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Been a little while! I guess having a cold for 2+ weeks and then immediately stumbling into the deep end of the holidays left me feeling burnt out.

But for now, saying a big HELLO to 2018 by making this pine cone mushroom embroidery hoop!


svthsa vs love, simon

So in the book, they meet on the school Tumblr when Blue posts about being gay and Simon replies with “THIS” and his secret email. Then Blue writes back and they start talking through email. Also ftr, Blue’s email is ‘’ and Simon’s is '’ - and Simon spends most of the book trying to figure out who Blue is while falling in love with him.

bts | the spotter | park jimin

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characters: Jimin, OC, mentions of Yoongi and Taehyung.
genre/warnings: mentions of weaponry, oc is up close a personal with a gun, mentions of killing(mild), gang au, mafia au, one shot only.
words: 1976
summary: as a young detective, you’re committed to tracking and investigating one of the most lethal gangs in the country, but little do you know they have their most trained eyes on you.

carrier | supplier | spotter | consigliere | caporegime | underboss | boss

a/n: this is a one shot, using Jimin as his character from this masterpost here. stay tuned for the next instalment tomorrow night(AEST)!

You’re staring at the door to the private club hard enough for your eyes to sting and water, but you refuse to look away, determined to catch any and all moments possible, because you never know when you’re gonna find the right clue to solve the case.

Sitting in your undercover car, you squirm in the hard leather seat, your backside having gone numb over time and the uncomfortable itch starting to set in through the denim of your jeans. Of course your preference for this evening would have been to stay home, break out some pizza and a nice bottle of wine, but instead you were posted and alert, the last dregs of coffee from your thermal disappearing on your tongue as you lifted the binoculars to your eyes once more. The magnification made it so much easier to differentiate BTS members from bystanders, but that really only worked when they were, you know, where you could see them.

BTS was short for Bangtan Songyeondan, one of the leading top gangs in this sector, and you’d been on their case for four months. Dead end after dead end had left you desperate in this investigation, because you knew they were guilty, and you knew they were the ones behind the string of bombings on the north side of the city, not to mention the huge drug ring they were feeding into, but you just couldn’t get the proof to stick.

So here you were, just past 2am on a work night and your stomach grumbling in protest of your lack of eating, but you could feel it, that if you left for even thirty seconds to grab something to eat, they’d be gone, and you couldn’t afford to risk it when you were this close.

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