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“You are, at once both the quiet and the confusion of my heart.”
- Franz Kafka

That feeling of victory when the ink of your pen is so close to running out but you are able to finish your lettering none the less.

anonymous asked:

that post on z not saying that the hiatus was harry's idea. so great of z. but doesn't that ask basically say that louis threw harry under the bus and played the blame game re: hiatus?

Hi anon!


Liam said he didn’t know what the word meant Niall resisted it the most. Liam said he wanted to tour MITAM.

Niall said he wanted to tour MITAM and said was wasn’t sure he was the most resistant.

Louis said that he felt the most confident during their last tour and didn’t want a hiatus. He said Harry brought it up.

But you know who said Harry wanted the hiatus first?


Nobody threw Harry under the bus because Harry’s big-ass Rolling Stone article–the one that was all about Harry and how great Harry is and how Harry is such a fucking star is where it said Harry asked for the hiatus.

Why is everyone forgetting this? He said it waaaaay the hell back before anyone else started talking about how they didn’t want it.

You can’t throw someone under the bus when they already took responsibility for it.