not on a monday

Coming this Monday (tomorrow)...

What is it?

A rapid-fire, streamed ask session for one character and one character only. Y’all get to decide which of the four to put in the spotlight! Anything goes, and asks are selected at random to be answered by that character!
Everything will be tagged under #monday schenanigans.

YOU fill in the blank! Comment below which one of the four you’d like to see put on the spot:

  • Aaron
  • Friday
  • Rin
  • Valence
Man Face Monday - A Little Bit Worried, A lot of Handsome Edition

Hey Gang! Just returned from seeing the face in person. It was glorious. I am still processing. 

I won’t tarry any longer. Let’s get to some face, all the while contemplating the good things on the horizon for Oliver’s ring finger. Damn, he’s pretty. 

Anxious never looked so good. 

Look at me that way, some dude, one day. 


Bless the gifmakers for these to end things today!

That last one was just to make sure you’re awake and stuff. Have a great week, my friends!

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Mystery Scribble Theater Hiatus Week #5 - A Special Assignment

11/16/2017 was the two-year anniversary of Jonah being chosen as the next experiment for MST3K. I was late finishing this, but dangit, I’m still sharing. It’s not too late.

I accidentally prequeled my own prequel series.

This is also the first Mystery Scribble Theater comic that I’ve done entirely digitally. (We’ll be back to traditional art for the next round of strips. This was an experiment, funny enough.)