not only was the Lorax on tv it was at the literal start of the song. Satan saw me reblog that post and is punishing me.