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Servitor Design Template

As used for tech magic, but can be an outline for general servitor creation. It is suggested to establish these in this particular order, as function/behavior informs shape, and shape informs physical requirements/limitations.

  • Function: [what it does, expand into multiple numbered functions to prevent confusion, give explicit active/command functions as well as a passive/downtime function]
  • Code of Conduct: [ethics guidelines, parameters for offensive/defensive action, parameters for giving out information and practitioner privacy]
  • Motivations: [why it seeks to perform its function(s), what interests it, does it have a drive to achieve a goal]
  • Feelings: [how it feels, why does it seek the motivations, is it lonely/bored, is it subservient, is it happy, etc, use feelings to give the motivations meaning]
  • Behavior: [how it works, what processes does it go through in order to achieve motivations and function(s)]
  • Energy: [how energy signature feels/looks, be descriptive in color, texture, feeling, smell, any senses derived from manipulation of above data]
  • Alignment: [elemental type, if any, primarily used to associate servitor with a specific type of magic as defined by the system of the practitioner]
  • Shape: [type or species, drawing or using a doll maker for ease of design, does not have to match energy feeling colors/senses but helps to be similar]
  • Name: [name, something easy to remember/spell in case of emergency]
  • Residence: [where it lives during the downtime, give it a home to return to]
  • Food: [what it eats, whether aether/astral food or energy sources, give it multiple sources of energy]
  • Resonance: [object that can be used to call it or, alternatively, object that it is bound to, not immediately necessary]
  • Limitations: [where it can go, what defines servitors spatial limitations and boundaries, does it require the practitioners permission to go past boundaries]
  • Abilities: [what it can do, include magical abilities here, offensive/defensive, healing, travel, and communication]

Referenced from “Servitor Magick” by Oliver P. Hart (on Kindle).

My personal commentary:

Servitors are intended to be entities that feed off of a practitioner’s energy and exist only as that practitioner demands. 

You can design alternatives for your servitor to decide/enact as their personality is established – if they want a secondary human/creature form for shapeshifting, if they want to be able to learn new abilities/functions, etc. It is important to note in your design that these additional traits or alternative actions are to be approved by the practitioner first. 

Although servitors are meant to be dependent on the practitioner, one should consider their lifespan and how you intend to use them. If you would like to give your servitor extra motivations/feelings that guide them to become more independent (with permission first), be sure to plan how they would potentially survive. I designed a drive for my research-oriented servitor to bond with a consenting independent entity in order to learn new things and live a full life.

Most servitors are destroyed/reabsorbed by their practitioners, and as a whole, servitors do not have independence or negative feelings towards being reabsorbed. Unless an alternate lifestyle is programmed in for them.

Tech magic servitors can be written in code or in text in a secure program and activated by the practitioner’s method of choice, and can be altered as desired. If your servitor has a form of sentience, I would suggest speaking to them before making changes. 


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