not okay whatsoever

  • Magnus: How do we usually get out of these types of messes?
  • Samirah: We don't. We make a bigger mess that cancels out the first one.

Basically I have come to accept the fact that I will never fall in love and get married because no one will ever meet my expectations thanks to the bar that EXO has set for me


Thanks EXO

On the Topic of Zukka and Mai

It’s necessary to me, in my shipping headcanons, that amidst my drive to get the hot boys (or girls!) to fuck eachother, I stop to consider the canon ships that I’m displacing.  Particularly when these characters are women, whose role in fiction is too often marginalized, I find it important that they not be dismissed and vilified, but treated with respect.

Why I ship Zukka, where that leaves Mai, and basic psychological ramblings under the cut!

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Dear Westminster, how to say to you? Sometime last night, your father breathed your name. And like a flame that flickers out to soon, he died, he's g..gon... /gasp/ He dedicated everyday to you, he changed my life. He made my life worth-while, and when you smile, I know a part of him lives on. I know I can go on. You have come of age with our young nation, we bleed and fi... sometimes it seems that's all we do and I'll be here for you. The way is clear for you to blow us all away, someday....




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Sadly i have to agree with anon who hates kl@nce even tho i ship it, im a person who hates discourses and a multishipper, i ship everything, i love Hunk and Shiro and Allura but i have to agree that kl@ance shippers mostly are hateful creatures, im genuinely embarrassed because of them, and i hope anon understands that not everyone who ships it is bad, im just not engaging in discourses thats why im insivible

Of course not every kl//ance shipper is bad! And honestly they’re not bad, they’re just… extreme? Kl//ance shippers who thinks they’re superior because their ship is “””safe””” tho, those people are kind of awful. The ones I’ve encountered anyways!

It’s good to know there are kl//ance shippers like you who are up to talk about this rather than yell at us tho :’D

anonymous asked: funny it'd be if McGonagall caught wolfstar snogging in a closet. When she pulls the door open,they freeze & just look over at her without pulling away from each other & then Sirius tries to continue kissing but Moony comes to his senses and pushes him away. Just Sirius with no shame whatsoever😆

  • Okay so Sirius and Remus legit cannot keep their hands to themselves in the beginning of their relationship. 
  • Everyone in the Gryffindor common room has just kind of accepted that at some point they’re going to see Remus and Sirius snogging like mad. 
  • Most of them already have.
  • But because they’re Marauders, they also love sneaking around.
  • and finding new places to snog. 
  • Like half the secret passages on the Marauder’s map were found because Sirius and Remus were trying to find a nice place to snog. 
  • And maybe grope each other a little bit.
  • People no longer use behind Greenhouse 3 as a snogging spot because Remus and Sirius had commandeered it for a good two weeks.
  • They’ve gotten a little out of control with it.
  • To the point where James, JAMES of all people, is telling them to knock it off because they’re going to get in trouble.
  • Sirius absolutely does not care.
  • Remus cares a little bit because detention is not his favorite thing and he’s polished enough things in the castle to last him a lifetime.
  • Also having to serve detention the night before or after a full moon is the worst.
  • Speaking of the full moon, Sirius would never tell Remus this, but he actually kind of looks forward to them.
  • Because before the full moon Remus is keyed up and his favorite outlet is shagging Sirius to the point where he sees stars, which is just poetic as fuck in Sirius’ opinion.
  • And as the wolf, he is absolutely mad for Padfoot, won’t leave him alone and is constantly licking him.
  • Peter and James think it’s weird.
  • Sirius absolutely loves it. 
  • He preens and shows off as Padfoot, trying to get Moony’s attention. 
  • Because he craves it.
  • And it’s also good to keep Moony distracted so he doesn’t try to eat people.
  • But mostly because Padfoot likes having Moony all to himself.
  • Sirius has never been great with sharing.
  • So when Remus gets pulled into a closet near the Great Hall, it’s pretty par for the course.
  • And Sirius is snogging him like he’s a dying man and only Remus can save him.
  • And Remus is kissing Sirius like he’s the last sweet in the shop.
  • That’s how McGonagall finds them.
  • Wrapped around each other.
  • Remus’ hands fisted in Sirius’ hair.
  • Sirius’ hands on Remus’ arse.
  • They both freeze at the sound of the door opening.
  • Remus is a bit startled but can’t seem to move.
  • Sirius is attempting not to laugh at the way Minnie is looking at them.
  • Sirius, not all that bothered, begins moving his lips again.
  • Remus has the good sense to push Sirius away and clear his throat. 
  • Sirius just grins.
  • “That’s a detention for each of you,” she says in that firm voice of hers. “And then points from Gryffindor. Really Remus, as house Prefect, you really ought to be setting a better example.”
  • Remus slumps immediately because it’s the full moon in two days. 
  • And he hates letting grownups down. 
  • Especially McGonagall because he knows she’s the one who put him forth as Prefect. 
  • “Those detentions will be served with me in five days time.” 
  • Remus immediately feels better and wants to hug McGonagall because that means he’ll have a chance to recuperate from the full moon.
  • “Oh and Remus, you need to eat. Madame Pomfrey told you it was important to eat this time of the month. Growing boys need their strength,” she says with a knowing little twinkle in her eye.
  • That’s why McGonagall is not so secretly their favorite.
  • “You should take better care of him, Mr. Black, and not try to distract him at every opportunity.” 
  • Sirius bows his head and looks a bit upset.
  • Because he doesn’t want to be the reason something goes wrong during the full moon. 
  • He made a promise to himself after the Snape incident.
  • Remus, able to sense Sirius’ distress, takes his hand and gives it a small squeeze.
  • Sirius manages a smile and tugs Remus into the Great Hall for dinner. 
  • “Where have you two been?” James asks as they sit down. “As if we didn’t already know.” 
  • “Shut up Prongs,” Sirius snaps, piling Remus’ plate high with every food he can get his hands on. “Moony needs to eat.”
  • Remus just sits there with a bemused smile on his face and let’s Sirius dote on him.
  • He’s already thinking of the perfect spot for them to snog after dinner. 

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may i ask why u fell out of shipping squirrel/bramble? i dont particularly like it much myself (anymore) either.

That’s a bit of a long-winded answer, and I’ll go ahead and apologize ahead for the length, and if I remember things wrong I haven’t opened any of these books in some years now so most of what I remember is either pretty vague, or been updated by reading up on the wikia - and getting rants from my friends of course, they’re my number one source on Warriors-related info these days. xD

So like, I started out REALLY liking the pairing, mainly because I have an immense soft spot for dislike-turned-like relationships, what can I say, I enjoy a good old tug-o-war between reluctant parties. 

Unlike most of my fellow fandom at the time (the majority at least) I was a Squirrelpaw fan right from the start. I’m not lying if I say she’s my number one favourite character throughout the series, because she was one of few who had an actual development, and a personality that wasn’t either just lame and flat, or over-the-top dramatic. Either way, her spunk and sass and how she had traits and flaws just really appealed to me. 

And I felt the “teenage crush” with her and Brambleclaw was pretty cute, they were contrasts who argued all the time but then learned to say sorry and so made up. And the Erins DID apply every known trick in the book to “sanctify” the couple as © True Love, from arguments to jealousy/rivalry to teary-eyed realizations and apologies. Even though we all realized they were headed for doom again once The Sight was published…

Now here’s my first problem: I DISLIKE Brambleclaw/star. He is, to me, a top ten disliked character of all time. BramblePAW was cute, with how he renounced his father and fought to be seen as himself rather than, what, demonic spawn?? And I honestly thought we were done with this part of his plot development when the second series rolled in, and maaaan was I wrong. This courageous kid is now an angsty young adult who’s for some reason no more over his Tigerstar-relation than he ever was. Who spends the majority of the series forever angsting over this, and going on a journey that builds up SUCH a big ego that he comes back and basically expects to be given deputyship as a form of gratitude even though he has no other endorsements to show for - and to make matters worse, the Erins send him straight into Hawkfrost le coup’s arms and turn him into an antagonist, and still expect us to nod our heads and be jolly when they proceed to “clean his slate” and instate him as a true, “good-hearted” deputy although he was -this- close to killing his leader/mentor/father figure in life. Thank you for the birth of Bramble’s ever-present hypocricy. And it doesn’t go away?? He never comes forward about this, doesn’t even tell Squirrel that unfortunately she was right about Hawkfrost all along and he’s sorry for everything, oh nope he goes on pretending nothing ever happened and Firestar was actually stupid enough to go along with it, and the only glimpses we ever see of this in the third series is when he “hints” to it like some conflicted, “woe-is-me-my-record-isn’t-clean” kind of guy. Bah. 

And don’t get me started on post-Sunrise Brambleclaw, that was like upping the ante from angsty to an outright blame fest where everything awful in his life is because of others, and has nothing to do with himself or his actions and attitude whatsoever. Okay fine you can’t look Squirrel in the eye after the lie, but did you really need to reject your foster children in the same breath, and avoid them too like the plague for the following six months?? The Erins never thought to develop him far enough that he actually, you know, learned to see beyond his own nose. 

This was the beginning of the end for my time as a SquirrelxBramble fan. Like, I pretended for a good while that the ship wasn’t as tainted become was it was, that things would get better again once he got over himself and realized what an ass he’d been, and she got her apology and they’d try to sew together this mangled relationship… but we never got that, did we? 

“I understand” that’s the closest thing to an apology Squirrelflight ever got in the books, and that’s nowhere NEAR enough. More than a year’s worth of rejection, abuse and public humiliation, only to get this. Watching her former mate not only reject her, but reject the children that they raised together, that she hoped he would have loved enough to understand still needed him. 

And then the Last Hope ends with no understanding of whether they get back together or not, honestly I thought it was over then since to me, Squirrelflight seemed really fucking tired of it all. Like who wouldn’t be? She even says it’ll never be, outright, to Lionblaze??

But noooo, the Erins see fit to give us the piece of crap they fittingly named Bramblestar’s Storm. And let me tell you, I dislike Bramblestar juuuuuuust as much as his warrior version. First of all they screw with Squirrelflight’s character again, they always did love to throw her under the bus to solidify Bramble’s “niceness.” And then they introduce Jessy and that horrid romantic triangle and I was just about ready to vomit up my innards. What we needed was for Bramble to have the time for some proper insight into his own assholeness, some self-reflection kind of time; not for him to suddenly become all torn over his ex-wife and this new, young and fresh copy of her?? That is NOT helping my growing dislike of SquirrelxBramble just saying - I didn’t feel the “nobleness” in him giving up Jessy to go “back to where he belongs.” It rather felt more like that husband who was thiiiiis close to cheating but decided it wasn’t worth it. 

Also, as a romantically unrelated note, was I the ONLY ONE who was worried over Bramblestar’s “I don’t like it when the Clan opposes me” sentence?? Like what, was it a dictator’s seat you thought you’d inherited or something? And people still think he makes a good leader??

So the final note is that these authors have always sought to make Brambleclaw/star to be a better character than he actually is. They never let him admit he’s in the wrong, he never has to face up to his actions, and as a final insult, they grant him, the MALE, the one who’s behaved like an insensible jerk for the longest time, a CHOICE. Whereas Squirrel is left same as always, waiting for him, with no other options than to remain alone. I’m not even going to mention Ashfur that was so badly developed it was obvious they never considered him a choice for her, only a plot point for her relationship with Bramble. But the fact remains that she HAS to settle for him, be happy and overjoyed “yay he still wants me” while Bramble gets to continue to pretend he’s that nice guy with the troubled past, and not the sickening hypocrite he really is. 

But then that is hardly news. You’ll notice that when the Erins write, there is one thing that is extremely important to their character creation; their chara MUST be one to be pitied. They have to be troubled, or abused, or burdened by something, so that the -good- that they get in the end, feels deserved. “Oh you poor thing, here have leadership and be merry.” And then you’ll notice which one of Bramble and Squirrel was the one the Erins really pitied. It’s like they always do it - make leeway for their male characters, and step all over the female ones. 

So yes, I threw my hands up and walked away from the BramblexSquirrel mess, and I haven’t looked back since. ^^


to any pirates, vagrants, or any ~rebels~ who think picking on small mining craft is a good idea for managing their income

I got no quarrel with you. I’m just trying to get by.

But I have a Transporter with 0.1 LM top speed, a Mining Laser with a 3-second cooldown, and a job to do.

So when some Adder Pirate with a ECM-hardened missile, or the two Rebel buddies in a Moray Star Boat and a Krait a minute before her, come by lasers blazing thinking they can balance their fricking checkbooks from MY FRICKING HOLD…

There are three new burned out hunks of steel floating between Zaonce Astrum and Zaonce Prime.

I lost a single steel plate of cargo and a quarter tank of injector-fuel.






>> Command Lily Snapdragon Lichen of the Mining Transporter Tardigrade, signing off <<

Hey Black Girl...

It’s okay to cry.

It’s okay not to trust white people from jump.

It’s okay to be loud.

It’s okay to wear weave.

It’s okay to have depression.

It’s okay to walk around in your bonnet.

It’s okay to be angry. You have every right.

It’s okay to place your needs above men.

It’s okay not to be interested in men whatsoever.

It’s okay to be fat.

It’s okay to twerk.

It’s okay not to have “traditional” education.

It’s okay to be brilliant. It’s okay not to be.

It’s okay to be shy.

It’s okay to be vegan.

It’s okay to be mean.

It’s okay to be quiet.

It’s okay to be a boss ass bitch.

It’s okay to be ghetto.

It’s okay to be a single mom.

It’s okay not to desire marriage.

It’s okay to speak your mind.

It’s okay to be selfish. You are not a mule.

It’s okay not to believe in God.

It’s okay not to code-switch. AAVE is valid.

It’s okay to have a mental illness.

It’s okay to ask for help.

It’s okay not to be conventionally attractive.

It’s okay to be sexually liberated.

It’s okay to just be.

You are valid.

Your ideas, your mind, your personality, your lifestyle, your hobbies, your aspirations, and your abilities are all valid.

Don’t ever forget it.

I love you ❤️

I wait so long for you
To come back from your ‘brb’
But once a couple hours pass
It’s not really a 'be right back’ anymore, is it?
It’s not like I don’t continue to wait for you.
It’s rather stupid, if I must admit.
A complete waste of time
But my heart tells me it’s completely worth it
When you text me that one 'hi’
But on those nights at 1 am
And I finally realize that you aren’t coming back
I feel quite disappointed.
Really disappointed.
A little bit hurt too, I guess.
But it’s fine right?
It’s fine.

6-23-16 12:31am


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How would you think Goku and Vegeta's domestic life would play out?


× Vegeta, being a royal, never actually learned to cook (not counting cooking the bodies of his victims over a fire OTL.) Goku, on the other hand, is an amazing chef, and Vegeta loves to eat anything Goku makes.

× Goku and Vegeta going to the grocery store at 3 AM because they were out of milk or smth, it gives me life

× Vegeta gets really jealous of women who talk to Goku, and whenever a woman talks to him, Vegeta grabs his hand or just kinda… leans all over him or smth

× Vegeta casually telling Goku about their culture !!!!!!!!!

× they stay in bed all day and cuddle naked while the soft white light shines in through their window aw

× Vegeta and Bulma like to get together to drink wine and talk about Goku lmfaoo

× Vegeta has frequent break downs and nightmares about Freeza, and Goku didn’t realize this until they started living together. Goku knows exactly what to say to calm him down.

× Vegeta is super super affectionate all the time, but he choses to act upon it at rly inappropriate times; standing in line at the store, talking to friends, eating at restaurants, etc.

× Goku loves Vegeta but I think he might be aroflux !! And sometimes he just doesnt feel like being romantic with Vegeta. This is problematic because on the other hand, Vegeta loves the attention.


× Goku often wants to shower with Vegeta but the shower is the only place Vegeta likes being alone.

× Goku proposes very casually to Vegeta, who starts to cry,

× Goku waking Vegeta up really early in the morning because he misses his voice


× Kakarot is how its pronounced in english, but in saiyan, its pronounced like Kakarotto, and when Vegeta is feeling rly sentimental or romantically stimulated, he calls Goku Kakarotto. (This is a rly old one my friend and I made up lmao)


× I usually headcanon Goku as asexual but….. spars filled with innuendos and sexual tension leading to gross n rough sex


× Theyre just. Happy. Theyre just happy, no battles going on, no bad guy to defeat, Goku and Vegeta are happily married with no drama whatsoever

..okay I’ll stop kddhkdhd if anyone has anymore feel free to add !!