not on my watch u ain't


“O-oh. Um okay. I’m sorry but you’re a lot younger than I was expecting.”

“Thank you?”

“Smaller too.”

Okay well, my afternoon nap was also way shorter than expected but you don’t see me sitting here berating it.”

  • me @ 2.35am: sick, buzzfeed unsolved is back, i am ready for some top quality ryan and shane bants
  • ryan: this is the case of the New Orleans axeman, who chillingly only seemed to strike people at night as they slept
  • me: okay i think the fuck not you trick ass binch, i'll watch this in the cold harsh light of day thanks

So question

Yall zanvis shipper stop with dragging travlyn into you’re anti zanechan nonsense. We get it– you’re forced to realize that zanvis is slowly dying as a ship with Zane locked into Zanechan and Travis locked into Travlyn (for not only MYS but MCD), and the fact jess doesnt even mess yall anymore LOL

I’d feel sympathy for y'all, but now you’re being annoying and it’s funny to watch the hysteria as well as hypocritical attitude.

Anyways. Canon isn’t going your way but can you at least have a little dignity and not be… so goddamn annoying.

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It kinda bothers me when anti stuckies are like "why can't they just be friends" "stop making everything gay." Like, I know what friendship looks like. That ain't it. There are lots of really awesome, dynamic, fictional friendships between men that are just friendships and that read/watch like that. But this is just so obviously coded with romance both in terms of the characters' actions and the tropes used to tell the stories.

at this point i’m just like “bc i don’t fucking want them to be, get out my grill u weren’t invited to my BBQ” when asked the ever stimulating and thought provoking question “why can’t they just be friends? close male friendship is important too!”

Gr8, go watch any piece of media ever made for all ur close male friendship needs - Steve and Bucky were written on the same arc as a love story, to me it’s not platonic, leave me the fuck alone to contemplate a world where Marvel allows queer people to exist in the MCU.

Also, bc I’m petty, every time someone says to “stop making everything gay” i headcanon another of their dudebro faves as LGBT, it’s a simple pleasure but it’s a joy nonetheless.

I don’t think… They know what the fuck they’re saying–

ain’t no body gettin’ healed bighit, we’re all just sad and broke af–

let us just burn in peace  o u o

Sneaky Qurupeco watching out for you n your sinful blog.

Am I the only one who is still bitter that Pledis never released the full version of the Adore U dance scene where Woozi has his hair up ?

- Admin Leen

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I regret searching the word "Camren" on YouTube. Why the fuck did I did it. WHY!!!! 😤 I was the type of girl that only grabbed my phone if I had a call or message, now I'm over here 24/7 on the phone updating myself with the ship and watching videos about them. Like I don't want to get old shipping this ship. u know?! Fucking 🌗, tell us already you two ain't dating or is not real no more so I can move on ...

You and I must be the same person