not once did he look up from this interview

I would like to talk about something serious, I recently saw a post that said something FAKE about John. How I know this? Because the interview they were referring to I had read, and John didn’t say any of it. The person claimed that John said he loved abusing woman especially Gilda Radner and that is NOT true. It’s a huge rumor that John abused woman, but he didn’t. John was devestated by all the rumors. In a REAL interview he said:

“I was walking to NBC studios when a newspaper guy threw me a newspaper while saying "hey Belushi take a look at this” I looked at the front of it and it says ‘Comedian John Belushi abuses woman" I started reading into it more and saw all the lies about me, once I looked up I noticed mothers hiding their daughters from me, and men giving me dirty looks, everyone in New York City thought I was a monster, I was devestated.“

So, please know that John Belushi did NOT abuse women. He never landed a hand on a woman a matter a fact. Please don’t believe this awful rumor about a kind man.