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Uncertainty was Stiles’ middle name. He didn’t have a great deal of self-confidence, and he spent the majority of his waking and an alarmingly growing portion of his unwaking moments in a state of constant anxiety.

It was a little after 2 AM, and Stiles, shockingly enough, hadn’t moved in hours. He currently faced a  puzzling quandary that he didn’t have an answer to. The glow of the empty Google search screen mocked him in the dark as he drummed his fingers against his desk. When in doubt, turn to the internet to answer all your pervert, uncomfortable, embarrassing questions about the inner workings of your own psyche.

The cursor steadily blinked in the search bar.

If he was any kind of man, Stiles would do what he did best and surf the interweb, delve into the recesses of the odd and weird, and wrangle a satisfactory answer. But what if the answer he found wasn’t the answer he wanted? What if Malia and Lydia were right? Maybe he was weird.

Scrubbing his hand across his face, Stiles leant forward in his desk chair until his chin nearly rested on the edge of the desk. He stared at the white screen until the brightness burned into his eyes and they watered.

Stiles flung himself back in his chair, dragging a hand through his hair. “Fuck,” he groaned. “I’m pathetic. Just do it. Just fucking do it.”

There was a slight tremble to his hands as Stiles typed his query into the search bar and swallowed.

Is it ok for men to be the little spoon?

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The Shout Out #20

We’ve had many Shout Outs so far, and here’s the twentieth! On it, you can find a list of creators and bloggers new to our Directories, as well as brand new community leaders and cultural ambassadors!

An artist, a writer, and an ask blogger! Oh my!

There’s a small but super selection of creators this week! Firstly, there’s @cfloliaan artist with an art blog that’s well worth checking out! Next up, there’s the writer @katemarley, whose wonderful writing can be found under #my fanfiction! Finally, there’s @ask-boutique-romance, an ask blog with dresses and romance galore!

Much miscellany! 

A variety of other blogs also joined the Creator Directory this week!

One one-hundred!

A 100% Hetalia blog, @katemarley, was added to the Blog Directory! Need a Hetalia fix? Head on over! And don’t forget to check out that fanfiction while you’re at it!

Community spirit!

Looking for a place to meet fellow shippers? Try one of the following blogs! There’s @rombelanetwork, run by Leader of the ship’s community, @aph-belarusia! There’s also @spauses, where you can share your love for the pun-tastic ship! If you’re a fan of either, or if you’re a shipper willing to try new pairings, then check them out!

Assisting the embassy!

Last but certainly not least, we welcomed a new Ambassador, @franzandsmith, who’ll be representing their homeland of Ukraine! Feel free to ask them about their wonderful country!

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featuring the best chris there is, hemsworth ‘course, and my favorite food of all time that my trainer will only let me eat once a month. hello there good people of the interwebs. my name’s chris. might know me as dorito evans. i’m way too old to be on this platform, have a rad dog called dodger, love disney more than anything else (seriously, quiz me) and i do like a good grill. and a burger. goddamn, i love burgers. anyway. before this turns into a shitty redo of the tinder profile my sister made me, i’ll self-promo and say you should come hang with yours truly on hangouts @ patriotsenthusiast. got plenty of doritos and doge pics for ya and won’t stop replying three messages in, i swear.

anonymous asked:

your post of thanks made me weirdly emosh bc your work means so much to so many people? you're giving us these amazing gifts and you deserve all the reviews and kind words in the world bc you bring so much joy and you're so inspiring idk I love your fics fam

this????? is so nice??? I just?? I really am grateful and I love you and now I’m just emoting all over the interwebs and I’m not sorry

From the Interweb:

“When people call you a ‘snowflake’ just remember they’re quoting Fight Club, a satire written by a gay man about how male fragility causes men to destroy themselves, resent society, and become radicalized, and that Tyler Durden isn’t the hero, but a personification of the main character’s mental illness, and that his 'snowflake’ speech is a dig at how fascists use dehumanizing language to breed loyalty from insecure people.

So basically people who say 'snowflake’ as an insult are quoting a domestic terrorist who blows up skyscrapers because he’s insecure about how good he is in bed.”

Tumblr is the only place were you can ship

Skeletons with fucking robots and Goat moms
Demons with normal people…
God and Lucifer…
Birds and Fishes…


Here it is. The big explanation-why the interwebs series is dead. Subscribe if you’d like–I have a lot more content coming soon.


The new comers: Guys HALP! Why are they slapping each others’ butts? 

The inspectors: Yes judging from his shadow it is Jimin in the BS&T era and judging from V’s Gucci slippers it was taken the second week of december of last year #TrueStory. 

The  theorists: They sold their souls to the evil to understand BIGHIT’s Bullsh*t.

The fanwar soldiers: Don’t start an argument with them, they have loads of clap-backs ready and are as savage as yoongi.

The shippers: “OMG their pinky fingers touched ME DEAD”. they gathered more proof about their ship than the FBI would ever.

The aristocrat: No I am not like those basic, crazy fangirls. *She/He is*.

The bias ho*s: Changes a bias on every comeback, but no one can blame her… We have loads of those btw

The content makers: The last time they slept was when BTS had a hiatus aka never.

The promoters: If you are a liiittle bit known in the interweb. Don’t you EVER DARE use the word “BTS” or your comment section will turn into “You should check BTS out, they are very talented, they can sing and dance, plz collab …”.

The broke: Considers water a meal after spending all the money on anything BigSnake throw at them.

The poors:  feed their passion through fancams and salty tears.

The delusional: If I was in korea my bias would have fallen for me. *flips hair*. “Beach he is taken” said the shippers.

The youtubers: React to BTS mainly for views but tell us they are fans.  

The FAKE fans: If you see “I used to like BTS but …” It is them. Stay away! the fanwar soldiers will take care of them.

The dancers/singers: They shoot vdeos everywhere and it turns out either super cool or super cringy. there is no in between

The seasonals: They know two things about BTS: their names and main tracks. They appear twice a year when BTS have a comeback. 

The horny: Dangerously reads smut in public. Gets horny over the weirdest body parts “Look at Jungkook’s elbow bone SHOKE ME daddy”

The fansites: If you see someone with a latter and a high definition camera that can probably shoot the aliens on Mars running in an airport. It is them! Their favorite color is white as they looooove turning BTS into A4-white papers.   

The basic fans: Are here mainly for the music/dancing. Always educating and judging all the above. They start all their sentences by “DON’Tbecause *insert BTS human rights*” 

I hope I didn’t forget anyone ^^ Gotta love our fandom!
By @mimibtsghost