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Jason infiltrates the League of Assassins and the only reason they realize he’s there is because he posts a picture to all his social media accounts of him crouching next to the Lazarus Pit, captioned: “Come to the Lazarus Pit in the next twenty minutes IF YOU WANT AN ASS KICKING.”

  • Ra’s al Ghul: Now Damian’s got a 12 hour head start and the details of every League of Assassins operation on the globe in his fat, little head!
  • Talia al Ghul: Ah, and you have no idea where he went!
  • Ra’s al Ghul: Well I assume he’s in Gotham with those shit-bitching-ass-bastard Waynes!
  • Talia al Ghul: But…
  • Ra’s al Ghul: I can assume! You’re already an ass. So contact our sleeper in Gotham and then cancel all my meetings this week, because I will also be in Gotham, murdering people.
• • Rebellion


they are not the first to try and kill him. doubtful they will be the last.

cold eyes slowly swept the line of kneeling tau’ri forced to their knees at his feet. he did not stand; they were not worth such effort. graceful fingers curled at the arms of his throne, the jewels decorating his clothing glinting in the thin shafts of golden sunlight entering his ha’tak’s throne room. a second line of loyal horus guards stood ready for their master’s signal, staff weapons pointed menacingly at the rebels backs. one nod – a simple wave of his hand – was all that stood between life and death.

“ you understand why I have brought you here. ”

the words were spoken quietly, yet they resonated through the room as though shouted. ra cocked his head, observing each tau’ri in turn. filthy, impoverished, their clothing plain and torn from the short battle it had taken to capture them. did they truly believe they had the power to stop him? their foolishness would cost lives.

“ your insubordination has displeased me. ”

a short nod toward his first prime; the guard shoved a female tau’ri in the back with the crackling tip of of his staff weapon, nudging her forward. ra’s eyes shone as they settled upon her, the small ghost of a smile touching his lips more threatening than a growl.

“ explain yourself. ”

APT: The Terror Twins

@cirquedeyokai | Syrina, Markos, etc.

“My brother will be punished for this…” Zeus hissed as he stepped towards the unconscious children. A loud roar broke the air as Bast flung herself at Zeus, scraping and clawing at him, the god king received some heavy wounds, but unfortunately the goddess was thrown back, a large gash on one of her shoulders.

“You won’t… I won’t let you take them again! My sister will not suffer because of you again!” She struggled to stand, but Zeus only smirked. “With that wound? You’d likely die first.”

And that was when the very young jackal, Set, and his brother, wielding dual blades made their appearances, pushing Zeus back and standing over their fallen cousins.

Mut was able to reach her daughter’s side then. “Bast, are you alright?” “I’m fine, Mewet, but we can’t let him get Syrina and Markos! Sekhmet musn’t suffer again!” 

“He won’t.” Neith’s voice along with her bow drawn standing at Sekhmet’s side. Neith was out for blood, a rare sight to see, and it wasn’t long before Ra appeared with his own staff pointed at Zeus.

“This is your kill, Sekhmet. Do as you feel is right. We are with you.” That was all Neith said before she drew her bow back a bit further and Sobek’s crocodiles began to surround Zeus from the back.


You truly are as fine as wine, and so divine,
You know I had to make you mine, no matter the time,
So I scaled that mountain top, to get that record dropped,
Just to see the clouds part, as your pretty lips did the same,
Hoping one day they’d utter my name.


Hyun Suk-ie is important, but so is my own life.

What if when Halt and Ferris were kids instead of trying to kill him for the last time in the boat, Halt was falling down a cliff and slipping and Ferris grabbed his hands, and Halt said “Brother help me”. Ferris replied “Long live the king”. And let go.

He assumed from the fall that he was dead but Halt recovered and he ran away.