not once did he look up from this interview

The Fans Were Right

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Prompt: after you and Shawn both become famous fans start shipping you together

a/n; originally I was going to do two parts but I decided to just make it one longer imagine!

Word Count: 1435

Pairing: Shawn Mendes X Reader

Y/N’s P.O.V

4 years ago

“Sorry!” A boy practically shrieked after he bumped into me, I laughed softly, “It’s okay.” I replied as he helped me pick my stuff up, “I’m just in a rush and I wasn’t paying attention.” He rambled, “It’s okay, don’t worry.” I answered smiling, “I’m Y/N.” I said standing up straight, “Shawn.” He replied smiling.


That was the day I met my best friend, Shawn Mendes. We’re both pretty successful now, he’s a singer, he gets told he’s the next Justin Bieber, because of how his popularity is sky rocketing and as for me, I’m an actress. Mostly known for my role in Teen Wolf.

“Reunited last night!” I captioned my picture on Instagram of Shawn and I from the previous night. I locked my phone as I saw comments flooding in, fans ship us frequently but I’m not sure either of us feel this way. I stood up from my bed as I thought about our relationship, in high school I used to have the biggest crush on him but as we both became more well known it started to drift away- relationships aren’t exactly the most important thing for either of us right now. I trudged downstairs as my thoughts continued to wonder to Shawn.

He’s very sweet and caring, he knows basically everything about me, not to mention he’s good looking. I shook my head at the thought, “I don’t have time for a relationship, besides he seems to be crushing on Camilla.” I mumbled to myself as I walked into my kitchen. I shrugged it off, neither of us have time for relationships right now. I put my oatmeal in the microwave and sat down well I waited. I unlocked my phone and started scrolling through my mentions on Twitter. I saw one tweet with a picture of me and Shawn from high school. “They were even cute four years ago, I think they’d be a great couple!” I read from the tweet. I smiled blushing slightly and saved the picture.

Opening my messages I scrolled down to Shawn’s messages, I added the picture, “saw this on Twitter, made me remember how goofy we were in freshman year.” I typed out before pressing send and going to get my breakfast. I sat back down eating slowly, messing around on my phone as I waited for it to be time to get ready for the day.

I grew anxious as I finished having my dress be zipped up, the teen choice awards were tonight. I’ve been to them before, but I still get nervous for these types of events. “I heard Shawn’s going to be here.” My hair stylist almost squealed as she fixed my hair. I rolled my eyes jokingly, “Yeah he is.” I smiled slightly, “Are you going to talk to him?” She asked, “Of course, he’s my best friend.” I laughed, she nodded as I looked in the mirror, “Yeah, I forgot about that.” She admitted sheepishly.

I laughed along with her, the laughter slowly died down, “Well, I better get going.” I said seeing the driver ready to go, she nodded, “Have fun!” She replied as she started cleaning up her stuff, I smiled in return as I walked out the door. “Thank you.” I told the driver as he opened my door, “You’re welcome.” He replied.

The car pulled slowly to a stop as I looked through the tinted windows seeing a sea of people, interviewers lined up on the side of the carpet, I stepped out as my door was opened. Smiling and waving slightly as the screams increased. I started my long walk towards the actual orange carpet, smiling once again as I approached the cameras and interviewers. I stepped aside for my first interview, “Good to see you again Y/N!” He smiled, I recognized him as an interviewer from an interview I did a while ago. “Good to see you as well!” I greeted cheerily. I glanced around quickly before returning my attention to him.

“How has filming for a new season of Teen Wolf been?” He asked holding the microphone in front of me, “It’s been great, we actually just finished the filming for season five.” I answered, he nodded happily before continuing to ask me more questions.

I tripped forward almost falling but regaining my balance, I turned to see Shawn had walked into me, “Hey stranger.” I joked as the camera was still on us. “Hey.” He laughed and greeted the interviewer. “Well I really would like to stay and talk but I’ve got to get going.” Shawn said glancing away towards Camilla. I felt a tinge of jealousy and hurt at that but shrug it off, he hugged me quickly kissing my cheek before rushing off.

I finished off the interview before going on to the next one and the next one, until I finally finished and was able to get inside. I took my seat next to Jack and Jack. “Hey.” I smiled at the two boys, I haven’t seen them in a while. “Hey.” “Hello.” They chorused, “Who’s sitting next to me do you know?” I asked glancing around, “Shawn.” Johnson replied, Gilinsky nodded in agreement. I nodded slightly, staying silent, I’ve had a sudden realization today, my feelings for Shawn are definitely still there and I’ve felt awkward since that run in during the interview.

“You okay?” Johnson asked at the same time I heard Shawn say hey. I turned to my other side and saw Shawn sitting down, “Can we switch seats? Please?” I whispered to Johnson who was sitting right next to me, he looked confused but agreed anyways. Quickly I stood up and he slid over to my seat as I sat in his. Shawn leaned forward and looked at me confused. “Why did she do that?” I heard him whisper to Jack, I turned away and started talking to Gilinsky as Johnson answered with a simple, “I don’t know.”

next morning

I groaned as I woke up to my phone ringing. I grew confused seeing Shawn calling me at 7:00am, I answered it being worried of something being wrong, “Hello?” I asked, “Y/N.” He sighed, “Why did you act like that last night, now everyone’s saying we aren’t friends anymore.” He added on, I became annoyed at what he said, “Is that all you care about?” I snapped into the phone, “That people are saying we aren’t friends anymore?” I added on, I heard him sigh again. “No of course that’s not all I care about.” He replied.

I sat up in my bed before answering, “Okay.” I responded shortly. “Why were you ignoring me?” He asked. My breathing hitched momentarily, “Shouldn’t you be talking to Camilla?” I asked bitterly, immediately gasping at what I said, “I didn’t mean it like that.” I rushed out instantly. He laughed softly, “Can I come over?” He asked catching me off guard, “Uh sure.” I replied, “Alright, see you soon.” He replied hanging up.

I jumped up and quickly made my self look decent.

“Hi.” I said opening the door to reveal Shawn. “Good morning.” He replied making me remember it was still early. “Oh yeah, good morning.” I laughed softly. I felt him staring at me as I walked into the living room, he followed behind me after shutting the front door. “I’m sorry for what I-” he cut me off as he pushed his lips to mine. I froze not responding to his movements, “I shouldn’t of done that.” He mumbled pulling back, I didn’t say anything, just watched as he rubbed the back of his neck nervously. “Shawn-” “No I should’ve asked you first and-” I cut him off this time pressing my lips to his.

I pulled back just enough to talk, my lips ghosting over his, “Shut up and kiss me.” I mumbled watching as his eyes shut and he did as told. My arms wrapped around his neck and his around my waist pulling me closer, my fingers lightly moved through his hair at the back of his neck. He pulled back to take a breath, “Woah.” He breathed out making me laugh. “Woah.” I reiterated, he laughed before hugging me, burying his head in my neck, “Be my girlfriend?” He asked quietly, “Yes.” I answered smiling. The fans were right.

Sam Winchester-Stop hiding

Title: Stop hiding

Pairings: Sam Winchester x reader

Word count:1816

Okay, this is a random thought I got whilst watching supernatural.. it is a smut so yes I was watching Sam and his body just distracted me… Anyway… Sam and the reader have been dating for a while, their sex life is normal, but, whenever he goes to touch her (like she’ll touch him and stuff so whenever he goes to repay the favour) she makes excuses. Sam wonders why the reader won’t let him touch her and is forced to talk about it. 

Warnings: Smuttyyyyy

You and the boys had just finished a very weird case. You had killed a shape-shifter who was taking place as monsters from old movies. On the plus side you got to tease Dean who ended up getting dressed up like Hansel. 

You were now on a different case, a case that involved a pompous, dick-head who could read body language and people.  Dean was out asking question, interviewing suspects whilst Sam and you hung back. 

You both did research but you couldn’t stop yourself from glancing up every once in a while and looking towards your boyfriend. You loved the way his jaw would clench softly and his eyes would roam over the page. 

His long slender fingers wiping the corner of his lips as he pulled at the plump flesh between his white teeth. He looked up, catching your gaze as he gave you a sweet smile. 

You smiled back at him, cheeks slightly tinged red as you looked back down. 

‘’When’s Dean getting back?’’You asked as you glanced towards the clock. Sam did the same, hair tucked neatly behind his ear before squinting at the numbers. 

‘’Erhh.. Another hour I think’’Sam replied as he looked back at you, hands resting on the edge of his laptop keyboard. You got up, chair scrapping backwards. Sam watched you, following you with his eyes as you stood behind him. 

He turned his head up to you, smiling at you as you leaned down and pecked his lips. He turned his head back, fingers typing fastly as you wrapped your arms around his shoulders and leaned your head in the crook of his neck.

He continued to scroll down the screen, eyes absorbing the words. You sighed, breath fanning his neck as you pecked his soft skin. He just smiled, chuckling slightly before you started to trail wet kisses up his neck. 

You kissed below his ear knowing that was his weak spot. He stilled when you opened your mouth, nibbling on his lobe before sucking playfully on his neck. 

‘’(Y/n)’’He groaned as his eyelids fluttered. ‘’We have to research’’He grunted. You just hummed against his salty skin, the tanned complexion turning a breath taking red. 

Sam closed his eyes shut, fingers digging into the wood of the chair as you pulled away from his neck before coming to the front of him and straddling his lap. He let out a shaky breath, hands cupping your waist as he kissed you. 

The kiss turned heated and sloppy, his hands trailing down to your thighs as he rubbed them gently. You pulled away from away from him and crouched to the floor. He let out a inaudible gasp when he saw your position, fingers digging further into the chair. 

‘’Baby, I don’t know if we have ti-’’He cut himself off when your fingers hooked through his jeans, pulling them painfully slow down his thighs. You leaned over, taking him in your mouth as you skipped all the teasing and got to it. 

Sam’s hand found your hair, weary at first since he hated pushing you and would let you go at your own speed. His hand rested on your head, not pushing but resting, as his fingers tangled into your (h/c) locks. 

The phone rang, vibrating as it moved on the wood of the table. Sam grunted, hips slightly lifting off the chair as he let out a gasp. 

‘’S-shit’’He muttered before answering the call. You payed no attention, focusing on Sam and Sam only as you brought him closer to the end. His hands started to get heavier as he glanced down at you, biting his lip. 

‘’Y-yeah. Got it, D-Dean’’Sam stuttered as he desperately clenched his eyes shut. ‘’Y-yeah. I’m fine’’Sam coughed trying to act natural so Dean wouldn’t think someone was holding a gun to his head and Sam had to act normal. 

Dean finally bought his act and Sam set the phone down a cry ringing from his lips as his hips hovered above the chair. It took a lot from Sam not the thrust upwards in fear that he’d hurt you. You and Sam had done this before, you had had sex before but you had always had an excuse whenever he tried to please you. 

You pulled back, wiping your mouth as Sam pulled up his jeans. He let his head hang back as he panted, chest rising and falling with heavy breaths. You made your way to the toilet as you washed your face before brushing your teeth so if you had to kiss Sam he wouldn’t be tasting himself. 

‘’Did I ever tell you I had the best girlfriend ever?’’Sam chuckled as he pulled you onto his lap and kissed you sweetly. You kissed him back, your breath now tasting of mint as this time the kiss was slow and sweet. 

His hand traced circles above your knee cap, slowly gliding further up as his own fingers hooked into the waistband of the material. You pulled back quickly, your own nimble fingers removing his as you jumped off his lap. 

‘’Better get back to researching’’You smiled. Sam sighed, looking at you for a moment before sitting back up and typing on his laptop. The whole time he kept looking up at you with a disappointed look. 

It’s not because he was mad at you for not letting him touch you, it was because he felt guilty and hurt. Hurt that you didn’t want him to touch you, and guilty that he felt like he was selfish, getting all the pleasure and not returning any. 

Sam thought back to all the other times that you had stopped him and realised that it was a re-occurring thing. Not wanting to push you, Sam got on with the research and waited for Dean to call. 


‘’Well, that was fun’’You laughed as you took off your sweaty jacket and flopped back on the bed. 

‘’Tell me about it! I’ll see you guys tomorrow’’Dean yawned tiredly before making his way back to his room. You closed your eyes, moaning sweetly when you felt a hot pair of lips kiss up your chest and to your neck. 

You smiled, fingers locking in his long locks. ‘’Mmm… Sam’’You whispered as he hummed against your skin. He crawled over you, his large body keeping your warm as he sucked on your neck. 

It was all going well until his hand started to make it’s way down your stomach and rested on your belt. His steady fingers were about to undo the belt buckle before your hand shot out to clasp his. 

He sighed against yours skin, eyes closing as he pulled back. ‘’Let’s get some sleep, yeah. I’m exhausted’’You lied as you made your way into the main room and sat down on the chair at the table before yanking your boots off. 

Sam followed, sighing as he sat down in the other chair and undone his boots too. He tapped his fingers against the laptop, clicking his tongue against the roof of his mouth as he looked up at you before letting his eyes flicker back down to his laptop. He squirmed, the thought of not knowing what was wrong, killing him as he suffered in silence. 

He finally had enough, blurting it out a little more sudden that he had meant. 

‘’Why won’t you let me touch you’’He blurted out, coughing when he realised he had said it. You froze, looking up at him with wide eyes as he sat up in his chair, closing his laptop screen. 

‘’What?’’You laughed nervously. ‘’Sam, that’s ridiculous, of course you’ve touched me, we’ve slept together’’You answered, avoiding his direct question. He sighed, rubbing his face as he got up and walked around to you.Your cheek tinted red, eyes avoiding his as he sat up on the table in front of you. 

‘’You know that’s not what I mean, (Y/n)’’ Sam whispered. You ignored his words as you continued to take off your shoes. ‘’Is it me or…’’He trailed off with a hurt expression. 

You stopped your actions, getting up as you stood between his legs. ‘’Of course it’s not, don’t ever think that’’You whispered as you kissed his lips. 

‘’Then what is it, (Y/n). Because I’m starting to think it is me, every time I go to touch you, you make up an excuse or stop me’’Sam added. You looked down, falling silent as he watched you. 

‘’Baby, talk to me’’he pleaded as he hooked his fingers under your chin and forced you to look at him. 

‘’I just-’’You stuttered out as you scratched the back of your head. He nodded at you, signalling you to go on. ‘’I just get….scared..’’You mumbled awkwardly. 

‘’Scared?’’He repeated with a soft voice. 

‘’Like, I don’t know how to explain it. One, I’m insecure, so I don’t really want.. you know. Two, I just get nervous about the sounds I make or- you know I really not comfortable talking about this’’You grunted as you poorly explained what you could. 

Sam’s brows was furrowed the whole time. ‘’Baby, you shouldn’t feel uncomfortable, we’re a couple now and I want you to feel comfortable talking to me about anything. And there’s no need to be insecure, you’re beautiful, and the way you sound also had nothing to do with it, don’t be shy’’He smiled gently as he brushed a strand of hair behind your ear. 

‘’Why does it even bother you, I thought you’d like the fact that it’s about you’’You shrugged as you sat back down and yanked off your shoes. Sam scoffed, not in a mean way but a disbelieving way. 

‘’Believe it or not, (Y/n). But guys like to touch girls too. And I want to, I want to make you happy, I want to make you feel good. Please just let me’’He sighed as he flashed you his puppy dog eyes. 

‘’Sam, I don’t know.. I can-’’

‘’Please’’He begged as he jumped off the table and grasped your hand in his. You looked at him, cheeks burning as you stayed silent, him watching your face, trying to grasp your reactions. 

‘’No, Sam. I can’t’’You sighed as his body slumped forward. His face was sad and slightly hurt but he didn’t push you as he leaned forward and kissed your forehead. 

You crawled into bed, careful not to wake up a sleeping Sam as you finally got ready for bed. You tucked yourself under Sam’s arms, leaning up and pecking his lips. 

Sam was awake but he stayed ‘’asleep’’ until you had buried yourself in his chest. He opened his eyes, a sad look marking them as he turned onto his back and tried to figure out how to make you feel comfortable around him. 

Shutting his eyes he finally decided to get some sleep but he wouldn’t give up on you yet. 

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could you do one where the reader and spencer once dated didn't end so well, but they have to still work together and they have hatred for each other then while working on a case the U sub takes the reader and spencer doesn't realize what he left behind and they rescue her and they get admit they never stopped loving eahch other and lots of fluff (sorry if that's confusing )

Can you do imagine reid x reader based on we don’t talk anymore charlie puth song. The reader leave because spencer choosing maeve than her and few years later spencer realise that he can’t move on. Thankyouu

Not Anymore Part 1

Note- The team didn’t know about their relationship-

We don’t talk anymore, we don’t talk anymore
We don’t talk anymore, like we used to do
We don’t love anymore
What was all of it for?
Oh, we don’t talk anymore, like we used to do

Love was a force that inspired a lot of things. The magic of the feeling inspired a lot of things; poems, songs, stories, cheesy movies and that sort of thing. It was so addicting that even with the great risk of breaking your heart or losing the one you love due too unforeseen circumstances, we mere humans all flock to it like a moth to a flame.

When you first started having feelings for Dr. Reid, it felt so…warm. When he returned his affections you felt like you were wrapped in a blanket of protection and care. The both of you created beautiful memories in your time together.

It seemed the closest to perfect that two humans could possible have until Spencer started having headache problems, which led him to call a geneticist, Meave Donovan.

It’s funny….how that one call led to a relationship- if you could call it that. It was filled with meeting each other in secret behind your back, hushed phone calls, hidden messages. When you found out about her, you were heartbroken. Even with the constant reminders from Spencer that they weren’t doing anything sexual or even kissed, it still hurt you.

I just heard you found the one you’ve been looking for

“Spencer.” You approached him one morning, face still red from crying, eyes bloodshot. After a few months of dating you two had moved in together. At first it made you happy, everything of yours mixed together with his, but now you just wanted to take all of his belongings and throw them out the window or burn them. “You need to tell me the truth.”

He looked up from his coffee mug, eyebrows furrowing. “What do you want to know?” He questioned. You took a deep breath, about to begin when his phone buzzed. Your heart panged when you saw her name, and it felt almost soul-crushing when he turned away from you to start answering her back.

“This is exactly what I’m talking about.” You laughed wryly, your hand going though your hair. “You need to get your priorities in order. When the rare occasion occurs that we don’t have cases, we should be spending time with each other.”

“I spend plenty of time with you.” He said, standing up and grabbing his jacket. Your eyes widened at his actions and his words.

“Tell me exactly how much time is ‘plenty’ enough for the person you love?” You replied flabbergasted, following him as he started walking out the door. “Where are you going?”

“Meave said she needed to meet me.” He said as if it was the most simple thing in the entire universe. You laughed once more, not believing he was actually doing this to you. “I need you here! For goodness sakes’ we’re in the middle of a conversation Spencer!” you cried. “You and Meave cannot go on any longer, not unless you want to lose me.”

He didn’t seem to even be paying that much attention to you, as he opened the apartment door and started to leave. “I’ll talk to you a bit more about it later. Bye!” He called, the door shutting, the sound echoing throughout the apartment.

I wish I would have known that wasn’t me

You snapped the rubber band on your wrist, jumping at the painful contact. It was…as you recall.. the therapist said it was aversion therapy. Every time you thought out Spencer you were supposed to snap the band so that you would associate him with pain.

Cause even after all this time I still wonder
Why I can’t move on
Just the way you did so easily

It was like he didn’t even remember your existence at work. You guess he never really felt anything for you, that you were just a fun little plaything to pass the time with.

I just hope you’re lying next to somebody
Who knows how to love you like me
There must be a good reason that you’re gone
Every now and then I think you
Might want me to come show up at your door
But I’m just too afraid that I’ll be wrong

Don’t wanna know
If you’re looking into her eyes
If she’s holding onto you so tight the way I did before
I overdosed
Should’ve known your love was a game
Now I can’t get you out of my brain
Oh, it’s such a shame

Why the hell was it so impossible to let go of the past? It had been almost two years since you had left the apartment and yet every time you look at Spencer you just wanted everything to go back to normal. To be in that sweet phase when you two first started your relationship.

“Y/n.” Hotch’s voice drew you out of your thoughts, and you turned to look at him, face flushing seeing that he and the rest of the team were all sitting together, reviewing the case. You all were in the round room, discussing a new serial killer that was on the loose.

“Sorry.” You apologized sheepishly, pulling out the files. You saw Spencer staring at you and you sobered up, shoving your mixed feelings deep inside as you focused on Hotch and helped solve the case.

Several women who had popular online presences where abducted and found dead with a weapon similar to what made them popular. Amanda Kinley, who did cooking videos on YouTube, was found stabbed with a chef’s knife. Lauren Rutherford, a popular make-up tutor, was burned alive by her hair iron. Lastly, Delaney LeBel, a fitness trainer, was drowned in a swimming pool. The common thread between the three was that before they were murdered, their eyes were scooped out and ears were cut off.

It was all very puzzling.

You and the team talked about theories, Hotch ordering you both up in pairs to interview people, talk to local PD, etc. Once the meting adjourned you saw Spencer checking his phone, face practically lighting up from the name he read on the screen. No doubt it was Meave. You sighed heavily and walked right past him, reminding yourself that you needed to hit a bar sometime when you finished.

Don’t wanna know
If you’re looking into her eyes
If she’s holding onto you so tight the way I did before
I overdosed
Should’ve known your love was a game
Now I can’t get you out of my brain
Oh, it’s such a shame

That we don’t talk anymore.

(Spencer’s POV)

Spencer remembered the day he came home. The day he found all of your stuff gone. At first he was shocked that you didn’t say anything, that you just left, and while he was angry, he was also happy because that meant he was finally allowed to be with Meave.

Meave just seemed to understand him, somehow better than you. Maybe it w because she was smart and a geneticist, so they could talk a lot, but she ever seemed to make him laugh. Little stuff about her started bothering him, like the fact that she was whiny, or she never washed the dishes completely. They may be stupid facts but Spencer always seemed to compare you to her, and with everyday that passed by he started missing you.

He always knew that he should have paid attention to what you said before he left. Maybe then he wouldn’t have lost you.

We don’t talk anymore, we don’t talk anymore
We don’t talk anymore, like we used to do
We don’t love anymore
What was all of it for?
Oh, we don’t talk anymore, like we used to do

When they returned from the case you (very loudly) announced you were heading out to a bar, and that you would drive anyone who wanted to come with which resulted in Morgan, Garcia, and Tara following you. Spencer was wondering what was happening with you, wanting to ask you from the past few days about if you still missed him as much as he missed you.

That night when he returned home, he found Meave already in bed, the kitchen cluttered. He sighed heavily, almost tripping on lose clothes she had just left there. He bit his lip and headed to the kitchen, deciding he would just deal with it later. He just wanted to eat something but it seemed like Meave didn’t go shopping and so besides for ketchup, soft tortilla shells, and some lettuce, there was practically nothing.

The sound of his phone buzzing in his messenger bag started him, and he went to take it out, his footsteps echoing across the kitchen tiles. He saw poorly taken pictures from Garcia of all of you guys, noticing that you had changed into that familiar f/c dress. Another picture was sent of you dancing with a stranger, too close together for Spencer’s comfort.

Don’t wanna know
What kind of dress you’re wearing tonight
If he’s holding onto you so tight
The way I did before
I overdosed
Should’ve known your love was a game
Now I can’t get you out of my brain
Oh, it’s such a shame

The next day, you didn’t show up to work, the team figuring you had a massive hang-over. Because of all the over time you put in when you and Spencer first broke up, Hotch waved your absence…. but then everyone was worried when you didn’t show up the day after that.

Spencer took it into his own hands to go and see you, deciding that somehow it would be the perfect time to apologize to you. As someone great once said, “People do crazy things, when they’re in love.” Now, this seemed more stupid then crazy, but Meave drove Spencer to the brink of madness, and he couldn’t stop thinking about you.

When he approached your door (after asking Garcia for your address), he noticed that something was off. He knocked, but no one answered. Eventually his knocking caught the attention of your neighbor, Mrs. Everett, a sweet, old woman.

“She’s not there boy.” She said with a dissatisfied look on her face.  Her dark hair looked rumpled and disorderly, probably being woken up from a nap. “She brought home a man yesterday, and I think they left. I heard a lot of particular sounds though.”

“Did you think nothing of it?” Spencer asked, his worry for you increasing. The woman shrugged.

“If you didn’t realize, I’m not exactly in the prime of my life, I don’t know what things kids do nowadays.”

‘I swear I’m a friend of Y/n’s, do you happen to have a spare key?“ She nodded, holding up her finger as she disappeared in her apartment to find it. “Just leave it on the counter when you’re done, I’m going back to bed.”

He unlocked the door after accepting the key from the old woman, seeing the apartment an utter mess. He knew you had your days, but this was concerning. Furniture was messed up, your fridge door was open, and cutlery all over the floor. He then noticed small scratches all over the floor and walls.

Spencer grabbed his phone and pressed an auto-dial number, the man picking up in a few seconds. “Hotch I think Y/n’s been kidnapped.”

Ship Us//Josh Dun

Can you do one where the Reader is a famous actress and everybody is shipping her with Josh and one day Josh accidentally live on TV says that he loves her and then he starts to blush.Thnx


               You had just finished filming for yet another day. You were tired, had makeup gunked on your face and so many hair products sprayed everywhere you’re surprised your neck could take the weight. Right now all you wanted to do was shower then sleep for the night. You stopped at the bathroom quickly to relieve your face of the products splayed across it—to make you look more like your character than yourself. Which was all part of the job, you got to be someone else for a few months. It was a rather nice change from reality.

               “Hey!” Josh smiled, waiting outside the studio for you. This was a pretty usual occurrence. He, being your roommate would pick you up after filming, go grab a bite to eat (even if you swore up and down you weren’t hungry he’d bring you out anyway) then head home. “Ready to get going?” He smiled, which made you feel warm inside. You loved his smile; the way it could like up a room.

               “Very much so. I am exhausted.” You sighed, walking with Josh to the parking lot. You were in the middle of talking about how long of a day you had (considering you had to do one scene over, and over, and over, and over. You lost count of how many times you all filmed it) when 3 kids ran up to you guys. “Hey guys.” You smiled at them, watching as their faces turned all sorts of red as they began blabbing on about how cute you and Josh were together, and how they shipped it. Followed by praises on the work the two of you did in your respective fields, and how big of fans they were. “That’s awesome! Glad to hear you like it.” You laughed softly with them, taking their pen and scratching your signature onto one of their notebooks.

               “You didn’t hang around here all day just for signatures did you?” Josh joked, watching as they shook their heads. Promising that bumping into you was all very good luck on their end. “We’re lucky too. It gets pretty hard just to hang out with people now a days. It goes from 3 people to 300 if you aren’t lucky.” Josh shuddered to himself, mind obviously going back to times on tour when he and Tyler would suddenly be drowning in fans.

               “I would love to stay and talk more, but I am so tired.” You interjected, apologizing as you finished making your way to Josh’s car. Gazing lovingly through the window and at the seat you were about to be sitting in. Your feet longed for the relief that they hadn’t gotten one bit today.

               “I wonder why they all think we’re dating.” Josh laughed once the two of you had begun driving home. “Like we don’t come off that way, do we?” He asked, eyes focusing in front of him. The two of you had discussed this on many different occasions—both confused on why people either thought you two were dating. Or longed for it with their entire being.

               “I’m really not sure if there’s a reason. It might just be because we’re famous and hang out a lot.” You shrugged, resting your head against the glass, the vibrations of the car making their way into your skull.

               “Isn’t that a reason right there? Because we’re famous and hang out a lot.” Josh chuckled, causing you to roll your eyes in response. “That’s two even!” Josh kept laughing to himself, teasing you the whole way home.


               “Just because I mess up once does not give you the right to continually make fun of me!” You giggled, taking another bite of your cereal as Josh attempted to do the same. The two of you were currently on the couch trying to eat (Josh trying to control his laughter; because every time he went to swallow he would choke).

               “You’re perfect Y/N. There is very few things I can tease you with, so I’m going to be holding onto this for a long time.” Josh pointed a finger at you, grinning as he did so. “Filming today?” He asked, taking a spoonful of his cereal while he waited for an answer.

               “No. I was supposed to, but they decided with how yesterday went that it would be best if I took a break. They have plenty of other scenes to film anyway.” You shrugged, looking over at your friend. “Do you have anything planned?” Your heart sunk a little when he nodded. It was very rare that you got days off when Josh was at home—he was usually touring or in the studio when you had time off. Vice versa too—whenever he had free time you were off filming.

               “Interview today. A Q & A type of thing that Mark thought would be cool. It’s going to be livestream though.” You saw Josh’s face fall a little. Though he came off as outgoing and playful—he was rather shy with live interviews. He had nothing to focus on more than not looking stupid in front of the camera (though you fought him that never once did he look stupid). You were happy Tyler was going to be there with him though; after a few questions you knew he would loosen up and get back to his playful, natural state.

               “If it’ll help you at all, I won’t let you know I’m watching.” You offered, receiving a small laugh from the drummer. “I’ll say I’m not going to watch, then go on under a funky screen-name so you won’t realize it’s me.” You smiled at your friend, who’s eyes screamed a silent thank you (considering he was trying to swallow a mouthful of cereal).


               “Okay, next question! This one comes from “Funkyusername”. It says” Tyler started, reading over your question before he spoke. “Where do you guys find inspiration from when preparing for shows?” You watched as both boys pondered for a second. Tyler making a silly joke you didn’t quite catch and Josh automatically saying your name. “Y/N?” Tyler teased, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively at the drummer.

               “It’s not like that!” Josh laughed. “She’s just awesome, she makes me feel like I’m at home—even halfway across the world. When she sends me those “Good luck” texts I feel like I can do it, you know?” You watched as the comments blew up with people who shipped the two of you together.

               “Next question is from JoshDun’sHun. Sorry but that title belongs officially to Y/N.” Josh laughed, eyes widening a slight bit when he realized what he said. Though he continued reading—face bright red as he spoke. “What’s the situation between Y/N and you? How come the two of you aren’t official yet?” Josh sucked in a breath, obviously trying to find a way to make up for what he said prior.

               Sorry but that title belongs officially to Y/N. What does that mean?

               “Josh just hasn’t asked yet. I know for a fact that she would say yes if he asked.” Tyler shrugged, trying to scroll through the comments—though the question on everyone’s minds now was “do you love Y/N????”. Tyler smirked before looking over at his bandmate. “So Josh, do you?” When the drummer nodded awkwardly, face a bright shade of red you felt your pulse speed up. Your hands shake.

               Josh had feelings for you.

"The Rose..." A cumberfluff/smut for anon

Can you do me a fic based on that photo of Ben with a rose in his mouth from the hay festival? I NEED THIS.

Help from snaveissexy neb-is-here onebuttscratcher
Thanks guys!!
It was the morning of Benedict’s appearance at the Hay Festival, you both had travelled from London the night before but Ben slept very little and was so exhausted this morning, he could hardly open his eyes and he kept falling asleep in the car on the way over to the festival. He had been so busy lately that he never got a chance to slow down and take a breath, running constantly from here to there, flying to France for a day to appear and then flying back and continuing work, he never got a break! You fell asleep on the sofa many nights while waiting for his arrival only to wake in the bed the next morning with Benedict gone again off to work. Fatigue had set in and now it was beginning to consume him and the man he once was.

“Ben, should I try to get someone else to fill in for you?” You took his hand into your lap and looked to him with a frown. His once bright eyes were now heavy and slightly bloodshot, his face was pale and he could fall asleep any moment.
“I’m fine, darling, I’ll be alright.” He replied after he yawned. “Besides, it’s too late now, we are here.” Ben chuckled.

“I’ll be watching from the audience, you’ll do great, I know it.” Your smile always made Benedict feel better.

“See you later, my dear.” He kissed you softly and was off to prepare for his readings for the day. After sending him off you found a seat in the audience to watch. Soon Ben appeared on stage to a very loud round of applause. The poor dear looked so tired and his normally happy and bright face was now false, he smiled because he needed to, his eyes were heavy. Taking a deep breath he began to read a letter to a fan from Iggy Pop and you had to chuckle at his accent and mannerisms. He was trying to play the part and he was doing very well but part of you wondered just how much of it was just him trying to keep himself awake. That is when an idea came to you, something you knew for sure that would pick him up and make him smile. Quietly getting out of you chair and making your way out of the tent you headed to a food stand to buy Ben’s favorite candy bar, a Mars Bar, the sugar intake should perk him up a little and a nice visit from you couldn’t hurt either. Quickly paying for the bar and rushing back to the tent where Ben would be preparing for his next letter reading with Loo. He would get a quick break after this reading and it would be then that you could finally see him again. As you walked back into the tent and took your seat, Ben and Louise walked out on stage again to prepare for the reading of Chris Barker to Bessie Moore.

Chris Barker’s letters were sweet and funny and as Ben started reading you were wrapped into their world, the world of Chris and Bessie, two lovers separated but yet still together in many ways. You studied Ben’s face, he looked slightly happier while reading those letters, he always was a romantic.

“You delight and thrill and excite me. I want to touch you, to feel you, to possess you.” (x) Ben read passionately, you could have sworn he looked to you when he said it, his look, although worn, warmed your heart and sent little twangs and shocks through your body. It was the same feeling you got the day you both met. Getting lost in thought again of that wonderful, life changing day you didn’t snap out of it until you heard the applause of the audience. Ben and Loo skipped off the stage, silly Benedict, he’s so goofy sometimes and is more so when he’s extremely tired as he is now.

Standing up and scooting off to the side of the stage and to the backstage door you showed your pass and allowed in. Scanning the large backstage area you managed to spot Ben off to the left side and made your way to him. Turning around he met your face right away and his smile lit his face up, that beautiful smile that reached his eyes, a genuine smile that made your heart flutter.

“Hello.” His deep voice surrounded you and enveloped you as you smiled and held out the Mars bar that you had bought him earlier.

“A little pick me up to get you through the rest of the day.” You chuckled lightly and Ben took it gratefully before you wrapped your arms around his waist and he wrapped his arms around you, pulling you closer to him. Tilting your head up to look at him, he bowed his head slightly and your foreheads met, eyes closed and only whispers shared between you.

“I love you.” Ben whispered sweetly into your ear before he kissed your jaw gently.

“Mmm, you do, do you?” You spoke softly.

Ben smiled, kissed you tenderly and breathed “Forever” as your foreheads met again.

You both could stay like this forever but Ben had work to do again soon. You pulled away, took his cheeks into your soft hands and stood onto your tiptoes to kiss his forehead. As you looked up to him again he had blushed. He peppered light kisses along your jaw and up to your ear, nibbling lightly at your lobe. You turned his face to look at you and you captured his soft Cupid bow lips with yours to stop him from arousing too much just yet.

Your eyes were stern but gentle “not now, Ben. You have a show.” With that, you released him from your arms and he smiled brightly once again.

He opened the Mars bar, broke it in half and handed a half to you. Before you could take it though he smirked and leaned down to you “A kiss first…” The cheeky man. You obliged and kissed him once again. Taking the half of the bar from his hands you took a bite and looked up to him with a sultry look.

“I’ll see you later.” Biting your lower lip to try and seduce him, and turn him on for later. Ben turned to leave and a few steps later he turned back, smiled and winked before leaving and preparing for his next readings.

Taking your seat once again you listened to the rest of the performers and then it came time for Ben to take the stage once again. This time he read a heartrending letter from Robert Scott to his soon to be widow Katherine.

“Dearest darling — we are in a very tight corner and I have doubts of pulling through — In our short lunch hours I take advantage of a very small measure of warmth to write letters preparatory to a possible end — the first is naturally to you on whom my thoughts mostly dwell waking or sleeping — If anything happens to me I shall like you to know how much you have meant to me and that pleasant recollections are with me as I depart —” (x)

Tears filled your eyes and many others in the audience, you knew what Ben would say…“ He was brave and fear of death is a cowardice.” It was true though and it was a beautiful letter, you couldn’t wait to get backstage and hug him tight after the last reading of the day. Benedict looked so tired, his eyelids were heavy and his somber stance at the podium could easily allow him to sleep. It’s a wonder he didn’t pass out right then and there the poor darling. Wiping your cheeks of tears you sniffled a little and gathered yourself enough to listen to the rest of the performers, hoping that Ben was back stage resting for a few moments and didn’t fall asleep and miss his next reading. Stopping your crying just before Louise took the stage again to read another letter, Virginia Woolf’s suicide note and your tears began again.

“For god’s sake…” you muttered to yourself, drying your eyes and trying to save your makeup from running. A few more performers read and then it came Ben’s turn again to take the stage. He looked so worn and looked as if he could sleep happily on the stage floor. Wanting to give him a huge hug and a loving kiss to wake him up, you had to re-frame from rushing up to the stage to do just that. Ben started to read from a letter by Richard Avedon, his accent was clearly American and his voice was heartfelt as he read Richard’s words. When his reading was over he headed off stage right away, again looking fatigued and ready to fall on his face. He had one more reading to get through and it was coming up quickly, no time to head backstage for a kiss and hug so you sat and waited. The last letter he was reading was written by Kurt Vonnegut to Charles McCarthy over the burning of his books in the school’s furnace for obscene language. Ben’s accent was once again American and it was quite brilliant too, but his tone and mannerisms have changed, sure it was the anger in the message but Ben now was shifting from foot to foot, and he kept his head down as he read, his bright eyes were heavier now and a dark shadow now shown under them. Benedict moved his arms a bit, shaking them awake and trying to keep himself awake you’d imagine. His denim shirt had been removed and he remained in his white tee, he stuck his arm into his jeans for a brief moment before removing it again and shaking it once more. He finished and took a bow before being handed a single white rose, looking at it and sticking it in his mouth. “Oh Ben.” You couldn’t help but chuckle, he was dead tired now and looked to see if he was suppose to stay out on stage. Joined by the other performers he scratched the back of his head like he sometimes does in interviews and waited for photos and applause to finish. You got out of your seat and made your way backstage quickly so that you could get to Ben and get him to the hotel and in bed for the night.

Walking back from the stage he spotted you and smiled once more, making his way to you and wrapping his arms around you as you did the same to him.
“You did wonderful, dear.” You smiled up to him as he looked down to you with sleepy eyes.

“Hmm, yeah?” He said softly, now looking to your lips.

“Amazing…” grinning and kissing him sweetly for a moment before pulling away and resting your head on his chest, his heart beat soothed you and made you sleepy also. “Ben?” you said, not removing your head from its position.

“Mmm?” He hummed.

“Can we go now?”

“Of course.” they both of you unwrapped from each other and Ben took your hand before guiding you through the crowds to the waiting car and helped you in.

Arriving at the hotel shortly after, Ben guided you to the bed slowly and sat on the end of it. Taking your hands into his and kissing them both sweetly then pulling you to sit beside him. You nuzzled into his neck and kissed at his jaw, breathing deep to take in his wonderful scent. Your hands lifted his white t-shirts hem and pulled it over his head, your hand traced down his chest slowly to the button of his jeans, unbuttoning them and pulling the zipper down then slipping your hand in to caress his cock over his boxer briefs. This caused Ben to sit ridged and gasp slightly before he released a breathily chuckle and sliding his hand around your back to pull you down on the bed with him as he laid back.

Ben made quick work at removing your shirt and as you removed your hand from his jeans you pushed them down and Ben kicked them off his ankles. Getting to his knees on the bed, Ben pulled your jeans off and tossed them to the floor.

“Oh someone here is pantiless” Ben purred and smirked at you. He gave a light teasing peck on your glistening wet clit, sending shocks through your body and making your eyes flutter shut.

“Mmm…” You moaned softly, Ben hovered over you and kissed you to quiet your moan.

“Moaning just gives me an excuse to kiss again.” He smirked afterwards. His hand slid down your side as he kissed your jaw, nibbled your earlobe then peppered kissed down your neck all the way to your breast. His hand slipped around your back again and unhooked your bra, pulling it off and throwing that to the floor too he continued his kisses. A peck on your breast before wetting his thumb and gliding it across your nipple, causing it to harden quickly. Ben’s lips left a trail of kisses down your stomach and just above your sexual center. His eyes weren’t heavy anymore, they were hungry, hungry for you, the corners of them turned up as he smiled against your soft skin then started a relentless series of events that would prove to send you over the edge.

His tongue explored your folds and his nose teased at your clit, soon his tongue moved over your swollen bud and Ben slipped two of his long fingers into you.

“Ahhhh.” You breathed out slowly as his fingers worked you, scissoring them to entice you. Ben raised up and captured your open mouth into another kiss, tasting yourself and him as he slipped his tongue into your mouth and then nibbling gently at your bottom lip, sucking softly on your top lip. His fingers still inside of you now bent in a come hither motion and hit your spot just right. Arching your back high off the bed, Ben still kissed you to muffle your screams, he pulled your fingers out as you came with great force, your chest heaved and you could sense Ben was rather proud if his work. While you were still wreathing in ecstasy Ben removed his boxer briefs and stroked himself a quick few times before sliding into your damp warm center. He caressed your check in his large hand, thumb gliding over softly, his eyes full of love now. Ben began thrusting gently at first then picked up his pace, making you moan again which made him kiss you again. His thrust got harder and harder the closer he came to his release. His lips still quieted your moans and muffled your screams that were coming now with your second orgasm. Ben’s pace faltered slightly as he came with you. Both breathing heavily now all that could be heard was breaths and soft curses as Ben fell to your side. You turned on your side to face him, studying his beautiful eyes that were now showing signs of fatigue once again.

“I love you.” You whispered, foreheads resting against each other’s, pressing a soft kiss to his nose.

“I love you…forever.” Grinning, kissing your nose and grazing your arm gently with his hand coming to a rest on your waist and giving it a little squeeze. You both got under the overs and settled, you rested your head on Ben’s chest, listening to his deep breaths and his heart beating. Your finger traced over his chest lightly and Ben pressed a soft peck to the top of your head. “Goodnight, my dear.” He whispered.

“Goodnight, my darling.”

anonymous asked:

how do you guys feel about jimin/seokjin



theyre so cute ahhh throughout no more dream & n.o era they would keep tweeting these frickin cute selcas of them together, and seokjin even once tweeted like “ah~ this friend likes my shoulder quite a lot~~”

“Jin-iejin whenever we’re in the car the kids definitely will sleep leaning on my shoulders Cute Jimin-ie”
[JIMIN] Also, Jin-hyung is sleeping beside me hahahat @~@
Arrived at the dorms~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!! Jin-hyung you fool…

and then seokjin took this picture (attack on bangtan era)

[JIN] Hi Jimin-ah what are you dreaming about ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

to which jimin retaliated (fancafe post):

and they have many exchanges over twitter like that~ like that time jimin caught seokjin taking selcas outside and seokjin was like why did you do that to meeee, and we cant EVER FORGET THIS DAY:

[JIN] …I have to put on my clothes to cover him up sighs our Jiminnie is a baby, really a baby
[JIN] Jimin-ah I’m sorry..sleep well, dream of me

like did you really have to put YOUR clothes on him hehehoho. theyre so adorable and seokjin is really really caring of jimin, feeding him and checking on his health, and he always praises him on interviews, calls him handsome~ and we know how much flack jimin gets for his looks even from his own groupmates u_u he even once said (IN ENGLISH SO NO TRANSLATION ISSUEZ) that if he were to date one of the members, it would be jimin, because hes “kind and gentleman[ly]” omg OMGMgg. oMGGM.

and of course the aesthetic of seokjin and his tiny boyfriend jimin!! [screams loudly into my hands]

im cryign theyre just so cute. and i think jimin is someone who needs someone as gentle and attentive as seokjin, and seokjin cant get enough of his cute boy ♥(✿ฺ´∀`✿ฺ)ノ i could go on forever but i think i will refrain from spammin’ everyones dashboards with my otp now hehehoho. HEHEHEH. PLEASE JOIN ME IN SHIPPING ♡ SEOKMIN ♡ AHHH –nikkumeul

Preference 3: Someone from his family doesn't like you (Ashton/4) FINALE

Hello, my loves! Hope all is well! Well as promised, here is the finale to this segment. I just wanted to thank you all for being so patient with me! Now, I decided to break up the finale into separate parts as they are all very long! So tonight, I’ll be posting Ashton’s part and then proceed to post Luke’s, Cal’s and Mikey’s if you guys want! Please feel free to send me feedback! I’d love to know your opinions!!!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Ashton: Ashton stormed into the house. He locked eyes with everyone but refused to speak to them. He ascended into his room, locked the door, and destroyed everything in his path. He destroyed all the memories of you both, he took down all of your pictures and the little gifts you had sent him within the months you’ve been together. Oh how he wished this was some dream. He can’t imagine being without you and yet all his fears were coming to life.

Meanwhile downstairs, Ann scolded Lauren. She was beyond disappointed in Lauren and was also embarrassed for her actions. After a while, Ashton went into the kitchen to grab a bottle of water. Lauren saw him and quickly wanted to mutter a quick apology but Ashton had other things in mind.

“This is all your damn fault! She is not, has not, and will ever be a charity case, you got it?! Y/N is the most beautiful, caring, selfless person I have ever come across. She’s not like the girls I’ve brought home before. When we met, she refused to ask for a picture with me as she didn’t want me to ‘waste’ my time on her. It was only when we met at the VIP meet and greet that she finally obliged in getting a picture together. It took me all of 8 months to prove her worth, show her how much I do care for her, let her know how beautiful I found her, how intriguing she was and when I was sure she was the one I decided to introduce you all to her. I regret thinking that you’d all welcome her into the family with open arms. You made her feel worthless, after spending all this time showing her, letting her know her worth, has diminished the moment you locked eyes on her. It’s like it was your personal mission to tear her down and break her. You may be my sister, and I know you, you’ve never acted this way. The real you wouldn’t do something as low as this. I don’t even know if I can get her back let alone talk to me! Damn it Lauren, why the fuck did you have to say that??!! She probably wants nothing to do with me all because of you!!”

“Ashton, sweetie, please calm-”

“No mom, I will it calm down! She felt like an alien in this house! You and Harry aren’t off the hook either! You made her feel uncomfortable and unwelcomed. You guys don’t truly understand the extent on how poorly you treated her, you faked it all since Lauren said those words! You guys have have a great way of showing love to my girlfriend. You don’t know how much I truly care for her and now I’ve lost her forever! When she thinks of me, she’ll be reminded of you all and your actions. I leave for tour soon and I wanted to spend it with you all but I can’t stand to even look at you. I’m going to stay at Luke’s.”

Four days later, Ashton went on tour. You were home, locked in your room. Your family felt bad for you, they wanted to see you happy again. It pained them to know that you were hurting but decided to give you your space. They did try their best in including you in family functions and stuff, but you desperately wanted to be left alone. Even though you only dated for 4 months, everything was real; the emotions, the heartfelt conversations, the late night conversations, everything. You believed he was truly the one, your soulmate. He constantly told you and showed you how beautiful you were in his eyes and how you’d be together forever. Nothing lasts forever right?

Ash was currently on tour, but he hasn’t been the same. He’s more quiet, reserved, and wasn’t his usual bubbly self that everyone loved. You didn’t text him back after his many and I mean many attempts, but you did follow up on him and the boys every once in a while. They were currently in an interview and you couldn’t bring yourself to change the channel. You intently watched the interview, he really wasn’t the same. His eyes were sunken in and swollen, there was no sparkle in his eyes, it look like he had lost some weight. Everyone knew about your breakup and he wasn’t handling it well.

On commercial, you get a text from an unknown number.


Hi Y/N, it’s Lauren. I know I’m probably the last person you want to hear from but I just wanted to apologize for my actions. I regret how I’ve treated you and what I said. When you left, Ash left too. He was beyond upset with us. We didn’t even say goodbye to him at the airport before he left for tour. I know me apologizing won’t give you solace and change what what I said about you. If I could turn back time, I would. And we’d start all over. I would take the time and get to know you. I can’t live with the fact that I’ve hurt you. I didn’t know how much you meant to my brother and how he wanted to let you see how beautiful you were in his eyes. He knew about your past and how you’ve started to finally let him in to all be destroyed because of me. I am so sorry but please don’t blame this on him, it’s not his fault. Please talk to him. He’s been a wreck. I hope you can work this out. I never want to see him sad and I never meant to cause you both so much pain. It took me till now to see how much you meant to him and how you made him happy. Again, I am so very sorry. I don’t deserve your forgiveness but please don’t blame this on him.

You read and reread her text. It hurt you to know that he didn’t say goodbye to his family before going on tour. He texted you throughout the day and got yet another text from him before heading off to bed.


Hi Y/N, I miss you. I hope you’re doing okay. As for me, I’m a fucking wreck. I’m sorry for my family’s actions. The guys and I will be headed into your city and I was wondering if you’d like to meet up. We could meet at the place we first met. I really hope to see you there, I’ll be waiting.

The boys had a radio interview when they were in your city. After the interview, he went straight to Starbucks where you first met. You contemplated all day if you were going or not. You decided you were going to meet him. You arrived there at 7PM and were surprised to see that he was still there. He immediately saw you and quickly got up to guide you into your seat. You could’ve sworn you saw a smile grace his lips.

“Hi Y/N, I’m so happy you came”

“I’m surprised you’re still here”

“Listen, Y/N, I’ve been a mess without you, baby I need you. You mean the world to me. Fuck baby please, please come back.” He asks crying hysterically.

“I missed you too Ash, but-

” baby I swear I’ll do whatever it takes to have you in my life again. Please baby girl please, I love you, so so much, what do I have to do to make you change your mind and try us again? Name it babe, whatever it is and I will do it.“

You reached over the table and grabbed his hand and interlocked your fingers, “I want us to try again, I am willing to give it another shot but I want you to do this for me. I want you to talk to your family and I want us to take things slow. Can you do that?”

“Yes, baby yes, anything for you.”

“I want you to call your family and apologize to them for not saying goodbye at the airport before you left for tour.”

“Okay, done babe”

“And Ash?”


“I love you too.”

And with that, he leaned in and gave you a passionate kiss. As you pulled away, a smile graced his lips, and you knew you had your Ashton back and you were going to be okay.

I would like to talk about something serious, I recently saw a post that said something FAKE about John. How I know this? Because the interview they were referring to I had read, and John didn’t say any of it. The person claimed that John said he loved abusing woman especially Gilda Radner and that is NOT true. It’s a huge rumor that John abused woman, but he didn’t. John was devestated by all the rumors. In a REAL interview he said:

“I was walking to NBC studios when a newspaper guy threw me a newspaper while saying "hey Belushi take a look at this” I looked at the front of it and it says ‘Comedian John Belushi abuses woman" I started reading into it more and saw all the lies about me, once I looked up I noticed mothers hiding their daughters from me, and men giving me dirty looks, everyone in New York City thought I was a monster, I was devestated.“

So, please know that John Belushi did NOT abuse women. He never landed a hand on a woman a matter a fact. Please don’t believe this awful rumor about a kind man.

One Shot #06 - "Now The Whole World Knows"

One Shot #06

“Now The Whole World Knows”

[Past One Shots]

“Ugh! These stupid shorts!” You groaned as you threw another pair shorts on to the ground of your closet. 

Harry peeked his head in, his eyebrows raised up in question. “You okay in here?” He laughed softly.

“No,” You huffed as you walked over to your shelf of shorts and grabbed another pair, “I’ve officially reached the point of not being able to fit into regular clothes.” You say, attempting to latch the button on the shorts, earning another groan.

“Well, that tends to happen when you’re pregnant.” Harry says softly, moving over to you and pressing a kiss to the back of your neck before you kicked the shorts off. “Just wear a pair of the maternity shorts you bought." 

"No, I should have like three more weeks left before I wear those things.” You sighed, grabbing them and looking at the elastic waistband.

“That just means our little baby is growing.” He says softly, “That’s a good thing. Now, find something to wear because we’re leaving in a few minutes." 

You sighed and looked at the shorts once again as Harry left the closet. You groaned and finally gave in, slipping them on and finding them to fit perfectly. You grabbed a top off a hanger and slipped it on before heading downstairs and meeting Harry in the kitchen.

"See, you look great. And, you can’t even tell you’re wearing maternity shorts.” He grinned.

“Yeah, but you can definitely tell I’m pregnant.” You sighed, “Can’t hide this bump for much longer." 

"Then, we’ll announce it.” He shrugged, “I’m not too worried about it.”

You nodded and grabbed your purse and phone off the counter. “Let’s head out. I’d hate to catch traffic and you be late for the interview." 

Harry nodded and grabbed his stuff and followed you out the door.


You stood to the side of the interview set of Alan Car’s show, smiling as Harry glanced at you every few seconds. Lou was standing next to you along with Sophia. 

"There are a lot of rumors about you guys out there. One of them is that one of your wives is expecting.” Alan smirked, wiggling his eyebrows. “Anyone want to confirm that?" 

You watched as Harry visibly stiffened and cleared his throat, his adam’s apple bobbing nervously. You silently hoped that he wouldn’t tell the world your secret. 

"Styles? You’re looking a little nervous.” Alan grinned, inching closer. “Is there something you’d like to tell us?”

“Um…not that I can think of.” He laughs, fidgeting with his hands. 

“So, there’s not a bun in the oven?” Alan questions.

He shakes his head and looks down at the floor as Liam swooped in and saved him, “Sophia isn’t pregnant, so don’t ask.” He laughs, taking the attention off of Harry. 

You smiled gently over at him as he shot you an ‘I’m sorry, I’m trying’ look. He stayed quiet the rest of the interview and quickly returned to the side stage once he was dismissed from the set. 

“Oh god, was it obvious?” He asks, his voice shaking due to nerves as he raked a hand through his hair. 

“No, no. Baby, take a deep breathe.” You say softly, smoothing his shirt down and resting your hands on his hips. “You did fine.” You say, offering a warm smile.

He nods, blowing out a stream of air and resting his forehead on your shoulder. “Let’s go back to the dressing room and pack up.” He suggests, earning a nod from you. 


“I’m just saying, now everyone is suspecting that you’re pregnant even more than usual because of the way you responded.” Paul sighed.

“It was sprung on me! How was I supposed to respond?” Harry asked, his voice rising in anger.

“I know, I know. I just think that the right thing to do would to be to put it out there.” Paul says, “Look, you’re nineteen weeks. You’re well past the unsure mark. I think it’s time." 

You looked over at Harry and nodded, "Yeah, we should just do it now." 

Harry nodded and sighed, "Yeah…yeah, we’ll do it.”

Paul nods and claps Harry on the back, “It’s the best decision.” He smiles.


“Lou! Will you take the picture really quick?” You called as Lou walked towards the exit with Lux. 

She smiled and nodded, grabbing Lux’s hand and guiding her over. 

“Hey Luxy,” You grin, bending down to her level and hugging her. “How are you, pretty girl?" 

Lux grinned and hid her face in your neck, "I’m good,” She said softly. “Is the baby still in your tummy?" 

"The baby is still in my tummy.” You laughed, flattening your shirt against your baby bump, “See?”

“Yeah,” She giggled before moving back over to Lou. 

“Alright, pose you two.” She smiles. 

Harry laughed and looked at you before placing his large, left hand on your belly and then placing his right hand on his belly, making a shocked face, causing you to laugh. 

Lou snapped the picture and handed Harry his phone. “Ah, that’s perfect. Thanks Lou.” He smiled, leaning down and hugging Lux before that left. 


“And…it’s…posted.” He smiled, clicking 'Send’ on his tweet. You nodded and pulled it up on your phone. 

'Gotcha, Alan! I guess there is a baby in her belly.’ He tweeted, along with the picture you had taken backstage earlier. You laughed softly and saved the picture and re-tweeting it.

You snuggled up to his side and rest your head on his chest as he rest his hand on your belly, “Now the whole world knows about you, little one.” He says softly. 

“Now the whole world nods,” You agree. 

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Also, please send in your feedback. I love to hear your guys’ thoughts! 

Forgiveness and Love

Requested by anon.
Plot: Steve and you argue.

“Okay. No that’s great. Thank you.” You said as you hung up your phone. “ So S.H.E.I.L.D found the laptop.” You told everyone, you were having dinner with the avengers at the tower and everyone was there. You were cutting some vegetables with Natasha and chatting with the others about a case at the same time. “I knew it!” Exclaimed Tony. “ So what was on it?” Clint asked. “Well the hard drive is encrypted so the tech team are going through it now.” You replied. “Some file on that computer is the key to take down HYDRA for good.” Said Steve as he dropped something from your coat and picked it up. “What’s this?” He asked. “What’s what? You answered as you lifted your head. “It’s a boarding pass.” Natasha said. You looked at Steve who seemed confused. “Steve-” “ You took a flight to D.C yesterday?” “Yes I did.” You replied worried of what he was going to say. “ Why?” He asked concerned. “ I was invited for an interview.” He looked at the pass and back at you. Tony spat his water out once you’ve said that. “What kind of interview?” Clint asked. You looked at him. “For a new position in S.H.E.I.L.D H.Q.” You said. “I’m sorry, you interviewed for another job in an other city, and you didn’t tell me?” Your boyfriend said. “I didn’t tell you about it Steve, because it was just an interview, and I knew you’d be upset.” You replied. He looked mad. “ You’re damn right I’m upset.” He said. “Steve, I just wanted to see what was out there. What’s wrong with that?” “What’s wrong with it is that you hid it from me. In fact you lied about it. I would never do that to you.”

The other avengers remained silent. They knew that you two were going to argue. “Steve this isn’t about you. This is about me. About my life.” “ So you’re seriously reconsidering this.” He said in a cold tone. “Yes! This is a great opportunity. It’ll be a chance to do more!” He looked at you really mad now. “Without me.” He said. You looked at him for a moment. “Steve, please don’t do this. Please don’t make this about us.” You said starting to lose control of your voice. “I’m sorry but how can I not make this about us. You get the job. Move to D.C and I’ll never see you again. That’s the end of our relationship isn’t it?” He said raising his voice. “You don’t know that! I probably won’t get the job.” You replied as you raised yours. “That’s not the point. The point is you knew what this could mean and it didn’t occur to you to include me. Or worse, it did occur to you. But you chose not to. So what dose that say about us.” He said as he stormed out the kitchen.

You haven’t realized that a tear streamed down your face. Natasha came up to you. “I’m sorry you had to see us argue.” You told to the others as your voice cracked.
You left the kitchen and went to yours and Steve’s room.
You layed down on the bed and tears started to roll down your face again. “What have I done.” You whispered.
Someone opened the door. “Don’t worry about me ‘tasha I’m okay.” “It’s not ‘tasha.” Steve.
He came up to the bed and wrapped his strong arms around you. “I’m sorry Y/n.” He said in a sad tone. Your eyes were shut and not ready to open. Even though you were asleep, you heard him. “I forgive you.” You whispered.

For @thehalcyonclub and @featuringluke ’s famous!(y/n) blurb night

“Yes, it’s a very exciting time for us. The band is approaching new writing styles and I think we-” Calum stopped talking, raising an eyebrow in annoyance at the interviewer that interrupted him. “Sorry, I actually have to move on. But thanks for your time!” The guy quickly waved at the camera man, signaling that he had to join him, as they made their way to a group of other paparazzis gathered a couple of meters away from the four boys. Calum shared a look with his bandmates before moving on to the woman next to them, quickly starting to chat with her about the upcoming album and the tour they were practicing for.

It wasn’t before the woman also lost interest in the boys, and the screams from the photographers got louder, that they looked to see what the fuck was going on, turning their heads just in time to see you approach the red carpet. You were dressed in a sparkling long dress, a split showing off enough skin to make even the most faithful man sin. You looked breathtakingly beautiful and Calum couldn’t help but shake his head. A chuckle escaped his lips as he fondly looked at you and how you showed off for the screaming photographers, using your best poses and smiles as you did what you’d done so many times before. He should’ve known that you were the reason for the interviewers’ rudeness, remembering that you told him you would arrive a little later.

A smile tugged at the corner of his lip when you looked at him, your whole face lighting up at the sight, before making your way over to the four of them. You hugged the other three before kissing Calum softly, the press going mental in front of you as they desperately tried to snap a picture of one of the hottest couples in the industry. “Sorry rockstar, did I steal all the attention from you?” You smirked, giving his hand a light squeeze as he rolled his eyes at you playfully. “It wasn’t my intention, but” you flipped your hair over your shoulder, making all the boys laugh, before continuing “I can’t help it.” Calum once again shook his head before the same interviewer that earlier had interrupted him mid-sentence spoke up. “Calum, how does it feel to have your girlfriend steal all the attention?” Calum looked at you and smiled before his gaze locked with the man’s, quickly wiping the smile of his face before replying “You weren’t interested in what I had to say earlier, so I’ll just spare you for my opinions now.” You had to cover your mouth to prevent yourself from laughing out loud at the reporter’s shocked expression, and at your boyfriend’s obvious irritation, before all of you moved on to find your seats, his fingers naturally filling up the spaces between yours.

“If I didn’t know better I would think you were jealous,” you said, chuckling as Calum grumbled and leaned towards you. “Lets see who wins the most tonight, you’ll find out if your assumptions are right or not.” You just nodded before you sat down, allthough it didn’t take long before you had to move, your name read out loud by the man at the stage as he announced you as the first winner of the night. A big smile made its way to your face and you turned to Calum, giving him a quick kiss before standing up. “And how will I find out if my assumptions are right or not, if you don’t mind me asking?” Calum just smirked at you. “Believe me, I will show you how later tonight.” With that you walked up on stage, your cheeks colored a crimson red, while Calum sat back in his seat, satisfyingly waiting to hear your speech.

so while both waiting for the upcoming next free! dvd where we will get rin and haru answering a interview - which i’m very excited for - and doing headcanons for their future interviews once they start to become famous and then go olympic, me and effie decided to dig through old archives only to laugh and cry be once again completely done with how much of a amusing little tease haru can be when put by rin’s side;

context is: the whole group is doing a full interview post season 1 finale and rin is really trying to keep his tsundere facade and answer everything without being too emotional, without embarrassing himself, BUT HARU IS JUST HAVING NONE OF THAT AND DOESN’T EVEN TRY TO SHIFT HIS ATTENTION AWAY FROM RIN

—We had everyone who we’d interviewed before be present for the interview this time!

Nagisa: Yup! All five of us are here!
Makoto: I’m glad we managed to.
Rei: I already had the feeling that this would happen though.
Rin: It’s not like we even had to all come together, you know…
Nagisa: Oh c’mon, Rin-chan, don’t say that. We know you’re happy that we’re all together~
Rin: ……Well, I wouldn’t say that I’m not happy…
Haruka: Rin, you’re mumbling. I can’t hear you.
Rin: Shut up!

wanting to hear rin talking about his emotions aloud, i see

—Now, I’d like us to look back at all that’s happened. What have you felt through your club activities?

Makoto: For me, it would have to be the training camp. What about you, Rin?

Rin: Team.
Haruka: Speak up, Ri—
Rin: Shut up, I said friends, okay?!

wanting rin to be clear when talking about his emotions once again

(funny how he is the only one complaining about rin’s tone and even funnier is to think about haru’s own tone when he speaks about his own emotions….you’re one to say haru)

—Everyone talked rather candidly about how they thought of the others, so what did you think from reading them?
Haruka: Rin said way too little.

(i love how he doesn’t even try to pretend he actually expected for/looked forward for rin to say more on his individual interview)

the amusing thing is that i can’t even tell if haru was just that eager to hear rin speaking more about his own emotions since this is dated right after they made up or if he was trying to tease rin while thinking he sounded witty, almost a smartass, while doing so (and failing pretty hard since he ends up looking like a 12 years old trying to pick at his crush and embarrass him anyways)

i can only die thinking how their interviews on the future once they swim for japan will be like…..

this is such a amusing, cute and funny different/new side of haru that rin’s presence alone is able to awaken i can’t help but smile at how much of a teenage boy he can be and how rin is caught up/totally fall for haru’s teasing (whether 100% intentional or born out of sincere wanting to hear more from rin, it’s effective)

also just for fun (the entire post is just for fun but the next ones are gems) their reactions from individual interviews when they were asked about their popularities in regards to girls:


(i think it’s even easy to tell which one of them said what)

posting these simply out of pure self indulgence, because i want to have them at easy access, source is here/great-blaster

Blurryface And Video Games

Title: Blurryface and Video Games 

Drabbler: skywalkerswift 

Doodler: kiroujiswonderland (v v cool) 

Beta: phandomwriter (v v cool too) 

Summary: "You live in a flat next to me and is blasting twenty one pilots at 2 in the morning and I’m trying to sleep so I came over to yell at you but you look gorgeous and I didn’t think this through and I forgot what I was about to say" 

Warnings: None! 

Word Count: ~800


The sound of Blurryface was heard throughout Dan’s room. It’s not that he didn’t like Twenty One Pilots, he did, but not when it’s 2 in the morning and he’s desperately trying to sleep. Although it’s quite unusual of Dan to not stay up until 4am endlessly scrolling through his Tumblr dashboard, he had an interview for a new job early in the morning, therefore him needing his sleep but not being able to get it due to his neighbour Phil currently listening to Tear In My Heart.

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Falling Into You

Part One

A Tayvin Encounter Set at the Brit Awards

Hello Everyone! Just so y’all know this is a somewhat continuation of my first two fics Vision and Green and Burn to Black. Falling Into You will have three or four parts recounting the night of the Brits. I hope everyone enjoys it! 

Adam knew she would be there. The fact floated around his conscious as he prepared for yet another award show. Adam was a true musician by nature; he did not relish the spotlight that success shined upon him. He knew it was a necessary evil if he wanted to continue producing the music he loved. His chances of winning an award were slim, but the thought of seeing her, even for a moment, brought a joyful buoyancy to his mood. 

Adam made his way through the madhouse of the red carpet, feeling ridiculous as he tried to look indifferent in front of hundreds of flashing lights. With each camera flash her silhouette appeared. He could not escape her, his vision in green. 

Making his way inside, he found his friends and tried to engage in the conversation. He tried not to listen to the voices whispering about her. How they would once again share the same space. How she would be so close to him but out of reach. 

Adam did not suffer from false modesty. He knew that his dedicated hours at the gym had left him looking sharp and that his career was bound to a particularly lucky star. However, he couldn’t shake the feeling that she was incredibly out of his league. 

After the Elle Style Awards he had compulsively watched several recent interviews with her. The cadence of her voice, her beautiful smile, her endless legs, they entranced him. He ended up just listening to the videos as actually watching her proved entirely too distracting. 

She was poised, elegant, and gracious, but he noticed the guard she kept up. He sensed her fear that any misstep would result in a media circus. How did one approach a woman who had removed herself from the dating game for her own protection?

His mind moved in endless concentric circles, reaching no conclusion other than that he had to see her, when he felt someone tapping on his arm. His friends voiced their concern. He was acting very odd. But Adam brushed them off with a sarcastic joke about his spacey mood and all was well. 

The lights dimmed for the start of the show and Adam’s heart sped up. He could just see her shadow by the main stage; he wished he was closer to her. He wanted to hear her heart flutter as the music began, see the focus in her eyes and the sweat on her brow, feel her labored breaths on his skin.

From the opening notes of her hit song his eyes never left her form. She was so composed, so relaxed, no one would guess that she was performing for millions of TV viewers. She was an entertainer and Adam had no questions about her talent. As much as he wanted to enjoy her striking voice, her costume had Adam completely enthralled. His hands gripped the table in a vice like hold; the woman was trying to kill him. Her choice of menswear and fishnets would send any man into a frenzy, but Adam was particularly affected as he watched her strut down the stage towards him. Her hair was perfectly tousled for him to run his hands through. Her lips her signature scarlet, ripe for the tasting. 

As she neared his vantage his searing eyes tracked her every movement. Her eyes connected with his for a moment. He knew she was looking at him, there could be no one else, and his lips curved into a smile. 

Their moment in time lasted for a split second before she was back in the choreography of the performance, but Adam could not wipe the smile off of his face. He knew that she was just as affected by him as he was by her. Her eyes had found his in the crowd of thousands. Their heartbeats synced as she sang about ex-lovers and heartbreak. 

He knew in that moment, as her lyrics blared around them and confetti flew, that no matter what it took he would know her. Even if she decided that she didn’t want to date him, just to be in her life would be enough. He felt the pull of her soul calling to him. The fates intertwining two people perfectly matched. He knew there was no turning back now. She was in the rhythm of his breath, the cadence of his heart, the song of his soul.  

When she returned to the stage to collect her award, who cared that he clapped a little louder for her? Who noticed that his heart rate increased when he saw the back of her dress? Who could tell that the Scotsman’s life had changed, perhaps forever?

He was too far away from her to have any hope of catching her eye, bit it didn’t matter to him. The way she smiled, the way her excitement lit up the room, he could taste it like sugar dissolving on his tongue. She was his sun, the light he orbited around, and he couldn’t help but wish that when she spoke about a man who taught her how to make tea that she was talking about him. 

The rest of the awards passed in a daze, she consumed his every moment. He thought about the lyrics to her song, warning off potential lovers as she gave the metaphorical middle finger to the media who had turned her love life into a national pastime. She had fire; he knew he would be burned. But just as the child reaches towards the flame so too did he as his being re-centered to include this new soul. 

#33 You're Both Famous

Niall: As we were walking down the red carpet of the Awards show, and interviewer stopped us to ask some questions.

“(Y/N)! Niall!” She waved us over, holding the microphone right under her lips. “So, (Y/N), who are you wearing tonight?” The interviewer pointed the mic back towards my girlfriend.

“I am wearing a vintage Marchesa- Niall picked it out for tonight.” You looked back towards him, smiling and kissing his cheek. He grabbed the microphone from you adding, “Yeah, and doesn’t she look absolutely stunning? She picked out my suit, and I must admit, she did one hell of a job.” He smiled, kissing you, and lingering.

“And there you have it folks,” the interviewer said into the mic once more, “Our favorite, and best dressed, celebrity couple still going strong!”

Zayn: Zayn sat sitting outside of the recording booth as you finished up your song. Since he had a session right before you, he decided to wait so you two could go home together. As you sang, he stared at you, awestruck. His head was moving along to the beat, singing the words that he knew. When you were done for the day, you walked out of the booth and right up to him.

“How was that babe?” You asked him, arms wrapping around his torso. He smelled of cologne and cigarettes, very manly.

“You did excellent in there, baby. I think you’re gonna do so well on this next album! Everyone loves you, so you’ll do great.” He kissed your temple, leading you out to the car. Fans were surrounded, all around gates waiting for you two to be seen. “Look baby! They’re all here for you!” You exclaimed, pointing to the groups of teens.

“No, they’re here for us. We’re the hottest couple around.”

Liam: Your hand was interlocked with his as you both walked around downtown London. Even though you both had had time off, you wanted to go out and do some shopping for the time being. After a few hours of walking around and trying on clothes, you both decided to stop and get something to eat.

“Table for two, please” you told the maitre d’.

“Right this way.” He led you both to a little booth at the side of the restaurant. A few minutes later, right after the two of you ordered, a young boy cam up to the two of you with his Mom in tow. He tugged on your sleeve as you looked down and smiled.

“Hi (Y/N). I like you a lot.” You giggled at his cuteness. He had to be about nine or ten.

“Hi cutie, I like you a lot too! What’s your name?” You got out of the booth and kneeled down next to him.

“My name is Colin. Can you sign this for me?” He handed you a piece of paper, and you were more than willing to sign it.

“How about a picture, Colin? Sound good?” He nodded eagerly. You took the picture, one of you kissing his cheek as he smiled from ear to ear. When you said your goodbyes, he skipped right alongside his mother, saying, “Mom! I’m gonna marry her!”

You slid back in, Liam smiling too. “He’s trying to steal my girl!”

“Hey, I think you’ve got some competition, babe. That’s what happens when everyone loves me just as much as the love you!” You say, as you lean across the table to give him a kiss.

Louis: You were on your laptop scrolling through twitter, and all you saw was “@Y/T/N do an ask (Y/N) with Louis” and frankly, you were getting annoyed, mostly because half of them were Louis himself trying to piss you off. You slammed your laptop shut because now, you’re doing a video today. As if on cue, your oh so “wonderful” boyfriend came up with my camera smiling evilly, knowing he won.

You fixed yourself up, so you look semi-decent and tweeted a hashtag so your viewers knew where to ask questions.

About 15 minutes later, you got loads of questions, so you started the video.

“Hi guys, It’s (Y/N) and I’m here with the not so cool Louis Tomlinson!” I said jokingly.

“Hey, I’m cooler than you, I’m in a band!” He yelled.

“Sure, Lou, sure. Anyways, we’re doing a Q&A video because I frankly have nothing better to do and my loser of a boyfriend is making me do this. So let’s begin!”

Louis rolled his eyes at me as he read the first question.

“What does Louis do to piss you off, (Y/N)?”

“Well that's easy, he breathes. He looked hurt and pouted. I smirked, knowing that this was what the viewers and Louis wanted.

"Aw baby don’t pout! Do you want me to make you feel better?” I asked him like I was asking a baby.

He nodded still pouting, so you leaned in and kissed him. It ended up as a full make out session, per usual. You pulled away first and he pouted again.

“Hey don’t pout mister, I just wanted to give you and them a kiss not a full on sex-tape!” You told him laughing. He pecked your lips again and we continued on with the questions.

Harry: You’re a famous model and have been working hard for months modeling a new line that your favorite designer released. You haven’t been home for so long and barely have a chance to see your boyfriend, Harry. Harry’s been doing promotion for these past couple months with his band mates, so he understands your busy schedule.

Harry surprises you one day at a photo shoot in Italy after arriving earlier that day. You thought you would see him in a week when you both arrive home. You are dressed in casual attire for the shoot and posing in front of the camera as it flashes every couple of seconds. There’s a familiar figure that you saw standing out of the corner of your eye. Just before the photographer snapped another picture the figure runs up and wraps his long arms around your waist.

“Harry,” you say as you breathe in his familiar scent.

“Hey Beautiful,” he replies as he hugs you tighter.

His lips find yours and an instant spark goes off if it’s the first time you guys ever kissed. He always had that effect on you.

“I missed you, Harry,” you whisper next to his ear.

“I missed you too, love,” he whispers back before kissing the spot below your ear.

Hey guys! I’m so sorry I haven’t been updating recently, I’ve had a lot going on with school and at home. I’m so glad you guys have kept reading these, it means a lot. I had some friends help me with this preference.

FiFi wrote the Louis Preference and Cheyenne wrote the Harry Preference, so follow them on their tumblrs! Hope you enjoyed this Pref, more to come soon! 

Fifi's Tumblr:

Cheyenne's Tumblr: 

Mr. & Mrs. Styles

Feb 2013

I bid goodbye to the interviewer before I walked down the red carpet towards the next interviewer. This is the ritual in red carpets: an interview after another and pictures taken here and there. It’s really exhausting and troublesome to be honest. I approached the next interviewer and greeted him with a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“I must say that you are looking gorgeous today, (Y/N),” the interviewer began to say and I replied, “Thank you! You look stunning as well, love.”

“How well do you think you’ll do today?” he asked before pointing the microphone towards me. “I hope I do win some award, but if not, it’s still great to be nominated. I mean, it’s the Brits! Plus I’m performing later so that’s already a win for me, in my opinion,” I responded, looking at him sincerely while my hand did some gestures.

“I think you’ll do great today ‘cause you always do great in award shows and I think this is seriously your year,” he complimented before moving to another topic. “(Y/N), there has been a lot of talks about the One Direction members saying that they have a massive crush on you and that they are big fans of yours. What can you say about that?” the interviewer asked.

“I’m glad that they enjoy and support my music. I’m also a fan of them so that’s pretty mutual between us. As for the crush, all of them? Really now, I find that hard to believe,” I answered with a disbelief look on my face.

“They did say in an interview say that you are their celebrity crush. Now who is your favorite member?” the interviewer confirmed and followed up a question.

“Hmm. Well, they are all lovely guys and it’s difficult to pick one from the five,” I replied as I shifted my weight to my right foot, struggling what to answer.

“Anyone that stands out then?” the interviewer quickly asked before holding the mic in front of me once again.

“Zayn Malik’s voice is quite amazing but I think Harry Styles’ very charming, isn’t he?” I said as I turned my head to the interviewer for confirmation.

“He is very charming and actually Louis spilled in an interview that Harry is the one with the biggest crush on you,” the interviewer responded while nodding and added, “Have you seen them tonight?”

“Yes, I saw them earlier and greeted each other. They look stunning,” I complimented before I looked down and fixed a small crease on my dress.

“Well, thank you for your time and I wish you good luck tonight,” the interviewer said before leaning to give me a hug and kiss on the cheek.

“No, thank you, darling,” I replied before leaving and continued my journey through the red carpet.


“She looks amazing, doesn’t she?” Harry Styles asked his best mates after you greeted them and then left for an interview. The rest of One Direction nodded their heads with grins plastered on their face.

“She’s an amazing performer, too,” Liam added and the rest nodded in agreement again.

The boys were then called to move on the red carpet and soon was pulled into an interview.

“How are you guys doing?” the interviewer asked before pointing the mic towards them.

“We’re doing good, amazing even.” Louis replied and the boys just nod their heads in agreement.

“We have big names tonight. How do you guys feel about that?” the interviewer asked another question.

“We are very honored to be here tonight along with these amazing artists and we all wish them luck and a good evening,” Liam replied, who was at the other end, as he looked at his members and the interviewer.

“Harry, Taylor Swift is here tonight to perform,” the interviewer began to say as the boys share a meaningful look. “Yeah, she is,” Harry confirmed while nodding and the interviewer then asked, “Do you guys still talk to each other? I mean, how’s your relationship now?”

“Well, we’re friends and we’re good,” Harry simply replied, trying to avoid more questions on the topic. The interviewer just nodded his head and moved on to the next question.

“Why don’t we talk about (Y/N) (Y/L/N). You guys said that she’s your celebrity crush and a lot of fans has gone crazy and wants to know more. Are any of you actually friends with her?” the interviewer inquired. The boys looked at each other, calculating who will answer the question.

“She’s an amazing singer and I could proud to say that we’re actually friends. Yeah,” Niall replied to the interviewer, nodding.

“How did you guys became friends?” the interviewer asked curiously.

“Well we met in an event before but that time we talked for a little in the backstage and the funny thing actually is she asked me if she and her sisters could adopt me as their little brother,” Niall explained chuckling.

“As a little brother? Really?” the interviewer expressed.

“Yea, me too!” Zayn exclaimed and added, “she asked me to be her younger brother too. It was funny because I approached her to tell her I was a huge fan of hers and that her performance was amazing but our topic went to her finding me really adorable and that if she could have me as a younger brother. It was really random.”

“She really asked you guys that?” Liam asked Zayn and Niall and they gave him a nod as a reply.

“Well that is something I never knew and we just learned something new,” the interviewer said and Louis added, “Indeed. We just learned about that today as well.”

The interviewer then bid his goodbye, “I wouldn’t hold you guys back. Have an amazing evening and good luck.”

The boys bid their farewell as well to the interviewer before moving along the red carpet.

The Brits Awards 2013 progressed through the night. I was the biggest winner of the night and my performance was a success and well-received. Many thought that I wrote the song for my ex-boyfriend, who I was in a relationship with from 2008 to mid-2012, but I cleared out the issue before that I did not write the song; however, I did not deny that it could be for him.

April 2013

“Please welcome everybody, the biggest boy band in the world, One Direction!” Alan Carr exclaimed before walking towards the stairs to meet the members of One Direction, who were walking down the stairs. All of the members hugged Alan before they settled down on the rather extra large couch. Niall was the nearest to Alan, followed by Zayn, then Harry, Louis and Liam at the end. The fans on the audience were still clapping and screaming before Alan says, “Settle down, settle down now.”

“Do you guys want a drink?” Alan asked as he opened his “mini-bar.” The boys all replied “Yeah” while nodding and looking at the drinks. “Which one you guys want to try?” Alan asked and Niall ended up deciding for the group.

“Here ya go, sweetie,” Alan said as he handed out the drinks and began the interview. Alan asked the boys about their new encounters with fans and if there were any out of the ordinary experiences.

While in the midst of their interview, Alan got into the topic about me.

“So you guys like (Y/N) (Y/L/N), right?” Alan asked the boys and the boys nodded in agreement. “There were a lot of articles about that and honestly, I’m not surprised that you guys even like her.”

“Yeah, she’s amazing, isn’t she?” Louis responded to Alan before taking a sip of his drink.

“I know (Y/N) for a couple of years now. She loves to come to my show, and she’s actually the next guest, did you know?” Alan questioned the boys, wondering. The boys shook their heads.

“No, she wasn’t there backstage.” Liam replied while Harry asked, “Really?” with a smile beaming on his face.

“Oh look how his face suddenly brightened,” Alan teased Harry before replying to Liam’s response, “she actually said she might be late but will totally be here for the interview. She should be at the backstage now and getting ready.”

“I must warn you though. She could get a bit forward or blunt, and she is also quite cheeky,” Alan informs and warns the boys.

“Yea, we heard about that,” Louis replied, nodding. “That’s fine. We’re bit cheeky as well anyway,” Niall added, laughing.

“Yea, but still be careful. Your fans might explode or go crazy if things get out of hands,” Alan gave as an advice while Harry asked, “Could it really get that bad?”

“Oh you have no idea, love,” Alan replied, chuckling before adding, “A lot of secrets got spilled in this studio because of her.”

The topic was then changed to questions about their tour and if they have plans for an upcoming album. Few minutes later, Alan ends their conversation and began to introduce his new guest.

“She recently won two Brit Awards, seven Grammys and an Oscar winner for Best Supporting Actress. Please welcome this workaholic, (Y/N) (Y/L/N)!” Alan exclaimed before moving to greet me down the stairs. I descended down the stairs, waving at the audience.

“Oh darling, I haven’t seen you in a while,” Alan stated as he hugged and kissed me on the cheek.

“I know! I missed being on this show,” I replied before we both walked towards the couch and One Direction.

I greeted the boys and gave each one of the a hug and a kiss on the cheek before sitting down where Niall was seated earlier while the boys scooted to make space.

“That’s why the couch was really huge today,” Louis commented and the boys laughed.

“Yea, we needed quite a big couch today to fit all of ya,” Alan replied before asking me what drink I want, “What can I get for you today, sweetie?” Alan opened the “mini-bar” and took out a glass.

“Ohhh, I want that one,” I looked at some of the drink in the mini-bar before I pointed at a drink and asked, “Is that strong?”

“Why, do you want a strong one?” Allan asked and I replied, “Oh yes, please!”

The boys laughed at the response and Alan questioned, “Why? Are you going through something or what?”

“Well, my sisters decided to confiscate all of my drinks at home after my ex and I broke up. They thought I might turn to alcohol and all that. Although it has been more than half year, I still haven’t restocked anything,” I explained as I eagerly accepted the glass from Alan.

“Well you could have gotten some from the store or something,” Alan argued but I replied, “Yeah, but I didn’t know they somewhat got my assistant and everyone around me to ban me from having a drink. It’s weird because I don’t really drink unless there’s an occasion but whatever. I’m having one now and I’m happy. Thanks for the drink, love.”

“You’re welcome, sweetie. Whenever you need one, just come here and I’ll give you all the drinks you want,” Alan offered me and I nodded in agreement. He then moved on from the topic and congratulated me, “Congratulations on the awards, the movie and the album. You are like hogging everything!”

“I know! I’m so happy though,” I replied after taking a few sips of my drink.

“Well you deserve them darling and I believe you know the boys?” Alan asked.

I nodded before turning to One Direction and gave them a smile. “Niall, Zayn, Harry, Louis, and Liam,” she pointed at each member.

“Well since you know them, you should also know their crush on you,” Alan said and I laughed in response.

“Yea. I’ve been asked quite a lot of times about it,” I said before looking at the boys.

“Well I want you to officially meet someone,” Alan began as he stood up and said, “Come here with me.” Alan and I went in front of the table and Alan called Harry to stand as well.

“(Y/N), I want you to meet Harry and Harry, I want you to meet (Y/N),” Alan said as Harry stood in front of me. I gave chuckle, covering my mouth while Harry’s face turned red.

“Hi, I’m Harry Styles. Pleasure to meet you,” Harry said as he offered his hand for a handshake.

I took his hand and replied, “Hi, I’m (Y/N) (Y/L/N) and nice to meet you as well, Harry.”

“There you go! Harry you know I’m doing you a favor,” Alan said as we went back to our seats. Harry and the boys laughed and he said “Yeah, thank you.”

“Well let’s move on and I wanna ask you about (Y/Ex/N),” Alan said and I knew he would ask about him. Almost every interview does.

“Yeah? What about him?” I replied before taking a sip of my drink.

“Well you guys were together for years and a lot of people expected you guys to get married or at least get engaged. What happened?” Alan asked while I took a slip of my drink.

“Well I guess it is not supposed to happen. I heard people saying that after two or three years in relationship, if a couple is not engaged yet, it’s not gonna happen,” I shrugged.

“Really? Everyone wanted you to be Mrs. (Y/Ex/L/N) you know,” Alan said.

“Mrs. (Y/Ex/L/N)?” I asked with a bit of disdain in my tone and Alan nodded, “Yeah.”

“I don’t know about that but it doesn’t sound as fitting as I thought it would,” I replied honestly.

“Really? You don’t want to be called Mrs. (Y/Ex/L/N)?” Alan asked.

“Maybe I would have considered it before but now it just doesn’t sound right and I don’t think it fits me,” I explained before taking another sip of my drink. “Don’t you guys think so?” I asked the boys, turning to them. The boys were listening to our conversation and it was Liam who replied to my question and agreed with me, “No, it doesn’t. At least not anymore.”

“What last name do you think would fit you then?” Alan asked and that made me think. I was silent for a couple of seconds looking around, humming. “Hmmm. That’s a very interesting question,” I stated before my eyes fell on Harry and a smiled instantly. “I think I know the perfect one, Alan,” said.

“Really?” Alan squeaked and I continued now with a smirk on my face, “Yeah. What do you think of Mrs. Styles? It’s like Mr. & Mrs. Smith.”

The boys were a bit surprised with what I said before they laughed and Zayn said, “Oh that’s a good one!”

“Well that does sound good, doesn’t it?” Alan asked the boys and they all nodded except for Harry, who was a little dazed.

“What do you think, Mr. Styles?” I asked Harry while looking at his direction. He snapped out of his little dazed and stuttered a reply, “I… I think it perfectly suits you pretty well, Mrs. Styles.” He then gave me his charming smile and I was dazzled. We stared at each other for a few seconds before we were interrupted.

“Are we interrupting something?” Alan asked and Harry and I immediately looked back at him and replied, “No! Not at all,” while shaking my head.

“Niall why don’t you change seats with Harry so Mr. Styles can spend a little bit more time with Mrs. Styles?” Alan teased us and Niall was more than happy to comply, “Yes! Why not? That’s a great idea.”

Niall then stood up and they pushed Harry to sit beside me. I looked at Harry as he sat down and he once again smiled at me, his dimples showing.

“Oh. Now I know why ladies love you,” I said and Harry, confused with my statement, wondered, “What do you mean? Why?”

“You charm them with your smile and dimples along with that sexy curly hair and mesmerizing eyes,” I answered while we still continued to look at each other. I broke the contact when Alan asked a question and I turned to face him again.

“Have you fallen for the charms then, dear?” Alan asked me and I replied, nodding, “I think I might have.” I looked back at Harry, who was still staring at me.

“Oh stop staring at me. It’s like…” I paused looking for the right words. “Shagging you with his eyes?” Alan suggested and I said, “Uh. Yes, exactly that.”

The boys laughed and teased Harry. Harry was a little bit embarrassed and blushing as moved his gaze away.

“(Y/N), you did say Harry is your favorite in an interview, right?” Alan asked for confirmation and I furrowed my eyebrows before asking, “I did?”

“Is it really?” Harry asked with his voice that I swear would haunt me in my dreams as he looked my way again. “Oh, I am honored to be a favorite by you, Mrs. Styles,” Harry added, smiling cheekily towards me.

“Oh you are flirty,” I exclaimed and I added, “and cheeky as well.”

“He’s quite known for that,” Alan confirmed and I said, “That’s why you’re quite on the news lately, sweetie.” It’s true he’s been on the news a lot after his breakup with Taylor Swift this January and rumors started to fly around about his small hook ups here and there.

Alan began to change the topic and we talked about my movie and if I have any upcoming album. The boys listened intently throughout the conversation while I could feel Harry’s burning stare. I would look at the boys from time to time and would exchange glances towards Harry.

“Well there has been a lot of nude leaks a lot lately and are you scared of that?” Alan asked.

“Not at all, really. I’ve never taken one unless someone did and I didn’t even know,” I replied chuckling.

“Did you guys had any leaks?” Alan asked the boys and they all looked at each other.

“Well, I don’t think so,” Louis replied. “There were rumors though that Harry has a nude leaked,” Niall commented.

I was surprised so I looked at Harry and asked, “You have a nude leaked?” He looked back at me and replied, “Apparently I do. I didn’t even know that.”

“Do you want to see it? We can look for it if it’s online,” Alan asked me and I looked at him and asked, “You mean if I want to see the picture?”

“Yeah, Harry’s nudes,” he confirmed, nodding. “No, don’t go looking for it,” Harry disagreed while shaking his hands to gesture Alan to stop.

“I don’t know. I guess I wouldn’t mind,” I started as I looked towards Harry smirking, who then instantly stared back at me.

“But I actually don’t like pictures though. I prefer it live and in person,” I said. Damn. Why did I let that slip from my mouth. I glanced at my glass, now empty. I am certainly far from drunk that’s for sure.

The studio exploded. Alan was hysterical while I continued my smirk towards Harry, who was frozen at his seat looking down. The boys all stood up clapping and laughing.

“Omg! This is priceless,” Louis said while Niall stated, “This is the best interview ever.”

I took a deep breath and I said while shaking my head, “I shouldn’t have probably said that. I am in deep trouble.”

“Oh you are sweetie. Fans everywhere are probably going crazy right now,” Alan expressed and he chuckled once again, “That was hilarious though.”

“Harry is speechless,” Zayn stated as everyone looked at Harry, who was still not talking.

Harry shook his head and retorted, “This is the craziest thing ever, but I wouldn’t deny you any requests, Mrs. Styles.”

“I can’t believe you guys are flirting back at each other. All the fans probably can’t function now,” Liam commented from the end of the couch.

“I think so too,” Niall agreed and chuckled. I just shook my head and just smiled at Harry, who smiled back at me. We both know things are going to get a lot crazier after this interview.

A/N: I wasn’t going to post anything today but I figured out I should share this and hope it’ll distract you guys even just for a few seconds. Stay strong and we’ll get through this guys. ❤
Once Upon a Dream

Summary: Peeta comes back from the Capitol in a coma. Will he ever wake up? Inspired by Sleeping Beauty.

Rated: T

Author: mrsbonniemellark

“They’re back. We’re wanted in the hospital.” My mouth opens with a flood of questions that Haymitch cuts off with “That’s all I know.”

I rush into the hospital room, pushing doctors out of the way, and finally see Peeta lying unconscious on the bed. He looks somehow thinner and more bruised than he did in his recent interviews with Caesar. He’s hooked up to a couple different machines, one supplying him with oxygen and one monitoring his heart that beeps steadily. I drink in the sight of his chest rising and falling with each breath and the sound of his heartbeats. He’s alive. And here.

Keep reading